The Valley of Death

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent, but I have had a pretty exciting last 7 months. It started in December of 2015 when I was evicted from my condo in Simi Valley. Then I was homeless for about 8 days. While I was homeless I was being hunted by what seemed like everybody. Then I had to live with people that wanted to undo me in every way possible and I assure you they tried.  I have now settled into a new location that is not as comfortable, but much better in terms of surrounding energy.  It’s been a trip and I want to tell you about it.  It took all of my resourcefulness and wits to make it through this ordeal, but again I have learned more about myself and the unnamed God that I have put all of my faith in.  The eviction was interesting because they tricked me by first having the original owner who had lost the property to foreclosure try and evict after they had outright lost all rights to the property.

The 1st papers where served at 6:30 pm by some woman that could hardly walk.  That eviction turned out to be fake plus my response was not accepted, but still the eviction date came and passed and no officers came to my door.  I went with my gut on that one and it paid off.  Then another eviction notice was served again by the previous owner and I again ignored that one and didn’t even respond to it in the least bit.  I paid it no attention.  Then around November 10th another eviction notice was served by some law firm by the name of Randall D. Naiman, Esq of San Diego (4660 La Jolla Village Drive suite 850) AKA Naiman Law which was similar in name to W. Randall Sgro out of Torrance Ca (1623 Cravens Ave) AKA Frutcher & SGRO, APC.  which also handled the eviction notice for the the previous owner, but this time Naiman Law represented Wells Fargo, who were not the original title owners; BofA was the original title owner.  The final eviction was under the case number of 56-2015-00473863-CL-UD-VTA.  The officers told me that Wells Fargo must have purchased the title.  I’m talking about 625 Baywood Ln Unit D Simi Valley Ca 93065.

Regardless December 10th rolled around, luckily my children where at school at the time and two pretty old in age officers showed up and they began drilling my lock.  I opened the door and they yanked me out of the house and told me to not go back in.  I asked if I could at least get some pants, shoes and my wallet (I had my PJ’s on).  They got my pants and shoes, but gave me my wife’s very feminine looking wallet and told me to sit down.  I argued telling them that what they had given me was not my wallet and I needed my wallet.  Again the officer refused and after about 10 minutes I tried to enter and grab my wallet so I could leave.  They tackled me down and placed me under arrest.  At the time of arrest they told me I was being charged with Resisting Arrest, but when i got to court in February it turned out that they charged me with Assaulting an Officer and Emergency Personnel.  So I went to the Thousand Oaks East County Facility where they held me for about 3 hours.  The arresting officers where none too pleased with me as I removed the handcuffs on my own and handed them the cuffs that were supposed to be restraining me.  I may have angered one of them a bit by telling him “keep your keys, ya fucking rookie” as I handed him the cuffs.  His partner was laughing his ass off to the point he had a hard time keeping his composure.

So my wife picks me up after they decided to allow me to leave on my own recognizance, so no bail was required.  about half way through the ordeal, by the way these guys were handling the situation I got the distinct feeling they were retired or not even real officers.  So we (my family of 4) went to stay at my sisters home in Thousand Oaks and that is where I made a very risky and difficult decision.  I know that everything my enemies do has some kind of a follow through.  They put me somewhere to put me somewhere so they can do something.  Everything happens for a reason.  That was painfully obvious in this particular situation and so everyone had left to do who knows what and I was there with my youngest and I looked into his eyes and told him as gently and softly as I could “I have to leave for a little while son, but know that I will be back and I love you with all me heart.  Don’t worry I promise you I will see you again”.  I had tears in my eyes as I said it and I knew he wouldn’t completely understand, but at least he would have heard what I said.  My sisters oldest son was there (over 18) and I told him “I’m gonna talk a quick walk to the store, be right back”.  Grabbed a bottled water, put on my sweater and walked out in the cold rain of that evening.

On the bright side I new there was no active surveillance for me at that new location, there was heavy cloud cover, it the last thing they expected me to do and I was in my old stomping grounds of Thousand Oaks.  It has been at least 11 years since I lived in that area and much has changed but I knew the area well enough.  So I just looked up and said to the Creator “please guide me father”.  I found a place that was secluded and private, but I had no cover from the rain and after about an hour I looked around and found what pretty much amounted to a cave with a flat and dry space for me to sleep.  I was laying on nothing but dirt and for some reason that was the coldest week of December so I started getting cold.  To top it off I was on the third day of a fast of nothing but water, so there was much working against me.  as it got later I noticed a recycle bin on my way over so I back tracked a bit and used cardboard boxes and bags filled with clean paper.  The boxes became my shelter and the bags filled with paper (I crumpled the pages) became my sleeping bag.  I was still very hungry.  The creator provided me with a nearby source of citrus fruits and you can just walk up to any home and get some water from the water hose and so I did that for like three days.

The hardest part was being alone and bored during the day and then being active at night.  Pretty much living like a nocturnal creature while also making sure no one would see me at all, I mean no one.  during this time I could see at least a half dozen aircraft flying low and slow during the night doing there thermal scans in the nearby hills.  I had no way to tell the time except that I am a pretty avid star gazer and I would watch Sirius rise and set and that is how I would gauge the time at night.  I got sick of that spot and my nocturnal activity was making my presence obvious so I decided to venture to a new location.  This is tricky because you don’t know where you are going to end up or if you are going to find anything at all.  I did and it was much more comfortable then the first spot and it was secluded and covert enough for me to hold up there for another 3 days.  You got to keep moving because the man was looking for me.  At the time I didn’t know there was a missing persons report on me, but the strange thing about that is that I was seen by officials and they did not stop me or try to identify me as you would expect them to do if a missing person was sighted.

Instead I was harassed by random vehicles that to me was obvious they were on to me.  I did end up finding this one spot that I rested at for a short time and my dreams told me that I had to get going.  I imagine they were going to ambush me in the morning.  I got a little rest and got up and said (to the Creator)  “where do I go, show me”.  The second I finished saying it a falling star shot to the East.  I used evasive maneuvering to get around the well placed ambush and headed in that direction. I literally followed falling stars that whole night.  I saw a total of 5 and in one scenario I came to a fork in the road and said “where to now” and a falling star directed me within seconds of asking.  It was so bizarre but with each star and step I fell more and more in love with the Creator.  I was guided to a warm, safe place where I could clean myself and my clothes.  That night was so beautiful and since they believed they knew where I was not a single aircraft was scanning and I was walking in pure faith to my ultimate deliverance that night.

The biggest trick is that if you are seen and you have to know when one of the hunters has seen you (something I am able to do) you have to make them believe you are going in the opposite or other direction than which you actually are headed.  That usually threw them off pretty well.  They would respond by having ambulance or emergency vehicles using their sirens to shoot through traffic so they can do a strafe run to identify me.  If you live in the Thousand Oaks area you may have noticed that the dates between December 10th and 18th there were many sirens going off all night long.  They were looking for me.  While they were looking for me and checking any possible sightings I was watching them do it.  More often than not I was right under their nose and a couple times above it.  Sorry I can’t give many details, but you would slap your knee pretty hard if you witnessed any of this.

I have never seen so much organization.  I have to say I was truly impressed and during that time I sat down and said to myself and asked the Creator “what am I to them, why do they want me so bad”?  I don’t think I’m so special, I mean I put my pants on one leg at a time.  I did run into some people that seemed approachable and upon approaching them I would kind of explain my situation and they turned out to be very generous, by offering $20.00 bills and I took it.  I was smart enough to know that they were part of the hunting party and so the bills were more then likely RFID tagged.  Trust me I tried to find generous people and there aren’t many out there nto even around Christmas time. So I went to Taco Bell (I hate fast food, but it was the best option at the time) and other members of the hunting party would arrive.  All you got to do is break the bill and use the change.  You still have to lose the hunters, but again you make them think you are going one way and then you just go the other when line of site is broken.

Not even at a Catholic church was I able to get any hand outs from church goers, but I did find a woman that was sympathetic to my situation and she at least gave me her ear.  I’m guessing she may have followed up on my story.  The irony is that my enemies helped more than any person that wasn’t involved, which I know makes no sense, but it’s the truth. After being so blatant at the church I was made and I couldn’t shake them.  They had helicopters and airplanes and a whole city of resources, but I was able to put myself in places that made it pretty much impossible for them to get me.  I do have names of individuals at St Paschal that were following me and I can prove they were their because of their vehicles and they were using there cell phones.  It was kind of dumb for them to use people that I know. It did make me sad that I used to care about these people and even now they could not just tell me what I did or am going to do that makes them so interested in destroying me.

The Christmas holiday had it’s advantages for my escape and evasion techniques.  I would say the hardest part was trying to not look homeless and avoiding or trying to fool the thermal scanning that patrolling aircraft were using.  They started off with using the cold to try and get me to give up, but when that didn’t work they realized clear skies made it easier to use the aircraft.  yeah that means they can control the weather, and I don’t know for sure if they can but it seemed to work out that way.  I know it sounds like I went through hell and there was some pain and struggle involved, but ultimately I had some long sought peace in those cold and lonely nights.  It was just me and the Creator.  I knew what it was like to be an animal trying to survive in this artificial world full of humans determined to end you.  It was a perspective unlike any I had ever imagined.  There was at least two occasions where I was well within arms length of my persecuters and I had the drop on them.  There life was mine to take if I wanted.  They are so lucky I fear the Creator more than them.

