About My Mothers

I have 2 Mothers and one is the child of the other. My human Mother is a loving and good woman, but she like all human beings, has her faults. She was not the best Mother, but she also wasn’t the worst. Many look down on my Mother because she lacks accomplishments or has failed so many times. I will admit that I have looked down with my eyes closed and nodded my head over my Mother so many times. Regardless of her faults and lack of understanding she always loved me and made that very clear. I see love as a verb and a set of consistent actions of benevolence. It just turns out that my Mothers ironic burden in life would be that regardless of her good will and righteous intentions, she lacked the ability to emotionally overcome her many life traumas. Her ability to act out love was diminished in so many ways. I know that she tried. I know that she did the best she could even if it didn’t necessarily compare to the efforts of other parents, but you know what; it was enough.

My Mother sacrificed herself for me in so many ways it’s unimaginable. Sure we struggled and fought through most of our journey together but, I love her dearly. The life my Mother gave me was hard, lonely, tough, confusing, painful and absolutely amazing. Some of you think that I seek your pity, but that is not my goal; I’m bragging about my life. I have lived an amazing life. I can tell you eye opening stories for countless days because of the life my Mother gave me. I am grateful for it all. I learned how to live, survive, laugh, love, learn and most importantly, stick to my guns. At a very young age I experienced very many years without my Mothers presence. She gave me what some would call, character. Only a fool would fail to see the advantage I was given over so many. Being raised around thugs and thieves, selfish and hateful criminal cutthroats was one reality I experienced. On the other hand my grandparents put me in a world of upright conservatism and traditional values, wealth and prosperity, class and correctness. I brokered these two worlds and played my roles respectively. I always believed they were two worlds, but now I know they are one and the same.

My Mother is now a devout Christian and has changed in so many ways. We clash on so many issues. I’m sure any experienced reader of the Blue Creature Blogoon can imagine. Even if I disagree with some, maybe even most of her dogmatic religious beliefs, I still love her and work on civil interaction. I am at peace with my childhood. I’ve gotten over so much and I’m not jealous at other people that had both or even one “good” parent. When I think of myself I know that if I had a dad to spoil me I wouldn’t be so driven to succeed. If my mom allowed me to hide under her skirt I wouldn’t learn how to hold my own in any situation. Whatever success I had in life is due to the fact that I knew that no one would prop me up with comfort and security if I failed. I was such a gullible, immature, overly playful, sweet and selfish little kid. I was a big ham and kind of still am, but if these qualities weren’t balanced they would have doomed me. Many events in my life have led to balance of my characteristics or at least an earnest effort has been made to cause that reaction and I still do a great deal of self reflecting. Basically what I’m saying is my Mom and her actions even those that many would disapprove of, were perfect for me and my life journey.

I have another Mother that I also want to tell you about. She is Mother to most of you as well. She is my Earth Mother, Mother Earth. She is wild and beautiful, crafty and wise; a Goddess like no other. She is dressed in many colors and ornate as a fine queen. She like my heavenly father demands no worship, but will feed and protect her children till her last breath. My Earth Mother is a temptress to all who witness her luscious life. All are tantalized by her tempting flesh and grow mad with the possibilities of having her for themselves. She’s a very sexual being and her sexuality manifests in so many ways; it’s what keeps her alive. Like my Father, it’s not all sunshine and love; she has a very dark side as well. She is a most vicious and skilled predator on the hunt for her king and I assure you the female of the spirit is far more dangerous than the male. Some say she’s a whore and a slut that everyone can pollute and desecrate as they please. The men that use her take her kindness for weakness. They have put her in restraints and slave her around selling and renting her to cruel and disrespectful masters. It has made it hard for her to feed her children. These men only want to use her flesh and profit from sale of her children.

Mother Earth is quite skilled in the art of seduction. It is my belief that Creation does not necessarily begin after destruction. It may be that seduction is a far greater force in the art of Creation. The Father is in spirit and wields a raging veiny consciousness and the Mother was wet with living flesh that yearned to be penetrated and impregnated. Their union was a beautiful success as we are their ultimate creation. Their marriage was like any marriage and was not to serve them, but everyone else. After the honeymoon was over Father had to leave to fight a war and would be gone for some time and during his absence even with child many suitors moved to defile her. She waits for her King to return. While she waits she endures the onslaught of her matricidal children that have been twisted by an infection of the mind. Her children are moved by cold and calculating men that create problems in order to confuse and manipulate them.

I wait for the day that her King, My Father returns full of glory and wrath for those that dared to harm or kill his queen and their children. Also to redeem those that that spoke and fought for the truth and not did not harm their brothers and sisters over greed or fear. When my Mother stands with the Father again there will be a reckoning and correction. No longer will my Mother be disrespected and shackled, nor will any of her children or any of their children’s children. She will be free to be as bold, beautiful and as sexy as she desires. All of the confusion and manipulation will end and clarity will reign. There will be order in the house once again. Her children will look her up and down and see that she is their beloved and beautiful queen and will rule over them with a tender and loving hand. She will take her place once again as Queen of the Heavens and her reign will never again be questioned. Her crown will be encrusted with treasures and abilities beyond comprehension and will glimmer boldly in the glare of the moon. I hope you all had a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Goldie – Saturnz Return – Mother : I’m gonna go with a new format (Artist – Album – Song Title) when I can. This is probably the most beautiful song Goldie has ever made. A very long intro, but totally worth it. A very trancey and mellow song that is also powerful as it delivers a high level of emotion.

Pink Floyd – The Wall – Mother : I couldn’t think of a better song for this post, literally.

Claude Debussy – Clare de Lune : I don’t know what album this came out on. Some have interpreted it to mean Moon light, but I understand it as glare of the moon. I am a big fan of Debussy and it amazes me that this song is over a century old and since I first herd it as a child, still to this day this song absolutely captivates me. I personally enjoy the piano version the most. His music has withstood the test of time. I chose this song because it makes me think of life through the eyes of an Earth creature as we all wonder and marvel at the glare of the Moon. It’s beauty and splendor is a fine compliment to this post.

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