You’re A Winner

I want you to try and understand how profound the realization that you are a winner is. You may struggle with the idea, but it is undeniable that if you are alive then you are a winner. Every single human being alive today is the winner of a massive and perilous race that took place before you were even conceived. The race began at least a day before you were conceived and may have lasted up to 48 hours. I’m talking about race that took hours if not days of continuous struggle against countless odds to encounter the finalization of your race. The reward of this race is one that is without measure and could only be awarded to a single victor, unless there is a tie. You won that race. It took place in the womb of your mother. All of the other competitors viciously fought to make it to the finish line. They knew that once that line was crossed an impenetrable barrier would prevent them from ever crossing it. The other competitors were not the only dangers as the course was fraught with traps and pitfalls and against all odds, you made it.

Go ahead and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. Now that you made it here there is another race that you have been ejaculated into. The perils are greater, the pitfalls are even more numerous and the amount of competitors is even greater than the race you won to make it to this race. Not only is this race trickier, but there are many more kinds of obstacles to overcome. Just like in the last race you won, this one can only have a single champion, again unless there is a tie. Remember there can be more than two that come in on this tie, but at this level even a tie shared by two is an extremely rare event. The only reason you are here is because you were national champion, but now we’re talking about the title of undefeated World Champion. You will have to use your body (your trophy from the national championship) to develop a soul and once you have trained your soul to be a well oiled machine, you will then begin the most grueling stretch of the race.

In your last race you were mainly being tested for physical abilities like endurance, stamina and strength, but this challenge is different in so many ways. In your last challenge you were able to stay pretty relaxed until the day of the race and very little preparation on your part was required. You were given a comfy dwelling and even had nurses tending to your every need. You were even allowed the equivalent of steroids and given a lubricated path to follow. You didn’t even need a coach in the last race and everything you needed to know in order to finish was internally provided. This race is almost literally opposite as being comfortable will seriously decrease any chance of success and in most cases you will need to work hard to have or hold on to any comfort. In this race you are given coaches, but their all teaching you how to not be the champion. So you get instruction, but it will be contradictory to the goal. Oh yeah and the race will last your entire life and continually become more and more difficult as each marker is reached.

It may seem that everything in this race is to fool every winner from ever reaching the finish line, but the true goal just as in the last is to extract a true champion that is unique from all other competitors. In this race you cannot listen to what you are told. You must rely on yourself to guide you. Some say follow your heart, but if your heart is unbalanced with pride or any quality for that matter, it will do you no good. There are even competitors that never plan on finishing the race, but are very determined to prevent any from finishing. It’s not that they gave up on the race; they just believe that if nobody wins the race, they get to stay winners. They went so far as to write a rather lengthy coded rule book. The only way it will be of any use is if you truly read between the lines, see the true intention of an action or can understand multiple layers of coded metaphors. If you fall for what they tell you the meaning behind the text is, then you are done for and will never come to the realization that there kind of are no rules other than the ones your heart and faith can endure. Unfortunately for them, somebody will win the race and I think they (non-competing winners) are starting to realize that fact is inevitable.

There is some good news regarding the race, it’s not all bad news. Most of your competition won’t even know there in a race and therefore won’t even be trying. The bad news to that is that those ones tend to also become obstacles in your path, but if you understand that they cannot stop you from competing as they are not competing, it should be of no consequence to you. There will be referees to prevent cheating and deceitful sabotages, but you also have to do your part by not falling for the more obvious ploys out there. You should know that the referees aren’t supposed to, but they end up having favorites that they watch a bit closer. What would make a competitor a favorite to a referee you might ask. Generally a good sport is someone the referees tend to watch over more, but a good competitor and a good sport get’s the most attention in my experience.

Remember as long as you are doing the best you can you will be given aid to finish the race. Keep a good positive attitude and stay motivated because you are going to encounter so much negativity and very little to no motivation at all from the other competitors. The non-competitors will do everything they can to break your spirit and focus. Don’t let them. The other good news is that unlike the last race were all of the losers died, in this one there will be merits and awards given to 2nd place, 3rd and so on. Non-competitors will not be eligible for any merits or awards. You will get some water breaks and every once in a while a ref will pull you aside and maybe even give you some pointers and even motivation. Again the referees have to see that the competitor deserves it for them to take the time to assist in that manner. The referees are all powerful in this race and that is something the non-competitors have a hard time understanding when a competitor tries to explain, but they will just have to see for themselves in order to believe it.

To make the race fair and to avoid further complications for everyone the actual date and time for the races finalization cannot be known by anyone until a champion is chosen and awarded their prize. Not even the referees know, so you can ask but you won’t get an answer. The trophy for the champion of this race is light years beyond the glory of the trophy you were given for your last victory and is absolutely, positively worth every effort you take towards the goal. The last time you won you impregnated an egg nestled in the womb of your mother. This time the champion will impregnate Earth which is an egg that is nestled in the womb of the universe; a mother of sorts, but the seed comes from the Father. This is the birth that is referred to and the marriage took place when the competitors that had souls of worth began running for the undetermined finish line. I assure you, this is not some masturbatory dead end that will yield nothing, nor will any abortion take place. The race is on and some think and I include myself in this group, that this race is about to conclude.

Gorillaz – Sweepstakes : This song really makes me question so many things. I wonder what or who this song is even about. Another great song from the album Plastic Beach feat Mos Def. I really like this song. You’re a winner!

Radiohead – Creep : A very interesting acoustic version of this song that brings the words out a little more. This world makes it so hard to view yourself in a good light, but you have to overcome that impression. Like I said, you won and you do belong here.

Little Dragon – Feather : These lyrics are pretty interesting when applied to this posts context and the song is awesome. The album Machine Dreams is my favorite. I have become such a big fan of this band. If you go to YouTube to hear this song you will find the lyrics in the comments section. I was thinking about using Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, but lyrically it has the wrong context, although the video is probably the most visually appealing Katy’s made. I love ancient Egyptian themes. I mean the title Dark Horse is fitting, but Feather’s lyrics are way more appropriate.

Cheeseburger – Winner : You can’t keep a good man down, but the moral of the post is that we are all winners and it takes the right kind of attitude to stay a winner.

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  1. Rob Spiegel says:

    Thanks for the acoustic version of Creep.

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