Dios Maquina

The God Machine for those of you that don’t speak Español. I first heard of it in Donnie Darko. It caught my interest as to what it could mean. I have heard and read many ideas of what it is, which makes it all that much more difficult to truly define. For me it is a tantalizing possibility for humanity, Earth and the Universe. What could this God machine do? To answer that question I began questioning what is real or what reality even is. If physical reality is the result of consciousness and consciousness is not the result of physical reality then it must mean our consciousness has to be an extremely important piece of the reality puzzle. I mean what you believe is ultimately real, to you. Does that mean that if we change what we believe, we can change reality? So much about us allows us to alter reality and our level of consciousness is exponentially increasing in its ability to alter reality.

Since that first day humans used a rock as a weapon until this present day where we have devised sophisticated ways to design, model and calculate every aspect of a manufacturing or construction project, we have been on an evolutionary trajectory. It’s as if the Universe creates things to create things and the created become better and better at creating. So we have reality creating things that alter and or create realities. If that is the case then it would make sense that our brains cellular structures resemble galactic and stellar patterns of the Universe. Our existence could be explained by saying the universe wanted to create miniature versions of its self and gave each an ego. The ego’s purpose would be to direct the reality engine. When you look at it that way, Ego correction becomes paramount. I imagine that some of us may have more of an ability to alter reality than others.

When I say “are more able to alter reality than others” I am not talking about capital or even engineering or structural constructive skills, but I’m sure that helps. I am referring to an inherent ability of one’s consciousness to manifest a desire, to direct intention and it be done. To stand on a hill in the presence of many and command lightning and it be timed to the demands of their voice. It could be one of two things that allowed that event to happen, either it was this person’s authority over reality or their every thought and action was timed by the universe to happen in concert with such events making it appear as authority over reality. I witnessed this event many years ago and it has always caused me to ponder how it could be possible. It led me to consider the most amazing possibility. What if there is one out there that has a brain that is a replica or best replica to date of the existing Universe? And what if that mind was literally the Universes Adam or the son of the Universe if you will, giving that individual greater authority over reality than previous versions.

In any case this person, this manifestation of the Universe would be seen as a supreme threat to the powers that be. Undoubtedly this person would encounter resistance to their very existence. They would be called the Antichrist or Satan, something like that. Using the belief reality ability of our minds, the ones in power would try to turn many consciousnesses against this being. The Universe is a thorough creator as it does not just create beings as it also creates their destinies. Choice is truly an illusion. All things and events are timed with precise synchronicity to all destinies. I imagine that if one attempted to alter this beings universally appointed destiny the Universe would have course corrections for such events. A course correction could even be a thought or a perception as it doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical action to guarantee ones destiny. I bet there would be a type of instant data feed to this mind that would allow them to almost like remember things as they happened. Synchronicities would seem to be the norm around this person. If their brain structure is a replica of the Universe then events from past, present and future of the Universe would be literally encoded into their mind. It’s as if their mind was functioning like twin particles that displayed to quote Einstein “spooky behavior” between themselves and the Universe.

I wonder if a struggle between the Universe and this mind would ensue. Data of happening events of the Universe could instantaneously alter Adam’s mind or does his mind contain all possible outcomes. Could it be that the opposite is possible? Meaning that if Adam changes his mind does the Universe change? I guess it would be crazy to think that one could just imagine a building and it just appear instantly. But what if because of the temporal dimensionality of this reality it just takes some time of that intention existing in this one’s mind for it to eventually manifest. The real crazy part is that 3 years prior someone was drawing plans for the very same imagined building and construction began days after Adam imagined it. It’s all connected and we are hardly aware of how tightly woven it truly is. This Adam could point to the ground and say “I want a Sun Flower to grow right there”. A month later somehow, magically by coincidence or directed intention, a Sun Flower grows in that exact spot. Adam did not plant a seed in the ground nor did he apply water to that patch of dirt. The Universe sent a bird to perch on the fence above the patch of dirt and eat the Sun Flower seeds (that shouldn’t take root) that the neighbor puts in their bird feeder. The other neighbors sprinkler water runoff happens to perfectly irrigate that spot.

