The Messiah

What is the Messiah? What does a Messiah do? If you ask around I bet you will get many different answers. If you look at the Christian example of the Messiah you will be told of a character that taught, healed, prayed, resurrected people along with himself, was born of Immaculate Conception, is the son of God and died for our sins and saved us by doing so. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe it because we aren’t saved yet. Look around folks and look through history and you will find that all of the followers lived humble lives and suffered at the hands of the rich and powerful. This world doesn’t even come close to my standards of what “saved” should be. It just sounds crazy to me that he died to save us and the result is that nobody follows his teachings while the world is filled with hate, greed and war. Doesn’t that seem wrong to any of you? Don’t get me wrong. I believe that someone came along and assisted humanity similar to the way the Christian Messiah did, but not the way they teach it and was the Messiah. What if our expectations and requirements of a Messiah are well enforced in our minds because the real Messiah is nothing like the dude the church is describing. That includes the teachings and purpose of the Messiah.

There are other definitions of what the Messiah is and many different ways to spell it depending on the culture/religion that is asked. Some believe the Messiah is Adam making him the first and the last or the Alpha and the Omega. I think the only consistent description across the teachings of the Messiah is that he is the redeemer. Who knows what that actually means? Another popular idea is that he isn’t here to improve the standard of living or anything like that and his sole purpose is to save the world from certain doom. We are so accustomed to assuming the Messiah is a perfect being of light that is very likable, loved and followed because of his miraculous abilities and let’s not forget divinity. I think the best way to understand the purpose of the Christian Messiah is to look at it through very dark eyes. To see through the darkness you must begin with the understanding that everything has a purpose. If the Christian Messiah is a false rendition of the true Messiah then what would the purpose of these lies be? My mind begins to follow the money or power in this case and I end up with those in power as my main suspects. The next logical step is to question what they have to gain or not lose with these lies. There are theories that the whole bible is a coded way to show select individuals how to plan and survive some kind of global catastrophe. Which is why the end days are just as the days of Noah.

What if the Messiah isn’t some miracle worker with amazing supernatural powers and in reality is some normal flesh and bone human being that is indistinguishable from other humans? If that is the case then the Christian Messiah requirements start making a whole lot of sense. First off no one would be able to claim the title as Messiah because nobody can do the miracles claimed by the bible. The expectation of resurrection is really a way to get the Messiah to believe he has to allow himself to be put through a torturous death that will somehow be productive for everyone else. No creature in the world of reality is able to resurrect. No creature does that. No creature is conceived via Immaculate Conception. All creatures that rely on sexual reproduction require the male and female counterparts for conception to occur. These are truly miraculous abilities and supernatural in every way. The first to read the stories of the Christian Messiah had no knowledge of science, but still were blown away by these abilities. Christianity is based on human, oh sorry God sacrifice of their leader. Who does that? Sounds like some pretty weak leadership if you ask me. If Jesus was able to come back, then why didn’t he stay to set things straight? It starts to look like the whole “he died for yours sins” line is a way to pacify would be followers when in fact it was an assassination executed by the elite of that day.

The whole story is complete and total bullshit propagated and published by the powers that be of their day. It was written by the power elite to serve the power elite of that day all the way up to today. My next question is why they would want this man dead. The answer to that question could be the most revealing piece of conspiracy the human race has ever experienced. My theory is that the Messiah is to eliminate the extreme dark forces that control the world. There will always be darkness, but the Messiah is to balance the forces in my opinion. That would mean that this person would have to have both dark and light properties in balance and would manifest that upon the creation. He would be nothing at all like that gentle and warm version conveyed by Christianity. Star Wars may be closer to the truth, but still that is an extreme example at best. If the Messiah is to destroy the extreme dark and destructive forces of the world then I am also guilty of describing what would easily be an impossible and even implausible scenario. How can one man, by his own will, destroy all of the overwhelmingly powerful and destructive governments and armies of the world as a mortal human being?

Some believe the entire concept of a Messiah is a clever scheme to prevent all of Earths inhabitants from ever becoming responsible and united to stop the dark forces. They sit comfortable seeing how impossible the fight and union would be in order to accomplish such a task, but it’s OK J.C. will fix it, whenever he comes back. Meanwhile the churches teach humanity that we have to wait for the Messiah to improve life and none of you can do it, only the Messiah can. I don’t think this is entirely true or else they would not have put so much effort into making everyone believe the Messiah must die and resurrect along with all the other miracles. It’s brilliant because it never happened and it’s never going happen. Everybody will just have to wait until that day for Heaven to be on Earth. Even the concept of Heaven on Earth is false as we know that it, just like the system we currently live in is unbalanced and will eventually collapse upon itself. I truly believe this is why the Catholic church hunted down as many of the Gnostics they could to silence their true teachings and understandings of the Messiah. If the Catholic church in fact had the truth they would not have to persecute a single person to keep their belief system in place and unchallenged.

The Antichrist is another false character as described in religious texts, but is very real. The Antichrist is real in the sense that he is actually a group of people looking to kill the Christ’s or the chosen ones. The counter to that is that the chosen is more likely not a single person, but a group of individuals throughout the world. The Antichrist story allows the real Antichrists to make everyone believe that the real Christ’s/chosen ones are evil and in league with or are the Antichrist(s). They can play it either way they want and it’s absolutely brilliant. Same thing with impostor Jews making real Jewish people seem wicked and greedy. You have to destroy your ego to accept this knowledge because they designed it all to use your ego as a foundation that was built by their belief system. It’s like what happens when you use science to disprove superstitions and the superstitious are offended by the contradicting results. They get hurt because their entire emotional reality and even concept of reality is based on their belief system which is also part of their ego. It’s as if religion is the art of getting people to accept bullshit and getting the followers to shame the rest when they don’t also accept it, while at the same time keeping the moral high ground. You must see the dangers of popular opinion.

I think the Messiah/Chosen one/Christ is an individual that was more than just chosen; more like designed. By designed I mean his life and destiny will result in a balancing of the forces without him even being aware of it, at least in the beginning. All of humanity is technically implied in this process because we are all pieces of the puzzle and the puzzle is incomplete if one piece is missing. I see the Messiah as the final piece that completes the puzzle and then the picture is complete. The Messiah would not be able complete the puzzle without all the other pieces. He is the corner stone of the human layer of the Creation and possibly more. It’s as if this person’s life in every possible way is completely synchronized to complete the puzzle with the aid of all the other pieces. If there are forces attempting to stop the Messiah they need to realize that every layer of consciousness has had its part in designing his life to complete this mission. Even his will and ability to cope with the intensity of the situation was by design and just like that final puzzle piece, is absolutely perfect for the task. Some may call him the convergence and sitting in peace in the middle of a cyclone, but I believe it to be more like a cosmic joke of what many would consider highly improbable and if stated totally impossible. He doesn’t keep hold because he’s such a bad ass, he got caught and can’t let go. A real bitter sweet deal that is very reliant on ego correction. Regardless of what you believe, nobody has a soul like the Messiah’s and still not even he can prevent his destiny from being fulfilled.

I absolutely love Alison Goldfrapp and this song has always made a huge impression on me. She’s an amazing artist. Her songs are really deep and very unique. If you listen to her music and follow her act, you should get some kind of positive message; I did.

Interesting lyrics on so many levels. The video conveys a type of dance with nature that only an angel could experience.

This is the song that introduced me to the world of Goldfrapp and I was instantly hooked. So hauntingly dark and beautiful. Never heard anything like this before. Again, very interesting lyrics.

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