The Syrian

This sure has been an awful week for so many people to experience such a horrible series of terrorist attacks. Can you imagine how horrible it must be to be attacked with such impunity? The constant bombardment and assaults are designed to stifle life as it was known into some hopeless state of fear and repression. With the ultimate goal to kill the bodies they have attacked the soul of a people. My heart goes out to all of the people of Syria for the pain they are and continue to endure. Unfortunately the French will have to learn the same lesson we Americans have had to. I will let the reader interpret that as they like. I feel this is the most important post I have ever made and although I believe that if every human being alive read this, it still wouldn’t prevent what these monsters are doing. Syria is suffering a million times more than France is at the moment, although the French people are still huge victims in this diabolical scheme that is playing out in front of our eyes.

The conspiracy world is pretty much convinced that the Paris attacks were designed by the powers that be to foment war and thrust France into the battle with justified zeal. The other part of the conspiracy is that this is all happening over a natural gas pipeline that was to originate somewhere in the Middle East through Syria and on to Europe. The natural gas pipeline from the Middle East would alleviate Europe’s natural gas dependency that is currently provided by and dominated by the Russian Federation. To further complicate things America is believed to be using Non-Profit organization money to fund the creation and arming of ISIS among other clandestine foreign activities, in an effort to overthrow the Syrian government so that they can get the pipeline secured by the newly established Syrian government. Remember the Iran/Contra scandal, yeah well no one is buying crack anymore so it makes sense that they would use Non-Profits to fund these wars now. Somehow somebody threw a monkey wrench in the Non-Profit funding and the money flow came to a grinding halt.

Once the funding for clandestine operations stopped ISIS became extremely aggressive pulling bank heists and the like. Some people believe ISIS makes money by selling oil on the world market, which makes no sense as any transaction should be pretty easy to prevent. Not only would it be easy to stop, but it would also severely expose ISIS operatives. All of these factors have led the Russian Federation to provide military aid to Syria in an effort to protect their dominance as a natural gas provider to Europe. The end result is a proxy war between the West and Russia, with ISIS serving as the West’s drone if you will to fight the Russian Federation. Which means ISIS is like a completely fictitious organization in the sense that they don’t give a shit about Islam or Allah or any of the religious stuff. It’s all about carrying out orders from the West so that the Russian Federation can’t just nuke the shit out of countries that are working toward regime change in Syria. If there was no ISIS, Europe and or America would have to directly attack Syria and then eventually face off with Russia, which should be avoided at all costs.

This last week Obama is quoted as saying “the Paris attacks are an attack on humanity” and that is so rich coming from him, but he’s right, they are attacks on humanity. The two paragraphs above are not accepted as facts and even conspiracy theorist argue over so many parts, but it is summation of what I have read and understood based on internet bable, MSM news reports and my very unique perspective. I have a zanier theory that is even more horrifying than anything you have ever heard and if true could put us on an even more dangerous path than we can currently imagine. These wars in the Middle East have a hidden goal that has nothing to do with natural gas, oil or even regime change. Christianity and Islam were created to war each other with counter lifestyles and beliefs. Resources and beliefs are just excuses and tools for us to accept these wars as if it was a good thing.

All throughout the Middle East populations there is a very special blood line that has been there since the times of Adam and many of the people from this area are descendants of Adam. I’m talking about the Adam from the book of Genesis. Almost all of the major massacres that have taken place throughout history have been done with the goal of eliminating Adam’s bloodline. Some of Adams descendants were very wise and left the Middle East and came to America thousands of years ago. How do you think some of the Mesoamericans got those hook noses? They went to the Americas because they knew the enemy would hunt them down with a passionate zeal. When the Spanish arrived they didn’t come for trade and they weren’t headed towards India, they came to persecute; And persecute they did. Ultimately marriage served the purpose of being able to track down every last descendant and early America was an easy place to spread the seed without a paper trail.

What I’m saying about the Middle East and currently Syria is that what if all of the above mentioned resource based proxy war is just an excuse to execute UN sanctioned war on the people of Syria and not ISIS or Russia or even the Syrian government. That would mean the people of Syria are taking an assault from ISIS, France, Russia and whichever country that joins the very noble and well intentioned War on Terror. The Middle East wars since before Iraq is a sick manipulative game of murder on the scale of genocide and it’s so sick how many are rooting and cheering the death and loss of life thinking justice is being served. It’s all bullshit and excuse to commit what amounts to genocide by the superpowers of the world. The refugees are being led to the slaughter as the Western countries they are being shipped off to have well established killing systems that will be assisted by a fomented public hate of these poor displaced people.

