Pulp Reality

Nobody is ever always or never. This is my great idea to change the world, specifically the act of escaping imposed definition. To go pulp or in programming terminology to = null and literally lack any meta definition or value. This means to consciously choose to not be any one thing. You adhere to no label and break every social mold this civilization tries to impress upon you. There clearly needs to be a balance between this type of logic and the outer reality. You will not break the mold with one bold strike, but with continued and constant pressure to both weak and strong points. Eventually, one has to give. Either the soul will be shaped by the mold or the mold will be broken. If you think about how clay or any moist moldable material reacts when pressed by a mold, it’s almost impossible for the material to break the mold. I mean sure after prolonged repeated use anything will break, but I’m not talking about wear and tear. I’m talking about catastrophic failure of an unpredictable nature, but also surprisingly expected and even anticipated. A soul is not like any crude material and failure to mold it results in broken molds.

Breaking the mold does not mean arguing with or waking up sleeping sheep, well I guess it could, but you should seriously try to keep the interaction positive. The idea is that if TPTB are so horrible then why is it us doing the bad stuff to each other and not them. I’m telling you there is no way to convict Satan in a court of law. Just get over and deal with that fact, but also realize that justice exists outside the structure of law of any civilization. In the end there is always justice. The Elite ruling over us use social molds intertwined with cultural, racial, economic, ego, sexual, political and religious mental shaping. If we can all learn to not be what we are shown and be what we want to be then they can’t puppet us into hurting ourselves anymore. This can only work if everybody is willing to break out of their molds. Many conspiracy theorists, New Agers and even Christians wait for some big event that will bring down the horrible controllers of this world. The simple truth is that the controllers of this world are also just surviving, granted well, but either way they just know how crazy we can get without mental barriers. As a result they have set up many. With the goal of feeding off our selfish ego’s, beliefs and pride. There are nicer ways to accomplish their goals, but this path doesn’t seem to be giving them much resistance. The point is that our belief systems are the largest barriers to a better world.

If you will not listen or rather believe what your critics say, would be one way of escaping definition and living in a pulp reality, but so would agreeing intensely with a harsh critic. Try doing both. You do not label or compare yourself to anything or body. Once a mold is pressed against a soul the hardest parts of the soul shaping comes from the ego. In order to escape definition you must alter the ego, but still perceive the good and the bad. If your ego is moved or further shaped by either, you are being defined by outer influences and that’s not pure. Plus because of the existence of your ego you will still be stuck to a judgment paradigm that is not really valid. This all sounds so logical, but in reality it’s so not practical for most people. You can’t entirely ditch your ego, that’s impossible. Like I said, you have to keep it balanced with the outer reality. At least do not be physically moved to be negative by negative attention. Vice versa is true for positive attention. You shouldn’t let positive attention alter your inner dialogue and understanding of reality, but you can be physically moved by it.

Take baby steps. Start off with not beating the living crap out of someone you would love to give a one on one Ju-Jitsu lesson to. Then eventually try to not even imagine them being injured. Later it can be them not feeling pain and then ultimately not desiring any suffering to them that comes from you. When you get really good you won’t even wish someone else harms them. This may seem like a strange exercise, but it works. The goal is to not be shaped or manipulated by outside forces and to stay pure. To not waist egoistic energy on something the universe will take care of on its own. Don’t get me wrong, self defense is part of staying pure and if you put a hand on me with malicious intent then you give me every justification to, purify. Stick to your guns, the ones you were born with not the ones you were given. Even your enemies are part of the Creator, always remember that. Another big and very difficult part of living a pulp reality is that you must nullify all you have been taught and go back and rebuild your own moral barriers; ones that you can live with. I don’t see purity the way other more religious zealot types do. Religion is about the most impure thing I could think of. I have desires that have been in me before I was shown them. Those are pure desires like the instincts of any creature from Earth.

