You’re A Winner

I want you to try and understand how profound the realization that you are a winner is. You may struggle with the idea, but it is undeniable that if you are alive then you are a winner. Every single human being alive today is the winner of a massive and perilous race that took place before you were even conceived. The race began at least a day before you were conceived and may have lasted up to 48 hours. I’m talking about race that took hours if not days of continuous struggle against countless odds to encounter the finalization of your race. The reward of this race is one that is without measure and could only be awarded to a single victor, unless there is a tie. You won that race. It took place in the womb of your mother. All of the other competitors viciously fought to make it to the finish line. They knew that once that line was crossed an impenetrable barrier would prevent them from ever crossing it. The other competitors were not the only dangers as the course was fraught with traps and pitfalls and against all odds, you made it.

Go ahead and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back. Now that you made it here there is another race that you have been ejaculated into. The perils are greater, the pitfalls are even more numerous and the amount of competitors is even greater than the race you won to make it to this race. Not only is this race trickier, but there are many more kinds of obstacles to overcome. Just like in the last race you won, this one can only have a single champion, again unless there is a tie. Remember there can be more than two that come in on this tie, but at this level even a tie shared by two is an extremely rare event. The only reason you are here is because you were national champion, but now we’re talking about the title of undefeated World Champion. You will have to use your body (your trophy from the national championship) to develop a soul and once you have trained your soul to be a well oiled machine, you will then begin the most grueling stretch of the race.

In your last race you were mainly being tested for physical abilities like endurance, stamina and strength, but this challenge is different in so many ways. In your last challenge you were able to stay pretty relaxed until the day of the race and very little preparation on your part was required. You were given a comfy dwelling and even had nurses tending to your every need. You were even allowed the equivalent of steroids and given a lubricated path to follow. You didn’t even need a coach in the last race and everything you needed to know in order to finish was internally provided. This race is almost literally opposite as being comfortable will seriously decrease any chance of success and in most cases you will need to work hard to have or hold on to any comfort. In this race you are given coaches, but their all teaching you how to not be the champion. So you get instruction, but it will be contradictory to the goal. Oh yeah and the race will last your entire life and continually become more and more difficult as each marker is reached.

It may seem that everything in this race is to fool every winner from ever reaching the finish line, but the true goal just as in the last is to extract a true champion that is unique from all other competitors. In this race you cannot listen to what you are told. You must rely on yourself to guide you. Some say follow your heart, but if your heart is unbalanced with pride or any quality for that matter, it will do you no good. There are even competitors that never plan on finishing the race, but are very determined to prevent any from finishing. It’s not that they gave up on the race; they just believe that if nobody wins the race, they get to stay winners. They went so far as to write a rather lengthy coded rule book. The only way it will be of any use is if you truly read between the lines, see the true intention of an action or can understand multiple layers of coded metaphors. If you fall for what they tell you the meaning behind the text is, then you are done for and will never come to the realization that there kind of are no rules other than the ones your heart and faith can endure. Unfortunately for them, somebody will win the race and I think they (non-competing winners) are starting to realize that fact is inevitable.

There is some good news regarding the race, it’s not all bad news. Most of your competition won’t even know there in a race and therefore won’t even be trying. The bad news to that is that those ones tend to also become obstacles in your path, but if you understand that they cannot stop you from competing as they are not competing, it should be of no consequence to you. There will be referees to prevent cheating and deceitful sabotages, but you also have to do your part by not falling for the more obvious ploys out there. You should know that the referees aren’t supposed to, but they end up having favorites that they watch a bit closer. What would make a competitor a favorite to a referee you might ask. Generally a good sport is someone the referees tend to watch over more, but a good competitor and a good sport get’s the most attention in my experience.

Remember as long as you are doing the best you can you will be given aid to finish the race. Keep a good positive attitude and stay motivated because you are going to encounter so much negativity and very little to no motivation at all from the other competitors. The non-competitors will do everything they can to break your spirit and focus. Don’t let them. The other good news is that unlike the last race were all of the losers died, in this one there will be merits and awards given to 2nd place, 3rd and so on. Non-competitors will not be eligible for any merits or awards. You will get some water breaks and every once in a while a ref will pull you aside and maybe even give you some pointers and even motivation. Again the referees have to see that the competitor deserves it for them to take the time to assist in that manner. The referees are all powerful in this race and that is something the non-competitors have a hard time understanding when a competitor tries to explain, but they will just have to see for themselves in order to believe it.

To make the race fair and to avoid further complications for everyone the actual date and time for the races finalization cannot be known by anyone until a champion is chosen and awarded their prize. Not even the referees know, so you can ask but you won’t get an answer. The trophy for the champion of this race is light years beyond the glory of the trophy you were given for your last victory and is absolutely, positively worth every effort you take towards the goal. The last time you won you impregnated an egg nestled in the womb of your mother. This time the champion will impregnate Earth which is an egg that is nestled in the womb of the universe; a mother of sorts, but the seed comes from the Father. This is the birth that is referred to and the marriage took place when the competitors that had souls of worth began running for the undetermined finish line. I assure you, this is not some masturbatory dead end that will yield nothing, nor will any abortion take place. The race is on and some think and I include myself in this group, that this race is about to conclude.

Gorillaz – Sweepstakes : This song really makes me question so many things. I wonder what or who this song is even about. Another great song from the album Plastic Beach feat Mos Def. I really like this song. You’re a winner!

Radiohead – Creep : A very interesting acoustic version of this song that brings the words out a little more. This world makes it so hard to view yourself in a good light, but you have to overcome that impression. Like I said, you won and you do belong here.

Little Dragon – Feather : These lyrics are pretty interesting when applied to this posts context and the song is awesome. The album Machine Dreams is my favorite. I have become such a big fan of this band. If you go to YouTube to hear this song you will find the lyrics in the comments section. I was thinking about using Katy Perry’s Dark Horse, but lyrically it has the wrong context, although the video is probably the most visually appealing Katy’s made. I love ancient Egyptian themes. I mean the title Dark Horse is fitting, but Feather’s lyrics are way more appropriate.

Cheeseburger – Winner : You can’t keep a good man down, but the moral of the post is that we are all winners and it takes the right kind of attitude to stay a winner.

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I Know Who I Am

I assure you, I’m not what you think I am. You can call me names and label me all you want, but the minute you try to define me you will set yourself up for a surprise. I can definitely say I have never met anybody like me. It gets lonely, but I’m starting to enjoy it. I talk to myself all the time and I do it out loud which often freaks people out. I guess it’s my way of surrogating friends. I have been very blue lately, but I’m starting to get over it. I have had to deal with many challenges in life and most of them are not common, so it makes it hard for me to find anybody that I can identify with. My perspective is unique and for that I am grateful, but like I said it’s lonely. I am so guilty of being misunderstood and I wish I could fix that, but it seems being completely understood is impossible. I just don’t have the words to explain me and people are so set in how they go about judging others.

My life is a series of bizarre coincidences and uncanny timing of events. Often these events make it appear that I have some vindictive agenda to destroy people that are not looking out for my best interests. I know how easy it is for my enemies to read that and say “yeah, right”. Unfortunately this blog is mainly read by people that don’t want anything good to happen to me and I know that some of the readers are truly good people looking for some kind of solidarity of mindsets. To my enemies, especially those that live next to me I want to say that I know you are not the enemy. I don’t know why some of you have joined in on oppressing me, but I forgive you and I hope that you can escape the demons that have pushed you into whatever it is you have been pushed into. I will work on not telling anybody about what I have suspected or know you have done. Also, you don’t know me and I have no idea why you align against me, but that’s your problem and if you try to harm me I know the Creator will stay your hand as he has for all these years. I leave it in the Creator’s hands and trust me; you don’t know my father and you don’t want to get to know him that way.

