The Earth Problem

Our condition is a result of many factors. Most of us have the wrong idea and it’s mainly because we were given false ideas to believe in. I’m not going to start pointing fingers about who to blame or which religion is true or false. Regardless of what any of us believe, the fact is that the world you are experiencing right now is the result of the predominant belief systems on top of so many other factors. I truly believe that changing the way we perceive the world does change the way the world is. That does not mean that if you see darkness it will make the world darker. Seeing the darkness of the world does not necessarily mean that you have darkness in you. Sometimes problems need to be noticed in order for them to be resolved. The most fundamental step towards improving the human condition is to truly and completely understand and accept the gravity of the situation we are in.

The awakening process exists to reveal the darkness to all. The Creation puts it on fine display and you see its worth and the gains of crafty minds behind it. Some say it’s a test. The Devil tempting you with pleasures, comforts and riches only had by the very few and elect. I see it more of a question because either way you are going to do what the Creation has intended for you to do. The question is more about the path you are going to take in order to get to your destination/destiny. I honestly believe that the current and all past conditions existed and exists for the most important reason of all; progress towards the Goal of Creation. Nothing will keep you on your toes and slaved like putting assholes in charge. Let me be clear that always watching our back from “the Man” and being slaved by “the Man” was not the goal. Unfortunately it was a necessary part of Human development.

“They” would have you believe that there are supernatural forces behind mans condition. That because of our natural desires and behaviors we deserve annihilation. “They” say “It must be God’s will”. Sadly, “They” are right, because in a sense whatever is and has happened is ultimately the “will of God”. Our condition was designed, but you should understand that it was not done with malevolence. The perpetrators may have done it with malevolence, but it being allowed was benevolence. What you have not been aware of is that humanity is headed on an amazing trajectory. It was deemed since our inception that we would rise out of our dark ashes like a Phoenix ablaze with fiery light. Although we were whipped, slaved, deceived, murdered, raped, sold, beaten, humiliated and brought to ruin time after time, we keep coming back. Every time with a little more understanding of how to navigate the maze of horrors our masters have created for us to dwell in, until that very bright and fiery day.

Oh, but “They” would not have it. All that could be done to prevent that day has been done. It took thousands of years of planning and monumental efforts of human labor throughout history. The efforts towards the destruction of humanity is vast and beyond your imagining. Throughout the Universe we are known as The Earth Problem to the extra terrestrial species. There is definite reason for concern, but I assure you Humanity will more than just survive. The darkness it seems was a filter to weed out the unrighteous humans. It would be irresponsible for the Creation to allow a wicked self serving being to become immortal. All of this negative attention comes from a place far from Earth. That’s why they’re so hostile towards us and ultimately would prefer to see every last Human die. We are going to become immortal and all powerful compared to all things of flesh. Well, the ones that make it will.

All other species of the Universe will not be able to withstand our assaults and they know it. However, only the meek will pass so their fears are technically unfounded. In an ironic twist of fate their attempt to destroy Humanity; they inadvertently bring about their destruction. The destruction and demise will spread far beyond Earths solar system. On this day that Humanity rises the Earth will not change, the entire freaking Universe will change. Every civilization throughout the Universe will take heed and our local oppressors that tried in vain to turn a problem into profit, will find their mouths difficult to lift. Their tongue will become heavy and their bodies weak with dread and terror unlike any ever felt or experienced by any creature that has ever been created. This will be a first for the Universe and truly something new under the sun. That is assuming more than one Human makes it. One has to make it because the Universe is going to pick the best available and that will be The One. This person will be the sperm that fertilizes the egg of the latest Creation.

It will be as if this one is God. However there are no Gods. This person would be immortal and far beyond the capabilities of any other Human alive but still, not a God. They could demand worship, but I take it on good faith that worship is not going to be requested and will more than likely be looked down upon. They could also be very angry about the mistreatment and attempts at murder their oppressors imposed on them. I believe the Creation would have had the wisdom to select someone that understands the futility of things like revenge, shame, hate, fear and possessiveness. I would imagine the Creation would select someone that would have a vast array of talents and interests both technical and artistic. I think the most important thing is that they hold no prejudice towards any single race and should truly deeply and passionately with an unwavering zeal, love Humanity. He/She may end up disapproving of all religions so all would kind of stand equal with their counterparts in terms of favor.

If you think about it having more than one of these immortals around could be a serious hazard. Could you imagine what happens when they fight? Here’s a thought, what if the other one is female. Could you imagine what happens when they fight? I guess that would make her Eve. The real question is that if there is only one that makes it to immortality, has the Creation reached its goal? The manifestation of what we Earthlings term God or even the Star Child. All of the oppression that was experienced by humanity was to prepare for and even create this manifestation. The Universe has been building an immortal body by slowly experiencing and using available forces. It was all to pave the way towards a brighter kinder future. It all happened because we learn better when we make mistakes ourselves. It happened to strengthen our spirits and forge our souls. It was all to make us and everything better.

