The Babylon Protocol

That fabled city of the past that is also of the future. Few truly understand what Babylon actually represents. In short it is a divide and conquer campaign. I can see so many parallels of that historic Babylon with today’s world. Some say America is Babylon, but I think it’s the whole world and the state it’s in. One could almost conclude that the telling of Babylon was not only a description of both past and future, but more of an outline and even a set of instructions on how it should be. A how to instructional manual, if you will. You know “To Serve Man”, if you know what I mean. As if some occult group should follow these instructions and make it so. In reality we have their battle strategy right in front of our faces we just didn’t know it until now. When I think of Babylon I think of Atlantis not because of any prominent parallels, but because they share a similar sense of mythology. Is it about the past or is it about the future? Plato wrote of a lost continent and then Columbus finds a continent and nobody came to the conclusion that Plato’s lost continent had been found.

We are told that Babylon is where man in his prideful rebellion against God dared to build a tower that would reach the heavens to encounter God or to become like Gods. And God in his infinite wisdom struck this tower down and confounded the tongues of humanity then spread us far and wide causing man to be divided and literally babel to one another. Biblically we are told that God didn’t think we were ready to be united by a common language because then all that we sought to do would be possible. That does not seem like the actions of a loving God. One could argue that God wanted us to master life on Earth before we ventured out to the heavens. Maybe the Biblical God wanted mankind to evolve on Earth for a little longer before we take to the stars.

My evil eye sees something far more sinister afoot. It’s as if a malevolent alien force created an invisible God simply by writing a book with the intent to not exactly destroy humanity, but keep it in the dark and make great use of its confounded state, like farm animals. Cause us to worship and become dependent on a God they created, not the Creator. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even think the Creator I believe in wants to be worshiped. Worship is a false form of spirituality plain and simple. It distracts you from self development and causes you to idolize and feeds your ego when you serve and please your master. This was all to prevent that tower of ascension that mankind would dare climb. The real question is did “God” do this or is “God” planning to do this now. Is that what’s going on or is that what happened? This theorized malevolent alien force would need to disguise their efforts. How could they do that? Well let’s see, they could always use our ego, pride, race, language, nationality, natural resources, war and especially religion.

If you are focused on yourself and your selfish desires you will not see the tribulations of the world or even those around you. Your pride will blind you of any survival instincts not only of your own but also of your entire species. You will see skin color, language, country or culture as supremely dividing features. We are carnal beings and if resources are limited we will have to compete for them, which is why all the natural resources of the world are being decimated. To entirely pollute us with bad instructions that are self defeating, war sustaining, ego building beliefs designed to destroy not only yourself, but all others that are not in agreement. You say no? That is not what religion is for. Well then let’s ask some more questions. Christians disagree with the Jewish and Islamic faiths. Jewish faith disagrees with Christian and Islamic faiths. Islam disagrees with Christian and Jewish faiths, but they all have common threads and I believe this is to create a sense of consistent validity among the three. They even have a disputed holy land as if the great Creator really is so feeble as to be dependent on a piece of land.

Imagine some alien species made contact and told humanity that they have a book written by their supreme deity that is full of wisdom, is written in their language and documents their past and culture. Then they tell you, Oh by the way we are his chosen people and you are just lucky enough to be in our presence and we’ll even let you be part of it, but first we need you to find the guy that is going to blaspheme against us so we can murder him and then not only will our deity accept you like us, you will be saved. Just to remove any possibility that we actually overcome their ploys they also threw in a prophecy of an anti-deity. They tell us that this anti-deity will be evil and will say things that actually make sense, but this is actually a trick so don’t fall for it. If you are not suspicious by any of that then I’ve got a bridge for sale and you’re the perfect buyer.

There are generally three kinds of reactions to what I am writing about. One reaction is the completely and totally brain washed reaction and that is to take offense, get all but hurt and let the ego take over voiding any rationality from ever understanding the situation. The second is a defiant reaction that will use scripture to go in circles to denounce and disprove any of these “Satanic” inspired ideas, which is used to further substantiate any religious doctrine. The third reaction is one of sadness and is a deep realization that you have been made a fool of by those that seek to if not totally destroy, but enslave you by benefiting from your efforts. The third reaction is a painful one as the God you grew up with, you believed in and even relied on is a total sham and in reality now takes on the visage of the Satan you were warned of. Even more troubling to the awoken is the realization that if the God you were raised on is not real then who is looking out for us. I assure you the Creator is very real, but the true Creator is nothing like that destroyer you have been taught to obey and worship. Until you empty your cup of these lies, you will not be able to sense the true Creator.

