The Three Kings

Revelations 12:1 “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head. She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.” About a year ago around September of 2011 an arrangement of celestial objects in our solar system along with the constellation Virgo appeared to meet these requirements. The images provided by Stellarium shows what is assumed to be a virgin as the Virgo constellation about to give birth to Saturn as it was about where the womb would be. However the Stellarium constellation figures are not exactly the same layout or even size as some other examples of the constellations visible within the Tropic of Cancer. Stellarium lines up Saturn’s birth with the representation of Virgo’s womb on 11/11/2011. This was used to make people believe that Saturn or Satan was to be born on that date. Stellarium is free and pretty good for free. I tend to avoid free software that every conspiracy site directs me to. Many believed that Comet Elenin would form a type of tiara/crown above Virgo at precisely that time. I personally think Elenin is code for something else and is probably not even a comet or anything it was being proposed to be by so many Doom Sayers. It is more likely that these NEO’s are used as orbiting space bases or as some kind of solar transit system of some secret space program. Below is an example of the celestial arrangement that took place around 9/2011.

The red cross hairs in the right hand corner are where Elenin was supposed to be on September 30th 2011 and as you can see the Sun is around her shoulder area, Saturn & Venus around the womb and the moon at her feet. Needless to say nothing happened.

This time around on Tuesday October 16th of 2012 there is no Elenin, but a similar configuration exists only this time the woman is with child as Saturn has clearly passed the womb. When you look at it this time the woman could also be giving birth to the sun and the moon at her feet, happens to be a new moon that began on Monday. Take a look below.

This image was made using Check it out, it’s awesome.

I personally think that the crown of twelve stars is a reference to the virgin Mary which is often depicted with a crown of twelve stars. Interestingly enough she is also often depicted with a crescent moon at her feet. The crescent moon is indicative of a new moon, but some of the crescent moons at her feet in the images below could also be the final phase of a waning moon. It is hard to tell if this was an important detail of the message and timing. Sometimes she is without child and sometimes is. In some images she is wearing a type of blue garment. Take a look at these various images of the Virgin Mary. They are not completely consistent which isn’t surprising, but the similarities of the different versions, is.

I think that this imagery is a metaphor for a fairly rare arrangement in the heavens. I have seen representations of the Roman Goddess Venus and she looks very similar to some representations of the Virgin Mary. Interestingly enough Venus the planet is moving towards the crown area of Virgo and will be there before the end of October. Take a look at the Tarot cards below and you should notice some interesting similarities in both cards. In Revelations this wonder in the heavens is a prelude to the new kingdom of the Messiah, but I guess most of it is. The day of October 16th has come and passed and I never expected anything amazing to happen right away. To me I believe it is more of a time marker for whoever was to receive this coded message through religion, culture and time. I notice here in SoCal they are no longer spraying the skies with whatever they were for the last couple years. That’s interesting. Hot days are usually accompanied by chem trails in overlapping patterns. It could be bad, it could be good. Were just gonna have to wait and see.

The image below is what will happen October 25th 2012. Notice the order of the above Tarot cards (II,III) II being the moon under her feet and then step III, the crowning of the twelve stars done by Venus. Saturn and the Sun are in conjunction and it all makes for a very interesting arrangement.

I get the feeling that it is all leading up to December 3rd 2012. Look at the image below to see what will happen on that morning. All of these perspectives are from Los Angeles. I wonder how it will look from Cairo. This is something Charles Marcello goes into great detail about on his blog, but the first image (three bluish stars above the pyramids) on his site is not how it will look over Cairo. Do read his stuff and look at the other images provided because I think the rest is closer to the truth. I found out about December 3rd on my own and now that I start researching that date, I’m finding all kinds of theories about it. This celestial event reminds me of what we saw in the movie 10,000 B.C. or Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. Could these be the three legendary kings that come from the east? On Dec 3rd if you look to the West Jupiter will be bright and on its closest approach to earth. These three wise men came from the East following a star in the West, only the stars are actually planets. I think Zeitgeist is wrong about Iron’s belt being the Three Kings, because the December 3rd Mercury, Saturn, Venus configuration matches the Pyramids of Giza perfectly. Could these three kings be an omen of something that is coming or that has already taken place? There are many stories and traditions revolving around the three kings, wise men and even magi, but in all of the stories they come to greet the newly born King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Jose Gonzalez: Teardrop – Another Zero 7 alumni that is absolutely amazing. This cover of Teardrop is unreal and the video is a trip, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Badly Drawn Boy: The Shining – I’m a fan and this song is one of my favorites. Nobody knows what the solely, sully or solly in the lyrics means.

David Gray: Babylon – This is one of those songs that reminds me of my youth and how amazing my life has been. How fortunate of us to have witnessed and experienced Babylon.

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