Freedom and Religion

Freedom and religion are like fire and ice. They completely contradict each other. Some people actually believe that America’s political system has a strong division of church and state. Most of those people also happen to be firm believers in their faith. For them the state is too pagan or atheist for them. I totally disagree because married couples are taxed less then single people. Polygamists are criminals according to the state. Homosexuals can’t marry, well until recently that is. Whatever happened to the freedom to pursue ones happiness? I for the life of me cannot understand why the Abrahamic religions are so threatened by other lifestyles. They have faith in a powerless God if they believe that Gay and Lesbian marriages are somehow a threat to their faith or God. The right wing conservative base goes on and on about some bizarre notion of a “Gay Agenda”. From my point of view they (Right Wing Conservatives) are the ones with the agenda. Gays want to marry for the benefits because marriage has nothing to do with freedom. In Mexico handcuffs are called esposas (wives). Truly it’s an issue of survival and not one of moral adherence or even religious rebellion.

Why does America trust in God if there is supposed to be freedom of religion and separation of church and state? The common answer to that is that we live in a democracy and the majority of the populace believes in a Christian lifestyle and the idea that God obliterates nations that have too much sexual immorality, like Sodom and Gomorrah. I’m very turned off by the idea that God, the Almighty puts sexual relations above war, environmental destruction and greed. I don’t want anything to do with a God that cares more about who’s screwing who then the murder of Earth and its inhabitants. Many Christians that I know feel they are being persecuted by the state because the state does not enforce or protect Judeo Christian principals. The irony to that is that I have found Christians to be the most persecutory group around towards individuals that do not live up to their moral standards.

Granted things like murder, theft and rape are bad things to everyone and are the obvious, but I’m talking about law abiding and productive members of society being persecuted by members of a Christian faith. I do not personally believe in aborting my offspring, but I think it’s important to allow others to make that choice on their own and not the state or the church. How will God know who truly values life if they are not given the option? Pro Lifer’s have no concept of the Creator’s wisdom if they think they can force people to be “good”. The following is a message to all Christians, It’s a test so you can’t be giving away the answers, people have to find them on their own. All you can do is lead by example. What happens when an overzealous believer is put in a position of power like a President or even a law enforcement agent? Are we to expect them to follow the letter of the law or their beliefs? I was recently visited by the local police department because I had a question regarding self defense. I wanted to know if I had the right to use lethal force if I was being exposed to X-ray radiation by someone. I asked this because I had reason to believe that (proof in that my Geiger counter NukeAlert went off) a neighbor or some local source was directing X-rays towards me. It could have even been a false alarm regardless the police didn’t believe me so assumed I was crazy or something and in my opinion illegally searched my home and seized my firearm, bow and arrows, a couple of decorative and ceremonial swords, my wand and a copy of the Necronomicon. The book was also considered a “dangerous weapon”.

Here’s the irony about all of it is that I was not arrested; I was detained. I guess that means I had no rights. They sent me downtown to Ventura where I was put in the custody of a facility that was to perform a psychological evaluation on me and if I was found to be dangerous to myself or others I would be further held for the full 72 hours. Oddly enough the person doing the evaluation on me had a striking resemblance to my neighbor’s mother. I told my story and I was released 5 hours later as I was clearly not insane or attempting to harm myself or anybody else. The only reason it took so long for me to be evaluated is because I had to wait for a “staff change”. People told me that I could totally sue the police department for illegal search and seizure because they had no warrant and I did not give them permission to enter my domicile. I get the feeling that the police department doesn’t like me so at this point don’t want to do anything to motivate them to harass, harm or hate me any further. They did not harm me in any way, which I am grateful for and I even got to have somewhat of a pleasant conversation with one of the officers. I asked him if he believed in God. He said “yes” and then added, “but I don’t bring religion to work”. I thought to myself “God’s here right now”. No religion or prayer is required for God to be present.

I can understand them taking the weapons. If they believe someone is crazy they have to disarm them. I don’t even like guns and have never used one in a violent situation. Guns are loud and it must take away from the reality involved in killing a person. I’m not going to lie, I wish I could just eradicate my oppressors, but I also don’t ever want to kill anyone. The frustration they have fueled in me has gotten me to say and even desire very stupid and dark things, but I want to be like a child and stay innocent. Maybe they shouldn’t be monitoring so closely because I can assure you I am not aggressive and will not attack, only defend. I grew up in Fontana Ca which in many ways was way worse than the worst neighborhoods that L.A. could offer, without parents. I’ve been shot at by the time I was 13, got jumped like 11 times and even though I lived in hardened Gang territory I never felt the need to own a gun or seek revenge. My God always took care of my enemies for me. I didn’t have to lift a finger against my foe. For some reason, being a Latino in Simi Valley made me feel the need to own a Gun. I think the police entered some petition to deny me the ability to ever own a fire arm. I was just told of and not given the date for the hearing. Here I am now back where I started. My only weapon is my soul and the faith I have in my God.

