The Rabbit Hole

It has been a while since you last heard from me, but there was a good reason for that.  I’m back, but only for a brief moment.  I want to share an idea I had and it is as always going to be controversial, but this should bring it all together.  You have to understand that I have had to reconstruct my enemies’ steps leading up to this point without anyone to tell me if I was headed in the right direction.  It’s kind of like Algebra in the sense that I know the value of X and fair estimate of A, but I have no data for B.  If you follow conspiracy blogs like lunatic Outpost or Godlike productions, then you will most definitely be headed in the wrong direction.  Most of those sites are 98% lies and every once in a while some sorry son of a bitch posts something that has sound logic and possibly legit.  I say sorry son of a bitch because they get banned, data mined and probably other things that I’m not aware of.

The conspiracy sites are a kind of Facebook for those that are considered dangerously curious or knowledgeable.  Conspiracy sites are also a way of providing a constant stream of deception, fear and manipulation.  Fortunately for me I have become so accustomed to being lied to and deceived that lies basically tell me the truth.  I know those sites are full of lies, propaganda, doom porn, hate and ultimately manipulation of the truth.  Every lie is %50 true.  Again I have the same problem as before where I have to reconstruct my enemies’ intentions based on their actions, and using Algebra like logic to come to a solid conclusion that can stand harsh scrutiny.   Ultimately you must take in all the information and assume all of it is misdirection.  Now with that perspective you have to ask the next logical question and that is “why did they tell me that particular lie”.

I am trying to take you through a process I have developed so that when we are towards the final of this post you won’t say “how did he come to that conclusion”.  I have grown many logic trees in my mind searching for the most logical and realistic path to the truth and to do this you kind of have to throw everything you know, out the window.  Again you must assume that everything is an illusion, manipulation and or deception.  The illusions exist on multiple layers and each supports the next until it ultimately creates fake entities, amongst other things.  A very famous,  wealthy, brilliant and crafty man once taught me that the bigger the lie, the more it is believed.  The severity of that thought rocked me unlike anything before and my entire concept of the world was destroyed, and new mind was born.  I don’t think that man was a force for good, but what was more troubling is how he used his understanding of human psychology with great precision in the marketing world, but the point is that the world is the way it is because we all believe lies, illusions and manipulations.

Now I will take you in a very different direction, one that most of you may have never been down.  I will show you the rabbit hole and how deep it goes.  I’m not going to tell you that time travel is real.  Ok, well it is real and you are doing as we speak, but we’ll get to that later.  The time travel that you have been accustomed to in SciFi movies and literature where a person’s body is transported to a different time is not currently and I believe will never be possible.  However, light and sound do already travel through time and obviously other frequencies do as well.  Anything you hear or see is aged to some degree and is the result of energy being transferred through space, while time is the measurement we use to determine how long it takes to do so.  Science is divided about what light actually is and I believe this issue literally makes science religious in the sense that there are two Dogmas regarding the matter.

Quantum Physics focuses on describing the properties of light, and define light as a particle behaving as a wave.  The problem being that in Quantum Physics there must always be a particle to explain anything, even gravity.  Special relativity straight up defines light as a particle traveling at a constant (no matter what) speed.  The only thing they both agree on is that there is a particle involved, but they can’t make it work.  The reason they can’t make it work is because whenever they try to accelerate a particle to 186,000 mi/sec they end up using exponential amounts of energy to gain a minuscule increase of velocity and it becomes more energy then we can provide with any existing system on Earth.  I’m going to tell you what light is; trust me, I know.  Light is the result of an electromagnetic frequency interacting/resonating with the stuff space is made out of.  Light doesn’t travel, the frequency does and light travel happens when this resonant frequency interacts with space, while the light you see is photons being emitted when this frequency encounters solid objects. The fabric of space gives a pull for every push and so the reaction becomes %100 efficient.

The light you see is actually photons and they are the result of this frequency striking solid particles.  A laser is a photon stream that is operating at a frequency within range of the light resonance frequency. You don’t actually see the frequency that is causing the light; you only see the photons that are emitted by particles struck with the light frequency.  Space is the medium of light. A liquid or gas conducts or transfers sound waves (just another frequency), light uses a much finer medium that is apparently a universal constant.  The fabric that allows light to be transferred or conducted through space is the same fabric that gravity hinges on.  This is why Einstein believed that light was affected by gravity, but it’s not as some believe that the weight of the photon is what causes light to yield to gravity.  The conductive path of the light frequency travels along gravitational fields.  Kind of like rings around Saturn or if you put dye in a river and you watched it stay in a cloudy or condensed stream while following the bends and bumps of the river.  Some force or energy is required to cause this frequency chain reaction, like striking two rocks or heating certain elements.

