The Silent Revolution

All wars are spiritual and there is a spiritual war being waged here, now on American soil. The dark enemy is not who you may think or have been told they are. I’m not referring to their skin color when I say dark. Most do tend to be very light skinned, but that is not always the case. Our mainstream media news providers are playing with our minds by reinforcing associations and conditioning us to typify each other. Using the very powerful and involuntary brain function of neural association they have hard wired Americas minds to look across some ocean or at a minority to find the enemy. Racism is probably the boldest form of your destruction that they have implemented in this nation. Racist are being used to execute TPTB’s will and they are in for a surprise because TPTB won’t keep rewarding them forever. Eventually any group that serves their purpose becomes obsolete and we’re talking about serious clandestine behavior that was carried out by some of these groups. Check the track record on every single monster that was put in power. They make their monsters and when they are done, they dispose of them. It is a very balanced way to proceed as these monsters I speak of truly deserve this fate. When the honeymoon is over and the timing is right they will turn their guns on the group they created and eliminate them if they are enough of a liability.

Here in the U.S. we have monsters that are created out of greed originally and then they commit them to crime, leveraged with that crime and then are wholly controlled like a robot that will follow every single command; like a Terminator. These monsters are perfectly selfish and driven by an intense desire to avoid discovery and punishment. These Terminators and their designers is America’s true enemy. They will twist the laws and spin a web until every knee is bowed. They are fishermen that cast out nets to catch many with their conspiracy forums and false call to arms. Only the darkness calls for light workers to meet. It’s a trap. Who do you think hosts the harvest in that 2nd testament parable? A reaper must come along and harvest the righteous. Do you believe God will descend from the heavens to pick up his elect and take them to Heaven or will the Grim Reaper come along and rid the world of the righteous? Do you believe the elite have built vessels to escape destruction or even Earth or are they fooling us into thinking they will leave, but the plan has always been to stay here? Are you getting conned? I believe every human being on Earth is being conned, and especially the ones that serve them directly. When you start looking at the 2nd testament and many of the parables and give it a dark angle, a whole new purpose becomes plausible.

I am an American Citizen and I was raised Catholic, but I am now a different kind of American Citizen and follow a totally different spiritual tune. I was raised believing God was good, but now I see that is how they disguised their plan to either destroy or enslave the entire human race. I was raised believing America was great, but now I see that America is behaving as humanities worst enemy. See the problem is I grew up loving my country and being proud of it, for what it stood for, for what the founding fathers fought for. The founding fathers may have been rich white men and could be viewed as the elite of their day, but they sacrificed everything for what they believed in and valued virtue over greed. Almost all of them paid dearly for what many of us now call home. Since I believe in that America that I grew up believing in, I will not just give up my fight for justice. I will not stand idle as you rape and desecrate our constitution that so many men and women have fought, suffered and died for. Sure they (TPTB) created America for their very fraudulent and destructive purposes, and as America stands today is the PTB’s very dark creation, but the belief of what America should be, that part came from our hearts. I wish with all of my heart that the America I loved and believed in was real.

The point of the game of Chess is to come up with a strategy to take the well protected king. If they go with an all out assault, since they are alien they will eventually be outnumbered and be totally destroyed. They need to devise a way for us to destroy ourselves. They need to use the good old divide and conquer trick; check. Create a rock solid way to know just about everything about anyone; check. Make everyone predictable in behavior and lifestyle; check. Make sure nobody can travel anywhere without being monitored and searched; check. Create excuses for huge stockpiles of weapons and armies and therefore increasing the chance that they will be used; check. Get everybody used to terrorist attacks so they can use the attacks to kill anyone who has a clue and starting new wars with it; check. Now this is the important part because it is just before they kick off the real attack on all of humanity. Eliminate any characters that could survive and would stand and fight against us when we lay down our Gestapo style control apparatus; to do. The rest of you domesticated pets will just get swept right up without even raising a fist. You will trust them so you won’t even resist. If you aren’t able to see the dark side of things, you won’t even see it coming.