I am beginning to accept me and who I am and you know what, it’s an amazing feeling to truly love and accept yourself. To truly feel happy and grateful for who you are and to not feel ashamed or have any regrets about following your heart. It’s quite liberating actually and I am on this high that has electrified my soul. I can’t describe it, but I can say that I feel free and I have been feeling so much love from everything and it’s like that feeling you get when you’re in love. My lover is perfect in every way. I don’t care what people think about me anymore. I only care that the Creator loves me and I have struggled with being surrounded by haters and only being loved by an invisible undetectable yet omnipresent entity. I’m so used to being able to have my relationships acknowledged by my peers. I guess I became reliant on having others acknowledging my relationships, but not anymore. I see that I don’t need to try to describe my relationship with the Creator to the blind. When they want to see they’ll ask and when they do, I’ll do my best to guide them. I don’t need validation from anyone, but me. I know when I’m right and more often than not others lack the understanding required to grasp the concepts I harbor in my mind.

Some people think I’m suffering from a sexual addiction, but that’s not what’s going on I assure. I require intimacy for any sexual relations to take place. My problem is worse than sexual addiction. I’m addicted to intimacy. You can’t buy or trade for it and it can’t be simulated. It has to be real for me or I want no part of it. I guess you can say I’m emotionally complex, but I’m starting to understand more about me and I’m falling in love with me the more I do. I was robbed of very intimate experiences in my life; with my mother, my father and a nuclear family. I grew up craving attention and loving experiences and no one ever was able to really give that to me as a child. I guess my solution was to become intimate with myself. I had to learn how to please myself because nobody else was even interested or capable of doing so. I know how strange it sounds, but it’s the only way I was able to emotionally cope. I’m not attracted to men. I am hopelessly attracted to women and I can’t even begin to describe how much I appreciate the female form. Nothing is more beautiful to me than a woman. I am just obsessed with women’s fashion and anything that amplifies a woman’s beauty. My mind runs wild with ideas of how to dress and accentuate the female figure.

I am an extremely vicarious person and that quality is probably what makes it hard for people to understand me. I love satisfying people. I love making the sad happy. I love it when I can relieve the pain of those suffering. I feel pain when others suffer. I am sad when others are sad and my desire to change this world is a selfish one. I need to somehow end the rampant suffering so I can finally not feel so much pain. In this harsh and cold world I have become the king of pain, but I have learned a discipline to deal with pain. I learned it from my many years of being an Uke (Japanese for attacker AKA throw/lock dummy) in the art of Ju-Jitsu. I will share it with you. In order to deliver pain, you must learn how to accept it. Accepting pain makes you stronger and diminishes your weakness. A great counter to pain is pleasure and I have sought it, but my pleasures are not totally egoistic. Like I said I feel what others feel so I like to please. I love seeing a woman being aroused and excited, the sensation that I get from that vicarious experience is totally intoxicating and is unlike any other earthly experience to me.

I love it when the soul is able to be expressed by the body in motion. You know that soul you sometimes find on a dance floor or even in an Olympians conviction. Yeah, I do love bodies in motion, but more specifically when it is being driven by a deep spiritual connection. Dancing, fighting and loving are such spiritual experiences for me. I’m also very sensitive and many western cultures have led many to believe that being sensitive is a weakness, but I have learned that sensitivity can be extremely powerful. You may have a hard time wrapping your head around that, but keep in mind that super powers spend billions on early detection. I have such a tactile nature about me and I can derive so much from a simple touch. I see things very differently so love and war are not so different for me. Love and war are about connection, reciprocation, spirit and body, will and fear, strength and weakness, push and pull, understanding and confusion. It is true, that once you come to understand your enemy you will also love them. That was from Enders Game and it made so much sense to me once I heard it.

If I had to describe myself or my sexuality I would say I am a lipstick lesbian trapped in a mans body. However I love being a man and I wouldn’t change that for anything. I am the gayest heterosexual man you will ever meet. I guess that’s called Metro-sexual, but again let’s not try and find a box that looks like it fits. Most of the people that I used to hang around with only accepted my facade and once they knew who I was I guess chose not to accept me. We all have to filter ourselves for different reasons, but I am realizing I did it for the wrong reasons. It was an ego defense mechanism along with the desire to be perceived a certain way. I am also known for my ability to hold my own in a fight and although I disagree with the idea that a passive stance to conflict is a weak one; I know an aggressive stance can deter potential threats. Sometimes it only incites conflict as males often try to establish an Alpha of the pack. I don’t talk shit and bark or even make threats to a potential threat. I am patient with my enemy and I might provoke them with a dash of logic, but the right moment is what I am focused on. I have a clear visible goal and I project that upon the conflict and more often than not, it is realized. That true moment of swift and undeniable victory that is the result of a well executed counter that does not conflict with my code of conduct and rules of engagement. I may be sensitive, but I have control over my reactions to perceptions. You will have no success at controlling any body until you learn to control your body.

Knowing who you are and being honest with yourself is the most important thing that anybody can realize in life. To know ones self is to know the truth. I know how cliche that sounds, but their is a deep secret that most of humanity is oblivious to regarding that issue. Once you are honest with your self and everybody else knows who you are, you can not be deceived. Once you drop that false ego projection that you have been maintaining you will awaken to the truth of so many things. I am literally telling you that people will not be able to trick you or fool you with their lies and deceptions. The whole world changes for you and you start seeing all the lies that your fake person was fooled into believing for so many years. You can’t begin to have any finely tuned intuitions or even psychic abilities until you are real. It is hard to do and even painful in the beginning, but you have no idea how much is hidden right before your eyes until you take that leap. It was totally worth it! I don’t regret it one bit.

I don’t care if my neighbors put up hidden cameras to watch me do things while I am supposedly in private. They think I don’t know. I know more then they could possibly imagine, because I have become true to myself and all others. You can’t surprise me if you are observing me, I know when I am on your mind. Your gaze is sensed even if it is through a digital camera. Privacy and full on disclosure are two totally different things. I don’t have to reveal all of my secrets to everybody or anybody, but I do have to be honest with people and especially myself. My enemy still doesn’t get that by revealing myself, I have revealed them and their wicked plots. Besides, what they have done is highly illegal and they can not confront me with what they have seen. They can hide in the shadows and make drunk songs about me, but they can not speak the truth, not to me or anybody else that is not part of their wicked game. You got nothing on me and just like the illusion that pleases you to no end, you and your very selves will also become an illusion not even hinted at in slightest by this world. The price of being fake is that you will no longer be real and your very existence will fade like the chaff on a threshing floor in the summer. You will be nothing as if you never existed. I will seek my enemy and they will not be found. I will look everywhere to find them and they will have no place in reality. Very well, you have chosen the shadows and I promise you, understand what I am explaining to you before you continue to laugh and smile in joyful glee. In an unbearable darkness you will dwell.