Now the part that does bother me a lot more is that they took my Wand and the Necronomicon. I mean what the hell? First off the wand was made of pure Holly wood and I made it myself. That wand taught me so much I can’t even begin to explain. I gave blood and asked the tree it fell from for permission to use it as a wand. Based on what happened that very day I would say the answer was a resounding yes. I named it Berlin and it even had a real phoenix core from past fires that ravaged the area in recent years. That wand was near and dear to me; my precious. I can honestly say I loved it. As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t play with another man’s wand without permission. I guess the officer felt compelled to take it from me. And then the Necronomicon was also taken from me. The officer that took it unfortunately gazed upon some of the seals. According to the Necronomicon, that’s not good for the uninitiated, especially the particular seal that was seen.

Just like the wand I don’t understand why that book would be considered a dangerous weapon unless you are evil. The Necronomicon is a book made to fight against evil; sure it also shows one of the evil rights and incantations, but only to understanding evil’s ways as a form of defense. The book is a testimonial that also teaches about dispelling evil and casting protective spells. So why would the police think it was dangerous? Because of movies like Evil Dead (2) and Evil Dead 2013 people think it is an evil book, but I want you all to look at it a different way, especially all you Christians. Did your Christ raise the dead? Because you have been hard wired and pressed by a pushed faith to believe everything the Church tells you about Christ’s acts you have to say “Yes, Jesus raised the dead”. That is the very definition of a Necromancer; to raise the dead and exorcise the demons. The book of the Black Earth (Egypt) is the book of the dead and the book of the dead gives life while the book of life gives death. Supposedly a transcribed text of the Mad Arab, a man that was hunted and hounded by the powers that be of his day and dark spiritual forces for what he had witnessed. You would be more likely to find the Book of the Dead in the hands of your savior Christ then you would the Torah. For the record I also would like to say that Evil Dead 2 is my all time favorite movie even though it grossly misrepresents what the Necronomicon is about.

My faith was not pushed by anyone or group, but the Creator. The acts of the Creation have lead me to gain a faith that nobody has taught or pushed on me. My God is not your God, nor the God of my parents or the one this nation claims to trust in. My God is in everything, every moment and is omnipresent. Some believe they are at war with me or that I am at war with them. No, sorry you got it all wrong and afford me way too much credit. You are at war with the universe and I am only a small part of it, a tool that it uses for its goals. It uses me because I gave up on me and my false ego projection. My name, reputation, status as a man, as a person and even a decent person are all gone from me. I am nothing, worthless, destroyed and so now my God can use me. I am suffering and the pain is throughout my whole being. On occasion I can derive some pleasure, but no lasting real joy. All that is left is my flesh and a soul, but that is all. I am persecuted for my faith, for my freedom, but mainly because I know the true God and my God has protected me as a craftsman would protect a fine and rare tool.

I advise you Americans to keep church far out of the workings of the state. If Bush didn’t teach how much a country could be manipulated by religion then I don’t know what will. Politics will manipulate a religion and religion will manipulate politics and so to protect both they need to be kept separate. Plus you should feel like some Nazi Gestapo control freak for enforcing your beliefs on others. Your ego’s are fed by the idea that you are serving and pleasing your God with what you do. You are the multi headed Beast of Revelations for persecuting those that don’t fall into your religious lifestyle. The hypocrisy of Right Wing Christians pointing the finger at Iran for their enforcing of religious standards upon their populace while they do the same here is just incredible. How deaf and blind do you have to be to think that your delusion is more valid than theirs? What happens when you accidentally vote a Muslim President into office? It is unfortunate that the word Muslim is now almost synonymous with anti American or Jihad, and think about what a crazy Muslim President could do to America if Bush (a crazy war hungry Christian) got away with what he got away with. I’m not pointing the finger at Bush, he was just the actor. I’m pointing at the audience, the ones that got what they wanted. Careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

Tool : Parabola – I’m not the biggest fan of tool not because I don’t like their content, but because the music isn’t exactly my taste, but I love their message. Regardless they have done well and if only for their message I am a fan. Their videos are awesome.

Mozez : Feel Free – Mozez has done a significant amount of work with Zero 7, but I absolutely love this song that I believe was a solo project with this album entitled “So Still”. There’s nothing like it and you can tell that he is a very deep person and I am grateful for his message. I just couldn’t believe how beautiful this song is. Mozez is an amazing artist and I hope to hear more from him.

Nightmares On Wax : DAMN – Damn is right, from the album “In a Space Outta Sound”. I own this album and bought it the same week it was released. It really speaks to me because I know who gives a damn about me. I’m very happy I bought this Album.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Mary Lambert : Same Love – I usually only post 3 songs, but this one just has to be heard. These guys have revolutionized the way music is produced and distributed. I like their songs and appreciate their message. This song says it all and it really speaks to the nature of America. I hope their message is received and understood. The majority of my generation of Americans (Gen X) are sick and tired of the tyranny and oppression that religion and even individual beliefs can impose on a people.

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