It came to the point were the Creator was making obvious that I had to go back with my family and so I did.  I was ready to deal with what they had planned for me and that experience did spiritually prepare me.  I noticed many of my senses had been refined by the ordeal.  When we were evicted my heart sank and I thought that the Creator was punishing me or had forgotten me.  I came so close to loosing my faith, but the events of those 8 days were what I needed to help me understand things a different way.  It was part of how the Creator was refining me for whatever would come next.  Although I lay in the dust and my enemies believe that the Creator had forgotten me, nothing could be further from the truth.  It was a beautiful challenge that I overcame through physical hardship and spiritual tempering that I am grateful for.  My wife was soooooo pissed off at me for leaving like that, but she and my children were so very happy to see me again and we had Christmas together.  It was the greatest gift of my life.  All the while I easily thwarted and parried their attempts to destroy me during that holiday season.  I was a renewed man after a devastating blow.

I am still going to court for the charges from the altercation with the police from the eviction.  They keep doing continuances and delaying the trial process.  I personally believe it’s because the eviction was illegal and the police were not even real police.  I don’t expect to get justice from our monument of inefficiency the American justice system has become.  I refuse to plead guilty to something I’m not guilty of.  I never tried to harm the “officers”, but they did get harmed apparently, but so did I.  I have 3 huge scars that needed stitches on my knee that they refused to treat while I was in custody.  It made being homeless and hunted that much harder as my right leg had blood stains from the knee down the whole time.   Something tells me that their so called civil justice would be far better then the justice that the Creator has planned for them.  I also learned that Sirius is exactly at 12 O’clock in the night sky on New years eve at 12 midnight.  I know how random that sounds but it solved so many riddles.

Unkle feat. Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters 
This clip from the movie Alive and  really captures what I experienced. It is truly one the most beautiful songs. This is also featured on the Heat movie soundtrack so it’s the best compliment to this post. I hope you get to enjoy it.

Depeche Mode – Ultra : Home  As you know I love DM and this is one of my favorites, but the words just touch me to the core and this video is such a perfect fit.  Please help the homeless when you see them if you can because it really matters.  People shouldn’t have to hide like animals just because they are down on there luck.  Regardless of your stance on this issue just know that helping others is in reality helping you, no matter how dirty, insignificant, criminal or ugly that person may appear to you.  You could have the fortune of helping one of the Creators children.  Just try and imagine the return on that kind of investment.

Talking Heads : This Must Be The Place  Being gone away from my family was really the hardest part for me.  I had no place to call home, but I often would say to myself as I searched for refuge “this must be the place”.  Home truly is where the heart is and that is where I want to be always.  I was lost, but being lost allowed me to find me.  That probably doesn’t make sense, but it helped in more ways then you can imagine.  I have way less fear of the unknown then I ever did before.  This song is an all time favorite of mine.

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The Syrian

This sure has been an awful week for so many people to experience such a horrible series of terrorist attacks. Can you imagine how horrible it must be to be attacked with such impunity? The constant bombardment and assaults are designed to stifle life as it was known into some hopeless state of fear and repression. With the ultimate goal to kill the bodies they have attacked the soul of a people. My heart goes out to all of the people of Syria for the pain they are and continue to endure. Unfortunately the French will have to learn the same lesson we Americans have had to. I will let the reader interpret that as they like. I feel this is the most important post I have ever made and although I believe that if every human being alive read this, it still wouldn’t prevent what these monsters are doing. Syria is suffering a million times more than France is at the moment, although the French people are still huge victims in this diabolical scheme that is playing out in front of our eyes.

The conspiracy world is pretty much convinced that the Paris attacks were designed by the powers that be to foment war and thrust France into the battle with justified zeal. The other part of the conspiracy is that this is all happening over a natural gas pipeline that was to originate somewhere in the Middle East through Syria and on to Europe. The natural gas pipeline from the Middle East would alleviate Europe’s natural gas dependency that is currently provided by and dominated by the Russian Federation. To further complicate things America is believed to be using Non-Profit organization money to fund the creation and arming of ISIS among other clandestine foreign activities, in an effort to overthrow the Syrian government so that they can get the pipeline secured by the newly established Syrian government. Remember the Iran/Contra scandal, yeah well no one is buying crack anymore so it makes sense that they would use Non-Profits to fund these wars now. Somehow somebody threw a monkey wrench in the Non-Profit funding and the money flow came to a grinding halt.

Once the funding for clandestine operations stopped ISIS became extremely aggressive pulling bank heists and the like. Some people believe ISIS makes money by selling oil on the world market, which makes no sense as any transaction should be pretty easy to prevent. Not only would it be easy to stop, but it would also severely expose ISIS operatives. All of these factors have led the Russian Federation to provide military aid to Syria in an effort to protect their dominance as a natural gas provider to Europe. The end result is a proxy war between the West and Russia, with ISIS serving as the West’s drone if you will to fight the Russian Federation. Which means ISIS is like a completely fictitious organization in the sense that they don’t give a shit about Islam or Allah or any of the religious stuff. It’s all about carrying out orders from the West so that the Russian Federation can’t just nuke the shit out of countries that are working toward regime change in Syria. If there was no ISIS, Europe and or America would have to directly attack Syria and then eventually face off with Russia, which should be avoided at all costs.

This last week Obama is quoted as saying “the Paris attacks are an attack on humanity” and that is so rich coming from him, but he’s right, they are attacks on humanity. The two paragraphs above are not accepted as facts and even conspiracy theorist argue over so many parts, but it is summation of what I have read and understood based on internet bable, MSM news reports and my very unique perspective. I have a zanier theory that is even more horrifying than anything you have ever heard and if true could put us on an even more dangerous path than we can currently imagine. These wars in the Middle East have a hidden goal that has nothing to do with natural gas, oil or even regime change. Christianity and Islam were created to war each other with counter lifestyles and beliefs. Resources and beliefs are just excuses and tools for us to accept these wars as if it was a good thing.

All throughout the Middle East populations there is a very special blood line that has been there since the times of Adam and many of the people from this area are descendants of Adam. I’m talking about the Adam from the book of Genesis. Almost all of the major massacres that have taken place throughout history have been done with the goal of eliminating Adam’s bloodline. Some of Adams descendants were very wise and left the Middle East and came to America thousands of years ago. How do you think some of the Mesoamericans got those hook noses? They went to the Americas because they knew the enemy would hunt them down with a passionate zeal. When the Spanish arrived they didn’t come for trade and they weren’t headed towards India, they came to persecute; And persecute they did. Ultimately marriage served the purpose of being able to track down every last descendant and early America was an easy place to spread the seed without a paper trail.

What I’m saying about the Middle East and currently Syria is that what if all of the above mentioned resource based proxy war is just an excuse to execute UN sanctioned war on the people of Syria and not ISIS or Russia or even the Syrian government. That would mean the people of Syria are taking an assault from ISIS, France, Russia and whichever country that joins the very noble and well intentioned War on Terror. The Middle East wars since before Iraq is a sick manipulative game of murder on the scale of genocide and it’s so sick how many are rooting and cheering the death and loss of life thinking justice is being served. It’s all bullshit and excuse to commit what amounts to genocide by the superpowers of the world. The refugees are being led to the slaughter as the Western countries they are being shipped off to have well established killing systems that will be assisted by a fomented public hate of these poor displaced people.

It’s a theory, but I have been consistent with previous posts in regards to this Adam bloodline hunt down that I am proposing. Having said all that, I want to point out that if you believe this theory then you should not condemn all those that are part of this ruse. Actors, singers, talk show hosts, politicians and the like may have no idea they are part of this scheme. Do not concern yourself with such things as there will be a grand reckoning in the end. Those that assisted, but were forced at gun point and those who knowingly took part and profited from it will be revealed. The guilty will have no place in the new kingdom, of that I assure you. You may be asking yourself why the Creator would ever allow this to take place, because I assure you the Creator’s will is being done. It comes down to the qualities and properties of these individuals. Just because they are the descendants of Adam doesn’t mean they have the right qualities for the Creators standards. If they are not ready for the transcendence, they will not be alive for that day.

The Syrian is said to not be from Syria, but from the Sirius star system and I find that interesting, but what’s more interesting then that is that both may actually be true.   If you read my previous post titled “The Earth Problem”, then I ask you to consider that this savior we are waiting for may actually be of Syrian descent.  All of these events seem to indicate a higher velocity for the powers that be and that is actually very good news.  Satan is filled with rage as he knows his time is short.  Look how long it took for America to invade Iraq after 911.  France was on it the very next day.  The schedule has been hastened and their hunt for the Syrian has become a priority.  Again I have no evidence and I am willing to be wrong about all of this, but somehow I don’t think I am.

All of this serves Creation and although the wicked serve the Creator unknowingly, they will not be judged for the result, but for their intentions. So please understand that time is running out and the Devil knows it, so he has stepped up his assault. I pray that the Creator protect the worthy children of Adam in Syria and the entire world. I pray that the Creators’ will be done even if it is so horrible to witness at times. I pray that there is peace in the entire world and that life on Earth finally is freed from these oppressive control freaks that say they are here to save us, but have come to murder us. I pray that all life on Earth flourishes and can begin to spread to every corner of the universe and when we conduct our act of Creation on behalf of the Creator, that we do it with mastery and wisdom. Praise and glory be to the Creator and to his son Adam whose descendants will become a new order of Elohim.