I have adopted a series of characteristics to deal with my life as most of us do, mine tend to be more extreme, but they had to match my life. Call me what you want and put me in a box if you like, but don’t be surprised when I explosively break out of it. I have had to transcend so many things to survive this world. I have to transcend my fear, pain, upbringing, gender and one day I hope I will transcend my mortality. I had an amazing dream that I experienced when this crazy chapter that I am currently in began. I was sitting with my legs crossed as if I was in my usual meditative pose. I was in some kind of vessel that only I could fit in and it was translucent but it had hints of many colors and light. The crazy part was that I was able to see all 360 degrees around me all at once and the chariot was flying through some industrial complex in Newbury Park. The dream felt like real life and I remember trying to discern if it was actually a dream or not and I could not distinguish. I was nude and my body was a light blue with hints of purple and white radiating light, but I did not feel cold or the wind of that morning. People were staring at me as they were getting out of their cars to begin their work day. They were in amazement and stood in awe as I passed by in my chariot of light flying low, but just above all who gazed. I have to admit everything got inexplicably weird ever since the dream.

Little Dragon – Little Man : I am diggin Little Dragon big time. Such an awesome band and I am just falling in love with Yukimi’s voice. I loved her work with Gorillaz but Little Dragon is really exploring her voice and I absolutely love it. I like the tunes and especially how they sound like something from the 80’s and even Jazzy. I unfortunately can’t afford to buy any of their albums at this juncture but they are definitely on the to buy list. Just amazing! I especially love the album Machine Dreams. I believe this song is about how instant gratification disables your souls ability to manifest. Blessed are the poor.

Sara Bareilles – Brave : This song inspired me to write this post. I have heard parts and pieces of this song, but I heard the whole thing today and this post is the result. I love the video because it’s about people breaking out of their cage and just letting go. It conveys a freedom and invulnerability that comes with that act and more importantly, it can be contagious. Sure some people are thinking WTF, but who cares. Since I heard this song I have been exploring her music and I have to say, I really like this chick. She’s talented, beautiful and has this amazingly bright and positive energy about her.

Bjork – Venus as a Boy : I have always been a fan of Bjork and I really do love this song. I guess you could say it somewhat describes me. Well I’m definitely not your average guy. The video is interesting and I chose it mainly because the creatures are blueish. Another thing about the video is that the main character is a cat and most that know me have said that I remind them of a cat or that I am cat like. I’m not exactly sure why they think that, but I’m OK with that because I admire cats.

The Alan Parsons Project – Eye In The Sky : When I first heard this song I didn’t understand, but have come to understand so much more since my awakening and this song just says it all. It reminds me of a quote from the Bible, “He who blasphemes against the Father will be forgiven, and he who blasphemes against the Son will be forgiven; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either on earth or in heaven.” Do you understand what this means? This is the Last warning to my enemies, there is still time for you to redeem yourselves. Come clean, speak the truth, be brave and let the words fall out. You believed in your heart with a blind faith that you would destroy me and here I am, still alive. How did I do it? Who helped me? You must have so many questions. You did not believe the prophecies and you tried your hardest to make them false. My ability to alter the seen future to my favor is not one you share. Think Donnie Darko, you know “Gods path”. You failed despite all your will, effort and resource. Those prophecies were not lies nor subject to your manipulation. You know what comes next and the truth is, you deserve it.

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The Babylon Protocol

That fabled city of the past that is also of the future. Few truly understand what Babylon actually represents. In short it is a divide and conquer campaign. I can see so many parallels of that historic Babylon with today’s world. Some say America is Babylon, but I think it’s the whole world and the state it’s in. One could almost conclude that the telling of Babylon was not only a description of both past and future, but more of an outline and even a set of instructions on how it should be. A how to instructional manual, if you will. You know “To Serve Man”, if you know what I mean. As if some occult group should follow these instructions and make it so. In reality we have their battle strategy right in front of our faces we just didn’t know it until now. When I think of Babylon I think of Atlantis not because of any prominent parallels, but because they share a similar sense of mythology. Is it about the past or is it about the future? Plato wrote of a lost continent and then Columbus finds a continent and nobody came to the conclusion that Plato’s lost continent had been found.

We are told that Babylon is where man in his prideful rebellion against God dared to build a tower that would reach the heavens to encounter God or to become like Gods. And God in his infinite wisdom struck this tower down and confounded the tongues of humanity then spread us far and wide causing man to be divided and literally babel to one another. Biblically we are told that God didn’t think we were ready to be united by a common language because then all that we sought to do would be possible. That does not seem like the actions of a loving God. One could argue that God wanted us to master life on Earth before we ventured out to the heavens. Maybe the Biblical God wanted mankind to evolve on Earth for a little longer before we take to the stars.

My evil eye sees something far more sinister afoot. It’s as if a malevolent alien force created an invisible God simply by writing a book with the intent to not exactly destroy humanity, but keep it in the dark and make great use of its confounded state, like farm animals. Cause us to worship and become dependent on a God they created, not the Creator. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even think the Creator I believe in wants to be worshiped. Worship is a false form of spirituality plain and simple. It distracts you from self development and causes you to idolize and feeds your ego when you serve and please your master. This was all to prevent that tower of ascension that mankind would dare climb. The real question is did “God” do this or is “God” planning to do this now. Is that what’s going on or is that what happened? This theorized malevolent alien force would need to disguise their efforts. How could they do that? Well let’s see, they could always use our ego, pride, race, language, nationality, natural resources, war and especially religion.

If you are focused on yourself and your selfish desires you will not see the tribulations of the world or even those around you. Your pride will blind you of any survival instincts not only of your own but also of your entire species. You will see skin color, language, country or culture as supremely dividing features. We are carnal beings and if resources are limited we will have to compete for them, which is why all the natural resources of the world are being decimated. To entirely pollute us with bad instructions that are self defeating, war sustaining, ego building beliefs designed to destroy not only yourself, but all others that are not in agreement. You say no? That is not what religion is for. Well then let’s ask some more questions. Christians disagree with the Jewish and Islamic faiths. Jewish faith disagrees with Christian and Islamic faiths. Islam disagrees with Christian and Jewish faiths, but they all have common threads and I believe this is to create a sense of consistent validity among the three. They even have a disputed holy land as if the great Creator really is so feeble as to be dependent on a piece of land.

Imagine some alien species made contact and told humanity that they have a book written by their supreme deity that is full of wisdom, is written in their language and documents their past and culture. Then they tell you, Oh by the way we are his chosen people and you are just lucky enough to be in our presence and we’ll even let you be part of it, but first we need you to find the guy that is going to blaspheme against us so we can murder him and then not only will our deity accept you like us, you will be saved. Just to remove any possibility that we actually overcome their ploys they also threw in a prophecy of an anti-deity. They tell us that this anti-deity will be evil and will say things that actually make sense, but this is actually a trick so don’t fall for it. If you are not suspicious by any of that then I’ve got a bridge for sale and you’re the perfect buyer.

There are generally three kinds of reactions to what I am writing about. One reaction is the completely and totally brain washed reaction and that is to take offense, get all but hurt and let the ego take over voiding any rationality from ever understanding the situation. The second is a defiant reaction that will use scripture to go in circles to denounce and disprove any of these “Satanic” inspired ideas, which is used to further substantiate any religious doctrine. The third reaction is one of sadness and is a deep realization that you have been made a fool of by those that seek to if not totally destroy, but enslave you by benefiting from your efforts. The third reaction is a painful one as the God you grew up with, you believed in and even relied on is a total sham and in reality now takes on the visage of the Satan you were warned of. Even more troubling to the awoken is the realization that if the God you were raised on is not real then who is looking out for us. I assure you the Creator is very real, but the true Creator is nothing like that destroyer you have been taught to obey and worship. Until you empty your cup of these lies, you will not be able to sense the true Creator.

