Pets are truly an abomination to the natural world. They depend on their masters for everything. Every natural instinct of a pet is suppressed by its owner and these suppressed natural instincts are seen as bad or wrong. Some pet owners don’t even allow their animals to ever leave the safety of the home. Pet owners confine their pet to the dwelling in order to protect the creature from the dangers of the outside world. Most pets have been domesticated through selective breeding to tame its behavior to be manageable and pleasant to the owner. Other times selective breeding is used to bring forth favorable behavior or characteristics. Regardless of the reason, domesticated or selectively bred creatures are created to serve their owners. The animal no longer is able to fit into the ecological niche that it was naturally purposed for by natural selective/creative processes. Some might say that the owner’s manipulation of the life form is a natural selective/creative process. Egoistic intention is often without natural balance and the result of that imbalance is more imbalanced creations. Nature has a way of taking everything into account when being selective and creative. Imbalanced creations end up becoming destructive and the result of that destruction is creation that will result in a new balance.

Without the hand of man to influence their perpetuation the dog breeds we have spawned will eventually die off and in about 50 years or so, all that would remain on the North American continent are coyotes and wolfs. Any domesticated dog breed is essentially a wolf minus the genetic information that would make it a strong self sustaining and instinctual beast that can endure the hardships of its intended natural environment. It seems nature has no place for mans abominations. Dogs are an interesting species to compare to human beings because like dogs we also have been turned into breeds. Some of our races are the result of natural selection while others are the result of more egoistic causes. There are many humans that believe their race is superior to other races and for that reason alone do not interbreed even though the resulting offspring will be fertile, often beautiful, healthier and able to reproduce. Nature is not swayed by political motives or delusions of superiority because it does not show favor or prejudice and is dominated purely by opportunistic circumstance. We don’t get to determine which race is superior, nature does. The races of man are breeds and that would mean that like dogs some genetic information has been depleted compared to some former state of wholeness in our creature.

Is there a real wolf man? A race if you will, that is unlike any existing or established breed and has all the naturally intended genetic information. When you compare a dog to a wolf for natural life, the wolf is by far a superior creature. A wolf is not superior to a dog when put in mans artificial and domesticated environment. Man looks at the wolf as a dangerous and unruly creature that does not serve their purposes, so is useless for them. Many of the wolfs behavior would have to be made to appear as evil or even savage in order to get the rest of the dogs to reject that wolf and especially its behavior. For that reason the wolf will always be too free and dangerous for man to use and all of its behavior will have to made to appear as inferior or evil, respective to the culture in mind. Wolfs are not accustomed to domesticated lives and neither would the wolf man. It would make sense that whoever has been breeding us would want to kill off the wolf man in an effort to prevent any infectious DNA from entering into their flock. Even dogs with their domesticated characteristics can be dangerous so their behavior must be trained to become malleable and useful. Humans are subjected to education and legal systems that ensure every natural instinct is suppressed and if it can’t be that human is put into a cage or to death where it can no longer infect the rest of the flock with its unruly DNA. Humanity keeps a record of who has been caged and the incarcerated will be denied financial opportunity that further suppresses its likelihood of reproducing.

We humans are further distinguished by our ego and pride which is based on a social status or perception. If you notice, we humans bother ourselves with some things that animals would never waist time on. We put so much attention towards prideful things that rouse our anger and bring forth violent and malevolent behavior. We are so smart and well kept by our masters that we can be fooled into destroying ourselves. It’s as if our survival instincts have been turned off and things of a more virtual nature take on more importance then the safety of our bodies. Sticking with the Dog/Wolf & bred men/wolf man analogy it can be argued that wolfs establish social structures that are based on a hierarchy that could be viewed as cruel for Omega’s of the pack. The Alpha has his female Alpha and no other males are allowed to mate with her, while the male Alpha can mate with any female of the pack. It seems unfair, but it serves nature by ensuring that only the strongest of the packs genes are perpetuated. Nature does not have jails or credit scores, but it does have social status which is comparable to the human financial status and that will determine which male is given the opportunity to mate. But with what intentions do humans limit a male’s ability to mate? Only males that are docile and subservient to the pet owners system are given the best opportunity to procreate and reward. We are being bred by selective processes that are not balanced and have no concern for the survivability or independence of resulting generations.

I heard a story about the 2004 tsunami event in Indonesia. I was told that no land animal that was free to roam died in the tsunami. It’s as if they somehow could sense the danger that was coming and were able to make it to high ground in time to escape the devastating floods. This makes me wonder why if we humans are so superior to animals were unable to sense this danger. What do the animals have that we don’t? The story goes on to mention that cats, dogs, monkeys even elephants were able to completely avoid the disaster so I don’t think it was some common physical perceptive ability as all of the mentioned animals have varying perceptive abilities. What if my proposed wolf man has retained this animal instinct to sense coming doom? I would imagine whoever created us would want their creation to be able to save itself from danger just like how so many natural creatures are able to. Kind of like a robot that was designed to avoid destructive behavior or scenarios. Even if the robot was purely a slave machine, it would hold some value and giving it some ability to preserve itself would be a way to protect your investment. It would also prove to other would be creators that you indeed know how to create a being that is far superior to competing models.

Porno for Pyros : Pets – This band definitely influenced my youth. It isn’t until now that I am able to appreciate their music in a whole new light. Jane’s Addiction was also epic and there is so much that they did that I could not have fully understood in my youth.

David Guetta : She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) – Also sung by Sia. David deserves so much credit for so many great songs. I know I mentioned the Wolf Man, but just like there is a Wolf Man, there has to be a She Wolf as well. If she’s out there she must be experiencing the same kind of persecution and aggression that the Wolf Man is.

Allison Goldfrapp : Number 1 – Just watch the video and play with the word Dog and the context of what is happening in the video. We each see something different.

Sea Wolf : You’re A Wolf – This is an interesting band. I like their style and one crazy night I was fortunate enough to meet the lead singer and another band member. Cool peeps.

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