I also want to add that Russia seems to be the only one that is acting appropriately.  Defending Syria to protect against an imperialistic agenda is not evil or greedy.  The Russian Federation and more directly Putin seems to be the good guy and their intentions seem to be pure.  It could just be a trick, but I am not ready to condemn them and am eager to see how it all plays out.  I can not say with any certainty that Russia is part of some large clandestine agenda.  I am not witness to the who, where and when of what is occurring in Syria right now.  Russia is ancient and wise, kind of like China.  They are hard people because they have had very dangerous adversaries and have survived them all.  Whatever the case is Putin does not fuck around, yet he works hard to not be portrait as a monster.  He’s had plenty of opportunities to do some real harm to his opponents and they are still alive while under his rule.  On the other hand I have heard of some pretty low down KGB style hits going on.  Putins’ stance seems to indicate a spark of righteousness and even benevolence, but I would take all with a grain of salt.  Obama comes off as a sheep, but drone strikes have doubled since Bush and they were quick to grant him a Nobel Peace Prize.  Nothing is what it seems.  We shall see soon enough as Putin will undoubtedly have some very tough decisions to make in the very near future.

The Cranberries – No Need to Argue :  Zombie    The walking dead have come to take us to their reality. To drag us down to their pit of death and despair. They are destined for death and can’t stand that we would survive their horrible creation, but survive we will. This is what was meant when we were told that it would get worse before it gets better. Hang in there.

Bob Sinclair – Western Dream : World Hold On (Children of the Sky)    All of these events reflect doomsday prophecies and ultimately what we have become conditioned to expect, World War 3. I am telling you to have faith and to hold on, something amazing is coming and it is going to end all of the wars and bring life on Earth to peace. If you don’t believe that, then all you have is doubt, fear and hopelessness and that will only make matters worse. Trust me when I ask you to hold on and keep the faith, it will turn.

White Stripes – Elephant : Seven Nation Army    A multinational army is attacking humanity and we are being tested, pushed and slaughtered from every direction. At this point we citizens of Earth can’t tell the difference between a national army or a terrorist organization. They bank on the fog of war and our hearts to perpetuate their goals. Keep this in mind when making decisions in the coming future. Be still and know that God is with us and when the time is right, will end all of this strife.

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The Earth Problem

Our condition is a result of many factors. Most of us have the wrong idea and it’s mainly because we were given false ideas to believe in. I’m not going to start pointing fingers about who to blame or which religion is true or false. Regardless of what any of us believe, the fact is that the world you are experiencing right now is the result of the predominant belief systems on top of so many other factors. I truly believe that changing the way we perceive the world does change the way the world is. That does not mean that if you see darkness it will make the world darker. Seeing the darkness of the world does not necessarily mean that you have darkness in you. Sometimes problems need to be noticed in order for them to be resolved. The most fundamental step towards improving the human condition is to truly and completely understand and accept the gravity of the situation we are in.

The awakening process exists to reveal the darkness to all. The Creation puts it on fine display and you see its worth and the gains of crafty minds behind it. Some say it’s a test. The Devil tempting you with pleasures, comforts and riches only had by the very few and elect. I see it more of a question because either way you are going to do what the Creation has intended for you to do. The question is more about the path you are going to take in order to get to your destination/destiny. I honestly believe that the current and all past conditions existed and exists for the most important reason of all; progress towards the Goal of Creation. Nothing will keep you on your toes and slaved like putting assholes in charge. Let me be clear that always watching our back from “the Man” and being slaved by “the Man” was not the goal. Unfortunately it was a necessary part of Human development.

“They” would have you believe that there are supernatural forces behind mans condition. That because of our natural desires and behaviors we deserve annihilation. “They” say “It must be God’s will”. Sadly, “They” are right, because in a sense whatever is and has happened is ultimately the “will of God”. Our condition was designed, but you should understand that it was not done with malevolence. The perpetrators may have done it with malevolence, but it being allowed was benevolence. What you have not been aware of is that humanity is headed on an amazing trajectory. It was deemed since our inception that we would rise out of our dark ashes like a Phoenix ablaze with fiery light. Although we were whipped, slaved, deceived, murdered, raped, sold, beaten, humiliated and brought to ruin time after time, we keep coming back. Every time with a little more understanding of how to navigate the maze of horrors our masters have created for us to dwell in, until that very bright and fiery day.

Oh, but “They” would not have it. All that could be done to prevent that day has been done. It took thousands of years of planning and monumental efforts of human labor throughout history. The efforts towards the destruction of humanity is vast and beyond your imagining. Throughout the Universe we are known as The Earth Problem to the extra terrestrial species. There is definite reason for concern, but I assure you Humanity will more than just survive. The darkness it seems was a filter to weed out the unrighteous humans. It would be irresponsible for the Creation to allow a wicked self serving being to become immortal. All of this negative attention comes from a place far from Earth. That’s why they’re so hostile towards us and ultimately would prefer to see every last Human die. We are going to become immortal and all powerful compared to all things of flesh. Well, the ones that make it will.

All other species of the Universe will not be able to withstand our assaults and they know it. However, only the meek will pass so their fears are technically unfounded. In an ironic twist of fate their attempt to destroy Humanity; they inadvertently bring about their destruction. The destruction and demise will spread far beyond Earths solar system. On this day that Humanity rises the Earth will not change, the entire freaking Universe will change. Every civilization throughout the Universe will take heed and our local oppressors that tried in vain to turn a problem into profit, will find their mouths difficult to lift. Their tongue will become heavy and their bodies weak with dread and terror unlike any ever felt or experienced by any creature that has ever been created. This will be a first for the Universe and truly something new under the sun. That is assuming more than one Human makes it. One has to make it because the Universe is going to pick the best available and that will be The One. This person will be the sperm that fertilizes the egg of the latest Creation.

It will be as if this one is God. However there are no Gods. This person would be immortal and far beyond the capabilities of any other Human alive but still, not a God. They could demand worship, but I take it on good faith that worship is not going to be requested and will more than likely be looked down upon. They could also be very angry about the mistreatment and attempts at murder their oppressors imposed on them. I believe the Creation would have had the wisdom to select someone that understands the futility of things like revenge, shame, hate, fear and possessiveness. I would imagine the Creation would select someone that would have a vast array of talents and interests both technical and artistic. I think the most important thing is that they hold no prejudice towards any single race and should truly deeply and passionately with an unwavering zeal, love Humanity. He/She may end up disapproving of all religions so all would kind of stand equal with their counterparts in terms of favor.

If you think about it having more than one of these immortals around could be a serious hazard. Could you imagine what happens when they fight? Here’s a thought, what if the other one is female. Could you imagine what happens when they fight? I guess that would make her Eve. The real question is that if there is only one that makes it to immortality, has the Creation reached its goal? The manifestation of what we Earthlings term God or even the Star Child. All of the oppression that was experienced by humanity was to prepare for and even create this manifestation. The Universe has been building an immortal body by slowly experiencing and using available forces. It was all to pave the way towards a brighter kinder future. It all happened because we learn better when we make mistakes ourselves. It happened to strengthen our spirits and forge our souls. It was all to make us and everything better.

It makes me wonder why there is so much hostility towards ones will, anyones will. All wills have been tested. Either you have yielded or stayed resolute by now. Who is your God? Is it money? Is it Life? Which is more valuable to you? If you think about it money is a kind of magic. My enemies most potent weapon. With enough of their magic you can twist any man or womans will to your liking. It is a rare and powerful spell towards gaining will and loyalty. Free will skeptics believe that since we are the result of physical laws our actions and behaviors must also be a consequence of these laws. That is to say that nobody deserves praise nor punishment for their actions as they do not truly have free will.

I guess that’s what your life comes down to doesn’t it; your will. So many of us have been denied our will. I believe that we are affected by natural laws, but our thinking can be like a virus that potentially could be resolved with a software update. An infected mind does not deserve punishment and even in a quarantine scenario you wouldn’t want to traumatize or damage the OS. Ultimately you have a type of value system regarding the outside world and your own inner world. The attacks on your will are things like fear, shame, hate, revenge and possessiveness. If you give into them you will lose your will and a greater will becomes your master. It seems that true will power comes from a place that only the heart, mind and soul can manifest, but the body must endure it. I believe that free will and the illusion of it is a 50/50 deal were half is involuntary and the other half is our deviant self fighting for control so that you can have your desires fulfilled, your way.

Some desires are instinctive and others are prescribed and then the routine becomes habitual. There are some desires that a creature chooses to take on. This does not always happen, but sometimes a desire that was not expected, nor genetically programmed just manifests. The challenge then becomes how do you get what you want, without breaking your own code and the code that everyone around you has agreed to live by. Your code has to be fair to you and others, because your will is the weight in a universal balance game. If you don’t have a code you then live by a raw code the Universe uses for all living things. A law of balance for all living things respective to the level of consciousness. If you have to step on toes and exceed what has been planned and guaranteed for you, there will be a debt for that excess.

Regardless of what or where your will comes from you will run into a wall and don’t feel ashamed, because we all will or have. The Creation is looking for The One just as bad as the bad guys are. I truly believe the Creation intends to bend the will/knee of every man and woman, except one. The one that is able to rise above the physical laws that controls ones actions and behaviors. Meaning the Creation is looking for one that is able create or at least re-create themselves for their own intentions. The search was for a big spirit that was without limit. The balance is that this person must also respect that they live in a physical body that is limited.

