They are very strange trails of smoke or vapor being exhausted from high flying jets and most people have no idea what purpose they serve.  All we see is smoke coming out of the back of these jets as if we were being fumigated or crop dusted.  They appear all year long and I notice they happen most often when it’s hot.  I have heard all kinds of wacky theories about them, from they’re (government) poisoning us to they’re dropping nano bots to control humans.  They are some of the craziest theories I have ever heard to be honest with you.  Regardless Chemtrails must be very important because you have to imagine the resource involved with creating and maintaining such an operation.

As you may know by now I don’t believe most conspiracy theories that are almost gorilla marketed to us on conspiracy channels of YouTube or even the MSM news.  I know that most of what we are told is a lie and the lie is what let’s me know the truth in some cases.  At least one can derive that they are being lied to for a reason.  On this Chemtrail subject I am going to give you a different theory, but I’m not going to give you some crazy story that I heard from someone else.  After years of experiencing them and asking myself what they were for, I think I have finally come up with an idea that makes sense and satisfies all my questions.

It’s kind of funny because It’s not as bad as you might think.  Basically they (governments and corporations) are doing it to save their low orbiting satellites.  The theory goes like this.  Earth’s atmosphere is occasionally bombarded by Solar Flares and this apparently is a cyclical thing with the sun, but I couldn’t confirm that.  Anyways when Earth is hit by a particularly strong Solar Flare, it’s not the electromagnetic field or even the radiation that comes with the flare that’s the problem.  The problem comes from the fact that strong Solar Flares and cause Earth’s atmosphere to expand.  This atmospheric expansion can grow to envelope low orbiting (monitoring & communication) satellites.  Atmosphere to an orbiting body spells doom as the added friction creates a drag and can slow the body to the point that it falls out of orbit.

Most low orbiting satellites have the ability to correct their orbital trajectory and speed, but that ability is limited by the amount of fuel it can carry.  Eventually every low orbiting satellite is doomed because of this reality.  I believe this applies to higher orbit objects as well but they just have more time.  Unless the satellite can be refueled somehow it is most definitely doomed to a fiery death.  Have you ever noticed how it is unseasonably cold if you are in the path of the Chemtrail mist?  The idea is that they aren’t trying to seed clouds, but cool the atmosphere in order to limit its expansion and reducing the drag that low orbiting satellites experience from Solar Flares.

Why would they want to keep this a secret?  There’s lots of reasons to keep it a secret.  Financially it would be a logistical burden if it was made public and cost so much that it would have to be voted on.  The interested parties have so much invested in space and losing it was not an option, period.  No matter what anybody says or how they feel about it, we aren’t losing our satellite capabilities.  From a military standpoint if we lost our satellites and Russia still had theirs even outside of a Cold War scenario, we’re screwed.  Not to mention China and the long list of enemies of America, fabricated or not.

The other thing to consider is that who knows WTF they are actually pumping into the atmosphere and into our breathing air.  That alone is what most people are concerned about.  I mean sure it’s saving the country and it’s communication networks and everything else that comes with satellite technology, but what is that shit coming out the back of the jet and if it has any harmful effects, how do I protect myself from it?  You know what’s funny is that now if they wanted to spray some kind virus on major populations they could do it and we would be totally ok with it as we are conditioned to being sprayed with who knows what on a regular basis.

I don’t think Chemtrails are here to kill us and destroy the country and give them an opportunity to drop some Zombie virus like that movie The Crazies. They’ll use a patsy like Snowden if they wanted to destroy the country. They’ll say he gave them all of our secrets and so are enemies were able to overcome our defenses. It had nothing to do with the corrupt politics, our scandalous economic practices, no it wasn’t any of that, it was that Snowden SOB. I don’t even know if the Snowden story is real or not, but I would be more concerned if it was a lie. If it was true, I would think no big deal as all the other country leaders are also actors. If it’s not true, then I would wonder what stage is this actor setting us up for.

Radiohead : House Of Cards – This song kind of says it all really.

Radiohead : Reckoner – Need I say more.

Radiohead : Weird Fishes – This is such a beautiful song. It really speaks to me. Radiohead is one of those bands that I just don’t understand how they come up with such amazing lyrics and marry them to such incredible beats. Some of the lyrics are so familiar to me. I don’t understand how this is possible, but I know it’s real.

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