It is what we call it when beings commingle in the most intimate of ways. Not just to procreate or for pleasure, but also to connect. Some call it love while to others, it’s just a way to derive pleasure. Some are givers and others are receivers. Ideally you want to be a giver and be lucky enough to find a giver. Sex has always been so magical to me. To me it is a way to touch ones soul. I’m not your typical male. I have feelings and many of them, all the time. I could never rape anyone because I need my partner to enjoy it or I wont. The feelings can be overwhelming most of the time, but I believe they serve a greater purpose. I never found sex to be evil or vial in any way whatsoever. It was a bit discouraging to learn how much the Catholic Church shunned premarital sex. I was raised Catholic. I remember how psychically drained I felt after having sex. Sometimes, with some people, I see images and scenes that are not my own. Like memories that are just there, like they are implanted via the act of intimacy. I always know if my lover is with another. I can sense it and see it in my mind’s eye and I don‘t see it as betrayal, but it is deceptive if you find out that way and lies destroy relationships. It’s in our nature to be polygamous. I see images and feel feelings that are not my own; that’s how I know. So when the bible uses words like “know” to reference sex, it means so much more to me than it does to most.

They fear sex you know and they need us to as well. No creature on Earth fears sex except human beings. It can undo their streak of lies that is tightly encoded upon the human race. If you love your enemies, you will know. The last thing the powers that be want is for us to be connected in such an intimate way. They need to limit our sexual partner down to one person and if they could they would make it to where nobody ever had sex, ever. They are wise enough to understand how futile that would be. So the governments of the world have created secret and protected assassins to lure and murder the swingers of the world. All of those swinger sites and anonymous sex sites are lures to eliminate those that religions failed to condition. Trust me, I know. Did you ever wonder why the super stars of the world encourage you to express yourself? They need us to help them profile us. They’re trying to eliminate all of the non conformists and they need to identify them in order to do that successfully. These are dark times indeed. All the electronic tools you can imagine are being used to do this. I will save FACE and not mention the obvious.

I wouldn’t doubt that some of the sexually transmitted diseases have been fabricated or are complete fabrications. Some people believe that sexually transmitted diseases are God’s way to ensure that we behave. That would mean Gulf War Syndrome is another one of God’s ways to tell us to stop fighting. I see it as just another path for an organism to perpetuation. I have heard some of the craziest theories about some of these diseases. I heard a theory that AIDS is not an actual disease like Syphilis or Gonorrhea in the sense that it is manufactured and can’t spread via natural sexual transmission. This theory about AIDS claims that it has to be injected via a needle. That would mean members of the medical community or drug users infected individuals and then told the patients they got it from having unprotected sex. It’s an interesting theory and considering all the low crap they pull on us, it makes me wonder how far they are willing to go. Apparently they (TPTB) have no line or any sense of restraint when it comes to fulfilling their desire of complete and total domination over the human race.

Porn is a manipulation of this spiritual intimacy that I am professing. I watch it and enjoy it, but I know what intentions are behind it. It is falseness at its best. It is nothing but lies. People should be able to enjoy each other in such a way. Because of our egoistic conditioning, it cannot be. The act is not the crime, but the intentions are. Porn is such a manipulation of what co-mingling could be. It is a total superficial false representation of what connection should be. Many of the actors are killed once thier glory years are gone. It’s sad that some have to commit to a life of murder and corruption in order to have any kind of real connection with anybody. Obviously profit and fame fuel the industry, but the sad thing is that viewers are only trying to fulfill unfulfilled desires that are completely natural. It’s a way of feeding us with ourselves and is absolutely grotesque to me. I wish that many of the men and women of that industry could understand what it is that they are doing. If I was in that situation I think it would be more honorable to take my own life then to be part of the corrupt syndicate that they are perpetuating. Chances are they are all being leveraged with the well being of loved ones, so that may not even be a reasonable choice.

We’re on a farm and the farm handlers are practicing animal husbandry. What happens when a goat can jump the fence? Obviously they call the dogs to hunt it down to kill or capture it. After all, a goat that can jump the fence is no use to a farmer. The farmer has to tie it down or put it down. What happens when you can’t capture or kill the goat? Life does what it does; it becomes free. Moving through the dimensions of reality until it is able to roam as freely as it pleases. Let the farmer keep his flock of sheep. They have no idea of what they are missing out on. As the farmer becomes wiser, nature becomes more inventive. Thank you for that. The rat wouldn’t be so good at survival without the cat pushing it along. Even on the most tightly controlled farm; evolution is happening. And I’m sure they (TPTB) understand that Darwin forget to mention that it was desire that drives evolution, not destruction.

Of course having sex with the wrong person can spell certain disaster, but if you are well skilled in the ways of betrayal it can afford much knowledge. I’m not saying go have a crazy fuckfest with the first person or group of people you see. I’m saying that sex is way more important than you can possibly imagine. Sex is way more spiritual (within the proper context) then you can possibly imagine any religion to be. This is why the religions of the world are so against it. The religions were not made to save us, but to destroy us. This is why pride and jealousy has been amplified among the masses. They need to keep the illusion of disconnection. They would rather we be rivals then at peace. In my experience, those that make war are far more venerated then those that make love or peace. Those that encourage peace and love are treated as the lowest and most detestable of humanity. How distant we have become while living so physically close. No more tribes and even kin means nothing anymore to many. I say we are all a large family and no matter what anybody believes, we are all related in one way or another; immeasurably connected. Don’t worry because nobody will bring the deserving back together; the Great Spirit will. Just as I am still alive, the righteous will be redeemed; I promise.

Gorillaz : Some Kind of Nature – This is a pretty trippy song and I’m not exactly sure if it is about what I’m writing about, but I kind of think it is. I find it absolutely hilarious how some religious people are so offended by natural acts or even seeing a body part. As if God is being slapped in the face by the act. What are they aliens? Are you offended when you see a flower? In case you didn’t know, those are their sexual organs. Here on Earth you will find the most beautiful and savage of creatures and seduction is often the first step in their Creation. I really like our kind of nature.

Julien Jabre : Swimming Places (remix) – These are the kind of tunes that I cut a rug to. All the other music speaks to my mind, but this speaks to my soul. I remember how much I used to love dancing to deep house music. There is nothing like it. I used to go to these after hours that started at like 3 AM and not leave until 10 AM. They were roaming clubs with names like Parliment, Dream and Bang the Drum. Non commercial and full of soul. No bar, just water, fruit and lots of freaks. God bless the freaks!

Goldie : Timeless – This album influenced me so much and I hardly understood how profound the words were when I first heard them. I’m not the biggest Jungle or drums and base fan, but this is something else. Goldie rocks. Timeless indeed.

Jelly for Babies: Deep House Sessions – There is no music like deep house anywhere in the world. It isn’t techno, it’s not even trance, it’s something totally different. It speaks to a different soul. It’s not common and usually rare, but when you hear the beats and the words you will know why I am so attracted to this kind of music. It’s beautiful. When I’m dancing and the beat is flowing through me, I understand more, I feel more and I realize that there are others like me. Dancing is a spiritual thing for me. The energy does not come from the food I consume or some energy supplement; it comes from the soul.

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