It’s not unlike the 911 event. If you truly believe it was a real terrorist event then you have been fooled and either don’t care or are just stupid. If you see all of the evidence and still say “no faction of the government had anything to do with it and it was an authentic terrorist act of religious zealots”, you’re complicit and somehow benefiting from the situation and a traitor to humanity. If you’re deeply hurt by the fact that some faction of the government felt it necessary to kill its own citizens in order to create a war for profit and empire, you will be deeply hurt and saddened by it and you have a soul and are worth saving. In reality 911 and the resulting terrorist paradigm was not primarily for profit or enterprise, but was so that they could call the prophets (speaking truths) terrorists and take them out with a drone strike without a shred of decent or accountability. This Babylon has been a plan in the works for a very long time. Not hundreds of years, but thousands.

I had this sick thought the other day; what if this has all happened before. I don’t believe that whoever created us would wish for their children to suffer without end, so they must have put something in (junk DNA) us that would free us from these carnal shackles after a certain amount of time. A timed transcendence apparatus that is most likely powered or timed by the sun or who knows what and that doesn’t even matter, but what does is that it will happen if it is allowed. If you don’t have a corrected ego the abilities will remain dormant and you can’t fake it, you have to truly be concerned for the well being of others and more than just your immediate family. It is likely that the very alien force that enslaves us is of the same species as the ones that created us. Some agreement was made to use us to extract precious minerals and whatever else of value can be derived from our enslavement for that time and then our work would be over and we would be free. What if they broke contract and used this knowledge to prolong our temporal enslavement. How would they do that you might ask. They would have to kill us all and begin with the original Adam to reset the evolution clock and then do it all again. They take us to that point just before ascension and then destroy us like if time and all our progress never even took place and we end up at square one to start the whole cycle over again like a recycled matrix. It’s a theory and one I don’t have the means to prove.

This is why they need to keep the theory of Evolution very distant from Creationism. It’s because Creation and Evolution are actually intertwined and deeply connected. Only life forms that possess a soul evolve. This time around they failed to destroy us in order to reset all and the credit goes to the Creator for that. I believe that this is what Daniel meant by “The End Times”, when the Babylon Protocol finally fails. Who are the humans you might ask. In America they are called minorities. That does not mean that all white people are aliens, I’m not saying that at all. As a matter of fact there are many whites fighting very hard to save humanity. There are factions working against each other, one to use and then destroy us and the others to save and free us. These factions are at war every day and you see them on TV and in movies all the time. Many actors and musical artists have no idea they are part of this war, some do. This media communication medium is a way for either faction to maintain plausible deniability. I also believe that Hollywood and the music industry are neutral and only serve as a communication layer. Signals are sent to the general public, targeted individuals, confidants, conspirators and even their enemies in a multicast fashion. It is absolutely brilliant and very effective as it can even save lives and I know firsthand that it has. We all see something different respective of our perspective.

This is why I believe the Jews are so important and special. They are endowed with higher intelligence, but will also evolve and transcend as humans were intended to. This is why so many efforts have been made to kill off the Jews. They were a kind of safe guard against the ones that would break contract. Smart enough to see through the lies and human enough to have a soul, a divine soul even. The purpose of the Jews was not to be the Creators favorite or chosen people, but to save humanity and if you don’t see them saving and valuing human life, it is because they are impostors. I realize that there may be some people offended by what I just wrote, but then I challenge the offended to show us that they are better or more like God. Prove it by being more merciful and kinder to the rest of humanity. Not taking land from people that have lived somewhere for generations would be a good start. Better yet prove you have faith in your God by not using violence or manipulative policies to get promised lands. Let the all powerful God set things right. Why commit acts of violence when they have the Holy of the hollies guarding and promising delivery?

We live in a world of many impostor Jews that have sought to aid in our destruction. It is also likely that enough of the fallen angels have mixed with the daughters of humanity to dilute any transcendent ability rendering it useless even if the time limit of the end times is reached. What if just one single pure blood Jew/human made it and reaches that point of carnal transcendence? Would that one be called God? So then any day now one will be born and then be able to transcend any wicked ploy of those that seek to keep humanity underfoot. I don’t really know what carnal transcendence exactly means. I have my ideas and theories, but I’m willing to bet it will be unlike anything seen before. It is my hope and I’m sure that the Creator would choose one that is pure of heart and compassionate enough to truly save humanity and bring this world to peace. Even if the enemy is aware of whom this individual is the Creator will be their guiding and protecting this one from destruction in order to save all of humanity. When that day comes the wicked king of Babylon will see the writing on the wall. No interpretation will be needed, he will know exactly what it spells and that is his destruction.

Be careful with their false salvation because they have used our hope against us in more ways than you can possibly imagine. They need to make us all believe that we will be saved if we do nothing and just wait for Jesus. They need to convince you that you know everything you need to know and there are no secrets to be revealed other than the ones in the book they gave you. They need to make us believe that justice is being served. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the Bible is a book of lies or purely to destroy us. It can go either way. It just depends on the way the stories are presented. The ones that wrote it did so in a balanced nature. It can be used to save us, but I see it mainly being used to destroy. Destruction and Creation go hand in hand and can be the result of either. If you have an uncorrected or manipulated ego and read the Bible through the eyes of religious dogma, it will destroy. If you have a corrected ego and are pure of heart it can be used to save us all. Think of it like a mother child proofing a room. She loves her child so she will see what in that room can harm the child. If the mother does not care about the child she will be oblivious and totally blind to the dangers in that room.

The Babylon protocol is about preventing a new age of enlightenment or those ascending and wiping out humanity to start it over so that the powers that be can continue playing God and if they had it their way, it would go forever. They will create a false sense of a new age in order to satisfy any desires to progress humanity into enlightenment. There was a law in the proposed ancient Babylon that stated that if someone accused anyone of trying to kill them without evidence they would be put to death. I can tell you that this law seems real familiar to me. I interpret it as if anyone can sense negative intentions like murder they need to be killed. If everyone could sense or see the murderous traps, the powers that be would not be in power. The ancient Babylon of the Bible is not a historical account in my view and who knows it might also be that, but I see it happening now. We are seeing the Babylon Protocol play out and those that stand to gain and escape justice need us to stay egotistical, selfish, diluted, superficial, jealous, racist, scared, frustrated and distracted in order for their wicked plan to work again.

Joan Osborne – What If God Was One of Us : It’s a tantalizing question to say the least. I believe that the Created are a manifestation of consciousness and what if the highest of consciousnesses decided to manifest in humanity. Based on the Babylon Protocol if that was true then they would have to kill this individual before that power manifested in order to repeat their cycle. Some believe that America’s only purpose was to prevent this individual from reaching that goal of Creation and once they kill that individual they destroy the country. It would mean the pilgrims came here to persecute with their religion. I wonder where that mandate would come from.

The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger : Very interesting lyrics when applied to the Babylon Protocol. The line “Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes” is a reference to Homer’s sequel to the Iliad, The Odyssey where Odysseus overcomes impossible odds on his Journey home after that epic Trojan War. And then you have a line like “Mephistopheles is not your name”. Mephistopheles was like a Satan figure of Hellenic culture and would offer immortality in exchange for your soul. The song begins with him being wrapped around a finger and towards the end the relationship is reversed. Check out the lyrics if you like

Creation – official movie trailer : You don’t have the right to argue Evolution or Creationism until you have at least studied one of these sciences, but it’s best to understand both. I would recommend Kabbalah teachings for a technical understanding of Creationism. I urge you to read On the Origin of Species as it is offered for free by Amazon for Kindle owners or the Kindle App for $0.99. What does the movie Creation have in common with the movies Master and Commander and A Beautiful Mind? Pretty interesting actually as Darwin is played by Paul Bettany and his daughter played by Martha West who are also John Nash’s imaginary friends (Marcee and Parcher) in a Beautiful Mind. John Nash is a man of great intelligence (a Nobel Prize winner) a gifted code breaker and sees patterns that are invisible to most and is played by Russel Crowe. While Jennifer Connelly plays John Nash’s wife and also plays Darwins wife in Creation. Then you have Master and Commander where Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany work together and with incredible consistency and timing as Paul plays a younger Darwin because he was younger when he made the film. They are all very deeply connected and intertwined. The crazy part for me is that I successfully used Russel Crowe as Maximus for my doppelganger.