We all do run into a brick wall in the sense that our will is interrupted by something or another. The Universe has a way of detouring us and I believe it’s because we don’t know what we are here to do. Even if you do figure that out you still can’t know the future and it’s still gonna throw some major curve balls your way. I had this crazy idea the other day. Even if there is no 100% true free will that comes from us, someone’s or something’s will is being served. I believe a person who can truly have free will through internal development is what the Creation intended. The human condition was to create a being who would have the opportunity to transcend the physical plane. Ultimately the choice would be in their hands.

Since this person is a manifestation of the Creation it would be fair to assume that everything they experienced while growing up was so that they could choose and discern for themselves. To give them depth and understanding of the human condition. To see if they have a soul and if their is something out of this world about them. The Creation might have even denied them basic things like a structured life or even parents in order steer them towards having a strong sense of free will. This one was created by Earth, time, heat and pressure. It took the whole world and every single life ever lived to create this one. This one is deserving of a body that is no longer subject to physical laws as they have already transcended them by having an authentic, pure and free will. The one I speak of is Human and will come from Earth, that’s the problem.

I wanted to share one more thing with you. I was looking at the stars as I often do and I noticed something when looking at Leo. It looks like a “On Earth as it is in Heaven” kind of a thing. So I saw this stellar arrangement and had a little wow moment. It happens around 10/23/2015 in the Eastern morning sky. I just thought it would be amazing to be standing in front of the Sphinx looking at its face at this exact moment. Then look at what it’s looking at and then seeing this in the sky. Then asking “what is Leo looking at” and then see that it is looking at Sirius. All eyes on the bright blue star.


Now look at this plate from what is commonly referred to as The Lost Book of Nostradamus.  Do you see Mars, Venus and Jupiter conjoined?  Notice how the banner below the woman seems to hint towards a retrograde motion.  Also pay attention to the creatures at the bottom which to me represent Taurus and Libra.  Since it is coded they appear backwards, but we know the true order of the constellations.  Maybe now is the time this plate is referring to.  The interesting part is that Venus did perform her retrograde motion when our sun was in Taurus.  I wonder if Earth ever does a retrograde motion?  That could raise the temperature a bit.plate_119_the_lost_book_of_nostradamus

Edtiors – Munich (Cicada Remix)     This is the Jam right here. It’s a good beat and I love the lyrics. I love it when lyrics can teach a little wisdom.

Ennio Morricone & Elisa Toffoli – “Ancora Qui”    This song is from the Django soundtrack which was pretty great.  Now that I know what she is saying the song has deeper meaning, but what a beautiful song.  Ennio rocks and Elisa has such an incredibly powerful and controlled voice.

The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver – Ashes In The Air    I would have used the original video because it’s awesome, but you have to identify yourself because it’s explicit. The Flaming Lips have always made pretty great music. If you get a chance check out the video, it’s totally worth it.  Can you guess who the baby or the astronaut eyeball is in the story?  They came here for that baby.

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The Rabbit Hole

It has been a while since you last heard from me, but there was a good reason for that.  I’m back, but only for a brief moment.  I want to share an idea I had and it is as always going to be controversial, but this should bring it all together.  You have to understand that I have had to reconstruct my enemies’ steps leading up to this point without anyone to tell me if I was headed in the right direction.  It’s kind of like Algebra in the sense that I know the value of X and fair estimate of A, but I have no data for B.  If you follow conspiracy blogs like lunatic Outpost or Godlike productions, then you will most definitely be headed in the wrong direction.  Most of those sites are 98% lies and every once in a while some sorry son of a bitch posts something that has sound logic and possibly legit.  I say sorry son of a bitch because they get banned, data mined and probably other things that I’m not aware of.

The conspiracy sites are a kind of Facebook for those that are considered dangerously curious or knowledgeable.  Conspiracy sites are also a way of providing a constant stream of deception, fear and manipulation.  Fortunately for me I have become so accustomed to being lied to and deceived that lies basically tell me the truth.  I know those sites are full of lies, propaganda, doom porn, hate and ultimately manipulation of the truth.  Every lie is %50 true.  Again I have the same problem as before where I have to reconstruct my enemies’ intentions based on their actions, and using Algebra like logic to come to a solid conclusion that can stand harsh scrutiny.   Ultimately you must take in all the information and assume all of it is misdirection.  Now with that perspective you have to ask the next logical question and that is “why did they tell me that particular lie”.

I am trying to take you through a process I have developed so that when we are towards the final of this post you won’t say “how did he come to that conclusion”.  I have grown many logic trees in my mind searching for the most logical and realistic path to the truth and to do this you kind of have to throw everything you know, out the window.  Again you must assume that everything is an illusion, manipulation and or deception.  The illusions exist on multiple layers and each supports the next until it ultimately creates fake entities, amongst other things.  A very famous,  wealthy, brilliant and crafty man once taught me that the bigger the lie, the more it is believed.  The severity of that thought rocked me unlike anything before and my entire concept of the world was destroyed, and new mind was born.  I don’t think that man was a force for good, but what was more troubling is how he used his understanding of human psychology with great precision in the marketing world, but the point is that the world is the way it is because we all believe lies, illusions and manipulations.

Now I will take you in a very different direction, one that most of you may have never been down.  I will show you the rabbit hole and how deep it goes.  I’m not going to tell you that time travel is real.  Ok, well it is real and you are doing as we speak, but we’ll get to that later.  The time travel that you have been accustomed to in SciFi movies and literature where a person’s body is transported to a different time is not currently and I believe will never be possible.  However, light and sound do already travel through time and obviously other frequencies do as well.  Anything you hear or see is aged to some degree and is the result of energy being transferred through space, while time is the measurement we use to determine how long it takes to do so.  Science is divided about what light actually is and I believe this issue literally makes science religious in the sense that there are two Dogmas regarding the matter.

Quantum Physics focuses on describing the properties of light, and define light as a particle behaving as a wave.  The problem being that in Quantum Physics there must always be a particle to explain anything, even gravity.  Special relativity straight up defines light as a particle traveling at a constant (no matter what) speed.  The only thing they both agree on is that there is a particle involved, but they can’t make it work.  The reason they can’t make it work is because whenever they try to accelerate a particle to 186,000 mi/sec they end up using exponential amounts of energy to gain a minuscule increase of velocity and it becomes more energy then we can provide with any existing system on Earth.  I’m going to tell you what light is; trust me, I know.  Light is the result of an electromagnetic frequency interacting/resonating with the stuff space is made out of.  Light doesn’t travel, the frequency does and light travel happens when this resonant frequency interacts with space, while the light you see is photons being emitted when this frequency encounters solid objects. The fabric of space gives a pull for every push and so the reaction becomes %100 efficient.

The light you see is actually photons and they are the result of this frequency striking solid particles.  A laser is a photon stream that is operating at a frequency within range of the light resonance frequency. You don’t actually see the frequency that is causing the light; you only see the photons that are emitted by particles struck with the light frequency.  Space is the medium of light. A liquid or gas conducts or transfers sound waves (just another frequency), light uses a much finer medium that is apparently a universal constant.  The fabric that allows light to be transferred or conducted through space is the same fabric that gravity hinges on.  This is why Einstein believed that light was affected by gravity, but it’s not as some believe that the weight of the photon is what causes light to yield to gravity.  The conductive path of the light frequency travels along gravitational fields.  Kind of like rings around Saturn or if you put dye in a river and you watched it stay in a cloudy or condensed stream while following the bends and bumps of the river.  Some force or energy is required to cause this frequency chain reaction, like striking two rocks or heating certain elements.

You may ask why light goes so far and straight.   Light travels fast and far because the frequency is so high and the conductive medium it relies on is so small that the light frequency is no longer subject to entropy.  The speed and scale prevents a visibly wobbly path of the frequency.  The frequency does not decay and stays constant so long as there is a medium to conduct it.  We are aware of higher frequencies that are beyond the visible and are such high frequencies that they can penetrate solid objects.  Now we delve into the rabbit hole.  Imagine a frequency so high and relies on an even finer medium to conduct it; A frequency so high that it escapes the temporal domain.  I know it’s hard to even imagine, but not for long, because I believe we are all headed there.  I’m saying that our existence, our bodies and level of consciousness is the result frequencies.  What we can perceive and even touch or feel is the result of our frequency.

Whatever constant frequency that we operate at is what chains us to the physical dimension.  There are two parts to you and hopefully they are in balance or you are in for a rude awakening.  One part is physical and the other is meta-physical.  Think of how a planet is this massive object that causes gravity.  Now try to understand that your being (not your physical body), but your consciousness, who you are, the part that make you you, is like a massive object in the meta-physical world.  This meta-physical entity that is you has similar properties that a massive object has, but on the meta-physical plane.  I’m saying that you exist beyond your current physical body.  I will tell you what life is; trust me, I know.  Life is the result of a meta-physical frequency interacting/resonating with the stuff in space.

