Judgment Day

Most people fantasize of a day that an all knowing and all powerful God descends upon the Earth, stopping all mankind in their tracks, forcing them to face the awesome finality of Judgment Day. I will admit to sharing this desire in witnessing such a gratifying spectacle with my own eyes. The irony of a single gratifying day of judgment is that it is not done in one day. However the judge is one being, but it is not who you thought it was. You are your own judge. The way you judge others is the way you will be judged. Everything and everyone executes the judgments by either redeeming or sentencing you. This only applies to those with a soul as for the rest, they are just biological androids being used by the creation and will be discarded when they are no longer needed. Many of us have been taught to believe that crimes or sins must be punished with an equivalent burden of pain and suffering. The truth is that souls must be corrected while on their path of ascension. Earth is a correctional facility of sorts, but it is not a trap and the soul it houses will not stay forever.

The illusion is reciprocal in that bullshit is responded to with more bullshit. The less you are willing to realize your crime or sin, the less direct your judgment will be, but deep down inside you will know you deserve what is happening. You cannot be judged for what happens. You can only be judged for your intentions. With the right intentions, the things that happen will seem like rewards, but with the wrong intentions, the things that happen will seem like punishments. The concept of punishment often only serves an egoistic desire of satisfaction or retribution. I was taught that not one innocent person has ever been harmed and every soul gets exactly what they deserve. I will admit, that is difficult to stomach, but when you have expanded your understanding of everything it begins to make sense. You cannot harm an innocent soul and as a matter of fact attempting to do so will result in backfire. These are immutable laws of the universe. One might say to themselves “I have been fair, responsible and generous so why does everyone shun me and believe horrible lies about me”. That one does not see that the world can be vicious and cruel, so the righteous will be insulated from the dark forces by whatever means available, including becoming unpopular or infamous.

Sometimes things that are commonly thought of as bad to an individual are done so for good reasons. Sometimes your neighbor will invade your home and you will feel violated upon discovery and even worse when you have no ability to convict them of their actions. If no damage or harm was done then this is just a way to get you to stay home or to move; all for good reasons. You will know that you are on the path of light when you say to yourself “thank God they committed their crime”. At that point you should start to realize that there is a presence guiding you through this life. If you do encounter this presence don’t do what I did and tell the world; it doesn’t like attention. Keep it concealed, stay quiet and try to be more of a passive observer. That’s just good advice. The other thing about judgment is that everything happens for a reason and usually a good one. My life has not been an easy one and most people would even say I have had a bad life, but your happiness is defined by your sadness. I am grateful for all aspects of my life. Many things that happened were painful, but I now realize that they were to prepare me for success in what lay ahead.

Be sure to judge the fatherless. I wish I had a father that was present, or that taught me about the world, that made me feel secure about myself or that just loved me, but that wasn’t for my path. I see now that if I had any of those things, I would not have survived nor come to any of my powerful realizations. Karma isn’t judgment; it’s what we were meant to do. I have learned that a soul earns merits for its accomplishments not in just one life. A long traveled soul is able to navigate the terrain of judgment all the days of their lives. By not creating a barrier for others they are given a clear and even path. There are so many people trying to harm me, some are wealthy, religious, brutal, others are judicial. It makes me wonder who the hell am I to be able to walk pretty much unharmed through their many attempts to destroy my body and soul. My father, the Creator has protected me. They don’t believe that, but I do; with all my heart and soul. They have succeeded in destroying my ego, but I’m now grateful for that as it was a burden that was worth shedding and allowed me to know I did have a father. It hurt so much in the beginning that I wondered why I was being punished, but now I see the judgment wasn’t a punishment, it was a reward.

Radiohead: Karma Police – I love this song, but the video is interesting as a man is chased down to his certain death, but just as he is caught a backfire event occurs. The man chasing him is asleep, being driven by an unseen driver and eventually faces the consequences of his poor judgment.

Massive Attack: Angel – Angels are not naked little babies with wings. They are forces that are without egoistic will and serve their purpose without fail. Other forces will assist in their same purpose and goal since they all exist for the same purpose. Some of us are angels.

Massive Attack: Karmacoma – An advanced soul can be a very dangerous creature, just as light is very bad if you want to keep a room dark. These souls have many merits and it’s as if the universe is on their side. They can change hotel rooms through the attached doors simply by changing desires. Each room holds a different desire, but their soul holds the keys. These souls can harm you if you are foolish enough to try and harm them. It’s nothing personal or on purpose and as a matter of fact they aren’t trying to hurt anyone; that is not their intention.

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