The Antichrist

What a bizarre concept. A character that is infamous throughout history and cultures with only Jesus as his rival in notoriety. A name that has always existed in infamy. He is prophesied to cast a never experienced darkness throughout the world and rule as the prince of Hell on Earth. I grew up with all kinds of lore, prophecy and speculation of this long anticipated role that someone would play in the end times. He was to be a brilliant and masterful commander of great and overwhelming armies and his accomplishments would rival those of Alexander the Great. It’s said that he would rise after the fall of the renewed Roman empire. It was and probably still is one of the most fascinating theological interests of mine. For years I wondered who would dare to stand against God almighty in the highest. He is said to command lighting from the heavens as a weapon and wield great authority over the Earth. Who is it that would bring about the destruction of the world? Who would bring the world together in a false peace that would bring about God’s judgment upon humanity?

Without exaggerating I can honestly say that this persona and questions like, who he was, where he would emerge, absolutely obsessed me. I was looking for this figure hoping that I might be the one that would get the jump on him and ultimately prevent the horror’s that he would bring upon the world. I would cut his head off and save the world, I thought to myself. Then I would remember he is supposed to resurrect from a mortal head wound so that might actually play into his MO. How could I kill the Antichrist if I couldn’t even find the guy? There were some Intel problems with my goals, but I had the best of intentions with my desires. I wanted to kill the Antichrist and make God proud while saving the world. I was Catholic and as a Catholic I was lead to believe that some heroic act of vanquish would bring me glory and vindication. Needless to say I am not interested in killing the Antichrist anymore. Some of you must realize how super bizarre and ironic this all sounds coming from me. It’s all true; I’m not lying or exaggerating in any way. The irony for the avenging Christian is that killing someone over your religious beliefs, technically makes you a terrorist.

How bizarre that I believed murdering someone is what God wanted of me. I mean it isn’t just anybody, it’s the Antichrist. If God was ok with his Son being murdered at the discretion of his chosen people then certainly God would be ok with anybody murdering the son of his long time adversary, Satan. How foolish to think that I could overcome evil with evil. Evil begets evil. How foolish and small of faith to think that the Antichrist’s very existence is not the very will of the almighty and powerful God himself. If it was God’s will for the Antichrist to die then, surely he will die. Do you not have faith in that? How foolish is the Christian or Catholic to think they are to be the champion of God and be the one that brings down the Antichrist? What, do you think you’re Jesus or something? I rely on the following quote constantly and you should as well “Be still and know that I am God”.

I love how some religious people see the guy Daniel writes about in the Book of Daniel as the Antichrist while other religious people see him as Christ. Based on the provided text it’s totally debatable. What if the Antichrist is some natural phenomenon and his manifestation is in fact a very natural thing. There is no supernatural. There is only understood nature and misunderstood nature. Kind of like the same difference between magic and technology. Western culture is so disrespectful to nature, always seeking to control it. If it doesn’t benefit us we kill it. If it can’t be controlled we kill it. Do you honestly believe that nature is evil? Do you believe that anything that is born is unnatural? It almost seems like most religious beliefs go directly against natural behavior. Not saying that all religious teachings are to be disregarded, but you have to draw a line somewhere. Like an animal that can do things no other animal can do and his misunderstood natural abilities have made him a target. If the Antichrist is a natural phenomenon and therefore a creation of God it would be as if he is Adam trying to flee a garden of horrors.

I imagine that if anybody had the drop on the Antichrist they would know his name, birth date and place and with that track and manipulate his entire life from infancy. As a child he would be watched and prevented certain opportunities that could lead to his long anticipated destiny. All of the people in his life would be manipulated in the slightest and intrusive ways in an effort to steer his destiny in a desired direction. Obviously in order to do all of this manipulation you would have to have vast resources and serious pull. If anybody had the ability to with 100% certainty anticipate such a figure then they must also have had the ability to steer global events since at least some time before writing about him. Even writing about the Antichrist was a deliberate and highly tactical move that was spawned from much planning. If you are in power and want to stay in power and you know this guy is going to hit the scene then everything you do is somehow related to preventing this Antichrist from ever reaching his destiny.

If you are a powerful and intelligent person that wants to stay in power then you must commit yourself to a long standing war against the Antichrist. If you have the advantage of foresight then many things can be done to further your cause. If he was a force for good you would make everyone very unclear about whom he was or would be while knowing exactly who he was. You could start entire religions that would follow or even fear this person. You could even name him “The Antichrist” with that kind of advantage. You would also have to create his benevolent protagonist adversary and have people worship that guy in order to substantiate the plot. Propaganda and slander loaded with unfathomable amounts of prejudice could be used to great effect. You could make the religion that interpreted him as their leader the bad guys to the religion that feared him. You could make the religion that feared him engage in a justified war against that religion and visa verso. All the while telling both that their murderous actions pleased the God you made them believe in. You could even profit from these wars caused by your poisonous beliefs. It requires great skill and craft to turn such a problem into opportunity.

