This blog attempts to shed light upon past and current events that have made the world the way it is.  If you have conspiracy theories or believe in them then you will love the topics and updates that will be tackled.  Most of our conspiracy logic is actually prescribed and has been steered in order to mask intentions.  A wide variety of connected issues will be reviewed for scrutiny using my evil eye. 

There is an alternative view of the past and present that should be helpful in allowing you to understanding the point of view expressed here at the Blue Creature Blog.

RELIGION  –  Major global religion’s key purpose has been to misdirect humanity’s spiritual growth. Religion is a tool of the power elite as a way to control and steer societies into doing anything they desire and that includes Genocide.  The power elite have also used the biblical text as a way to disguise knowledge and plans as prophecies of the future.  The gods have converted themselves into Executives and Politicians doing as they please with Earth and life.  The ultimate purpose is to keep man egoistic and in a low spiritual state because they fear the spiritually enlightened human because they are powerful.

SCIENCE  –  Some of the science that we have come to accept as fact is not fact.  Often this type of deception is used on issues that can’t be contested or proven by private parties.  Just as many of our beliefs are prescribes some long held scientific beliefs are complete rubbish that again are in place for a reason.  Just as scientists of the past were silenced or prevented from publicly discussing topics, our modern era still harbors some topics of science are off the table.

HISTORY  –  Much of the history we’ve been taught was written by the winners and often the result is telling of  the writers/winners intentions.  Just as fact and belief are controlled by religion and science, history has also been controlled and manipulated in a very well orchestrated manor.   The twists are often more fascinating than you could have possibly imagined.  If you find that the history being taught has holes or just doesn’t hold water, then you should enjoy this category.

MEDIA  –  Have you ever wondered why some news stories get so much steam and are relentlessly repeated by every major news network?  Sometimes movies reflect life so well that the parallel goes beyond coincidence.  While news stories go beyond the facts and prescribe an opinion, which is convenient for those who lack the ability to form one.  Any media can be used to prescribe an opinion and this category looks at how that is being done and why.


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