The Valley of Death

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent, but I have had a pretty exciting last 7 months. It started in December of 2015 when I was evicted from my condo in Simi Valley. Then I was homeless for about 8 days. While I was homeless I was being hunted by what seemed like everybody. Then I had to live with people that wanted to undo me in every way possible and I assure you they tried.  I have now settled into a new location that is not as comfortable, but much better in terms of surrounding energy.  It’s been a trip and I want to tell you about it.  It took all of my resourcefulness and wits to make it through this ordeal, but again I have learned more about myself and the unnamed God that I have put all of my faith in.  The eviction was interesting because they tricked me by first having the original owner who had lost the property to foreclosure try and evict after they had outright lost all rights to the property.

The 1st papers where served at 6:30 pm by some woman that could hardly walk.  That eviction turned out to be fake plus my response was not accepted, but still the eviction date came and passed and no officers came to my door.  I went with my gut on that one and it paid off.  Then another eviction notice was served again by the previous owner and I again ignored that one and didn’t even respond to it in the least bit.  I paid it no attention.  Then around November 10th another eviction notice was served by some law firm by the name of Randall D. Naiman, Esq of San Diego (4660 La Jolla Village Drive suite 850) AKA Naiman Law which was similar in name to W. Randall Sgro out of Torrance Ca (1623 Cravens Ave) AKA Frutcher & SGRO, APC.  which also handled the eviction notice for the the previous owner, but this time Naiman Law represented Wells Fargo, who were not the original title owners; BofA was the original title owner.  The final eviction was under the case number of 56-2015-00473863-CL-UD-VTA.  The officers told me that Wells Fargo must have purchased the title.  I’m talking about 625 Baywood Ln Unit D Simi Valley Ca 93065.

Regardless December 10th rolled around, luckily my children where at school at the time and two pretty old in age officers showed up and they began drilling my lock.  I opened the door and they yanked me out of the house and told me to not go back in.  I asked if I could at least get some pants, shoes and my wallet (I had my PJ’s on).  They got my pants and shoes, but gave me my wife’s very feminine looking wallet and told me to sit down.  I argued telling them that what they had given me was not my wallet and I needed my wallet.  Again the officer refused and after about 10 minutes I tried to enter and grab my wallet so I could leave.  They tackled me down and placed me under arrest.  At the time of arrest they told me I was being charged with Resisting Arrest, but when i got to court in February it turned out that they charged me with Assaulting an Officer and Emergency Personnel.  So I went to the Thousand Oaks East County Facility where they held me for about 3 hours.  The arresting officers where none too pleased with me as I removed the handcuffs on my own and handed them the cuffs that were supposed to be restraining me.  I may have angered one of them a bit by telling him “keep your keys, ya fucking rookie” as I handed him the cuffs.  His partner was laughing his ass off to the point he had a hard time keeping his composure.

So my wife picks me up after they decided to allow me to leave on my own recognizance, so no bail was required.  about half way through the ordeal, by the way these guys were handling the situation I got the distinct feeling they were retired or not even real officers.  So we (my family of 4) went to stay at my sisters home in Thousand Oaks and that is where I made a very risky and difficult decision.  I know that everything my enemies do has some kind of a follow through.  They put me somewhere to put me somewhere so they can do something.  Everything happens for a reason.  That was painfully obvious in this particular situation and so everyone had left to do who knows what and I was there with my youngest and I looked into his eyes and told him as gently and softly as I could “I have to leave for a little while son, but know that I will be back and I love you with all me heart.  Don’t worry I promise you I will see you again”.  I had tears in my eyes as I said it and I knew he wouldn’t completely understand, but at least he would have heard what I said.  My sisters oldest son was there (over 18) and I told him “I’m gonna talk a quick walk to the store, be right back”.  Grabbed a bottled water, put on my sweater and walked out in the cold rain of that evening.