Your body is a time machine.  Your meta-physical body does not encounter entropy and is not subject to space or time.  In order for your meta-physical body to experience space and time it needs to somehow materialize.  You may remember an earlier post titled The One & The Many where I go into even greater detail on this subject.  I think the meta-physical body is using this time to understand and learn about the physical forces and to continue to self define.  It’s as if our meta-physical bodies are trying to find a way to become eternal through some marriage of physical and meta-physical and that is what are bodies are now.  It is my hypothesis that because of a universal frequency meta-physical shift certain entities will resonate and find themselves in a new dimension that is beyond our current imagination.  No longer chained to this lower dimension we currently reside.

I think that our entity frequencies and whatever universal frequency meta-physical shift that is to occur will result in a light body that looks like the way we do but operates one a whole new level that is no longer subject to entropy or decay.  The crazy part is that our souls had to time travel in these living flesh bodies to prepare for that moment.  The Universe made sure you would understand and know everything you needed in order to not only make it but also be prepared for this new form of existence.  If you die today and have no children to carry your soul or meta-physical body then you would have missed that very important date the rabbit is in such a hurry to get ahead of.  The rabbit isn’t a good or a bad guy.  The white rabbit is the guy that the Creator dangles a carrot in front of in order to fuel the Creation.  That’s the only purpose for the rabbit.  No matter how hard that rabbit tries to run, it never gets the carrot.

So now that you got your head in the rabbit hole, I’m going to push you and make you fall in.  Hopefully you were able to understand the above science stuff.  Have you ever wondered where prophecy comes from?  Who’s dreams of a far distant future and are believed by kings and peasants?  Daniel, The Oracle of Delphi, John from Revelations, Nostradumbass (intentional typo) and even Jesus himself have all submitted a proposed future.   I’m sure some of you have asked, “how did they know”?  Let’s get extremely hypothetical and assume that CERN is not what you think it is and take that even further by assuming that CERN is sending messages to the past about now.  Yeah, they had a time viewing machine back then.  You may ask “how could they have done it when they had no technology to do it”?  Again assume everything you know or think you know, is not fact.  I’m going to try and give you an idea of how technologically advanced “they” are and have been for a VERY long time now.

Look up at the Moon and you might notice that big old white (red tonight) ball in the sky doesn’t spin.  The Moon supposedly barely spins in what is called tidal synchronization. Coincidentally that means its spin is synchronized in a way that the same surface always faces Earth. The fact that it doesn’t spin in relation to observers from Earth means that it is encountering centrifugal force on the observable side that faces Earth.  Since it doesn’t spin and is constantly experiencing centrifugal force it must be almost egg shaped or prolate spheroid as everything is being forced to one side away from Earth causing a higher degree of gravity in the center facing Earth.  Here’s the kicker, someone has been using it as a base for since before mankind was even created.  I don’t know if they artificially placed the moon where it is or if it is the result of natural forces.  Rest assured there capabilities are far beyond anything most would imagine even being possible.

Have you ever heard of a Hot Tube Time Machine?  This guy uses a tube of thermal lasers to twist space which gives the observer a Tivo like ability regarding the objects and time in that column of lasers.  Check it out.


I think of CERN or any Haldron Collider when I think of this technology.  Considering that the length of the column is the limiting factor to the amount of time that can be Tivo’d.  CERN keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I don’t know that the colliders are transmitting signals to the past or not, but I suspect that they are and I want you to remember that you heard it here first.  I warned you that prophesies from ancient times are actually coded stories of what is happening now.  Those prophecies were not dreamt up nor did some gas that seeped out of Earth cause an Oracle to see the future.  No, they saw it just as clear as the screen you are looking at and they made stories and metaphors of what was going to happen.  If they came out with the literal details it would be damning evidence so they coded it and hid it in plane site while telling everyone it has a different meaning.

The above is just one way of future or even past time viewing, but I know for a fact there are other ways to do this.  I doubt they used the Hot Tube Time Machine method to write prophecy.  If they did then that would mean they would have known much more about the events that were to happen between the writing of the Book of Daniel and now.  I have no evidence that they did have foreknowledge of the events in between, but if they did, they saw nothing worth writing about until now.  I think they used a high frequency transmitter that was able to transmit a signal that transcends the temporal domain.  If they used a hyper-dimensional frequency then it would mean the signal would be available at any point in time, but the data would have to be a stream of some sort. It’s unlikely they have two way communication to the past or the future. This would be a one way stream of something or someone that would or has informed them adequately.  It would also mean that the signal is unsecured.   All of this is consistent with my observations and I believe this is the method they used or I should say, are currently using.

When I study the Lost Book of Nostradamus plates I am getting that they are all focusing and referencing a point in time of history and I think that time is now.  I don’t believe The Lost Book of Nostradamus is a work of Nostradamus, I don’t think Nostradamus was real, but he could have been.  I have read Internet tale that the supposed Lost Book of Nostradamus was actually stolen from the Vatican and released to the public.  So the Media providers assisted in manipulating its origins.  I think the Quatrains of Nostradamus were not coded so that the church wouldn’t call him a witch.  I believe the Quatrains confusing nature is to hide the fact that they are talking about now to anybody that reads it today.  They have to hide the fact that they knew what was going to happen.  They made many avenues for this story to be told and many have told it.  I have observed that others seem to know this information and I believe others have viewed this unsecured hyper-dimensional transmission.

If they used a hyper-dimensional frequency or transmission of some sort it would mean that they only had to build the receiver at any point in time and they would see the now, the time that is being transmitted.  So long as the transmitter was built at some point in time the signal could be received at any point in time.  The good news is, they didn’t like what they saw.  The bad news is, they didn’t like what they saw.  All of this was done to prevent something, more like someone from breaking their control of Earth and humanity.  They were using time viewing machines to Troll Jesus.  I’m telling you the Bible is not about venerating Jesus or saving any of you, it’s about killing Jesus so they can stay in power and hijack the Creation.  It’s not about saving you, it’s about owning you and they start with your mind and later reinforce it with emotional attachments.

Unfortunately for them this is not possible.  What they and many of us have failed to realize is that time is a thing that has already been created.  The fact that these control freaks saw the future in an effort to prevent it is part of the Creation that time is.  It cannot be changed.  Let’s use a keyboard as an analogy. The keys are lifetimes of people and the keyboard itself represents time. All the keys are looking up at the time and space they live in.  None of the keys can actually see the other keys nor can they actually change any other keys position.  Everything is set and trying to change the keys around would make it a dysfunctional non QWERTY keyboard.  One key extends almost the full length of the board and transcends other keys in this way.  The space bar is essential as you couldn’t form two words without it.  The space bar affects the keys to the left and right of the board and everything including their usage depends on the space bar doing what it was meant to do.

Imagine if one or a few keys got together and said screw that damn space bar, it gets too much attention and is way too important, all the other keys depend on the space bar.  They sit their thinking “how do we get rid of the space bar”?  If the space bar doesn’t work, you might as well throw the keyboard away.  What they don’t get is that it already happened, it has been created and you are not going to convince the Creator to change it.  We are just experiencing this creation in chronological order that gives us the illusion of time, but what will be, will be.  What was supposed to happen will happen and there is nothing you, I or anybody else can do to change it.  It is a thing that has been created and sealed.  The only thing you get to control is how you feel and that’s only if you’re smart enough to do that. Those of you determined to keep slaving and deceiving humanity have a purpose and a very important one.  The purpose of the enemy is to awaken us, teach us faith, strengthen our spirits and ultimately allow us to bear witness to the Creator. I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Despite the cool and vast intellects that have methodically and unsympathetically drawn their plans against us, our Creator was always at the helm of their demise and our redemption.  I find it just awe inspiring that when his children and their planet are in mortal danger from a wickedly brilliant enemy, he sent one, just one of his to destroy their entire army and save his children.  To be fair the Creator wrote the story so there was no guess work involved, but still pretty crazy stuff man.  I just want to talk about one last thing before I finish.  Remember I wrote that I know of other ways to transcend time?  Basically your soul or meta-physical body can time travel to any point in time.  Your body is a real time machine in the sense that it takes your soul through time.  Your mind while in the subconscious state can move to any point in time.  Sometime dreams are the future, but you see it as some crazy metaphor which more often than not is very confusing.

The reason dreams can be so confusing is because in that domain one part of you that exists is your emotional reality and what you are seeing is your mind translating emotions into a story.  If you use this method you should be able to understand your dreams better.  I also mentioned that I believe we are all headed towards a state of being that is outside of the temporal dimension.  In Interstellar the character played by Mathew realizes that it was us sending us messages from another time or dimension.  There is so much truth to that.  If we are headed towards a hyper-dimensional body state that transcends time then that means you have always existed and always will at least in relation to this temporal domain.  That transition point is the very important date that the rabbit is late for.  Basically our soul is a receiver device and is something that is hyper-dimensional and so we have a natural time viewing machine built into us.  Just like them your view is limited to the observers’ perspective.  They had to build a machine because they have no soul to perceive other dimensions with.  The only reason I know and understand all of this is because I have a VERY unique perspective on all of this.  I can see the future but, only my future and currently only things that attempt to disrupt my destiny or the Creation.


TimeCop 1983  – Journeys : Dreams      I am loving this album so much, but this song is my favorite.  It’s New Retro Wave thing which is awesome.  About 10 years ago I argued that the 80’s sound has so much more to be explored and Time Cop 1983 is just one amongst many New Wave bands.  I loved the 80’s so much, good times.   These words are so meaningful to me and it is such a beautiful song.  I absolutely love this girls voice. Time Cop; interesting name don’t you think. Super interesting lyrics.