It’s not unlike the 911 event. If you truly believe it was a real terrorist event then you have been fooled and either don’t care or are just stupid. If you see all of the evidence and still say “no faction of the government had anything to do with it and it was an authentic terrorist act of religious zealots”, you’re complicit and somehow benefiting from the situation and a traitor to humanity. If you’re deeply hurt by the fact that some faction of the government felt it necessary to kill its own citizens in order to create a war for profit and empire, you will be deeply hurt and saddened by it and you have a soul and are worth saving. In reality 911 and the resulting terrorist paradigm was not primarily for profit or enterprise, but was so that they could call the prophets (speaking truths) terrorists and take them out with a drone strike without a shred of decent or accountability. This Babylon has been a plan in the works for a very long time. Not hundreds of years, but thousands.

I had this sick thought the other day; what if this has all happened before. I don’t believe that whoever created us would wish for their children to suffer without end, so they must have put something in (junk DNA) us that would free us from these carnal shackles after a certain amount of time. A timed transcendence apparatus that is most likely powered or timed by the sun or who knows what and that doesn’t even matter, but what does is that it will happen if it is allowed. If you don’t have a corrected ego the abilities will remain dormant and you can’t fake it, you have to truly be concerned for the well being of others and more than just your immediate family. It is likely that the very alien force that enslaves us is of the same species as the ones that created us. Some agreement was made to use us to extract precious minerals and whatever else of value can be derived from our enslavement for that time and then our work would be over and we would be free. What if they broke contract and used this knowledge to prolong our temporal enslavement. How would they do that you might ask. They would have to kill us all and begin with the original Adam to reset the evolution clock and then do it all again. They take us to that point just before ascension and then destroy us like if time and all our progress never even took place and we end up at square one to start the whole cycle over again like a recycled matrix. It’s a theory and one I don’t have the means to prove.

This is why they need to keep the theory of Evolution very distant from Creationism. It’s because Creation and Evolution are actually intertwined and deeply connected. Only life forms that possess a soul evolve. This time around they failed to destroy us in order to reset all and the credit goes to the Creator for that. I believe that this is what Daniel meant by “The End Times”, when the Babylon Protocol finally fails. Who are the humans you might ask. In America they are called minorities. That does not mean that all white people are aliens, I’m not saying that at all. As a matter of fact there are many whites fighting very hard to save humanity. There are factions working against each other, one to use and then destroy us and the others to save and free us. These factions are at war every day and you see them on TV and in movies all the time. Many actors and musical artists have no idea they are part of this war, some do. This media communication medium is a way for either faction to maintain plausible deniability. I also believe that Hollywood and the music industry are neutral and only serve as a communication layer. Signals are sent to the general public, targeted individuals, confidants, conspirators and even their enemies in a multicast fashion. It is absolutely brilliant and very effective as it can even save lives and I know firsthand that it has. We all see something different respective of our perspective.

This is why I believe the Jews are so important and special. They are endowed with higher intelligence, but will also evolve and transcend as humans were intended to. This is why so many efforts have been made to kill off the Jews. They were a kind of safe guard against the ones that would break contract. Smart enough to see through the lies and human enough to have a soul, a divine soul even. The purpose of the Jews was not to be the Creators favorite or chosen people, but to save humanity and if you don’t see them saving and valuing human life, it is because they are impostors. I realize that there may be some people offended by what I just wrote, but then I challenge the offended to show us that they are better or more like God. Prove it by being more merciful and kinder to the rest of humanity. Not taking land from people that have lived somewhere for generations would be a good start. Better yet prove you have faith in your God by not using violence or manipulative policies to get promised lands. Let the all powerful God set things right. Why commit acts of violence when they have the Holy of the hollies guarding and promising delivery?

