Sun of a Gun

I want you to look at this video and I realize that this example could be some type of CGI creation or even a modified original. There are other examples of this bizarre interaction of what happens when an object of an unknown size and material is plunged into the Sun and out comes a coronal mass ejection on the opposite side. I have even seen news reports of these sun diving comets. I was watching Star Wars earlier and realized that what we were seeing could have been a demonstration of the awesome power of a fully operational super weapon. This weapon would be effective for planets within the habitable zone of a star and who knows possibly even further. It’s an extremely brilliant way to make use of a star. Can you believe they have turned the sun into a gun; a solar cannon of unimaginable power. It won’t destroy an entire planet, but it will wipe the surface clean by fire, leaving a purified world. All they do is take a large enough object that may or may not have some sort of directional explosive element and direct it towards the sun at the correct speed and trajectory to aim it at a target facing the antipode. It is more of a solar powered shotgun then a well defined laser beam, but extremely effective none the less. Converting a normal life giving star into a Deathstar with a target and trigger mechanism. From the looks of it, this Deathstar appears to be fully operational. Are we being held hostage and don’t even know it? What would they need this for? Who are “they”? Have they been planning to use it all along at some predetermined point in time?

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