Adaptive Reality Interface

I want to start out by saying that I am one of those weirdo’s that believes there is a higher consciousness AKA God, and this higher consciousness designed evolution or adaptability into life. As a child I was told that God had created everything. A child once asked me “Who created all of these amazing creatures?”, and I replied “They created themselves”. As an adult I am beginning to understand that God is Consciousness and there are different levels of God or Consciousness. At our particular level of consciousness we are able to perceive and react to the reality we are presented. Emotions like love, fear, hate, envy, pride, humiliation and even cravings are part of your Adaptive Reality Interface AKA a body. Some sensations serve the ARI(body) while others serve the soul. At lower levels of consciousness, it seems safe to assume that these complex feelings aren’t present, but it could be that our emotional reality could be the most basic perception to all living things. I believe that because I think it is a micro function of Evolution. I’m not ruling out natural selection or survival of the fittest as additional influences on the outcome of living species. What if a creature’s emotional reality influenced DNA and or maybe just the offspring’s DNA?

I would imagine that the more basic feelings like hot and cold would be the most important, but that may not be the case. Let’s assume that sensing ambient temperature is a basic and primitive internal emotional reality. Take a very primitive single celled organism in primordial waters, and let’s give it a region to spawn in. If the region is cold and the organisms functioning isn’t designed to tolerate that particular extreme, then pain is usually felt. The single cell will desire warmth or at least to not be hurt by the cold. Somehow organisms are able to respond and adapt. It may grow cilia or develop insulation or a myriad of different things, but it will resolve the issue. I am assuming that at least one single cell survived the cold and was able to reproduce after that event. The resulting offspring is somehow exposed to the emotional memory of its parent and if the offspring also experiences the same feeling of discomfort, its resulting offspring’s DNA continues to try and resolve the issue until it’s no longer an issue. It could be that the process of procreation could be the moment when not only data is transferred but also modified with adaptive updates. Like a game of genetic chess with reality, life slowly, but surely comes up with a solution. I think most people imagine evolution as being a happenstance kind of a process, but I think it is completely driven by consciousness; an emotional one.

Our bodies are clearly the result of parental genetic contributions. Who knows, it could be that our souls are the thing that feels the emotional reality and our created bodies are influenced by our soul. In either case we have to acknowledge that somehow creatures are able to direct their bodies through many generations towards a path of least resistance, respective of their parent’s experienced environment. My argument is that an organism’s genetic reaction to its perceived environment is greatly influenced by the organism’s internal emotional perceptions or sensations. The reaction to these feelings is what somehow causes mutations that allow a creature to prosper and therefore able to survive. So what happens when you remove environmental pressures and or emotional extremes, like a domesticated animal? There are some species that can be domesticated, but not all.

Something that Darwin wrote about was the fact that domesticated animals tend to produce more variability in resulting offspring, he called it Variation Under Domestication. Basically the less environmental pressures a creature experiences the more likely it is to look distinct among its siblings and even its species. This was also demonstrated in plants as well. While resulting generations that come from animals living under environmental pressures respectively tend to look more similar to each other. It’s an interesting phenomenon. To me it suggests that there is a force of life that wants to spend energy on improving or mutating a life form any way it can. It could be that so long as no environmentally pressure based emotions are present during an animal’s procreation and or development, this life force directs the genetics towards another aspect of the organism. Like an empirical root seeking ways to go, weaving and poking through its reality in a search for water, even if it already has some. Maybe when creatures experience no environmental pressures life begins trying out new things to discover or to create. I also wonder if all life has been encoded with the goal of creation so that no matter what kind of organism emerges a path to the goal is also created and traversed. We are creations that can create without us even being aware of it.

The Goal of Creation is kind of a big deal in some circles of spiritualists, but here’s my spin on it. Have you ever heard people refer to the Path of Light and often it is associated to being a religious path or some code of conduct, well I don’t think that is what it is. When I here spiritualists refer to light I think of frequencies. The Darkness is another part of the allegories including the idea that The Darkness is counter or against The Light. Well think of the sonar that a dolphin experiences and is able to use to gather information. To us, dolphin sonar is a darkness. The light is to perceive higher or different frequencies. Evolution is the path of light, the path to higher or different frequencies of perception. Ultimately organisms reach higher frequencies and consciousness follows that ascension. In a sense you get to understand a new God only because you are able to perceive God in a new “light”. It’s not just our physical bodies or Adaptive Reality Interfaces that provide opportunities to sense the Creation. I think the soul and its emotions are the most basic of all living sensations. Ultimately the goal is for a soul to wholly sense the Creator and be able to also create in service of the Creation which is the Creator and vice verso. It may be that a body or Adaptive Reality Interface is the only good way to keep knowledge/consciousness stored in the physical dimension.

Now apply this adaptive reality interface idea to our lives that we human beings live today. When I think of the world and the state it’s in, all kinds of new ideas begin to emerge. I wonder what the powers that be are trying to turn us into. What does a world full of fear, pain, hate, doubt and deceit create? Can we or will we develop adaptations to it? Could it be that instant gratification causes organisms genes to not give that desire any attention as it is well fulfilled? I think these questions are very important and if we don’t start thinking about them, our descendants could be in a lot of trouble. So having a cell phone, facebook and even a car could be the things that prevent us from developing telepathy or the ability to travel quickly. Buying our food and homes will prevent development of any hunting or shelter building features of our bodies. This is the path of least resistance and like all the elements of this world, life follows that path. Essentially adaptations are a physical response to desires.

It is said that creation began as a thought and that is essentially what I’m saying only more towards the sensation of feelings part of thought. Or if all things were created in the spiritual world and manifested here in this world then what if the physical world is able to create spiritual manifestations; that would indeed be a wonder of wonders. I think of this world with all the problems and misery that exist in it. I wonder if the world we live in is the result and the efforts of a higher consciousness that understands all of this very well. What if all of the shit political systems, captivity, disease, war, famine, hatred, fear, greed and even conspiracy is all by design, to push us towards a goal. If this is a stage of Creation then it sure is an uncomfortable one. It would mean our oppressors are here to evolve us. This is an opportunity for life to break free from the shackles of the very reality that helped create it. I believe the goal is to create something that can not only create itself, but whole new reality’s of its own. By our desires and comforts, pains and pleasures, we are created. Thank the Creator they have committed their crime.

Future Sounds of London : Omnipresence – Oh my God do I love FSOL. These guys basically defined what trance is. This is from the album Lifeforms and in my opinion one of the best trance albums ever produced. Check it out because this album is full of amazing songs. I picked my 2 CD set randomly out of a pile not even knowing anything about FSOL. Not gonna lie, it’s some pretty tripy stuff. It starts off a little weird, but then, you’ll see.

FSOL : Osho – A lovely use of the Sitar and probably for me one of the most beautiful songs they have ever created. I get the sense that the song imitates Creation in how it successively becomes more complex from low to high pitch in more amazing and intricate ways.

Tears for Fears : Sketches of Pain – I decided to use this song because if we are being created by our environmental pressures be they real or perceived, then someone decided to make us suffer in order to cause a reaction and allow us to create ourselves. It’s as if a Godless being sketched out our pain in great detail in order to get us to evolve into something else. Knowing full well how many thousands of generations would suffer and die, every war and all for a most valuable goal to finally be realized by a very fortunate generation. Sounds harsh I know, but it is done with the best of intentions.

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