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Dios Maquina

The God Machine for those of you that don’t speak Español. I first heard of it in Donnie Darko. It caught my interest as to what it could mean. I have heard and read many ideas of what it is, which makes it all that much more difficult to truly define. For me it is a tantalizing possibility for humanity, Earth and the Universe. What could this God machine do? To answer that question I began questioning what is real or what reality even is. If physical reality is the result of consciousness and consciousness is not the result of physical reality then it must mean our consciousness has to be an extremely important piece of the reality puzzle. I mean what you believe is ultimately real, to you. Does that mean that if we change what we believe, we can change reality? So much about us allows us to alter reality and our level of consciousness is exponentially increasing in its ability to alter reality.

Since that first day humans used a rock as a weapon until this present day where we have devised sophisticated ways to design, model and calculate every aspect of a manufacturing or construction project, we have been on an evolutionary trajectory. It’s as if the Universe creates things to create things and the created become better and better at creating. So we have reality creating things that alter and or create realities. If that is the case then it would make sense that our brains cellular structures resemble galactic and stellar patterns of the Universe. Our existence could be explained by saying the universe wanted to create miniature versions of its self and gave each an ego. The ego’s purpose would be to direct the reality engine. When you look at it that way, Ego correction becomes paramount. I imagine that some of us may have more of an ability to alter reality than others.

When I say “are more able to alter reality than others” I am not talking about capital or even engineering or structural constructive skills, but I’m sure that helps. I am referring to an inherent ability of one’s consciousness to manifest a desire, to direct intention and it be done. To stand on a hill in the presence of many and command lightning and it be timed to the demands of their voice. It could be one of two things that allowed that event to happen, either it was this person’s authority over reality or their every thought and action was timed by the universe to happen in concert with such events making it appear as authority over reality. I witnessed this event many years ago and it has always caused me to ponder how it could be possible. It led me to consider the most amazing possibility. What if there is one out there that has a brain that is a replica or best replica to date of the existing Universe? And what if that mind was literally the Universes Adam or the son of the Universe if you will, giving that individual greater authority over reality than previous versions.

In any case this person, this manifestation of the Universe would be seen as a supreme threat to the powers that be. Undoubtedly this person would encounter resistance to their very existence. They would be called the Antichrist or Satan, something like that. Using the belief reality ability of our minds, the ones in power would try to turn many consciousnesses against this being. The Universe is a thorough creator as it does not just create beings as it also creates their destinies. Choice is truly an illusion. All things and events are timed with precise synchronicity to all destinies. I imagine that if one attempted to alter this beings universally appointed destiny the Universe would have course corrections for such events. A course correction could even be a thought or a perception as it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical action to guarantee ones destiny. I bet there would be a type of instant data feed to this mind that would allow them to almost like remember things as they happened. Synchronicities would seem to be the norm around this person. If their brain structure is a replica of the Universe then events from past, present and future of the Universe would be literally encoded into their mind. It’s as if their mind was functioning like twin particles that displayed to quote Einstein “spooky behavior” between themselves and the Universe.

I wonder if a struggle between the Universe and this mind would ensue. Data of happening events of the Universe could instantaneously alter Adam’s mind or does his mind contain all possible outcomes. Could it be that the opposite is possible? Meaning that if Adam changes his mind does the Universe change? I guess it would be crazy to think that one could just imagine a building and it just appear instantly. But what if because of the temporal dimensionality of this reality it just takes some time of that intention existing in this one’s mind for it to eventually manifest. The real crazy part is that 3 years prior someone was drawing plans for the very same imagined building and construction began days after Adam imagined it. It’s all connected and we are hardly aware of how tightly woven it truly is. This Adam could point to the ground and say “I want a Sun Flower to grow right there”. A month later somehow, magically by coincidence or directed intention, a Sun Flower grows in that exact spot. Adam did not plant a seed in the ground nor did he apply water to that patch of dirt. The Universe sent a bird to perch on the fence above the patch of dirt and eat the Sun Flower seeds (that shouldn’t take root) that the neighbor puts in their bird feeder. The other neighbors sprinkler water runoff happens to perfectly irrigate that spot.

I have suggested that we collectively are God and it would make sense that if the soul of God is in Humanity then we could come together with a similar intention and perform miracles. I mean the more of us that are together then the more God is present by my logic. Again, for me the word God is interchangeable with the word consciousness. I’m not talking about the God we learned of in Church, I’m trying to describe a God, a consciousness that exists within us, without us and is in everything and every moment of the Universe. Our small minds are incapable of understanding its actions because it takes so long to achieve its goals. Both the wicked and the righteous are completely unaware how they truly serve this omnipresent consciousness, but I assure you, they and you do serve it without fail. Both our personal successes and failures are part of its efforts.

What if humanity was able to come together with the intention of grouping minds to alter reality by changing only our minds? Not by moving a thing or by building stuff, but simply by desire and or intention that we are able to alter reality. Could we move mountains this way? To conduct this experiment of mass consciousness on reality we would need something or someone that we could at least see to have some common mental concept to share or focus on. Then we would also need to be able to check to see if we have any results. I would love to have a focused chat room and schedule to synchronize the desires and intentions, but I don’t have that kind of resource currently. So I was thinking of someone that we could heal. Someone that is in the limelight that we could all watch and see it happen and then we would know that many minds can indeed alter and create reality.

The problem with what I’m proposing is that I’m talking about sending healing or even altering energy towards someone that is famous and I, by I – I do mean we would need permission from this person to do such a thing. We can’t be guilty of denying anybody their free will. We always have to be respectful of free will when altering reality. The idea is that many people focus the intention and not so much prey because it is more like commanding that this person be fixed. Through focused desire and intention this person should somehow someway be fixed either miraculously or conventionally. Some people may seem to be broken to us, but to them there is nothing wrong so again I wouldn’t like to drag someone famous into this without their permission, but I would love to try it so the world could see what is possible. It’s an experiment of consciousness and it might not work, but if it does we would be looking at the dawn of a new age were anything we imagine would be possible. When the Tower of Babel was erected, it was this very issue that caused the Biblical God to scatter humanity and confound our languages.

If you want to practice the ability to manifest, alter and or create I would suggest simply imagining it as you would like it. Just meditate on that visual and the more you realize it the more you should feel the results of its existence or change. Feel as if it has taken place. Tie emotion to your desires and intentions and that is like a radio beacon to the Universe sending out signals to all the parts and if the desire is pure enough, is balanced and your intention focused enough, it will be. I think your level of consciousness and awareness of the Universe is what determines how long it takes for manifestation to complete. Think of your intentions and desires spreading out in all directions. Imagine everything working to fulfill your desire. If your desire is too selfish you will probably not have the greatest results and that’s why I say it should be balanced. Whatever you desire, it shouldn’t only serve you; others should also be able to benefit from it. Don’t ask someone or something to make the change for you. You command the Universe and your energy of command programs everything to follow your lead. Some of you will not be able to do it, others will succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but together I there is no doubt of success. I may have just let the Genie out of the bottle on this one.

