The Apocalypses

The infamous yet uneventful December 21’st 2012 date was not so surprising. Most doubted, while some anticipated and more probably feared it. Regardless of what you thought, you wanted to see what was going to happen. I know I did, but again I don’t believe that if a real doom or enlightenment date was known, they would ever actually publicize it. It was a fun and crazy thing to talk about. I always questioned who was promoting these stories. I am admitting that it was a bit popular, but I also realize that the so called Mayan doom date is a fairly recent piece of information to western civilization. If we are so controlled and have been controlled for thousands of years it would be no stretch of the imagination to assume that all of history was not only created, but also hidden and manipulated by the same controllers. It’s very possible that the Maya didn’t know a damn thing about any of this crap, but the History Channel along with so many other channels and books made it appear that they did. Not saying that is the case, but it’s possible. I know what you’re thinking “how could anybody create and maintain such a powerful and generational propaganda device”? It seems like all the worlds creators of media have joined in a powerful delusion and literally sold it to the world.

It is so fitting that the illusion would be of our demise and destruction. It’s not ironic that the intent of it all was to destroy us. The flipside to all of that is that there is something going on and it’s ironic because it can save us, by destroying us. On a global level the Apocalypse is actually the destruction of the illusion that we have been spoon fed by the media created. On a personal level, I believe the Apocalypse is an internal process as the illusion of you is destroyed; hence the title The Apocalypses. There are many Apocalypses going on a personal level and one big global Apocalypse, which is really a result of both our internal and external illusions being destroyed. Can you handle the destruction of your ego? Can you handle the destruction of your world view? I think the answer to those questions can easily make or break you. Again, all of this is happening to save you. You may have heard that it is hard to fill a cup that is full. There are so many ways to interpret that, but I like to see it as your ego and world views fill that cup. That would also mean you are polluted with illusions about yourself and the world; hence the age old adage, you’re full of shit.

The Apocalypse is a detoxifying colonic process that is bitter and nasty, but afterwards you’re like “you know what, I do feel better”; I’m told. So my idea is that this Apocalypse is to prevent you from experiencing true hell. I’m not talking about atonement. I think it’s a sort of proving ground to see if you can handle the loss of the illusion. Not only from believing the illusions, but also your creating or supporting of them. While we are being pumped with the idea of a physical cataclysm of the world, it’s actually happening spiritually. The media created physical cataclysms are metaphors of this process. It’s almost as if the controllers wanted to take our focus from what truly matters, but from a certain point of view gives full attention to it. I’m sure the idea that fear can be used to manifest destruction must have been in their thought process. It would make sense that people that can not control their fear, anger and hopelessness are not given the ability to manifest. That would save themselves and everybody else from their destructive minds. I think there will also be another level to this Apocalypse. After your ego and your world view have been destroyed you will need to get over one more hurdle. We will have to experience the destruction of our concept of God. Not saying we should discard God, but suggesting that it is possible that our understanding of who and what God is will most likely change. God’s not the asshole he/she/it’s been made out to be and in reality has no ego to be appeased by worship.

My version of the Apocalypse has big waves, ground shattering earthquakes, global pandemics, pole shifts and explosive volcanoes; metaphorically speaking. If your cup is full you will not be able to be filled with the water of this wave. If you are too grounded to your beliefs and views, you will not survive the trembling of these earthquakes. If you are too accepting of lies and continue to hide the truth, you will become infected by the illusion. The poles of consciousness will shift towards reality. If you try to stop the volcano, you will die. The water is a higher consciousness that when you are endowed with it, you will know why he is called the lord of hosts. The shaking is revelations and unraveling of conspiracies in all aspects of human civilization. This includes all the illusions that maintain a sort of foundation for the rest of your beliefs. The pandemics are the viruses that spread once the truth has been revealed. Only in a world made of lies and illusions can the truth be such an evil and destructive thing. The pole shift is a change that you will notice when what was considered good becomes evil and what has been considered evil, becomes good. The volcano is that thing that must be, was written to be, but you can’t stand, so you hold your ground and will not evacuate. You are totally willing to be consumed by its unstoppable seething force. For your sake and everybody else’s, I hope you understand these words. I struggle with them myself.

I see now why it is called the Age of Aquarius. Just add water. Water has been poured out causing a global flood of biblical proportions. Think of the water as the spirit of what some would consider to be God or higher consciousness. You won’t be aware of it until it’s too late, if you are caught up in external and internal illusions of yourself and the world. Don’t be fake or the water will sweep you away with the illusions. I’m told that the word Apocalypse literally means “Revealing” or is said to mean “The Revealing” and if that is true then I say “bravo”. I wasn’t ready for it, but I have become a little more accustomed to it and when I look around at my personal apocalypse I see that in reality, all I have truly lost was illusions. I didn’t really have much and so I didn’t really lose much. The ironic part is that there have been so many doom dates posted and even if all of them were wrong, they kind of kept me going. I know how strange that sounds, but I’m so curious as to why anyone found it so important to blast our consciousness with so much doom and gloom. I mainly believe the doom and gloom was also a type of communication channel for the controllers to hide their communiqués. I still have no idea what to expect anymore, but I am sure that we are going through something that Earth has probably never experienced before and it’s a good thing. It’s like jumping into a river; it’s going to take you to the ocean, dead or alive. See you on the beach.

REM: Losing My Religion – This song pretty much says it all. Losing my illusion.

REM: It’s The End Of The World – Again REM nails it. The world as we know it.

Gorillaz: Cloud of Unknowing – I love me some Gorillaz. This song is from the album Plastic Beach. I am impressed and truly moved by so many of their songs. Songs like Broken, Stylo, Super Fast Jelly Fish, Empire Ants and Meloncholy Hill speak to me in very profound ways. The synchronicity that occurred to me when I first heard these songs was absolutely amazing. It’s so fitting that a monkey would understand Gorillaz.

Heartbreak: Loving The Alien – This is hands down my favorite version of this song. Originally performed by David Bowie. “Believing the strangest things, loving the alien”. Crazy lyrics and you got to wonder what’s going on when they start to make sense.

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