Natural instincts or even desires can also be a form of molding upon your soul, but only if the act has been manipulated to have a context that no longer serves your heart or intentions. In other words, is not pure to you. I guess the “greatness” of western civilization comes from its ability to prostitute all the beauty of this world and turn it into a crab bucket existence. I guess the grass always looks greener on the other side from this side. I find my personal attempt to live a pulp reality is very difficult for so many reasons. For one I wonder about everything and I am one of those people that love to know and to understand so I can conceptualize it and have a working model in my head. A pulp reality means that there is no single correct answer to anything. Subjective and objective begin to lose relevance. No perception is wrong or right, it just is what it is; what you saw or heard and what you were meant to know. When I say you have to have balance with the outer reality I mean you need to take your ego out of the way if you wish to benefit from criticism. I’m only talking about real criticism and not personal attacks. You can totally ignore personal attacks entirely. Don’t listen to a word unless it’s intended to improve you and your attempt to defy definition. People may try to make you feel guilty for something that you did not intend for or purposefully commit. What can you do? Saying sorry means you had any power over it when you had none. Don’t blame me for an act of God; you’re giving me way too much credit.

Another way to get started is by playing the “opposite day what if” game. Just take anything and everything you encounter in a day and flip the script on it, virtually of course. If you hate your job, just imagine what it would be like if you loved it. Take all the people you hate that you work with and just try to simulate in your mind what positive interaction would be like. One of my favorites was to take hot chicks and imagine them being butt ugly. Once you can imagine the what if of the opposite situation, now stand back and analyze it. It should make you laugh. Again keeping it positive, just do some virtual morph testing on situations in your head. Morph testing is a development design pattern to test a test. Eventually you should train your mind to see multiple outcomes and possibilities to small variants. Every once in a while an act is executed against reality that defies all existing molds operating tolerances. This act comes from a world that does not exist in this one, but it manifests regardless. When that single little act manifests all hell breaks loose and catastrophic failures infect the outer realities.

It’s like a single rock that stopped a huge line of bulldozers and all progress becomes seized by that damn stupid little rock that might as well be a mountain. The rock is not aware that it’s a stupid little rock and is not concerned about living up to any mountainous standard. It lacks identifiable shape and does not define itself by what observers think or in comparison to a mountain, a line of bulldozers or even a smaller pebble. It is equal and therefore balanced with all things that exist. Applying resistant force is more about understanding and perception of reality then an object’s mass or size. Being one with the universe in some ways makes you as powerful as the universe. It can give you a dreamy way to cope and resolve things that seem utterly overwhelming and overpowering. The last and final step to living a pulp reality is to stay pure by defining yourself and then withstand the contrast peacefully. It’s the hardest part.

You just can’t bring up pulp and not think of this scene right here. Samuel L. Jackson’s character totally exemplifies how to escape definition in this film. He goes from talking about the consequences of a foot massage to getting into character to prep to be hardcore and handle a situation like a pro. He takes a new form for a new situation momentarily and then he get’s out of character when done. He defined himself and acted, then switched back to default. A great way to demonstrate the whole internally taking on an image so you can outwardly broadcast that upon reality. The effects can be very lucid at times.

America : A Horse With No Name – This is one of those songs that feels great to hear. Reminds you of life when it was good. The desert is to me a metaphor of loneliness. I’m told water represents people or spirit, but the desert is full of spirit, just not people.

America : You Can Do Magic – What a great band. This is one of those songs that just gets me thinking about the engine of this reality. The thing that drives everything. Desire is the black hole that drives a whole galaxy of consciousness. Can you do magic with your soul?

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2 Responses to Pulp Reality

  1. You might want to do a Wikipedia and YouTube search for a movie called “waking life” by linkletter

    • Blue Monkey says:

      I have seen it and saw it recently to have it reveal so much more. I used to think it was one of the first flicks to bring up 11:11, but I found that Pi (not that new movie “The Life of Pi”) brings it up as well which was well before Waking Life. Thanks for the direction.

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