I have suggested that we collectively are God and it would make sense that if the soul of God is in Humanity then we could come together with a similar intention and perform miracles. I mean the more of us that are together then the more God is present by my logic. Again, for me the word God is interchangeable with the word consciousness. I’m not talking about the God we learned of in Church, I’m trying to describe a God, a consciousness that exists within us, without us and is in everything and every moment of the Universe. Our small minds are incapable of understanding its actions because it takes so long to achieve its goals. Both the wicked and the righteous are completely unaware how they truly serve this omnipresent consciousness, but I assure you, they and you do serve it without fail. Both our personal successes and failures are part of its efforts.

What if humanity was able to come together with the intention of grouping minds to alter reality by changing only our minds? Not by moving a thing or by building stuff, but simply by desire and or intention that we are able to alter reality. Could we move mountains this way? To conduct this experiment of mass consciousness on reality we would need something or someone that we could at least see to have some common mental concept to share or focus on. Then we would also need to be able to check to see if we have any results. I would love to have a focused chat room and schedule to synchronize the desires and intentions, but I don’t have that kind of resource currently. So I was thinking of someone that we could heal. Someone that is in the limelight that we could all watch and see it happen and then we would know that many minds can indeed alter and create reality.

The problem with what I’m proposing is that I’m talking about sending healing or even altering energy towards someone that is famous and I, by I – I do mean we would need permission from this person to do such a thing. We can’t be guilty of denying anybody their free will. We always have to be respectful of free will when altering reality. The idea is that many people focus the intention and not so much prey because it is more like commanding that this person be fixed. Through focused desire and intention this person should somehow someway be fixed either miraculously or conventionally. Some people may seem to be broken to us, but to them there is nothing wrong so again I wouldn’t like to drag someone famous into this without their permission, but I would love to try it so the world could see what is possible. It’s an experiment of consciousness and it might not work, but if it does we would be looking at the dawn of a new age were anything we imagine would be possible. When the Tower of Babel was erected, it was this very issue that caused the Biblical God to scatter humanity and confound our languages.

If you want to practice the ability to manifest, alter and or create I would suggest simply imagining it as you would like it. Just meditate on that visual and the more you realize it the more you should feel the results of its existence or change. Feel as if it has taken place. Tie emotion to your desires and intentions and that is like a radio beacon to the Universe sending out signals to all the parts and if the desire is pure enough, is balanced and your intention focused enough, it will be. I think your level of consciousness and awareness of the Universe is what determines how long it takes for manifestation to complete. Think of your intentions and desires spreading out in all directions. Imagine everything working to fulfill your desire. If your desire is too selfish you will probably not have the greatest results and that’s why I say it should be balanced. Whatever you desire, it shouldn’t only serve you; others should also be able to benefit from it. Don’t ask someone or something to make the change for you. You command the Universe and your energy of command programs everything to follow your lead. Some of you will not be able to do it, others will succeed beyond their wildest dreams, but together I there is no doubt of success. I may have just let the Genie out of the bottle on this one.

Rage Against the Machine : Wake Up – With a Matrix video. The message Neo leaves is right in line with what I just wrote about. I take most of it as metaphor, but I get the feeling that whatever is looming or is about to ignite will be more amazing than anything any movie producer could ever dream of.

Ryan Adams : Wonderwall – I love this version of Wonderwall. I guess for me the lyrics stand out more and adds so much more depth to it all.

Tears For Fears : Sowing The Seeds Of Love – I wanted to go with a song from Donnie Darko, but this just says it all. This song is echoing my message or I’m echoing its, but regardless we are on the same page. This song has an intention behind it and maybe I’m just another part of the Universe helping that same intention along its way so it can reach manifestation.

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