I’m sure they would try to indirectly communicate with this person by creating media that would speak to him. Maybe they could tell a story that would scare him from even attempting to continue on his life path. Maybe they could manipulate him into doing something that would allow them to control his destiny using the mass media channel. I’m sure all of these things are happening right before our eyes but we are blind to it due to our perspective. They have set themselves to test his will, but I’m sure before any of these things were employed many attempts on his life were made. Maybe even on his parents’ lives. Obviously if you can kill him before he rises to power then the problem is solved as you beat him to the punch. I’m sure many attempts on his life were and probably still are being attempted and as those fail new efforts arise. If they can’t kill him then maybe they can shape him into a monster. Turn him into exactly what they said he would be. By frustrating, embarrassing, emasculating, shaming, exposing, hating, teasing, provoking, privately recording and bastardizing him they would try to create their perfectly useful monster.

Doing all of this to someone in this day in age would be a gross and shocking violation of civil rights and absolutely diabolical. In order to do all of these things a secret society that was willing to break every law in the book to carry out these cruel and unfair abuses of rights. This secret society would be plugged into all parts if not every single nook and cranny of that civilization his rise to power was expected. All commercial and civil institutions would need to be infiltrated if not created to aid in the thwarting of the Antichrist’s destiny. Those that partake in his oppression will be rewarded and protected by a generous and gracious hand; they will want for nothing. They will know that so long as this directing hand is in power and is obeyed, they too will be in power. All their recruits look at this oppressed man and say “He doesn’t stand a chance. I’m in”. The secret army set to destroy the Antichrist grows with this certainty. I’m convinced that everything and every government is dedicated to stopping this person they have titled The Antichrist. Even the very existence of the United States of America was done purely to stop this menacing threat to someone’s power. It’s all about him.

Could you imagine how this guy feels? He must know how Atlas feels. Even worse, what if he is actually the good guy only guilty of having good intentions and the real bad guys have completely flipped the script on everyone and everything. What if he is the key to a clearer path of spirituality while those that use humanity spread false religions in order to prevent any true form of spirituality? They call anything that disembarks from their plotted course as evil. Any step he takes is blocked and any action he takes is taken out of context. Any word he says is manipulated far from its actual intention and ultimately what is good is made to appear bad. Most people must think even as a child he was planning his great rise to power. Looking at everything that he would get to destroy and salivating at the thought. I have another crazy idea that just might surprise you. What if he is just being dragged along unwillingly, unfortunately, bitterly and painfully not understanding how this world became a living hell all because he was born. TPTB threat to him is that if he rises they will destroy the world by nuclear war and blame it all on him.

I think the biggest plot hole in the Antichrist story is that if he is Satan or the son of Satan then I would imagine he has the ability to read. If you were the Antichrist or Satan and could read then why would you be so foolish as to follow the prophesied text? That would be like a country publicly outing their secret agents or posting their war plans online. Wouldn’t it be wise to find another path to power and as I write this I realize how incriminating that statement sounds. Sometimes I think, “what if this is all a test”. What I am describing is a completely reversed role than what the Bible depicts of the Antichrist. A test for the poor guy deemed The Antichrist to overcome fear by faith and will, but also a test for all those “Christians” that will engage in persecuting him. How Satanic would it be to get Christians to hunt and kill Jesus? The ultimate bitch slap from God. The guy you think is the worst most evil and heinous creature ever to walk the Earth turns out being God’s son; shit maybe even God himself. The guy you believe is destined to destroy the world is actually the one that saved you all. And the irony is that if you would have just followed the most basic of commandments even of a false religion, you would be spared from the judgment of your actions. When all this comes to pass and all is said and done you will know that there is a God and will reign on Earth as he does in heaven.

Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast : The album title is also The Number Of The Beast. I hope you enjoy Iron Maiden in Lego. How fitting is it to use toys to perform a song about the most epic mind game ever played on humanity? Don’t pay the lyrics too much attention. I just think that if there was a song about the Antichrist, this is it.

The Philip Glass Ensemble – Pruit Igoe and Prophecies : I honestly have no idea what the lyrics mean, but this is one of those obscure songs that when heard invokes many feelings in me. I’m not sure if that has to do with the context it was used in the movie Watchmen, but it stirs me. I hope you enjoy it and I’m sure for most of you it will be the first time ever hearing the entire song.

I’m Your Boogie Man – KC and the Sunshine Band : I think this is an interesting song choice for this post, but what sold me is that the video is about Watchmen. The Antichrist has to be some kind of Boogie Man if there ever was one.

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