There are many prophecies from various cultures that supposedly have been and are to be fulfilled. Who knows how many of them are true or made up. Some were created in our modern times and sold as prophecy of the past. If they are true prophecies then it is likely they are severely misinterpreted. Some prophecies that have been fulfilled could have actually been post diction and not a prediction. Meaning the prophecy was written after the event took place while we in the future have no way to confirm either case. There is a conundrum one faces when contemplating the reality of any prophecy, especially if you intend to make use of it to favor you. You see seeing the future changes the future and that changes everything. So telling the future can actually prevent it, making a prophet appear to be false. It is said that the Creator loves a sage more than a prophet. I believe that’s because a prophet only sees or knows something while a sage can actually make it happen.

A true prophet will be called a blasphemer. The title of prophet is not just for one that tells the future but also tells the truth. The true prophet does not tell you something that you already know. Repeating things from the Bible and delivering it in the same context that is so popular does not make you a prophet; it makes you a parrot. A true prophet will tell you things that makes you uncomfortable and rattles your understanding of things and shatters your foundations. A prophet is someone that goes against the grain and exposes lies with bravery and self sacrifice. Those that speak out will be oppressed, isolated, silenced and often accompanied with attempts on their life. A true prophet does not live in total peace and riches. The prophet will have powerful enemies and attacked on all sides for their efforts. Do all those ministers and preachers caked with makeup and wealth look like that to you? Do they seem oppressed to you? Evil and selfish forces are the wealthy and privileged of this world and those that say they speak the truth but live in peace and prosperity are impostors teaching spiritual children to be foolish and accept lies. A true prophet will be protected by the Creator. Try killing a true prophet and you will find it is like chasing the wind and you will achieve nothing.

There are so many prophecies that are so popular, but my favorites are the ones from the Bible. I don’t think anybody has a clue about the Mayan prophecies and rightfully so as most are probably made up and we obviously don’t know how to use their calendar. December 21st 2012 is my strongest argument for our total lack of interpretation or even basic understanding of what their calendar or language meant. It was probably made up by modern cultural programmers for who knows what reason. I love how people keep coming up with alternate dates and their proof is some old guy speaking some bizarre language. Supposedly the Hopi are expecting a Blue Kachina (What the hell is a Kachina?), but I don’t know any Hopi as they were decimated by a “civilized” western culture which shortly after was quick to condemn other countries of horrible acts of genocide. Keep in mind that America holds the winning title for the most significant act of genocide committed in the last 200 years. The Nazi’s and the Turks pale in comparison. Anyways none of the prophecies can truly be traced to their origin for various reasons, genocide being among the reasons.

For the above stated reasons I enjoy the Biblical prophecies most. We have a better understanding or familiarity with the cultures and languages in which the prophecies were written. That still doesn’t mean that the common interpretation of them is actually correct, but at least we have some common ground when attempting to interpret them. To me everything ever written or said both lie and truth is the word of God and it may take you some time to understand that but I needed to say that in order to qualify my next statement. Everything that happens is the act of the Creator, both wicked and righteous; all things come from the Creator. The Bible is not the literal word of God. It was written by very crafty and intelligent men and who knows maybe even aliens, but definitely not directly from what I consider to be the Almighty Creator that I know as God. So what I mean by that is that the ones that wrote it did not write it with the same intent of the Almighty’s intention. The Creator uses the wicked in that way. Greed can be a powerful ally in the act of Creation. Allowing them to believe they are able to manipulate the Creation to serve their intention, when in reality they are serving the Creator’s.

When it comes to Biblical prophecy the two most prominent books are Daniel and Revelations. Most people are married to the common Christian interpretation of these books, but I want to offer a different point of view to the reader. Whoever wrote the Bible did so with some very reliable information. What I’m saying is that someone was able to see the future. It’s not so outlandish to believe that audio and optical frequencies can travel through time. I mean light and sound travel through time every time you turn on the TV or listen to the radio. That is from the past to the future and what I’m talking about is in the opposite direction. The problem with seeing the past or future is that you can only see or hear it from the recorders perspective so it can be limited that way. So if you are in power and are given a single chance to see into the future what do you want to see? Obviously you will want to see what causes you to lose your power, potentially offering the opportunity to prevent whatever causes it. Now that you have seen the future you must obfuscate it when recording it, because seeing the future changes the future and that changes everything. It doesn’t mean that because you saw it it won’t happen. It just means it will happen a different way taking your predictive advantage away from you. The Universe or Creation is constantly making course corrections for such eventualities.

