Adam and the Pyramids

My understanding is that all conscious beings of a particular evolutionary state can increase perceptual ability by instruction and guidance. That is to say that one can increase their spiritual degree using some knowledge or technology that can guide a consciousness towards ascension. Adam is a different animal all together as his perceptual state was increased unintentionally. It’s as if someone other than Adam provided the awakening or new sensation. Adam’s conscious state manifested as expected and only after experiences and study of spiritual and sometimes questionable texts did the symptoms begin to make sense. It could be that the new Adam was born in a higher spiritual degree then the majority of humanity. All of us are part of the ascension process. We are all born at some degree and then through life, lesson and experience breakthrough to another degree. Many of us make what appears to be a conscious choice to learn something that will somehow enlighten us or make us divine and possibly even to experience God. My theory is that all life is evolving to experience the Creation and is progressively developing physical means to detect and interpret the frequencies transmitted by some omnisource. As the Adam progresses through the higher frequencies, it is given increased perceptive ability and reasoning. The Adam will also progress to have increased clarity and control over the physical elements of the creation. Adam derives more meaning from a situation then the five known senses alone can provide.

When you look at how humanity has developed regardless of which version you accept there still exists a physical trace of progress in both our perceptive and manipulative abilities. Here on Earth it is easy to see that there is a perceptive & manipulative order among the species and kingdoms of life. Animals like an earthworm rank low on the perceptive & manipulative ability chart while humans, rank very high. Like everything the abilities have to be balanced. Just because you can see like an eagle doesn’t mean you can understand what you see. The ability to interpret and understand what is being perceived is just as if not more important than an instruments precision or sensitivity. As the Adam moves up to perceiving higher frequencies more information and even intention is derived from everything. It is likely that there is now more then one, but it always starts with one. In a 100th monkey sort of way the Adam consciousness is infectious. However infected or alien these primates seem to be, they have been given huge advantage over the non adapting and domesticated pet or farmed primates.

Think of Neanderthal and Homo Sapien interaction and look how it ended. I have friends that look like total knuckle draggers or like a shaved monkey, so that’s how I know all of the Neanderthal species didn’t just disappear off the face of the Earth. It’s most likely that the physical differences provided the necessary distinction to aid in genocidal warfare. It’s also likely that some did indeed mix with Homo Sapiens. Regardless of what happened I think it’s safe to say Homo Sapien won. The first of those Homo Sapiens were the Adams of their day. So how long does the Universe/Creation wait for another Adam to emerge? I think that is what the Mayan Calendar is really about. It could be that it is a schedule for the evolutionary progress of humanities and possibly the universes consciousness. So it could be that everything and not only humanity will experience kind of boost in consciousness, that for some reason the Mayan’s have a detailed schedule for. That is more of a guess than a theory, but when you start playing with that idea, pieces start to fit.

Talking about fitting pieces together, I want to go into another subject that may seem unrelated, but like everything, it is. Let’s talk about the Pyramids of Giza and frequencies. So my theory also includes the idea that the signals coming from the omnisource are transmitted in a broadband style. Unlike human broadband technology a piece or parts of the whole signal still yield usable information. Most broadband signals break data up into pieces and deliver those pieces in more than one frequency or channel. If you only receive one half or a piece of that broadband signal the data is useless. However the universe’s broadband signal is never perceived in whole by any living entity and still vast amounts of information are derived from the signals parts or pieces. It’s kind of like trying to listen to the radio and you have bad reception, you can hear the song but it’s not clear, complete or whole, but you know what song it is, sometimes. Imagine if someone were to jam or even highjack your radio signal. It’s not that you have bad reception, but the omnisource has been jammed and a pirate transmission is being transmitted.

It is very likely that the Pyramids of Giza are transmitters. The question is what are they transmitting and why. If you look at the Pyramids of Giza and the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico you will notice some very distinct similarities between the two. For one they are almost the same size in length and width, off by 2 meters at the base, and the pyramid of the sun is shorter. However geographically they are located in similar situations and that is right in the center of the land masses. So if you were going to install a wireless router into your home, you wouldn’t want the signal to favor one end or the other. You would put the router right in the middle to get even signal distribution for all the rooms. Then there is the fact that both pyramids have catacomb like cave networks but not for burial. It is believed that the cave network fills with water that is caused by the lunar cycle. Interestingly the largest underground river in the world was discovered near (less than 1k) of the Pyramid of the Sun site in Mexico just a couple years ago. Giza had the Nile and the theory is that the water running through the catacomb like cave network would produce a charge. The caves are multidimensional in that some caves are vertical while others are horizontal. The water waxed and waned with the lunar cycle. This energy created by running water through the underground cave network was then channeled up to the peak of the pyramid where the signal is transmitted. It has been proved that the inner chambers of the pyramids of Giza are tuned to a harmonic frequency and therefore the idea is that a tuned signal is then transmitted. The pyramids are powered by lunar tidal forces and use the energy to transmit the tuned frequency.

Like a tuned mass damper the pyramids were created with a certain frequency in mind. It’s as if the pyramids are some kind of global energy generator machine that is part capacitor, transistor and transmitter. A common theory is that they provided a global wireless energy source via frequency resonance of receptive devices. It seems the size, shape and material layers, possibly even its location provide a tuned and powered device designed to last ages, but not forever. Keep in mind there is more than one pyramid and it could be likely that each is assigned its specific frequency to transmit, jam and possibly even receive. It could be that they are tuned via size and weight that corresponds to orbital frequencies and that changes over time. The Mayan calendar and even the Pyramid of Giza itself is letting us know when they will fall out of tune and break. Some psychic dimension of our mind could be being jammed and that was on purpose to awaken us when the time was right. Maybe when the pyramids break or fall out of tune, then revelations happen and that is the apocalypse. Maybe the temple referred to in the bible is not the human body or in Jerusalem. I don’t completely understand the intention behind the pyramids. It could be that our creators need them to keep us progressing. It could also be that the farmers that control humanity are manipulating signals as needed. I honestly don’t know. I think of movies like Moon where he takes out the jamming signal that prevented him from communicating with his family. Or I think of They Live where he takes out the signal transmitter and exposes the aliens. I also think of the movie Gamer which is a better example of what the pyramids could possible represent. Even that story The Alchemist comes to mind when trying to divine their purpose. What if the purpose is not malevolent and “they” (TPTB) want us to destroy it.

If humanity as a whole is to experience some new perceptive ability then it truly is the end of this world and the birth of a new one. To have a new perceptive ability is to step into a new world where some of the old world exists with all of the new. Again I have no proof of what I am describing and my theory is an amateur attempt to describe what I have observed. Quite possibly the very substance of time will become more malleable and that would also be the end of time. I just don’t think a big destruction is coming. Like I said before the whole doom and gloom campaign is a communication channel designed to disguise signals in the form of a false prediction or some fake future event. It seems that the metaphor is fitting as it is not the end of our world, but the end of theirs. There seems to be some target date that the PTB must achieve their goals or they will fail. I have no proof of that, but I get that from what I have observed. It’s as if they are late for a very important date.

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