In Time


It’s kind of a Bonnie and Clyde/Robin Hood story where time is the currency. People are genetically engineered to age until age 25 and once they reach that age they have to earn time to stay alive. People are segregated into time zones which is the equivalent to our social economic classes and neighborhoods. In the ghetto people live day to day, earning only enough to stay alive to work another day, while the rich and wealthy can potentially live forever. Time is traded by grabbing forearms to make an exchange, but I see a great opportunity to break a wrist. A very familiar scenario where the most brutal rule the streets and everyone is fighting desperately to keep or make time, just to stay alive. Under these conditions even in a modern era where technology is available, but because of the situation, people behave like savages towards one another taking time from each other. Gives the term time vampires a whole new meaning. Everybody is locked into this reality without escape. Justin’s character Will is gifted with a century worth of time and also learns that the system is designed to prevent overpopulation by ensuring death to the poor.

I enjoyed this film so much, not because it touted any amazing technology or thrilling action scenes, but because it is such a human story. It is a great analogy of how life on Earth is. There are some interesting social economic issues addressed in this film. Justin keeps proving that he’s a great performer by delivering believable intensity and emotion. Amanda as always did a great job and is equally believable while at the same time brings just the right amount of cute and sexy to the film. I accidentally called the movie Justin Time, which is actually fitting considering the challenges that Will Salas encounters throughout the movie. Everybody likes to pick up on the discreet messages in films and like most, this one has many. I thought the 13 digits used universally to track ones time was an interesting way to tap into the Mayan 13th Baktun awareness. The wealthy banker tells one of the Time Keepers (police) “We can’t have 1000 years in the wrong hands”. It all seems so familiar to me. How insane would that be if corporations and banks used police to carry out their will? Imagine that! It got me thinking, what if there is a time that is coming where some, many or all of us become immortal.

For me this film is just another example of how corrupt any monetary system can be. It highlights the inhumanity that greed and self preservation can manifest. It also speaks to the spirit of what would be considered a foolish act as an absolutely necessary one. Most people are too comfortable and docile to step outside of their prescribed behavior; unwilling to realize that death is so close. This flick also exemplifies how evil people can be when it comes to making time/money. I am not a wealthy person and I didn’t come from money, but I did at one time have a decent amount of capital, but like an idiot I did not spend it wisely. Based on what happened it could also be that someone felt I had too much and so they created costly circumstances for me. I can hold my head high knowing that I made that money without breaking any laws, lying, cheating or harming anybody on purpose. I sold my home at the right time while someone else purchased it at the wrong time and the rest I earned by going to work every day like everyone else. I was a Programmer so I was well paid, but even then it wasn’t enough and there was always something making holes in my pockets, trying to take my time.


Seal: Crazy – This is one of those songs that makes me look at this world and realize how crazy it truly is and how easy it should be to fix it. All you have to have is a soul or a heart, but there is so little of that anymore.


Arcade Fire: Intervention – This band is pretty amazing and I love their message. Their is so much emotion in this song and the video applies interesting context.


Coldplay: Paradise – I also dream of paradise. This could so easily be paradise, but so many have opted for hell. You just need to forget everything you have been made to believe. All of my current troubles began with one kind act, and the intention was to create paradise. It was just a dream. The video is about an elephant on a long journey to find other elephants. I like to think of them as elevenphants. Can you see 11 11 in the video?

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