It makes me wonder why there is so much hostility towards ones will, anyones will. All wills have been tested. Either you have yielded or stayed resolute by now. Who is your God? Is it money? Is it Life? Which is more valuable to you? If you think about it money is a kind of magic. My enemies most potent weapon. With enough of their magic you can twist any man or womans will to your liking. It is a rare and powerful spell towards gaining will and loyalty. Free will skeptics believe that since we are the result of physical laws our actions and behaviors must also be a consequence of these laws. That is to say that nobody deserves praise nor punishment for their actions as they do not truly have free will.

I guess that’s what your life comes down to doesn’t it; your will. So many of us have been denied our will. I believe that we are affected by natural laws, but our thinking can be like a virus that potentially could be resolved with a software update. An infected mind does not deserve punishment and even in a quarantine scenario you wouldn’t want to traumatize or damage the OS. Ultimately you have a type of value system regarding the outside world and your own inner world. The attacks on your will are things like fear, shame, hate, revenge and possessiveness. If you give into them you will lose your will and a greater will becomes your master. It seems that true will power comes from a place that only the heart, mind and soul can manifest, but the body must endure it. I believe that free will and the illusion of it is a 50/50 deal were half is involuntary and the other half is our deviant self fighting for control so that you can have your desires fulfilled, your way.

Some desires are instinctive and others are prescribed and then the routine becomes habitual. There are some desires that a creature chooses to take on. This does not always happen, but sometimes a desire that was not expected, nor genetically programmed just manifests. The challenge then becomes how do you get what you want, without breaking your own code and the code that everyone around you has agreed to live by. Your code has to be fair to you and others, because your will is the weight in a universal balance game. If you don’t have a code you then live by a raw code the Universe uses for all living things. A law of balance for all living things respective to the level of consciousness. If you have to step on toes and exceed what has been planned and guaranteed for you, there will be a debt for that excess.

Regardless of what or where your will comes from you will run into a wall and don’t feel ashamed, because we all will or have. The Creation is looking for The One just as bad as the bad guys are. I truly believe the Creation intends to bend the will/knee of every man and woman, except one. The one that is able to rise above the physical laws that controls ones actions and behaviors. Meaning the Creation is looking for one that is able create or at least re-create themselves for their own intentions. The search was for a big spirit that was without limit. The balance is that this person must also respect that they live in a physical body that is limited.

We all do run into a brick wall in the sense that our will is interrupted by something or another. The Universe has a way of detouring us and I believe it’s because we don’t know what we are here to do. Even if you do figure that out you still can’t know the future and it’s still gonna throw some major curve balls your way. I had this crazy idea the other day. Even if there is no 100% true free will that comes from us, someone’s or something’s will is being served. I believe a person who can truly have free will through internal development is what the Creation intended. The human condition was to create a being who would have the opportunity to transcend the physical plane. Ultimately the choice would be in their hands.

Since this person is a manifestation of the Creation it would be fair to assume that everything they experienced while growing up was so that they could choose and discern for themselves. To give them depth and understanding of the human condition. To see if they have a soul and if their is something out of this world about them. The Creation might have even denied them basic things like a structured life or even parents in order steer them towards having a strong sense of free will. This one was created by Earth, time, heat and pressure. It took the whole world and every single life ever lived to create this one. This one is deserving of a body that is no longer subject to physical laws as they have already transcended them by having an authentic, pure and free will. The one I speak of is Human and will come from Earth, that’s the problem.

I wanted to share one more thing with you. I was looking at the stars as I often do and I noticed something when looking at Leo. It looks like a “On Earth as it is in Heaven” kind of a thing. So I saw this stellar arrangement and had a little wow moment. It happens around 10/23/2015 in the Eastern morning sky. I just thought it would be amazing to be standing in front of the Sphinx looking at its face at this exact moment. Then look at what it’s looking at and then seeing this in the sky. Then asking “what is Leo looking at” and then see that it is looking at Sirius. All eyes on the bright blue star.


Now look at this plate from what is commonly referred to as The Lost Book of Nostradamus.  Do you see Mars, Venus and Jupiter conjoined?  Notice how the banner below the woman seems to hint towards a retrograde motion.  Also pay attention to the creatures at the bottom which to me represent Taurus and Libra.  Since it is coded they appear backwards, but we know the true order of the constellations.  Maybe now is the time this plate is referring to.  The interesting part is that Venus did perform her retrograde motion when our sun was in Taurus.  I wonder if Earth ever does a retrograde motion?  That could raise the temperature a bit.plate_119_the_lost_book_of_nostradamus

Edtiors – Munich (Cicada Remix)     This is the Jam right here. It’s a good beat and I love the lyrics. I love it when lyrics can teach a little wisdom.

Ennio Morricone & Elisa Toffoli – “Ancora Qui”    This song is from the Django soundtrack which was pretty great.  Now that I know what she is saying the song has deeper meaning, but what a beautiful song.  Ennio rocks and Elisa has such an incredibly powerful and controlled voice.

The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver – Ashes In The Air    I would have used the original video because it’s awesome, but you have to identify yourself because it’s explicit. The Flaming Lips have always made pretty great music. If you get a chance check out the video, it’s totally worth it.  Can you guess who the baby or the astronaut eyeball is in the story?  They came here for that baby.

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