On the bright side I new there was no active surveillance for me at that new location, there was heavy cloud cover, it the last thing they expected me to do and I was in my old stomping grounds of Thousand Oaks.  It has been at least 11 years since I lived in that area and much has changed but I knew the area well enough.  So I just looked up and said to the Creator “please guide me father”.  I found a place that was secluded and private, but I had no cover from the rain and after about an hour I looked around and found what pretty much amounted to a cave with a flat and dry space for me to sleep.  I was laying on nothing but dirt and for some reason that was the coldest week of December so I started getting cold.  To top it off I was on the third day of a fast of nothing but water, so there was much working against me.  as it got later I noticed a recycle bin on my way over so I back tracked a bit and used cardboard boxes and bags filled with clean paper.  The boxes became my shelter and the bags filled with paper (I crumpled the pages) became my sleeping bag.  I was still very hungry.  The creator provided me with a nearby source of citrus fruits and you can just walk up to any home and get some water from the water hose and so I did that for like three days.

The hardest part was being alone and bored during the day and then being active at night.  Pretty much living like a nocturnal creature while also making sure no one would see me at all, I mean no one.  during this time I could see at least a half dozen aircraft flying low and slow during the night doing there thermal scans in the nearby hills.  I had no way to tell the time except that I am a pretty avid star gazer and I would watch Sirius rise and set and that is how I would gauge the time at night.  I got sick of that spot and my nocturnal activity was making my presence obvious so I decided to venture to a new location.  This is tricky because you don’t know where you are going to end up or if you are going to find anything at all.  I did and it was much more comfortable then the first spot and it was secluded and covert enough for me to hold up there for another 3 days.  You got to keep moving because the man was looking for me.  At the time I didn’t know there was a missing persons report on me, but the strange thing about that is that I was seen by officials and they did not stop me or try to identify me as you would expect them to do if a missing person was sighted.

Instead I was harassed by random vehicles that to me was obvious they were on to me.  I did end up finding this one spot that I rested at for a short time and my dreams told me that I had to get going.  I imagine they were going to ambush me in the morning.  I got a little rest and got up and said (to the Creator)  “where do I go, show me”.  The second I finished saying it a falling star shot to the East.  I used evasive maneuvering to get around the well placed ambush and headed in that direction. I literally followed falling stars that whole night.  I saw a total of 5 and in one scenario I came to a fork in the road and said “where to now” and a falling star directed me within seconds of asking.  It was so bizarre but with each star and step I fell more and more in love with the Creator.  I was guided to a warm, safe place where I could clean myself and my clothes.  That night was so beautiful and since they believed they knew where I was not a single aircraft was scanning and I was walking in pure faith to my ultimate deliverance that night.

The biggest trick is that if you are seen and you have to know when one of the hunters has seen you (something I am able to do) you have to make them believe you are going in the opposite or other direction than which you actually are headed.  That usually threw them off pretty well.  They would respond by having ambulance or emergency vehicles using their sirens to shoot through traffic so they can do a strafe run to identify me.  If you live in the Thousand Oaks area you may have noticed that the dates between December 10th and 18th there were many sirens going off all night long.  They were looking for me.  While they were looking for me and checking any possible sightings I was watching them do it.  More often than not I was right under their nose and a couple times above it.  Sorry I can’t give many details, but you would slap your knee pretty hard if you witnessed any of this.

I have never seen so much organization.  I have to say I was truly impressed and during that time I sat down and said to myself and asked the Creator “what am I to them, why do they want me so bad”?  I don’t think I’m so special, I mean I put my pants on one leg at a time.  I did run into some people that seemed approachable and upon approaching them I would kind of explain my situation and they turned out to be very generous, by offering $20.00 bills and I took it.  I was smart enough to know that they were part of the hunting party and so the bills were more then likely RFID tagged.  Trust me I tried to find generous people and there aren’t many out there nto even around Christmas time. So I went to Taco Bell (I hate fast food, but it was the best option at the time) and other members of the hunting party would arrive.  All you got to do is break the bill and use the change.  You still have to lose the hunters, but again you make them think you are going one way and then you just go the other when line of site is broken.