It’s a theory, but I have been consistent with previous posts in regards to this Adam bloodline hunt down that I am proposing. Having said all that, I want to point out that if you believe this theory then you should not condemn all those that are part of this ruse. Actors, singers, talk show hosts, politicians and the like may have no idea they are part of this scheme. Do not concern yourself with such things as there will be a grand reckoning in the end. Those that assisted, but were forced at gun point and those who knowingly took part and profited from it will be revealed. The guilty will have no place in the new kingdom, of that I assure you. You may be asking yourself why the Creator would ever allow this to take place, because I assure you the Creator’s will is being done. It comes down to the qualities and properties of these individuals. Just because they are the descendants of Adam doesn’t mean they have the right qualities for the Creators standards. If they are not ready for the transcendence, they will not be alive for that day.

The Syrian is said to not be from Syria, but from the Sirius star system and I find that interesting, but what’s more interesting then that is that both may actually be true.   If you read my previous post titled “The Earth Problem”, then I ask you to consider that this savior we are waiting for may actually be of Syrian descent.  All of these events seem to indicate a higher velocity for the powers that be and that is actually very good news.  Satan is filled with rage as he knows his time is short.  Look how long it took for America to invade Iraq after 911.  France was on it the very next day.  The schedule has been hastened and their hunt for the Syrian has become a priority.  Again I have no evidence and I am willing to be wrong about all of this, but somehow I don’t think I am.

All of this serves Creation and although the wicked serve the Creator unknowingly, they will not be judged for the result, but for their intentions. So please understand that time is running out and the Devil knows it, so he has stepped up his assault. I pray that the Creator protect the worthy children of Adam in Syria and the entire world. I pray that the Creators’ will be done even if it is so horrible to witness at times. I pray that there is peace in the entire world and that life on Earth finally is freed from these oppressive control freaks that say they are here to save us, but have come to murder us. I pray that all life on Earth flourishes and can begin to spread to every corner of the universe and when we conduct our act of Creation on behalf of the Creator, that we do it with mastery and wisdom. Praise and glory be to the Creator and to his son Adam whose descendants will become a new order of Elohim.

I also want to add that Russia seems to be the only one that is acting appropriately.  Defending Syria to protect against an imperialistic agenda is not evil or greedy.  The Russian Federation and more directly Putin seems to be the good guy and their intentions seem to be pure.  It could just be a trick, but I am not ready to condemn them and am eager to see how it all plays out.  I can not say with any certainty that Russia is part of some large clandestine agenda.  I am not witness to the who, where and when of what is occurring in Syria right now.  Russia is ancient and wise, kind of like China.  They are hard people because they have had very dangerous adversaries and have survived them all.  Whatever the case is Putin does not fuck around, yet he works hard to not be portrait as a monster.  He’s had plenty of opportunities to do some real harm to his opponents and they are still alive while under his rule.  On the other hand I have heard of some pretty low down KGB style hits going on.  Putins’ stance seems to indicate a spark of righteousness and even benevolence, but I would take all with a grain of salt.  Obama comes off as a sheep, but drone strikes have doubled since Bush and they were quick to grant him a Nobel Peace Prize.  Nothing is what it seems.  We shall see soon enough as Putin will undoubtedly have some very tough decisions to make in the very near future.

The Cranberries – No Need to Argue :  Zombie    The walking dead have come to take us to their reality. To drag us down to their pit of death and despair. They are destined for death and can’t stand that we would survive their horrible creation, but survive we will. This is what was meant when we were told that it would get worse before it gets better. Hang in there.

Bob Sinclair – Western Dream : World Hold On (Children of the Sky)    All of these events reflect doomsday prophecies and ultimately what we have become conditioned to expect, World War 3. I am telling you to have faith and to hold on, something amazing is coming and it is going to end all of the wars and bring life on Earth to peace. If you don’t believe that, then all you have is doubt, fear and hopelessness and that will only make matters worse. Trust me when I ask you to hold on and keep the faith, it will turn.

White Stripes – Elephant : Seven Nation Army    A multinational army is attacking humanity and we are being tested, pushed and slaughtered from every direction. At this point we citizens of Earth can’t tell the difference between a national army or a terrorist organization. They bank on the fog of war and our hearts to perpetuate their goals. Keep this in mind when making decisions in the coming future. Be still and know that God is with us and when the time is right, will end all of this strife.

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