Shontelle – No Gravity : Impossible    A cover by Maddi Jane. We somehow believe that we know what is impossible. Sometime you have to rule out chance or what you know to be possible in order to understand some things. This movie (The Last Mimzy) is a trip and suggests a similar scenario where a scientist sends a Mimzy to the past in order to save the future. Kind of an opposite scenario from what I have proposed, but it’s essentially the same idea. It’s what sometimes is referred to as the same difference.



Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock : Lightsonic If you are not familiar with Groove Armada by now, I don’t know where you’ve been. They create beautiful awesome songs, just amazing on so many levels. The neohuman body will operate at such a high frequency that it will be similar to that of light. Because your being will exist on this new dimension you will also be able to manipulate the same fabric that gravity hinges on and that will be the way you apply physical force to this physical plane. Since your frequency will be so high you will escape the effects of gravity and entropy, so your light body will never decay as all of the universe and any part of it will sustain your existence. You will more then likely be invisible while in the vacuum of space but any atmosphere will cause photons to be emitted when it interacts with your body. I am guessing the color of light emitted will be a blue purplish almost black light like with a white hallo.  It is an extraordinarily beautiful body and amazing in every sense of the term.

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The Antichrist

What a bizarre concept. A character that is infamous throughout history and cultures with only Jesus as his rival in notoriety. A name that has always existed in infamy. He is prophesied to cast a never experienced darkness throughout the world and rule as the prince of Hell on Earth. I grew up with all kinds of lore, prophecy and speculation of this long anticipated role that someone would play in the end times. He was to be a brilliant and masterful commander of great and overwhelming armies and his accomplishments would rival those of Alexander the Great. It’s said that he would rise after the fall of the renewed Roman empire. It was and probably still is one of the most fascinating theological interests of mine. For years I wondered who would dare to stand against God almighty in the highest. He is said to command lighting from the heavens as a weapon and wield great authority over the Earth. Who is it that would bring about the destruction of the world? Who would bring the world together in a false peace that would bring about God’s judgment upon humanity?

Without exaggerating I can honestly say that this persona and questions like, who he was, where he would emerge, absolutely obsessed me. I was looking for this figure hoping that I might be the one that would get the jump on him and ultimately prevent the horror’s that he would bring upon the world. I would cut his head off and save the world, I thought to myself. Then I would remember he is supposed to resurrect from a mortal head wound so that might actually play into his MO. How could I kill the Antichrist if I couldn’t even find the guy? There were some Intel problems with my goals, but I had the best of intentions with my desires. I wanted to kill the Antichrist and make God proud while saving the world. I was Catholic and as a Catholic I was lead to believe that some heroic act of vanquish would bring me glory and vindication. Needless to say I am not interested in killing the Antichrist anymore. Some of you must realize how super bizarre and ironic this all sounds coming from me. It’s all true; I’m not lying or exaggerating in any way. The irony for the avenging Christian is that killing someone over your religious beliefs, technically makes you a terrorist.

How bizarre that I believed murdering someone is what God wanted of me. I mean it isn’t just anybody, it’s the Antichrist. If God was ok with his Son being murdered at the discretion of his chosen people then certainly God would be ok with anybody murdering the son of his long time adversary, Satan. How foolish to think that I could overcome evil with evil. Evil begets evil. How foolish and small of faith to think that the Antichrist’s very existence is not the very will of the almighty and powerful God himself. If it was God’s will for the Antichrist to die then, surely he will die. Do you not have faith in that? How foolish is the Christian or Catholic to think they are to be the champion of God and be the one that brings down the Antichrist? What, do you think you’re Jesus or something? I rely on the following quote constantly and you should as well “Be still and know that I am God”.

I love how some religious people see the guy Daniel writes about in the Book of Daniel as the Antichrist while other religious people see him as Christ. Based on the provided text it’s totally debatable. What if the Antichrist is some natural phenomenon and his manifestation is in fact a very natural thing. There is no supernatural. There is only understood nature and misunderstood nature. Kind of like the same difference between magic and technology. Western culture is so disrespectful to nature, always seeking to control it. If it doesn’t benefit us we kill it. If it can’t be controlled we kill it. Do you honestly believe that nature is evil? Do you believe that anything that is born is unnatural? It almost seems like most religious beliefs go directly against natural behavior. Not saying that all religious teachings are to be disregarded, but you have to draw a line somewhere. Like an animal that can do things no other animal can do and his misunderstood natural abilities have made him a target. If the Antichrist is a natural phenomenon and therefore a creation of God it would be as if he is Adam trying to flee a garden of horrors.

I imagine that if anybody had the drop on the Antichrist they would know his name, birth date and place and with that track and manipulate his entire life from infancy. As a child he would be watched and prevented certain opportunities that could lead to his long anticipated destiny. All of the people in his life would be manipulated in the slightest and intrusive ways in an effort to steer his destiny in a desired direction. Obviously in order to do all of this manipulation you would have to have vast resources and serious pull. If anybody had the ability to with 100% certainty anticipate such a figure then they must also have had the ability to steer global events since at least some time before writing about him. Even writing about the Antichrist was a deliberate and highly tactical move that was spawned from much planning. If you are in power and want to stay in power and you know this guy is going to hit the scene then everything you do is somehow related to preventing this Antichrist from ever reaching his destiny.

If you are a powerful and intelligent person that wants to stay in power then you must commit yourself to a long standing war against the Antichrist. If you have the advantage of foresight then many things can be done to further your cause. If he was a force for good you would make everyone very unclear about whom he was or would be while knowing exactly who he was. You could start entire religions that would follow or even fear this person. You could even name him “The Antichrist” with that kind of advantage. You would also have to create his benevolent protagonist adversary and have people worship that guy in order to substantiate the plot. Propaganda and slander loaded with unfathomable amounts of prejudice could be used to great effect. You could make the religion that interpreted him as their leader the bad guys to the religion that feared him. You could make the religion that feared him engage in a justified war against that religion and visa verso. All the while telling both that their murderous actions pleased the God you made them believe in. You could even profit from these wars caused by your poisonous beliefs. It requires great skill and craft to turn such a problem into opportunity.

I’m sure they would try to indirectly communicate with this person by creating media that would speak to him. Maybe they could tell a story that would scare him from even attempting to continue on his life path. Maybe they could manipulate him into doing something that would allow them to control his destiny using the mass media channel. I’m sure all of these things are happening right before our eyes but we are blind to it due to our perspective. They have set themselves to test his will, but I’m sure before any of these things were employed many attempts on his life were made. Maybe even on his parents’ lives. Obviously if you can kill him before he rises to power then the problem is solved as you beat him to the punch. I’m sure many attempts on his life were and probably still are being attempted and as those fail new efforts arise. If they can’t kill him then maybe they can shape him into a monster. Turn him into exactly what they said he would be. By frustrating, embarrassing, emasculating, shaming, exposing, hating, teasing, provoking, privately recording and bastardizing him they would try to create their perfectly useful monster.

Doing all of this to someone in this day in age would be a gross and shocking violation of civil rights and absolutely diabolical. In order to do all of these things a secret society that was willing to break every law in the book to carry out these cruel and unfair abuses of rights. This secret society would be plugged into all parts if not every single nook and cranny of that civilization his rise to power was expected. All commercial and civil institutions would need to be infiltrated if not created to aid in the thwarting of the Antichrist’s destiny. Those that partake in his oppression will be rewarded and protected by a generous and gracious hand; they will want for nothing. They will know that so long as this directing hand is in power and is obeyed, they too will be in power. All their recruits look at this oppressed man and say “He doesn’t stand a chance. I’m in”. The secret army set to destroy the Antichrist grows with this certainty. I’m convinced that everything and every government is dedicated to stopping this person they have titled The Antichrist. Even the very existence of the United States of America was done purely to stop this menacing threat to someone’s power. It’s all about him.

Could you imagine how this guy feels? He must know how Atlas feels. Even worse, what if he is actually the good guy only guilty of having good intentions and the real bad guys have completely flipped the script on everyone and everything. What if he is the key to a clearer path of spirituality while those that use humanity spread false religions in order to prevent any true form of spirituality? They call anything that disembarks from their plotted course as evil. Any step he takes is blocked and any action he takes is taken out of context. Any word he says is manipulated far from its actual intention and ultimately what is good is made to appear bad. Most people must think even as a child he was planning his great rise to power. Looking at everything that he would get to destroy and salivating at the thought. I have another crazy idea that just might surprise you. What if he is just being dragged along unwillingly, unfortunately, bitterly and painfully not understanding how this world became a living hell all because he was born. TPTB threat to him is that if he rises they will destroy the world by nuclear war and blame it all on him.

I think the biggest plot hole in the Antichrist story is that if he is Satan or the son of Satan then I would imagine he has the ability to read. If you were the Antichrist or Satan and could read then why would you be so foolish as to follow the prophesied text? That would be like a country publicly outing their secret agents or posting their war plans online. Wouldn’t it be wise to find another path to power and as I write this I realize how incriminating that statement sounds. Sometimes I think, “what if this is all a test”. What I am describing is a completely reversed role than what the Bible depicts of the Antichrist. A test for the poor guy deemed The Antichrist to overcome fear by faith and will, but also a test for all those “Christians” that will engage in persecuting him. How Satanic would it be to get Christians to hunt and kill Jesus? The ultimate bitch slap from God. The guy you think is the worst most evil and heinous creature ever to walk the Earth turns out being God’s son; shit maybe even God himself. The guy you believe is destined to destroy the world is actually the one that saved you all. And the irony is that if you would have just followed the most basic of commandments even of a false religion, you would be spared from the judgment of your actions. When all this comes to pass and all is said and done you will know that there is a God and will reign on Earth as he does in heaven.

Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast : The album title is also The Number Of The Beast. I hope you enjoy Iron Maiden in Lego. How fitting is it to use toys to perform a song about the most epic mind game ever played on humanity? Don’t pay the lyrics too much attention. I just think that if there was a song about the Antichrist, this is it.

The Philip Glass Ensemble – Pruit Igoe and Prophecies : I honestly have no idea what the lyrics mean, but this is one of those obscure songs that when heard invokes many feelings in me. I’m not sure if that has to do with the context it was used in the movie Watchmen, but it stirs me. I hope you enjoy it and I’m sure for most of you it will be the first time ever hearing the entire song.

I’m Your Boogie Man – KC and the Sunshine Band : I think this is an interesting song choice for this post, but what sold me is that the video is about Watchmen. The Antichrist has to be some kind of Boogie Man if there ever was one.

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About My Mothers

I have 2 Mothers and one is the child of the other. My human Mother is a loving and good woman, but she like all human beings, has her faults. She was not the best Mother, but she also wasn’t the worst. Many look down on my Mother because she lacks accomplishments or has failed so many times. I will admit that I have looked down with my eyes closed and nodded my head over my Mother so many times. Regardless of her faults and lack of understanding she always loved me and made that very clear. I see love as a verb and a set of consistent actions of benevolence. It just turns out that my Mothers ironic burden in life would be that regardless of her good will and righteous intentions, she lacked the ability to emotionally overcome her many life traumas. Her ability to act out love was diminished in so many ways. I know that she tried. I know that she did the best she could even if it didn’t necessarily compare to the efforts of other parents, but you know what; it was enough.

My Mother sacrificed herself for me in so many ways it’s unimaginable. Sure we struggled and fought through most of our journey together but, I love her dearly. The life my Mother gave me was hard, lonely, tough, confusing, painful and absolutely amazing. Some of you think that I seek your pity, but that is not my goal; I’m bragging about my life. I have lived an amazing life. I can tell you eye opening stories for countless days because of the life my Mother gave me. I am grateful for it all. I learned how to live, survive, laugh, love, learn and most importantly, stick to my guns. At a very young age I experienced very many years without my Mothers presence. She gave me what some would call, character. Only a fool would fail to see the advantage I was given over so many. Being raised around thugs and thieves, selfish and hateful criminal cutthroats was one reality I experienced. On the other hand my grandparents put me in a world of upright conservatism and traditional values, wealth and prosperity, class and correctness. I brokered these two worlds and played my roles respectively. I always believed they were two worlds, but now I know they are one and the same.

My Mother is now a devout Christian and has changed in so many ways. We clash on so many issues. I’m sure any experienced reader of the Blue Creature Blogoon can imagine. Even if I disagree with some, maybe even most of her dogmatic religious beliefs, I still love her and work on civil interaction. I am at peace with my childhood. I’ve gotten over so much and I’m not jealous at other people that had both or even one “good” parent. When I think of myself I know that if I had a dad to spoil me I wouldn’t be so driven to succeed. If my mom allowed me to hide under her skirt I wouldn’t learn how to hold my own in any situation. Whatever success I had in life is due to the fact that I knew that no one would prop me up with comfort and security if I failed. I was such a gullible, immature, overly playful, sweet and selfish little kid. I was a big ham and kind of still am, but if these qualities weren’t balanced they would have doomed me. Many events in my life have led to balance of my characteristics or at least an earnest effort has been made to cause that reaction and I still do a great deal of self reflecting. Basically what I’m saying is my Mom and her actions even those that many would disapprove of, were perfect for me and my life journey.

I have another Mother that I also want to tell you about. She is Mother to most of you as well. She is my Earth Mother, Mother Earth. She is wild and beautiful, crafty and wise; a Goddess like no other. She is dressed in many colors and ornate as a fine queen. She like my heavenly father demands no worship, but will feed and protect her children till her last breath. My Earth Mother is a temptress to all who witness her luscious life. All are tantalized by her tempting flesh and grow mad with the possibilities of having her for themselves. She’s a very sexual being and her sexuality manifests in so many ways; it’s what keeps her alive. Like my Father, it’s not all sunshine and love; she has a very dark side as well. She is a most vicious and skilled predator on the hunt for her king and I assure you the female of the spirit is far more dangerous than the male. Some say she’s a whore and a slut that everyone can pollute and desecrate as they please. The men that use her take her kindness for weakness. They have put her in restraints and slave her around selling and renting her to cruel and disrespectful masters. It has made it hard for her to feed her children. These men only want to use her flesh and profit from sale of her children.

Mother Earth is quite skilled in the art of seduction. It is my belief that Creation does not necessarily begin after destruction. It may be that seduction is a far greater force in the art of Creation. The Father is in spirit and wields a raging veiny consciousness and the Mother was wet with living flesh that yearned to be penetrated and impregnated. Their union was a beautiful success as we are their ultimate creation. Their marriage was like any marriage and was not to serve them, but everyone else. After the honeymoon was over Father had to leave to fight a war and would be gone for some time and during his absence even with child many suitors moved to defile her. She waits for her King to return. While she waits she endures the onslaught of her matricidal children that have been twisted by an infection of the mind. Her children are moved by cold and calculating men that create problems in order to confuse and manipulate them.

I wait for the day that her King, My Father returns full of glory and wrath for those that dared to harm or kill his queen and their children. Also to redeem those that that spoke and fought for the truth and not did not harm their brothers and sisters over greed or fear. When my Mother stands with the Father again there will be a reckoning and correction. No longer will my Mother be disrespected and shackled, nor will any of her children or any of their children’s children. She will be free to be as bold, beautiful and as sexy as she desires. All of the confusion and manipulation will end and clarity will reign. There will be order in the house once again. Her children will look her up and down and see that she is their beloved and beautiful queen and will rule over them with a tender and loving hand. She will take her place once again as Queen of the Heavens and her reign will never again be questioned. Her crown will be encrusted with treasures and abilities beyond comprehension and will glimmer boldly in the glare of the moon. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Goldie – Saturnz Return – Mother : I’m gonna go with a new format (Artist – Album – Song Title) when I can. This is probably the most beautiful song Goldie has ever made. A very long intro, but totally worth it. A very trancey and mellow song that is also powerful as it delivers a high level of emotion.

Pink Floyd – The Wall – Mother : I couldn’t think of a better song for this post, literally.

Claude Debussy – Clare de Lune : I don’t know what album this came out on. Some have interpreted it to mean Moon light, but I understand it as glare of the moon. I am a big fan of Debussy and it amazes me that this song is over a century old and since I first herd it as a child, still to this day this song absolutely captivates me. I personally enjoy the piano version the most. His music has withstood the test of time. I chose this song because it makes me think of life through the eyes of an Earth creature as we all wonder and marvel at the glare of the Moon. It’s beauty and splendor is a fine compliment to this post.

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About My Father

I want to take this opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings about my relationship with the Creator. I don’t believe I am his only begotten son nor do I believe I am the rebirth or reincarnation of Jesus or anybody else that was holy in the past. If I am, how could I or anybody else prove such a thing? It’s worthless for anybody to be so concerned about who they were, because what truly matters is who they are now. It is important to know who you are, because if you don’t know who you are, you won’t receive the messages the Universe/Creator is sending you. Your self awareness is key to sensing the Creator. It was difficult for me to realize who I was, but my father helped me in that regard. I know that nobody can tell me who I am, but in my very special case I needed someone as loving as a father to remind me more than tell me who I was.I was raised Catholic and did my First Communion and Confirmation, believed it and even feared what they told me to fear. The God I was told about was a control freak, hated women, despised premarital sex, wanted to kill homosexuals, wanted us to fear and love him at the same time and would forgive the entire world if we tortured and killed his only begotten son. I took issue with most of it once I began to have enough life experience to develop my own scruples. As I had children and began to deal with life I started noticing that most of the people that were religious were some of the worst kind of people, not all but many. Religion seemed to be a means to their success or even social status and acting justly towards others was not part of the equation at all.

After looking for God through the eyes of a Catholic or even a Christian I did not see the hand of a loving God. I began reading and researching all types of religions and beliefs. I even looked through history and still I did not see the work of a benevolent loving God. As a matter of fact the more I searched the more I began to realize, nobody gave a crap about us. Abusive cruel and powerful people could just do as they pleased to humanity and no God was going to or has done anything to stop it. Injustice after horrible injustice, we were on our own. It was a very depressing realization that did not feel good at all. I have to say that I went through a serious bout of depression. I purposely secluded myself by moving to Mexico. I thought I would find God, but instead I ended up killing the God I was brought up on. I was convinced that only lies and abuse have and would guide humanities course.