Not even at a Catholic church was I able to get any hand outs from church goers, but I did find a woman that was sympathetic to my situation and she at least gave me her ear.  I’m guessing she may have followed up on my story.  The irony is that my enemies helped more than any person that wasn’t involved, which I know makes no sense, but it’s the truth. After being so blatant at the church I was made and I couldn’t shake them.  They had helicopters and airplanes and a whole city of resources, but I was able to put myself in places that made it pretty much impossible for them to get me.  I do have names of individuals at St Paschal that were following me and I can prove they were their because of their vehicles and they were using there cell phones.  It was kind of dumb for them to use people that I know. It did make me sad that I used to care about these people and even now they could not just tell me what I did or am going to do that makes them so interested in destroying me.

The Christmas holiday had it’s advantages for my escape and evasion techniques.  I would say the hardest part was trying to not look homeless and avoiding or trying to fool the thermal scanning that patrolling aircraft were using.  They started off with using the cold to try and get me to give up, but when that didn’t work they realized clear skies made it easier to use the aircraft.  yeah that means they can control the weather, and I don’t know for sure if they can but it seemed to work out that way.  I know it sounds like I went through hell and there was some pain and struggle involved, but ultimately I had some long sought peace in those cold and lonely nights.  It was just me and the Creator.  I knew what it was like to be an animal trying to survive in this artificial world full of humans determined to end you.  It was a perspective unlike any I had ever imagined.  There was at least two occasions where I was well within arms length of my persecuters and I had the drop on them.  There life was mine to take if I wanted.  They are so lucky I fear the Creator more than them.

It came to the point were the Creator was making obvious that I had to go back with my family and so I did.  I was ready to deal with what they had planned for me and that experience did spiritually prepare me.  I noticed many of my senses had been refined by the ordeal.  When we were evicted my heart sank and I thought that the Creator was punishing me or had forgotten me.  I came so close to loosing my faith, but the events of those 8 days were what I needed to help me understand things a different way.  It was part of how the Creator was refining me for whatever would come next.  Although I lay in the dust and my enemies believe that the Creator had forgotten me, nothing could be further from the truth.  It was a beautiful challenge that I overcame through physical hardship and spiritual tempering that I am grateful for.  My wife was soooooo pissed off at me for leaving like that, but she and my children were so very happy to see me again and we had Christmas together.  It was the greatest gift of my life.  All the while I easily thwarted and parried their attempts to destroy me during that holiday season.  I was a renewed man after a devastating blow.

I am still going to court for the charges from the altercation with the police from the eviction.  They keep doing continuances and delaying the trial process.  I personally believe it’s because the eviction was illegal and the police were not even real police.  I don’t expect to get justice from our monument of inefficiency the American justice system has become.  I refuse to plead guilty to something I’m not guilty of.  I never tried to harm the “officers”, but they did get harmed apparently, but so did I.  I have 3 huge scars that needed stitches on my knee that they refused to treat while I was in custody.  It made being homeless and hunted that much harder as my right leg had blood stains from the knee down the whole time.   Something tells me that their so called civil justice would be far better then the justice that the Creator has planned for them.  I also learned that Sirius is exactly at 12 O’clock in the night sky on New years eve at 12 midnight.  I know how random that sounds but it solved so many riddles.

Unkle feat. Moby – God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters 
This clip from the movie Alive and  really captures what I experienced. It is truly one the most beautiful songs. This is also featured on the Heat movie soundtrack so it’s the best compliment to this post. I hope you get to enjoy it.

Depeche Mode – Ultra : Home  As you know I love DM and this is one of my favorites, but the words just touch me to the core and this video is such a perfect fit.  Please help the homeless when you see them if you can because it really matters.  People shouldn’t have to hide like animals just because they are down on there luck.  Regardless of your stance on this issue just know that helping others is in reality helping you, no matter how dirty, insignificant, criminal or ugly that person may appear to you.  You could have the fortune of helping one of the Creators children.  Just try and imagine the return on that kind of investment.

Talking Heads : This Must Be The Place  Being gone away from my family was really the hardest part for me.  I had no place to call home, but I often would say to myself as I searched for refuge “this must be the place”.  Home truly is where the heart is and that is where I want to be always.  I was lost, but being lost allowed me to find me.  That probably doesn’t make sense, but it helped in more ways then you can imagine.  I have way less fear of the unknown then I ever did before.  This song is an all time favorite of mine.

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