One of the obfuscation methods used in the Bible is to write the mirror opposite. Another very well utilized method in the Bible is through metaphor or some type of synonymous context. So Nebuchadnezzar saw his statue being shattered by a rock that became a mountain that engulfed the entire world. Not only did he make a point to build a statue of pure gold (shatter proof), but Nebuchadnezzar had to get this message to the ones that would be in power in the days of the future and it is likely that one of them is him; his soul at least. To play into the God delusion that was to be used to teach the false interpretation of the prophecy to the masses, God had to give Daniel not only the interpretation of his dream, but also what the dream was. You see the powers that be have been in power for a very long time. To the powers that be this story is giving them clues as to who and how they will lose their power. They need everyone else to believe it’s about a captured Israeli sage that God favored and would be used to further reinforce the belief in their God and add to his glory by gifting Daniel with the ability to interpret dreams. So the book of Daniel is an obfuscated by mirrored opposites and metaphor illustration of events and even personality traits of the person that would cause their downfall.

The crazy part about the book of Daniel is that it was written by those in power to assist those that would be in power in an attempt to prevent their demise, but the irony to that is it is definitely helping the One AKA the rock that would shatter the statue. The Creator allows the powers that be to believe they have the predictive advantage and that nobody could interpret the true meaning of the writings with all the dogmatic religious interpretations being pushed. That rock that I speak of is a person and the Creator used the enemy to write this book so that the rock would know who he is. Think about that for a minute. The Creator plays a dangerous game, but he’s all over it and a million steps ahead of them. The Creator made that path that the powers that be are on. The most important thing to happen was that the One AKA the rock came to know who he was. The Creator will and has used everyone wicked and righteous to accomplish the goal of Creation. It’s horrifyingly wicked and beautifully awesome. There is nothing anybody can do to prevent the Creator’s plan and as a matter of fact everything you do to prevent it will be used to complete the plan.

Revelations is an obfuscated by mirrored opposites and metaphor illustration of heavenly and earthly events with the intent to prevent it. Like trying to hide the fact that they know the future from the Creation. The book of Daniel describes the problem while the book of Revelations provides a solution. Since they did not create a literal interpretation of the events to come they were able to keep some predictive advantage of events, but there is still a big problem that I don’t think they actually believe to be a problem. The future they saw was one that was manipulated by their attempt to prevent that future and if all actions are the acts of the Creator then the Creation wanted them to see it and attempt to prevent it in order to serve the Creator. Catch 22 or 11 11 whatever you want to call it. They call that conundrum. Regardless I tip my hat to them because this, what I have just described to you is a huge pain in the ass that requires the utmost in skill and discipline even to fail at. I could go into detail and explain who and what they are describing in both books with a fair amount of accuracy, but that wouldn’t be fair. I’ll let you see it with your own eyes. We are upon the times that Nebuchadnezzar saw in his quantum crystal ball. The Creation loves using irony and humor while favoring nobody in its goal. The Creator’s will, will be done on Earth as it is in the heavens.

Depeche Mode : The Love Thieves – I love Depeche Mode! From the most amazing album they have produced, Ultra. You can’t deny they ruled the 80’s and many of those songs were and still are great, but this album is my absolute favorite. These guys helped birth Industrial which later evolved into House music. This song has some of the most interesting lyrics, especially if you apply them to something like religion.

Depeche Mode : The Bottom Line – The lyrics should cause you to wonder of whom or what are they truly singing about.

Depeche Mode : Insight – This is probably my favorite song from the album, but there are so many great songs in Ultra. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do. The lyrics are just masterful and speak to me in the most powerful ways.

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