Rage Against the Machine : Wake Up – With a Matrix video. The message Neo leaves is right in line with what I just wrote about. I take most of it as metaphor, but I get the feeling that whatever is looming or is about to ignite will be more amazing than anything any movie producer could ever dream of.

Ryan Adams : Wonderwall – I love this version of Wonderwall. I guess for me the lyrics stand out more and adds so much more depth to it all.

Tears For Fears : Sowing The Seeds Of Love – I wanted to go with a song from Donnie Darko, but this just says it all. This song is echoing my message or I’m echoing its, but regardless we are on the same page. This song has an intention behind it and maybe I’m just another part of the Universe helping that same intention along its way so it can reach manifestation.

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There are many prophecies from various cultures that supposedly have been and are to be fulfilled. Who knows how many of them are true or made up. Some were created in our modern times and sold as prophecy of the past. If they are true prophecies then it is likely they are severely misinterpreted. Some prophecies that have been fulfilled could have actually been post diction and not a prediction. Meaning the prophecy was written after the event took place while we in the future have no way to confirm either case. There is a conundrum one faces when contemplating the reality of any prophecy, especially if you intend to make use of it to favor you. You see seeing the future changes the future and that changes everything. So telling the future can actually prevent it, making a prophet appear to be false. It is said that the Creator loves a sage more than a prophet. I believe that’s because a prophet only sees or knows something while a sage can actually make it happen.

A true prophet will be called a blasphemer. The title of prophet is not just for one that tells the future but also tells the truth. The true prophet does not tell you something that you already know. Repeating things from the Bible and delivering it in the same context that is so popular does not make you a prophet; it makes you a parrot. A true prophet will tell you things that makes you uncomfortable and rattles your understanding of things and shatters your foundations. A prophet is someone that goes against the grain and exposes lies with bravery and self sacrifice. Those that speak out will be oppressed, isolated, silenced and often accompanied with attempts on their life. A true prophet does not live in total peace and riches. The prophet will have powerful enemies and attacked on all sides for their efforts. Do all those ministers and preachers caked with makeup and wealth look like that to you? Do they seem oppressed to you? Evil and selfish forces are the wealthy and privileged of this world and those that say they speak the truth but live in peace and prosperity are impostors teaching spiritual children to be foolish and accept lies. A true prophet will be protected by the Creator. Try killing a true prophet and you will find it is like chasing the wind and you will achieve nothing.

There are so many prophecies that are so popular, but my favorites are the ones from the Bible. I don’t think anybody has a clue about the Mayan prophecies and rightfully so as most are probably made up and we obviously don’t know how to use their calendar. December 21st 2012 is my strongest argument for our total lack of interpretation or even basic understanding of what their calendar or language meant. It was probably made up by modern cultural programmers for who knows what reason. I love how people keep coming up with alternate dates and their proof is some old guy speaking some bizarre language. Supposedly the Hopi are expecting a Blue Kachina (What the hell is a Kachina?), but I don’t know any Hopi as they were decimated by a “civilized” western culture which shortly after was quick to condemn other countries of horrible acts of genocide. Keep in mind that America holds the winning title for the most significant act of genocide committed in the last 200 years. The Nazi’s and the Turks pale in comparison. Anyways none of the prophecies can truly be traced to their origin for various reasons, genocide being among the reasons.

For the above stated reasons I enjoy the Biblical prophecies most. We have a better understanding or familiarity with the cultures and languages in which the prophecies were written. That still doesn’t mean that the common interpretation of them is actually correct, but at least we have some common ground when attempting to interpret them. To me everything ever written or said both lie and truth is the word of God and it may take you some time to understand that but I needed to say that in order to qualify my next statement. Everything that happens is the act of the Creator, both wicked and righteous; all things come from the Creator. The Bible is not the literal word of God. It was written by very crafty and intelligent men and who knows maybe even aliens, but definitely not directly from what I consider to be the Almighty Creator that I know as God. So what I mean by that is that the ones that wrote it did not write it with the same intent of the Almighty’s intention. The Creator uses the wicked in that way. Greed can be a powerful ally in the act of Creation. Allowing them to believe they are able to manipulate the Creation to serve their intention, when in reality they are serving the Creator’s.

When it comes to Biblical prophecy the two most prominent books are Daniel and Revelations. Most people are married to the common Christian interpretation of these books, but I want to offer a different point of view to the reader. Whoever wrote the Bible did so with some very reliable information. What I’m saying is that someone was able to see the future. It’s not so outlandish to believe that audio and optical frequencies can travel through time. I mean light and sound travel through time every time you turn on the TV or listen to the radio. That is from the past to the future and what I’m talking about is in the opposite direction. The problem with seeing the past or future is that you can only see or hear it from the recorders perspective so it can be limited that way. So if you are in power and are given a single chance to see into the future what do you want to see? Obviously you will want to see what causes you to lose your power, potentially offering the opportunity to prevent whatever causes it. Now that you have seen the future you must obfuscate it when recording it, because seeing the future changes the future and that changes everything. It doesn’t mean that because you saw it it won’t happen. It just means it will happen a different way taking your predictive advantage away from you. The Universe or Creation is constantly making course corrections for such eventualities.

One of the obfuscation methods used in the Bible is to write the mirror opposite. Another very well utilized method in the Bible is through metaphor or some type of synonymous context. So Nebuchadnezzar saw his statue being shattered by a rock that became a mountain that engulfed the entire world. Not only did he make a point to build a statue of pure gold (shatter proof), but Nebuchadnezzar had to get this message to the ones that would be in power in the days of the future and it is likely that one of them is him; his soul at least. To play into the God delusion that was to be used to teach the false interpretation of the prophecy to the masses, God had to give Daniel not only the interpretation of his dream, but also what the dream was. You see the powers that be have been in power for a very long time. To the powers that be this story is giving them clues as to who and how they will lose their power. They need everyone else to believe it’s about a captured Israeli sage that God favored and would be used to further reinforce the belief in their God and add to his glory by gifting Daniel with the ability to interpret dreams. So the book of Daniel is an obfuscated by mirrored opposites and metaphor illustration of events and even personality traits of the person that would cause their downfall.

The crazy part about the book of Daniel is that it was written by those in power to assist those that would be in power in an attempt to prevent their demise, but the irony to that is it is definitely helping the One AKA the rock that would shatter the statue. The Creator allows the powers that be to believe they have the predictive advantage and that nobody could interpret the true meaning of the writings with all the dogmatic religious interpretations being pushed. That rock that I speak of is a person and the Creator used the enemy to write this book so that the rock would know who he is. Think about that for a minute. The Creator plays a dangerous game, but he’s all over it and a million steps ahead of them. The Creator made that path that the powers that be are on. The most important thing to happen was that the One AKA the rock came to know who he was. The Creator will and has used everyone wicked and righteous to accomplish the goal of Creation. It’s horrifyingly wicked and beautifully awesome. There is nothing anybody can do to prevent the Creator’s plan and as a matter of fact everything you do to prevent it will be used to complete the plan.

Revelations is an obfuscated by mirrored opposites and metaphor illustration of heavenly and earthly events with the intent to prevent it. Like trying to hide the fact that they know the future from the Creation. The book of Daniel describes the problem while the book of Revelations provides a solution. Since they did not create a literal interpretation of the events to come they were able to keep some predictive advantage of events, but there is still a big problem that I don’t think they actually believe to be a problem. The future they saw was one that was manipulated by their attempt to prevent that future and if all actions are the acts of the Creator then the Creation wanted them to see it and attempt to prevent it in order to serve the Creator. Catch 22 or 11 11 whatever you want to call it. They call that conundrum. Regardless I tip my hat to them because this, what I have just described to you is a huge pain in the ass that requires the utmost in skill and discipline even to fail at. I could go into detail and explain who and what they are describing in both books with a fair amount of accuracy, but that wouldn’t be fair. I’ll let you see it with your own eyes. We are upon the times that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his quantum crystal ball. The Creation loves using irony and humor while favoring nobody in its goal. The Creator’s will, will be done on Earth as it is in the heavens.

