The One & The Many

Conscious reality is a difficult thing to understand because it requires keen observation skills. Often we lack the neutral view point to correctly understand reality from our perspective and even less from that of others. I have for the very longest time struggled to understand what the hell is really going on. Someone told me something very profound not too long ago. She was eating and while staring off into nowhere with a blank expression upon her face she slowly looked up at me and said “Nothing is absolutely true and everything isn’t completely a lie”. I was moved by those words because I saw in her eyes that she came to a deep realization about everything and the thought was truly original. I thought to myself “and every lie is 50% true”. I want to tell you about what I believe is going on. It’s more of a theory that satisfies how some of my observations can be explained. I don’t ask you to accept it or submit to its assumptions, but simply entertain it. If it helps you then awesome, otherwise you can just throw it on the pile of bullshit.

Everything in the universe even the universe itself has a dualistic existence. Duality continues to exist within parent polarities infinitely creating a spiral of child dualities and each child instance spawning children of their own. If virtual/spiritual and material/physical doesn’t work for you then try matter and antimatter, Nothing and something, 1 and 0, red and blue; opposites. I use virtual as an opposite to material.  This model of the universe applies to everything in it as well.

A model of the universe

There are polarities or opposites of everything created in the universe and each polarity assists in creative forces that result in more polarized creations and so on.

A common Kabbalah teaching is that all things in this material world are the result of an unseen spiritual world. The idea that all things where manifested from a spiritual source or all manifestations are of a spiritual source. It’s kind of a chicken vs the egg issue to me because in my model both are equal so should also exist in the same chronological order or at least in parallel to some conscious degree. It makes sense that one had to create the other, but it could also be that both realms were locked in some sort of creative dance, assisting each other to allow for the existence of creations in both realms. Not one before the other or visa versa, both at the same time. The moment I try to use time to equate the both polarities I run into a big problem. The virtual or spiritual realm is not bound by time at all like the way the material or carnal world is.

I like to think of it as an application development project. A client has a need or a desire. The client begins to think of how an application could provide an interface that would allow them to better manage whatever it is they manage. The client never considers how the back end is going to work, but they know how they want it to look, run and feel; at least to some degree. It could virtually be anything, but the point is that it started as a thought and then became a desire. Remember that the effect of the physical reality of the situation caused the client to have the thought/desire which caused the programmer to create a virtual logic construct that would produce a desired effect. In this example both realms are acting as creative forces by influencing the creation of the other. As the programmer begins discussing the needs of the client they both begin to experience a discovery process that allows for better definition of the original virtual concept. Once the application has a beta, that beta will also further alter both the original concept and as intended, the end (version 1.0) product. It just keeps going and going and it’s no wonder applications are often referred to as beasts or an animal. Like everything in the universe, applications tend to have a life of their own once they are created.

My idea is that all things both physical or material is in balance or is constantly working towards balance with another opposite but equal world that is not perceived by any of the 5 known physical senses, yet affects and is affected by the material world. There must be some way to use this concept to understand how our conscious reality truly operates. When you apply the dual realm concept to a conscious being a new possibility emerges about you. Time and space become very dominant forces when it comes to the very existence of the physical you. The virtual world is not subject to the laws of physics or gravity, time or space. The virtual world does not interact with the higgs field and encounters no entropy. Some use dark and light or good and evil, but you have to understand them as polarities without prejudgment or favor. Imagine that the opposite universe has opposite governing laws and matter exists in the virtual with opposite properties. If that is true then time would not exist for the Bizzaro you. It would mean you exist in time through a physical vessel and out of time in a virtual vessel, all at the same, and for the lack of a better term, time. The One is that one virtual version of you that exists outside of time/space and not in this material world. At the same time there is a life line that your Many manifestations take while traversing the dimensions of time.

Time or moments become a dimension as each one and what happens in them determines so much about what happens in the future. Every moment is a kind of dimension or world because of their unique properties and potentials. I am suggesting that reincarnation could be the result of forces balancing and using a lifetime pathway in the physical realm to do so. It means over time we would have reincarnated many times all the while the One was still whole and lived on in its virtual realm during all physical manifestations. By the Many I am referring to the Many chronological physical manifestations of you throughout time. In the physical realm you exist in balance with the One by being spanned across time.  A body (the Many) allows the One to experience time.