You may ask why light goes so far and straight.   Light travels fast and far because the frequency is so high and the conductive medium it relies on is so small that the light frequency is no longer subject to entropy.  The speed and scale prevents a visibly wobbly path of the frequency.  The frequency does not decay and stays constant so long as there is a medium to conduct it.  We are aware of higher frequencies that are beyond the visible and are such high frequencies that they can penetrate solid objects.  Now we delve into the rabbit hole.  Imagine a frequency so high and relies on an even finer medium to conduct it; A frequency so high that it escapes the temporal domain.  I know it’s hard to even imagine, but not for long, because I believe we are all headed there.  I’m saying that our existence, our bodies and level of consciousness is the result frequencies.  What we can perceive and even touch or feel is the result of our frequency.

Whatever constant frequency that we operate at is what chains us to the physical dimension.  There are two parts to you and hopefully they are in balance or you are in for a rude awakening.  One part is physical and the other is meta-physical.  Think of how a planet is this massive object that causes gravity.  Now try to understand that your being (not your physical body), but your consciousness, who you are, the part that make you you, is like a massive object in the meta-physical world.  This meta-physical entity that is you has similar properties that a massive object has, but on the meta-physical plane.  I’m saying that you exist beyond your current physical body.  I will tell you what life is; trust me, I know.  Life is the result of a meta-physical frequency interacting/resonating with the stuff in space.

Your body is a time machine.  Your meta-physical body does not encounter entropy and is not subject to space or time.  In order for your meta-physical body to experience space and time it needs to somehow materialize.  You may remember an earlier post titled The One & The Many where I go into even greater detail on this subject.  I think the meta-physical body is using this time to understand and learn about the physical forces and to continue to self define.  It’s as if our meta-physical bodies are trying to find a way to become eternal through some marriage of physical and meta-physical and that is what are bodies are now.  It is my hypothesis that because of a universal frequency meta-physical shift certain entities will resonate and find themselves in a new dimension that is beyond our current imagination.  No longer chained to this lower dimension we currently reside.

I think that our entity frequencies and whatever universal frequency meta-physical shift that is to occur will result in a light body that looks like the way we do but operates one a whole new level that is no longer subject to entropy or decay.  The crazy part is that our souls had to time travel in these living flesh bodies to prepare for that moment.  The Universe made sure you would understand and know everything you needed in order to not only make it but also be prepared for this new form of existence.  If you die today and have no children to carry your soul or meta-physical body then you would have missed that very important date the rabbit is in such a hurry to get ahead of.  The rabbit isn’t a good or a bad guy.  The white rabbit is the guy that the Creator dangles a carrot in front of in order to fuel the Creation.  That’s the only purpose for the rabbit.  No matter how hard that rabbit tries to run, it never gets the carrot.

So now that you got your head in the rabbit hole, I’m going to push you and make you fall in.  Hopefully you were able to understand the above science stuff.  Have you ever wondered where prophecy comes from?  Who’s dreams of a far distant future and are believed by kings and peasants?  Daniel, The Oracle of Delphi, John from Revelations, Nostradumbass (intentional typo) and even Jesus himself have all submitted a proposed future.   I’m sure some of you have asked, “how did they know”?  Let’s get extremely hypothetical and assume that CERN is not what you think it is and take that even further by assuming that CERN is sending messages to the past about now.  Yeah, they had a time viewing machine back then.  You may ask “how could they have done it when they had no technology to do it”?  Again assume everything you know or think you know, is not fact.  I’m going to try and give you an idea of how technologically advanced “they” are and have been for a VERY long time now.

