Finding Omens

An Omen is defined as anything perceived or happening that is believed to portend a good or evil event or circumstance in the future.  I have had many in the last few years.  Most were very bad and there was no sign of them getting better any time soon.  While the signs that were perceived were of danger or evil, I was also comforted by them as well.  Sometimes you see things and something tells you “this means something” in your heart.  On one hand I was grateful that the universe was giving me clues, but on the other hand I wish it didn’t have to.  The other side to that is that you have to be awake enough to read the many signs placed along the path.  This is what I mean when I say God speaks to me.  It might surprise some of you to learn that the Universe is talking to all of us at the right time, as in before it happens.

Dreams can also be omens and I think that when we take the time to search our soul to understand a profound dream that we are able to use that omen to prevent things.  It is said that when the Creator reveals things to the righteous, it is so they can be prevented.  Now, if you go out of your way to build a machine that can show you the future in some attempt to prevent your foretold demise, then you’re just begging for the Creator to fuck with you.  The Oracle of Delphi’s authority is what got you to open Pandora’s Box.  That box was a self fulfilling trap for the selfish, prideful and arrogant beings that believe they can control and even dictate the Creation’s plan for them and others.  I believe the Creation has had to deviate from it’s original path due to the acts of the selfish and tyrannical.  In a defensive counter the Creation showed them a future that they would try to prevent in order to stop them.

You will know what you were intended to know and you will do what you were intended to do without omens.  I’m not sure if omens are a deviation from the original plan or if omens exist for when the plan has been deviated.  If seeing the future changes the future and that changes everything, then seeing an omen and have it save is a huge deal.  That would be like rewriting the plan for the whole universe over one person.  I know many others have encountered omens, but I’m trying to get you to see the managerial nightmare that this kind of exception imposes on the highest consciousness.  I sense gratitude and a very warm profound feeling that someone is looking after me, someone cares that much.  It’s almost as if we were allowed to leave clues for ourselves. In earlier posts I have suggested that the one that cares is me from another world, but I know there’s something, someone bigger, looking down at me with their hand upon me.

It’s quite magical to experience an omen, but you shouldn’t get hung up on it when you try to share them with others and they are not received with equal credulity.  It was for you, which also means you are being used for the ultimate goal.  If you see omens that save life, then you are surely in service of the Creator or will be, but are just for staying alive as well.  We all are, but you are at least that much more conscious of it.  Being awakened means you can see the omens.  That you have a dialogue with the universe.  Since it was meant for you and everything you know or have done and even felt led you up to that very moment; don’t be surprised when it becomes difficult to explain to others.  I would be surprised if a backwards fake world like ours that is based on barriers and controls would not be loaded with omens.  

Today I saw an omen that was unlike the many that I have become accustomed to in the last 4 years.  In fact it inspired me to write this post.  This was a a great omen that brought me to laughter and even tears.  Today, I was visited by the Blue Bird of Happiness.  I was waiting for it for a while.  It was the bluest blue I have ever seen on a creature.  I’m just so happy, because I know that my greatest desire will soon be real.  I will be free.  I will have my freedom and my oppressors will no longer nip at my heals or plot ways to frustrate my life.  Now I should expect anything to happen.

This is that very blue bird, my very own blue bird of happiness.  It stuck around long enough for me to take some pics.  I got no more then 3 feet away from it and it didn’t take off.  We hung out together for a little.  When it finally flew away, it spread it’s wings and the evening sunlight reflected off it’s full spread wings and I got to see just how beautiful the color blue can be.  Never seen a bird like this one before; at least not around here.  MyBlueBirdOfHappiness

Morcheeba : Fear & Love – I heard this song the other day and I couldn’t help but notice how true the words to this song are.  This song makes me think of so many things that I have experienced and how the 2 emotions struggled in my heart.  It’s a lovely song and I hope you enjoy it.

Robbie Williams : Beyond the Sea – I love the French version of this song La Mer which is the original. I found this video and song to be appropriate given the title of this post.

New Order : Blue Monday – The words to this song mean so much more to me now. I chose this video and song for several reasons. I like the circumpunct symbol, it has the word blue in it and while I can sympathize with the lyrics they are also therapeutic to me, but mostly because it’s just a cool song.

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