As we know from Einstein, time is relative and each one of us experiences our very own unique time. Dreams are not bound by time in any of the ways our conscious waking reality is. You can sleep for 1 hour and can have a dream that will seem like an entire week has passed. An even more bizarre subconscious phenomenon is one that integrates physical perceptions while asleep that become part of the dream. The crazy thing about this is that the dream will compliment the physical perceptions with exact timing. As an example take a sleeping subject that is in a highly receptive dream state and while in that state is exposed to very cold wind. The dreamer will somehow integrate that cold breeze into their dream in a reciprocal way, but that isn’t the amazing part. The amazing part is that the subjects dream often has context to the plot that required a cold breeze before the breeze occurred. The cold breeze moment somehow gets set up in the dream story to what we would experience as before the cold wind was introduced. I don’t think our dreams are being psychic and anticipating the physical event, but I do believe that since the subconscious is virtual, it is not bound by time. This time dilation effect allows our subconscious to do amazing feats of synchronicity to our conscious reality. Time and consciousness become ultra malleable while in a dream state or while in the One’s realm. Some dreams are so real that your conscious reality is not distinguishable from the virtual or physical.

When you wake up and try to remember the dreams or begin to recollect the images and experiences of the dream, your physical mind is affected and I would even say informed. I know there are many dreams that I don’t even remember no matter how hard I try to, I can’t. Other times I have dreams that are very emotional or something unique took place in them and I do tend to remember those. I believe that since emotions are part of the virtual realm it must be logical to assume that dreams are often governed by our emotional state. Everything from the conscious realm is provided by the Many and is used in the subconscious as context for generating a reality in the virtual. The One is the artist using context provided by the Many to create a dream. It’s as if dreams are a figurative form of communication between the One and the Many. Emotions from the virtual and objects from the physical come together to create the dream. The big question is that if the One is always present can that One communicate with one or all of the Many? I believe the One can communicate with all of the Many, but since the One is only experienced by a single Many at a time, none of the Many are able to confirm it with another member of the Many.

It’s as if the One is your own personal Jesus. Each one of the Many experiences the One a different way respective to the time that member of the Many exists in. It would be easy to fool each manifestation of the Many into thinking the One is something else when in fact it’s you and it always has been. Essentially the same cause and effect dynamics of creation are being followed in this model of the One and the Many. The One is fed or grows by the experiences of the Many and the Many are guided by the One. It could also be that dreams are just one way that the One communicates with the Many. As a member of the Many becomes more aware of the One more synchronicities begin to play out in both realms. You may have a dream of someone in some context and the next day will out of the blue come into contact with that person. Events and timing may begin to align in bizarre ways that will astound you in the physical world. I believe the synchronicities are a result of the mutual awareness between the realms causing for a subconscious lucidity in the physical and a conscious lucidity in the virtual.

If the One can communicate with the Many then it would be possible for a member of the Many to be informed about its future by the One. If a Many could see the future then it would only be able to see the future from its perspective and only what the One chooses to show that particular member of the Many. We could know about our past and future lives and be given knowledge of the future of our current life. So you can see past and future, but only your past and future. If you get to see the future you would also be given the opportunity to betray your destiny and alter it to the best of your ability. They say Maktub or “It is written”, but what happens when we get to write our own scripts and change something or everything that was written? I wonder where this is all headed. I believe that each of us are headed to a point of union between the One and the Many. Some call it zero point and that is fitting when you put the point of two triangles towards each other. What will happen when the One and the Many become whole again? Some may not make it but if you have a soul then I’m sure it is willing to meet you half way.

Cloud Atlas Trailer: As of yet I haven’t seen the movie, but I get the feeling that I already know this story. Just the trailer incites emotion that comes from deep within and it almost brings me to tears. A classic story of the One guiding the Many.

Everybody loves Johnny Cash and I’m no exception to that rule. This cover of Personal Jesus originally performed by Depeche Mode brings a whole new feel to the song. Great work by the Cash man.

The Black Eyed Peas are one of those groups that works real hard and if you haven’t noticed they perform everywhere. This is a great song, but the context of the video eludes towards some kind of union that both have to work for. It’s as if both sides can only go so far in their quest for union until at some point it is achieved.

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