We live in a world of many impostor Jews that have sought to aid in our destruction. It is also likely that enough of the fallen angels have mixed with the daughters of humanity to dilute any transcendent ability rendering it useless even if the time limit of the end times is reached. What if just one single pure blood Jew/human made it and reaches that point of carnal transcendence? Would that one be called God? So then any day now one will be born and then be able to transcend any wicked ploy of those that seek to keep humanity underfoot. I don’t really know what carnal transcendence exactly means. I have my ideas and theories, but I’m willing to bet it will be unlike anything seen before. It is my hope and I’m sure that the Creator would choose one that is pure of heart and compassionate enough to truly save humanity and bring this world to peace. Even if the enemy is aware of whom this individual is the Creator will be their guiding and protecting this one from destruction in order to save all of humanity. When that day comes the wicked king of Babylon will see the writing on the wall. No interpretation will be needed, he will know exactly what it spells and that is his destruction.

Be careful with their false salvation because they have used our hope against us in more ways than you can possibly imagine. They need to make us all believe that we will be saved if we do nothing and just wait for Jesus. They need to convince you that you know everything you need to know and there are no secrets to be revealed other than the ones in the book they gave you. They need to make us believe that justice is being served. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying the Bible is a book of lies or purely to destroy us. It can go either way. It just depends on the way the stories are presented. The ones that wrote it did so in a balanced nature. It can be used to save us, but I see it mainly being used to destroy. Destruction and Creation go hand in hand and can be the result of either. If you have an uncorrected or manipulated ego and read the Bible through the eyes of religious dogma, it will destroy. If you have a corrected ego and are pure of heart it can be used to save us all. Think of it like a mother child proofing a room. She loves her child so she will see what in that room can harm the child. If the mother does not care about the child she will be oblivious and totally blind to the dangers in that room.

The Babylon protocol is about preventing a new age of enlightenment or those ascending and wiping out humanity to start it over so that the powers that be can continue playing God and if they had it their way, it would go forever. They will create a false sense of a new age in order to satisfy any desires to progress humanity into enlightenment. There was a law in the proposed ancient Babylon that stated that if someone accused anyone of trying to kill them without evidence they would be put to death. I can tell you that this law seems real familiar to me. I interpret it as if anyone can sense negative intentions like murder they need to be killed. If everyone could sense or see the murderous traps, the powers that be would not be in power. The ancient Babylon of the Bible is not a historical account in my view and who knows it might also be that, but I see it happening now. We are seeing the Babylon Protocol play out and those that stand to gain and escape justice need us to stay egotistical, selfish, diluted, superficial, jealous, racist, scared, frustrated and distracted in order for their wicked plan to work again.

Joan Osborne – What If God Was One of Us : It’s a tantalizing question to say the least. I believe that the Created are a manifestation of consciousness and what if the highest of consciousnesses decided to manifest in humanity. Based on the Babylon Protocol if that was true then they would have to kill this individual before that power manifested in order to repeat their cycle. Some believe that America’s only purpose was to prevent this individual from reaching that goal of Creation and once they kill that individual they destroy the country. It would mean the pilgrims came here to persecute with their religion. I wonder where that mandate would come from.

The Police – Wrapped Around Your Finger : Very interesting lyrics when applied to the Babylon Protocol. The line “Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes” is a reference to Homer’s sequel to the Iliad, The Odyssey where Odysseus overcomes impossible odds on his Journey home after that epic Trojan War. And then you have a line like “Mephistopheles is not your name”. Mephistopheles was like a Satan figure of Hellenic culture and would offer immortality in exchange for your soul. The song begins with him being wrapped around a finger and towards the end the relationship is reversed. Check out the lyrics if you like

Creation – official movie trailer : You don’t have the right to argue Evolution or Creationism until you have at least studied one of these sciences, but it’s best to understand both. I would recommend Kabbalah teachings for a technical understanding of Creationism. I urge you to read On the Origin of Species as it is offered for free by Amazon for Kindle owners or the Kindle App for $0.99. What does the movie Creation have in common with the movies Master and Commander and A Beautiful Mind? Pretty interesting actually as Darwin is played by Paul Bettany and his daughter played by Martha West who are also John Nash’s imaginary friends (Marcee and Parcher) in a Beautiful Mind. John Nash is a man of great intelligence (a Nobel Prize winner) a gifted code breaker and sees patterns that are invisible to most and is played by Russel Crowe. While Jennifer Connelly plays John Nash’s wife and also plays Darwins wife in Creation. Then you have Master and Commander where Russel Crowe and Paul Bettany work together and with incredible consistency and timing as Paul plays a younger Darwin because he was younger when he made the film. They are all very deeply connected and intertwined. The crazy part for me is that I successfully used Russel Crowe as Maximus for my doppelganger.

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