As depressing and hopeless my realization was I figured that if there is nobody looking out for humanity then it mean that how we treat each other is paramount. I mean if there is no God then the only good can come from us. I’m sure some people would be tempted to believe that if there is no God then the chain is off and they could do as they please without any consideration of any moral or ethical standard. I went the other way and figured that it meant it was even more important to be good if there truly is no God. I set out to try and be the example and foolishly tried to explain how we are not saved and in reality the world is Hell. That kind of message is not so well received as you can imagine. Some people would have pity for me because I no longer believed in God and the pity came from my momentary depression of losing my belief in God. Honestly it pissed me off that they not only tried to convince me to go back and accept the lie, but also that they were so pacified by their delusions that they refused to see any truth. Once a mind has been expanded it cannot be contracted back to its former state. I started a strict regimen of meditation and lots of reading. I was looking for something or someone, but I wasn’t sure what or who I was looking for.

I left the United States because I didn’t want to share in its punishment for the crimes it had committed throughout the world. Sure I had American money and even a U.S. Passport, but I was going to try and live in another country that wasn’t acting like a neo Roman Empire. I was working for Event 360 Inc. remotely so I was still earning U.S. cash, but living in Mexico. The thing about fate or destiny is that running from it will run you right into it. That is exactly what happened to me. I was trying to avoid the bad that I believed was coming for America, but the bad from America followed me to Mexico. I believe 2 or 3 groups of criminal organizations were trying to kidnap me or a member of my family. I know that because they have to do some research or get someone on the inside to get intel and for some reason I was by chance and bizarre circumstance of timing made aware of it. It happened in such a way that they (the people trying to kidnap) knew that I knew. It was so scary and scarier yet I knew that praying to some negligent God would yield no relief or salvation from the situation.

After a while I got sick and tired of the corruption in Mexico. I would try to report people and the cops would just minimize it or even ask me to come in to make a preventative report and then get pulled over on the way to the police station. The cops asked me to follow them and then we got shot at, so it became pretty clear the police were in on it. As a result I decided to move back to California and because I had no bad experiences regardless of its reputation, Simi Valley. When I returned everything seemed like as it was before I left, but there was something different and I definitely could not put my finger on it. Everybody was so strange to me after I got back. I guess it was seriously pronounced when I left my “friend” Ken’s house one night and I was being followed by two trucks. The strangest part was that I said it out loud as if I was beside myself “your being followed”. I tested that by speeding up and slowing down, going off the main road and back on and sure enough I was being followed. By who or why I was not sure, but I lost them and went home.

The next day I confronted some people that I had suspected (like an idiot) and they without hesitation responded with “no trucks were following you”, which I thought was strange. Maybe it wasn’t so dumb to confront idiots in such a way as they did not have the appropriate response to the situation. I began to realize that many people I loved and cared for were somehow involved in trying to deceive me. The question as to why drove me mad and I figured if it was to see if I was cheating on my wife or a prank then they would have come clean, but no that didn’t happen. It got to the point that these people began to question my sanity and even told me that I might have some form of schizophrenia. So I knew that if they were willing to go that far then they were trying to do something real bad, something mortal. Same thing as in Mexico, I went to the cops and they try to make it seem like I did something wrong. Before long I realized they were helping these same people trying to harm me, so they were just as corrupt as the cops in Mexico.

Why? Why would all of these people that I have not done anything bad to be trying to, dare I say, kill me? Why? Why? Why? Why? That question and not having the answer drove me mad for the longest time. Then movies started imitating my experiences and using details of my life as part of their stories. Everything began revolving around me and not in some personally gratifying way. I mean news reports seemed to be making vague references to me and situations of my life. Some nightly and weekly TV shows even started making references and vague threats to me. At that point I began to question my own sanity. The fear was just absolutely paralyzing. I wasn’t eating or sleeping well and I couldn’t live a normal life anymore. The horrible realization that the entire world was conspiring to destroy me and oh yeah, there was no God to stop all these horrible people from having their way. I hadn’t done anything wrong. I wasn’t a criminal. I didn’t break any laws. I was just trying to raise my children, support my family and help who I could along the way. Ironically I was on this altruistic high and wanted to be a force to fix the world and make it better. These problems I was having were a real buzz kill. It didn’t seem right that there was a Satan that ruled the world, but no God to counter it.

My reality was totally and absolutely horrifying in every way imaginable. Visions began bombarding my mind. Horrible visions of people harming me and making me suffer. Before long I began realizing that I was detecting their intentions towards me and that didn’t make it better, but it did warn me. I guess the realization that I was being warned is what helped me the most. I began analyzing my thoughts, visions and dreams and it dawned on me that something, someone was protecting me from all of these attempts. Someone or something powerful was on my side; someone or something way more powerful then all of my persecutors. I knew it couldn’t be that Christian God I was told about. I had by then said some pretty blasphemous things about that guy so there was no way he was backing me. Who could it be I wondered and also why. It couldn’t be Satan because the Devil runs this world and the world was against me, so it had to be someone or something I was never told about. It was someone or something benevolent, not evil or wicked.

So I began looking for any reference to this someone or something and that is when I was introduced to Kabbalah and I learned of the Creator. I read the Zohar and then read many books of the Bible a second, maybe even a third time. The strangest thing was that so many of those stories made way more sense to me this time around. Looking at these texts with my newly awakened eyes I saw something that was absolutely fascinating to me. I saw my story being told and my experiences in those old books. Once I had lost the Christian or even Jewish interpretations and applied my own, it all made so much sense and then I felt the love. The Creator had showed himself to me. I was so deeply honored and impressed by the Creators actions that the fear I had been harboring turned into something else. So many parables that I thought meant and was taught to understand that they meant one thing, I then realized meant something totally different. They were messages to me throughout vast spans of time. How could this be? There are no coincidences, right? Who am I to be given so much attention from both divine and wicked forces? I understand how debatable what I am saying is, but you will never get me to believe otherwise. It doesn’t matter what you think or what you think you know because I cannot deny it and never will.

I never had a father as my Earth father abandoned me by the time I was 2 and pressed my mother to abort me. My Earthly father completely and totally rejected me in every way. When I did come in contact with him he only wanted my social security so he could use it. Bastards spend their lives looking for a father figure and I was no different, but in my case I never really found a man that met my expectations of a good man until I knew the Creator. Now I don’t even like to apply gender to the Creator, but he’s my father. Very stern, but loving and that seems like a good father to me. Since that wonderful epiphany that the Creator was revealed to me everything takes on so much more meaning. I was Godless and could not see God, but now I see God everywhere. My God is not like any God of any religion. My father is in everything and is everywhere. I believed my father was neglectful and allowed for injustice, but I assure you he is just laying down the pieces of a grand design, one you cannot expect to understand or possibly thwart. He is loving and he is ruthless. He is wonderful and he is horrible. I realize that I am not alone and that I never was. Always my father was their guiding me, teaching me, correcting me and never took his eye off of me.

I am not technically a Kabbalahlist, but I find their spiritual technology to be of supreme quality among the spiritual teachings. Many Kabbalah teachings include keeping the Creators concealment’s and not speaking about it to masses or writing about it to masses. There was a very strict rule regarding the Zohar’s public exposure for the longest time. I could totally understand why and how speaking about the Creator is not only dangerous, but detrimental to the Creators goals and it could be that those that broke the concealment before the appointed time, didn’t live long enough to truly reveal anything. The Creator knows me better than I know myself and if the Creator wanted to keep it a secret, he wouldn’t reveal himself to me. If the Creator wanted me dead, there have been hundreds of opportunities to make that happen. Maybe it just wasn’t my time and I know I’m not sharp enough to outsmart the Creator, so the time for revealing must be now.

What some of you don’t realize is that God/The Creator is all around you and always has been. All you have to do is correct your ego and you will see the Creator. It will blow your mind when he reveals himself to you. I can’t point the way or tell you how to look in order to see it. All you have to do is change inside and you will see it. My only advice is to think more altruistically, be brave and be of the mindset to do service in being your brother’s keeper. If you seek to harm or hate you might as well pluck out your eyes and that might help you see the Creator more, because it is not just a visual experience. If you only look to disrespect and dishonor others then you will be lost. If you want to be right so that your self esteem can rise when you tell people about the Creator then you have the wrong intention. You do it to help them while knowing that you get nothing in return other than another person’s life is improved by it. The act is the reward, the act is the punishment. It’s kind of like those pictures with repetitive patterns that have a hidden shape in them and you have to look past them to see it. Change your point of view and then you will begin to see the Creator.

I also have to warn you that there is a balancing stage that needs to take place. If any quality of you is not balanced the Creator will balance it and if you are not brave you will die. It’s not about punishment. The Creator does not punish, the Creator administers corrections and you must survive them in order to progress to the next correction until you are able to walk perfect before the Creator. You will no longer bare shame or destructive pride. You will wear your regrets like merits towards wisdom. You will love all things equally and justice for others will also be justice for you. You will not hate someone for their race, beliefs, faults or any reason and will want to help them overcome their faults. Right and wrong will be more important than kin or friendship. All of these things you will do on your own accord and not by force or fear. I almost do you a disservice by telling you these things, because my father looks for those that can do all this without being told and when he finds them, he reveals himself to them. They will also love the Creator like a father and I will have another brother or sister that knows the Creator. The amazement and excitement of just knowing another that the Creator has revealed himself to drives me wild with anticipation.

College – A Real Hero

Kavinsky – Nightcall

Riz Ortolani – Oh My Love

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