Depeche Mode : The Love Thieves – I love Depeche Mode! From the most amazing album they have produced, Ultra. You can’t deny they ruled the 80’s and many of those songs were and still are great, but this album is my absolute favorite. These guys helped birth Industrial which later evolved into House music. This song has some of the most interesting lyrics, especially if you apply them to something like religion.

Depeche Mode : The Bottom Line – The lyrics should cause you to wonder of whom or what are they truly singing about.

Depeche Mode : Insight – This is probably my favorite song from the album, but there are so many great songs in Ultra. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. The lyrics are just masterful and speak to me in the most powerful ways.

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Freedom and Religion

Freedom and religion are like fire and ice. They completely contradict each other. Some people actually believe that America’s political system has a strong division of church and state. Most of those people also happen to be firm believers in their faith. For them the state is too pagan or atheist for them. I totally disagree because married couples are taxed less then single people. Polygamists are criminals according to the state. Homosexuals can’t marry, well until recently that is. Whatever happened to the freedom to pursue ones happiness? I for the life of me cannot understand why the Abrahamic religions are so threatened by other lifestyles. They have faith in a powerless God if they believe that Gay and Lesbian marriages are somehow a threat to their faith or God. The right wing conservative base goes on and on about some bizarre notion of a “Gay Agenda”. From my point of view they (Right Wing Conservatives) are the ones with the agenda. Gays want to marry for the benefits because marriage has nothing to do with freedom. In Mexico handcuffs are called esposas (wives). Truly it’s an issue of survival and not one of moral adherence or even religious rebellion.

Why does America trust in God if there is supposed to be freedom of religion and separation of church and state? The common answer to that is that we live in a democracy and the majority of the populace believes in a Christian lifestyle and the idea that God obliterates nations that have too much sexual immorality, like Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m very turned off by the idea that God, the Almighty puts sexual relations above war, environmental destruction and greed. I don’t want anything to do with a God that cares more about who’s screwing who then the murder of Earth and its inhabitants. Many Christians that I know feel they are being persecuted by the state because the state does not enforce or protect Judeo Christian principals. The irony to that is that I have found Christians to be the most persecutory group around towards individuals that do not live up to their moral standards.

Granted things like murder, theft and rape are bad things to everyone and are the obvious, but I’m talking about law abiding and productive members of society being persecuted by members of a Christian faith. I do not personally believe in aborting my offspring, but I think it’s important to allow others to make that choice on their own and not the state or the church. How will God know who truly values life if they are not given the option? Pro Lifer’s have no concept of the Creator’s wisdom if they think they can force people to be “good”. The following is a message to all Christians, It’s a test so you can’t be giving away the answers, people have to find them on their own. All you can do is lead by example. What happens when an overzealous believer is put in a position of power like a President or even a law enforcement agent? Are we to expect them to follow the letter of the law or their beliefs? I was recently visited by the local police department because I had a question regarding self defense. I wanted to know if I had the right to use lethal force if I was being exposed to X-ray radiation by someone. I asked this because I had reason to believe that (proof in that my Geiger counter NukeAlert went off) a neighbor or some local source was directing X-rays towards me. It could have even been a false alarm regardless the police didn’t believe me so assumed I was crazy or something and in my opinion illegally searched my home and seized my firearm, bow and arrows, a couple of decorative and ceremonial swords, my wand and a copy of the Necronomicon. The book was also considered a “dangerous weapon”.

Here’s the irony about all of it is that I was not arrested; I was detained. I guess that means I had no rights. They sent me downtown to Ventura where I was put in the custody of a facility that was to perform a psychological evaluation on me and if I was found to be dangerous to myself or others I would be further held for the full 72 hours. Oddly enough the person doing the evaluation on me had a striking resemblance to my neighbor’s mother. I told my story and I was released 5 hours later as I was clearly not insane or attempting to harm myself or anybody else. The only reason it took so long for me to be evaluated is because I had to wait for a “staff change”. People told me that I could totally sue the police department for illegal search and seizure because they had no warrant and I did not give them permission to enter my domicile. I get the feeling that the police department doesn’t like me so at this point don’t want to do anything to motivate them to harass, harm or hate me any further. They did not harm me in any way, which I am grateful for and I even got to have somewhat of a pleasant conversation with one of the officers. I asked him if he believed in God. He said “yes” and then added, “but I don’t bring religion to work”. I thought to myself “God’s here right now”. No religion or prayer is required for God to be present.

I can understand them taking the weapons. If they believe someone is crazy they have to disarm them. I don’t even like guns and have never used one in a violent situation. Guns are loud and it must take away from the reality involved in killing a person. I’m not going to lie, I wish I could just eradicate my oppressors, but I also don’t ever want to kill anyone. The frustration they have fueled in me has gotten me to say and even desire very stupid and dark things, but I want to be like a child and stay innocent. Maybe they shouldn’t be monitoring so closely because I can assure you I am not aggressive and will not attack, only defend. I grew up in Fontana Ca which in many ways was way worse than the worst neighborhoods that L.A. could offer, without parents. I’ve been shot at by the time I was 13, got jumped like 11 times and even though I lived in hardened Gang territory I never felt the need to own a gun or seek revenge. My God always took care of my enemies for me. I didn’t have to lift a finger against my foe. For some reason, being a Latino in Simi Valley made me feel the need to own a Gun. I think the police entered some petition to deny me the ability to ever own a fire arm. I was just told of and not given the date for the hearing. Here I am now back where I started. My only weapon is my soul and the faith I have in my God.

Now the part that does bother me a lot more is that they took my Wand and the Necronomicon. I mean what the hell? First off the wand was made of pure Holly wood and I made it myself. That wand taught me so much I can’t even begin to explain. I gave blood and asked the tree it fell from for permission to use it as a wand. Based on what happened that very day I would say the answer was a resounding yes. I named it Berlin and it even had a real phoenix core from past fires that ravaged the area in recent years. That wand was near and dear to me; my precious. I can honestly say I loved it. As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t play with another man’s wand without permission. I guess the officer felt compelled to take it from me. And then the Necronomicon was also taken from me. The officer that took it unfortunately gazed upon some of the seals. According to the Necronomicon, that’s not good for the uninitiated, especially the particular seal that was seen.

Just like the wand I don’t understand why that book would be considered a dangerous weapon unless you are evil. The Necronomicon is a book made to fight against evil; sure it also shows one of the evil rights and incantations, but only to understanding evil’s ways as a form of defense. The book is a testimonial that also teaches about dispelling evil and casting protective spells. So why would the police think it was dangerous? Because of movies like Evil Dead (2) and Evil Dead 2013 people think it is an evil book, but I want you all to look at it a different way, especially all you Christians. Did your Christ raise the dead? Because you have been hard wired and pressed by a pushed faith to believe everything the Church tells you about Christ’s acts you have to say “Yes, Jesus raised the dead”. That is the very definition of a Necromancer; to raise the dead and exorcise the demons. The book of the Black Earth (Egypt) is the book of the dead and the book of the dead gives life while the book of life gives death. Supposedly a transcribed text of the Mad Arab, a man that was hunted and hounded by the powers that be of his day and dark spiritual forces for what he had witnessed. You would be more likely to find the Book of the Dead in the hands of your savior Christ then you would the Torah. For the record I also would like to say that Evil Dead 2 is my all time favorite movie even though it grossly misrepresents what the Necronomicon is about.