Look up at the Moon and you might notice that big old white (red tonight) ball in the sky doesn’t spin.  The Moon supposedly barely spins in what is called tidal synchronization. Coincidentally that means its spin is synchronized in a way that the same surface always faces Earth. The fact that it doesn’t spin in relation to observers from Earth means that it is encountering centrifugal force on the observable side that faces Earth.  Since it doesn’t spin and is constantly experiencing centrifugal force it must be almost egg shaped or prolate spheroid as everything is being forced to one side away from Earth causing a higher degree of gravity in the center facing Earth.  Here’s the kicker, someone has been using it as a base for since before mankind was even created.  I don’t know if they artificially placed the moon where it is or if it is the result of natural forces.  Rest assured there capabilities are far beyond anything most would imagine even being possible.

Have you ever heard of a Hot Tube Time Machine?  This guy uses a tube of thermal lasers to twist space which gives the observer a Tivo like ability regarding the objects and time in that column of lasers.  Check it out.


I think of CERN or any Haldron Collider when I think of this technology.  Considering that the length of the column is the limiting factor to the amount of time that can be Tivo’d.  CERN keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I don’t know that the colliders are transmitting signals to the past or not, but I suspect that they are and I want you to remember that you heard it here first.  I warned you that prophesies from ancient times are actually coded stories of what is happening now.  Those prophecies were not dreamt up nor did some gas that seeped out of Earth cause an Oracle to see the future.  No, they saw it just as clear as the screen you are looking at and they made stories and metaphors of what was going to happen.  If they came out with the literal details it would be damning evidence so they coded it and hid it in plane site while telling everyone it has a different meaning.

The above is just one way of future or even past time viewing, but I know for a fact there are other ways to do this.  I doubt they used the Hot Tube Time Machine method to write prophecy.  If they did then that would mean they would have known much more about the events that were to happen between the writing of the Book of Daniel and now.  I have no evidence that they did have foreknowledge of the events in between, but if they did, they saw nothing worth writing about until now.  I think they used a high frequency transmitter that was able to transmit a signal that transcends the temporal domain.  If they used a hyper-dimensional frequency then it would mean the signal would be available at any point in time, but the data would have to be a stream of some sort. It’s unlikely they have two way communication to the past or the future. This would be a one way stream of something or someone that would or has informed them adequately.  It would also mean that the signal is unsecured.   All of this is consistent with my observations and I believe this is the method they used or I should say, are currently using.

When I study the Lost Book of Nostradamus plates I am getting that they are all focusing and referencing a point in time of history and I think that time is now.  I don’t believe The Lost Book of Nostradamus is a work of Nostradamus, I don’t think Nostradamus was real, but he could have been.  I have read Internet tale that the supposed Lost Book of Nostradamus was actually stolen from the Vatican and released to the public.  So the Media providers assisted in manipulating its origins.  I think the Quatrains of Nostradamus were not coded so that the church wouldn’t call him a witch.  I believe the Quatrains confusing nature is to hide the fact that they are talking about now to anybody that reads it today.  They have to hide the fact that they knew what was going to happen.  They made many avenues for this story to be told and many have told it.  I have observed that others seem to know this information and I believe others have viewed this unsecured hyper-dimensional transmission.

If they used a hyper-dimensional frequency or transmission of some sort it would mean that they only had to build the receiver at any point in time and they would see the now, the time that is being transmitted.  So long as the transmitter was built at some point in time the signal could be received at any point in time.  The good news is, they didn’t like what they saw.  The bad news is, they didn’t like what they saw.  All of this was done to prevent something, more like someone from breaking their control of Earth and humanity.  They were using time viewing machines to Troll Jesus.  I’m telling you the Bible is not about venerating Jesus or saving any of you, it’s about killing Jesus so they can stay in power and hijack the Creation.  It’s not about saving you, it’s about owning you and they start with your mind and later reinforce it with emotional attachments.

Unfortunately for them this is not possible.  What they and many of us have failed to realize is that time is a thing that has already been created.  The fact that these control freaks saw the future in an effort to prevent it is part of the Creation that time is.  It cannot be changed.  Let’s use a keyboard as an analogy. The keys are lifetimes of people and the keyboard itself represents time. All the keys are looking up at the time and space they live in.  None of the keys can actually see the other keys nor can they actually change any other keys position.  Everything is set and trying to change the keys around would make it a dysfunctional non QWERTY keyboard.  One key extends almost the full length of the board and transcends other keys in this way.  The space bar is essential as you couldn’t form two words without it.  The space bar affects the keys to the left and right of the board and everything including their usage depends on the space bar doing what it was meant to do.

