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You may have many questions and fears about the way the world is and where it’s headed.  Just like it helps to know the layout of a house when the lights are out, the true history should enlighten things.  Look at history to understand how the cards have been stacked.  Much of the past has been manipulated by the winner’s, so this has been posted to set the record straight.

The Syrian

This sure has been an awful week for so many people to experience such a horrible series of terrorist attacks. Can you imagine how horrible it must be to be attacked with such impunity? The constant bombardment and assaults are … Continue reading

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There are many prophecies from various cultures that supposedly have been and are to be fulfilled. Who knows how many of them are true or made up. Some were created in our modern times and sold as prophecy of the … Continue reading

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The Messiah

What is the Messiah? What does a Messiah do? If you ask around I bet you will get many different answers. If you look at the Christian example of the Messiah you will be told of a character that taught, … Continue reading

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Is The United States of America Atlantis?

I’m not asking if you think Atlantis was somewhere in North or South America. I’m asking you if our today and present America is Atlantis. What if the future was hidden in a fake history that we’ve all been taught? … Continue reading

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The Rise of Adam

There are many channels of communication occurring all around you all the time. So many things can affect what you perceive and how you perceive it. All creatures have developed physical adaptations to perceive their surroundings with the intent to … Continue reading

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The Conspiracy Behind Every Conspiracy

If you did not read my original post regarding What was Hitler really up to?, you should read it to fully understand and follow the ideas behind this post. I mentioned that there were some major goals to Nazi Germany … Continue reading

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What was Hitler really up to?

Just as we have been lied to about our beginnings and the long forgotten past we have also been lied to about our more recent history. World War II happened and nobody can deny that and in some countries if … Continue reading

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