How do we fight? Definitely not by killing people or destroying anything just for the purpose of destruction, that will only further their goals. Realize that you are not going to fight anybody but yourself. That will make more sense when it does. I call it a silent revolution because you fight with your spirit in meditation, in dreams and with minimal kinetic energy. No explosions or the sounds of the innocent crying. Try to understand that they fear discovery and punishment which is why the wicked fear the righteous. I knew I was being monitored so I opted to use the 6th law of power. It was humiliating, definitely bizarre and even touched on the taboo. The 6th law of the 48 Laws of Power is to Court Attention At All Costs. Just being on the minds of many is an amazing power and once you have that, you can do miracles with it. I suggest you make a show and say nothing, let it spread and once it has, make your accusations and call them out on their shit. This may be done at great personal expense and may even destroy your ego, shame your sense of self to an inconceivable new low, but if you value your life it’s worth it. If you want to survive and have that kind of fuck it all spirit then go for it, otherwise don’t because you’ll end up killing yourself. Do it knowing that the life you lived and knew is and will forever be gone from you. The benefit of shrinking your ego is that you will now fit through the doorway of reality and hopefully elevate your spiritual awareness, which will be of supreme value after you drop that kind of bomb on them. My bomb was so bright that I believe I may have scorched some retinas.

I knew that a strong character assassination plot was afoot and that would be my road or path of least resistance, but I needed a vehicle for my message to travel in. I knew that my show would spread quickly based on the cultural programming of the local populace. So not only did they have a strong emotional idea and opinion of me, but also my image and that combination created a tsunami on the conscious plane or emotional landscape and proved to be very sensible. Once it was spread and I became a social pariah, I only had to utter the words of truth and like a virus it spread; a virus to fight a cancer. My observers believed they had internet gold, but no it wasn’t gold, it was plutonium. They didn’t realize it was radioactive until long after they flaunted it and spread it around town, infecting all who consumed it. I would bet the farm Tosh.0 made a reference to it by showing the reactions of people that were watching it. I can see the source of things and their intended purpose, especially things that I created. I know what they were watching, but the interesting thing is that police recorded it so one must ask how would TV personalities have access to it. They wouldn’t be able to show that on live TV. Not only did I spread a truth, I also began revealing their communication network and commercial associations. This is just one example that I can share with you regarding how to fight. I used it and I will not be given the opportunity to use it again as they adapt quickly, but it definitely threw a blue monkey wrench into their system.

A basic concept in Ju-Jitsu is that any attack can not only be defended against, but can also be used to harm, injure or even kill your attacker. Just like a well executed Ju-Jitsu technique, timing is key. I can only share some of my experience and technique with you as I am currently in a fight for my life and can’t give away much. Here in Simi Valley where minorities are kept under foot and have no civil rights whatsoever according to its people and their “protectors”. This can happen anywhere and they will use your neighbors as they use mine now, any state or government organization has been infiltrated or will be recruited or exists entirely for their purpose. They will do everything in their power to try and convict you without due process, outside of a courtroom and all the while getting everyone around you to jump on the band wagon. They’ll treat you like Frankenstein and hate your creator. Whatever you do don’t die, don’t give up, keep up the fight by using your mind, heart and spirit. You don’t realize how important you are or how important you will become and I know how cliche that sounds, but you’re important so don’t give up. Know that there is a higher consciousness guiding us along the way and considering the impossible odds if there wasn’t, I wouldn’t still be alive.

Understand that their very corrupt structure is extremely fragile and relies on a need to know information structure. If all involved knew the extent of their plans, far less would abide. This terror matrix is built kind of like a custom intranet application. Certain roles are given privileges to view and manipulate relevant data while lower roles see and manipulate less important, but relevant data. When certain roles are given access to the wrong screens and begin seeing data that was not meant for them then the stack of cards begins to collapse. Imagine the kind of chaos that ensues when the office staff gains access to payroll or learns of an upcoming mass layoff. Everything will begin to go to shit. Now you must check yourself before you wreck yourself because only the righteous acting out of righteousness will be given the divine assistance needed to fight the darkness. I’m far from perfect and consider myself to be striving for righteousness, so am very grateful for the help I have been given by so many. I do realize how lucky I am. If you are not true or have some kind of mental or spiritual fortitude, don’t even try it. If you can’t handle the heat don’t come into this kitchen. I don’t think anything could have psychologically prepared me for the mind fuck I’ve endured, but luckily I was spiritually prepared. If you want to know why there hasn’t been any doom, it’s because they haven’t killed me yet. If I die, you all will fall to their wicked plot, but first they need to kill me. I didn’t make it this far to just roll over and die so have faith and learn to work your soul as well.

I swear I’m not obsessed with Sia, it’s just that so many songs she sings hit the nail right on the head. The kids psycho-kinesis is a metaphor for abilities that are difficult to illustrate even in a video.

The song is about someone waiting for a call and a ride in the dark. Obvious metaphor for reception as in you pick up the receiver to answer a call/receive and the ride is the path through the darkness. The official video is about kids with amazing abilities.

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