Imagine if one or a few keys got together and said screw that damn space bar, it gets too much attention and is way too important, all the other keys depend on the space bar.  They sit their thinking “how do we get rid of the space bar”?  If the space bar doesn’t work, you might as well throw the keyboard away.  What they don’t get is that it already happened, it has been created and you are not going to convince the Creator to change it.  We are just experiencing this creation in chronological order that gives us the illusion of time, but what will be, will be.  What was supposed to happen will happen and there is nothing you, I or anybody else can do to change it.  It is a thing that has been created and sealed.  The only thing you get to control is how you feel and that’s only if you’re smart enough to do that. Those of you determined to keep slaving and deceiving humanity have a purpose and a very important one.  The purpose of the enemy is to awaken us, teach us faith, strengthen our spirits and ultimately allow us to bear witness to the Creator. I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

Despite the cool and vast intellects that have methodically and unsympathetically drawn their plans against us, our Creator was always at the helm of their demise and our redemption.  I find it just awe inspiring that when his children and their planet are in mortal danger from a wickedly brilliant enemy, he sent one, just one of his to destroy their entire army and save his children.  To be fair the Creator wrote the story so there was no guess work involved, but still pretty crazy stuff man.  I just want to talk about one last thing before I finish.  Remember I wrote that I know of other ways to transcend time?  Basically your soul or meta-physical body can time travel to any point in time.  Your body is a real time machine in the sense that it takes your soul through time.  Your mind while in the subconscious state can move to any point in time.  Sometime dreams are the future, but you see it as some crazy metaphor which more often than not is very confusing.

The reason dreams can be so confusing is because in that domain one part of you that exists is your emotional reality and what you are seeing is your mind translating emotions into a story.  If you use this method you should be able to understand your dreams better.  I also mentioned that I believe we are all headed towards a state of being that is outside of the temporal dimension.  In Interstellar the character played by Mathew realizes that it was us sending us messages from another time or dimension.  There is so much truth to that.  If we are headed towards a hyper-dimensional body state that transcends time then that means you have always existed and always will at least in relation to this temporal domain.  That transition point is the very important date that the rabbit is late for.  Basically our soul is a receiver device and is something that is hyper-dimensional and so we have a natural time viewing machine built into us.  Just like them your view is limited to the observers’ perspective.  They had to build a machine because they have no soul to perceive other dimensions with.  The only reason I know and understand all of this is because I have a VERY unique perspective on all of this.  I can see the future but, only my future and currently only things that attempt to disrupt my destiny or the Creation.


TimeCop 1983  – Journeys : Dreams      I am loving this album so much, but this song is my favorite.  It’s New Retro Wave thing which is awesome.  About 10 years ago I argued that the 80’s sound has so much more to be explored and Time Cop 1983 is just one amongst many New Wave bands.  I loved the 80’s so much, good times.   These words are so meaningful to me and it is such a beautiful song.  I absolutely love this girls voice. Time Cop; interesting name don’t you think. Super interesting lyrics.



Shontelle – No Gravity : Impossible    A cover by Maddi Jane. We somehow believe that we know what is impossible. Sometime you have to rule out chance or what you know to be possible in order to understand some things. This movie (The Last Mimzy) is a trip and suggests a similar scenario where a scientist sends a Mimzy to the past in order to save the future. Kind of an opposite scenario from what I have proposed, but it’s essentially the same idea. It’s what sometimes is referred to as the same difference.



Groove Armada – Soundboy Rock : Lightsonic If you are not familiar with Groove Armada by now, I don’t know where you’ve been. They create beautiful awesome songs, just amazing on so many levels. The neohuman body will operate at such a high frequency that it will be similar to that of light. Because your being will exist on this new dimension you will also be able to manipulate the same fabric that gravity hinges on and that will be the way you apply physical force to this physical plane. Since your frequency will be so high you will escape the effects of gravity and entropy, so your light body will never decay as all of the universe and any part of it will sustain your existence. You will more then likely be invisible while in the vacuum of space but any atmosphere will cause photons to be emitted when it interacts with your body. I am guessing the color of light emitted will be a blue purplish almost black light like with a white hallo.  It is an extraordinarily beautiful body and amazing in every sense of the term.

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