My faith was not pushed by anyone or group, but the Creator. The acts of the Creation have lead me to gain a faith that nobody has taught or pushed on me. My God is not your God, nor the God of my parents or the one this nation claims to trust in. My God is in everything, every moment and is omnipresent. Some believe they are at war with me or that I am at war with them. No, sorry you got it all wrong and afford me way too much credit. You are at war with the universe and I am only a small part of it, a tool that it uses for its goals. It uses me because I gave up on me and my false ego projection. My name, reputation, status as a man, as a person and even a decent person are all gone from me. I am nothing, worthless, destroyed and so now my God can use me. I am suffering and the pain is throughout my whole being. On occasion I can derive some pleasure, but no lasting real joy. All that is left is my flesh and a soul, but that is all. I am persecuted for my faith, for my freedom, but mainly because I know the true God and my God has protected me as a craftsman would protect a fine and rare tool.

I advise you Americans to keep church far out of the workings of the state. If Bush didn’t teach how much a country could be manipulated by religion then I don’t know what will. Politics will manipulate a religion and religion will manipulate politics and so to protect both they need to be kept separate. Plus you should feel like some Nazi Gestapo control freak for enforcing your beliefs on others. Your ego’s are fed by the idea that you are serving and pleasing your God with what you do. You are the multi headed Beast of Revelations for persecuting those that don’t fall into your religious lifestyle. The hypocrisy of Right Wing Christians pointing the finger at Iran for their enforcing of religious standards upon their populace while they do the same here is just incredible. How deaf and blind do you have to be to think that your delusion is more valid than theirs? What happens when you accidentally vote a Muslim President into office? It is unfortunate that the word Muslim is now almost synonymous with anti American or Jihad, and think about what a crazy Muslim President could do to America if Bush (a crazy war hungry Christian) got away with what he got away with. I’m not pointing the finger at Bush, he was just the actor. I’m pointing at the audience, the ones that got what they wanted. Careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Tool : Parabola – I’m not the biggest fan of tool not because I don’t like their content, but because the music isn’t exactly my taste, but I love their message. Regardless they have done well and if only for their message I am a fan. Their videos are awesome.

Mozez : Feel Free – Mozez has done a significant amount of work with Zero 7, but I absolutely love this song that I believe was a solo project with this album entitled “So Still”. There’s nothing like it and you can tell that he is a very deep person and I am grateful for his message. I just couldn’t believe how beautiful this song is. Mozez is an amazing artist and I hope to hear more from him.

Nightmares On Wax : DAMN – Damn is right, from the album “In a Space Outta Sound”. I own this album and bought it the same week it was released. It really speaks to me because I know who gives a damn about me. I’m very happy I bought this Album.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Mary Lambert : Same Love – I usually only post 3 songs, but this one just has to be heard. These guys have revolutionized the way music is produced and distributed. I like their songs and appreciate their message. This song says it all and it really speaks to the nature of America. I hope their message is received and understood. The majority of my generation of Americans (Gen X) are sick and tired of the tyranny and oppression that religion and even individual beliefs can impose on a people.

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They are very strange trails of smoke or vapor being exhausted from high flying jets and most people have no idea what purpose they serve.  All we see is smoke coming out of the back of these jets as if we were being fumigated or crop dusted.  They appear all year long and I notice they happen most often when it’s hot.  I have heard all kinds of wacky theories about them, from they’re (government) poisoning us to they’re dropping nano bots to control humans.  They are some of the craziest theories I have ever heard to be honest with you.  Regardless Chemtrails must be very important because you have to imagine the resource involved with creating and maintaining such an operation.

As you may know by now I don’t believe most conspiracy theories that are almost gorilla marketed to us on conspiracy channels of YouTube or even the MSM news.  I know that most of what we are told is a lie and the lie is what let’s me know the truth in some cases.  At least one can derive that they are being lied to for a reason.  On this Chemtrail subject I am going to give you a different theory, but I’m not going to give you some crazy story that I heard from someone else.  After years of experiencing them and asking myself what they were for, I think I have finally come up with an idea that makes sense and satisfies all my questions.

It’s kind of funny because It’s not as bad as you might think.  Basically they (governments and corporations) are doing it to save their low orbiting satellites.  The theory goes like this.  Earth’s atmosphere is occasionally bombarded by Solar Flares and this apparently is a cyclical thing with the sun, but I couldn’t confirm that.  Anyways when Earth is hit by a particularly strong Solar Flare, it’s not the electromagnetic field or even the radiation that comes with the flare that’s the problem.  The problem comes from the fact that strong Solar Flares and cause Earth’s atmosphere to expand.  This atmospheric expansion can grow to envelope low orbiting (monitoring & communication) satellites.  Atmosphere to an orbiting body spells doom as the added friction creates a drag and can slow the body to the point that it falls out of orbit.

Most low orbiting satellites have the ability to correct their orbital trajectory and speed, but that ability is limited by the amount of fuel it can carry.  Eventually every low orbiting satellite is doomed because of this reality.  I believe this applies to higher orbit objects as well but they just have more time.  Unless the satellite can be refueled somehow it is most definitely doomed to a fiery death.  Have you ever noticed how it is unseasonably cold if you are in the path of the Chemtrail mist?  The idea is that they aren’t trying to seed clouds, but cool the atmosphere in order to limit its expansion and reducing the drag that low orbiting satellites experience from Solar Flares.

Why would they want to keep this a secret?  There’s lots of reasons to keep it a secret.  Financially it would be a logistical burden if it was made public and cost so much that it would have to be voted on.  The interested parties have so much invested in space and losing it was not an option, period.  No matter what anybody says or how they feel about it, we aren’t losing our satellite capabilities.  From a military standpoint if we lost our satellites and Russia still had theirs even outside of a Cold War scenario, we’re screwed.  Not to mention China and the long list of enemies of America, fabricated or not.

The other thing to consider is that who knows WTF they are actually pumping into the atmosphere and into our breathing air.  That alone is what most people are concerned about.  I mean sure it’s saving the country and it’s communication networks and everything else that comes with satellite technology, but what is that shit coming out the back of the jet and if it has any harmful effects, how do I protect myself from it?  You know what’s funny is that now if they wanted to spray some kind virus on major populations they could do it and we would be totally ok with it as we are conditioned to being sprayed with who knows what on a regular basis.

I don’t think Chemtrails are here to kill us and destroy the country and give them an opportunity to drop some Zombie virus like that movie The Crazies. They’ll use a patsy like Snowden if they wanted to destroy the country. They’ll say he gave them all of our secrets and so are enemies were able to overcome our defenses. It had nothing to do with the corrupt politics, our scandalous economic practices, no it wasn’t any of that, it was that Snowden SOB. I don’t even know if the Snowden story is real or not, but I would be more concerned if it was a lie. If it was true, I would think no big deal as all the other country leaders are also actors. If it’s not true, then I would wonder what stage is this actor setting us up for.

Radiohead : House Of Cards – This song kind of says it all really.

Radiohead : Reckoner – Need I say more.

Radiohead : Weird Fishes – This is such a beautiful song. It really speaks to me. Radiohead is one of those bands that I just don’t understand how they come up with such amazing lyrics and marry them to such incredible beats. Some of the lyrics are so familiar to me. I don’t understand how this is possible, but I know it’s real.

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