This is one of those topics that is so super sensitive that the emotions of certain readers can be deeply affected just for bringing it up. They know what it means to me. I know what it means to them. They can stop telling lies about me and I’ll still keep telling the truth about them. I am greatly moved by the suffering and deaths of cancer victims and want nothing more than to see all heal and become whole again. Cancer sucks! I lost my little brother to it. He had a different father and it was totally genetic, but still he was my little brother. Genetic code that didn’t catch the errors and those errors go on to repeat and invade or and destroy, sometimes even convert whatever’s in its path. Cancer progresses with a total disregard for the sanctity and elegance that it devours. Truly a curse to humanity, but there’s a bright side. People are making tons of money because of cancer. As my grandfather would say “It’s a business”. Awesome! Whew!; I was worried that cancer was all bad. I will stop being sarcastic now and let you know how deeply offended and ferocious this makes people feel. That’s some bullshit right there. No part of cancer treatment or any healthcare for that matter should ever be allowed to be profitable. It should just pay for itself. No quarterly statement for investors or anything even close to that. Capitalize on everything else, but not on our mortality!

I know there are cancer non-profit organizations that provide grants to provide machines that will detect Breast Cancer, I believe for free and is available at Planned Parenthood centers. I think that is very helpful, but I don’t think they go far enough. See in this economy driven by insane people believing that government should be run like a businesses, but at the same time running it into the ground, healthcare is expensive or inaccessible. The cancer non profits have had quite a bit of time to come up with a cure and guess what, no dice. Nothing, nada, zilch except for the claim of a new way to target cancer cells which is substantiated by some video of a pink ribbon looking thing attach to the representation of a cancer cell and sticking to it. Never mind the destroying it part, that’s another problem; we’ll cross that bridge when we get there kind of a thing. They definitely do not even consider providing any kind of information towards prevention of cancer. If you ask they will say well the FDA does not endorse any effective preventative treatment for cancer so that’s that. Don’t you worry folks this new way to target cancer will be available in about a long ass time. The FDA isn’t much of a speed demon of expediency and safety either. So the government pretty much says “see you later”, take a hike, I mean a walk. I’m not just talking about Breast Cancer as this applies to all cancers, I just happen to know a thing or two about the Breast Cancer world so I used that example, and no my brother didn’t die of Breast Cancer, that would be weird.

I think most people know that diet and lifestyle can become a very powerful way to fight cancer and if done right you can prevent most cancers altogether. Some cancer is not preventable, but I personally know of a person that fought 3 different types of cancers since Hiroshima homeopathically, with no chemo and lived well into his 80’s. Lots of anti-oxidants, good Japanese eating and tons of gambling was his way to fight cancer. A great person and did not actually die of cancer. He was a warrior throughout his life and used his spirit to fight and in the end, did not fall victim to his lifelong adversary. I just want the reader to imagine they did have a way to effectively cure any type of cancer and it only required a minimal amount of resource to treat, but that person didn’t have the funds to pay for the treatment. In the world we live in, that unlucky person has to go in massive debt or in some cases die. I’m not ok with that and I couldn’t imagine a human being that claims to have a soul being ok with that either. I guess my point is if you can’t cure it, then you should assist with the treatment of it. I don’t think government should or can bear the costs of all its treatment if there are so many people gung ho to fight it. People are suffering and in need of healing now. The research has been an epic fail at curing cancer so use some funds to save lives with what we have learned. And just where a life can be saved or the suffering eased. I am very grateful for the Make a Wish Foundation as they definitely augmented the remainder of my brother’s life. They totally kick ass at lifting spirits. Some real big hearts run that program.

You see there are different dimensions and abstractions in which cancer exists. Imagine you as a person are just a single cell of the body of God. Each cell has its job, function and purpose, for being right where it is. Think of things like racism, war, pollution, religion, sexism, addiction, greed and deceit as forms of cultural and even physical cancers in the body of God. For heaven to be on Earth we must become whole or holy again and remember in a positively cooperative way in order create a more powerful and glorious God. God is the being that is ALL powerful and looks after all his people. Generally a body will do one of two things when encountering cancer. The body will notice the cancer and create a thin membrane around it to isolate and that’s a tumor or it will not be recognized as a cancer and will not be stopped by a membrane and be allowed to flow through the body, corrupting every part of the body that it encounters. If a part or parts become too damaged it must be amputated or removed by other means. If you are being cancerous, God will remove you using effective tools because the immune system alone was unable to correct the issue. The cancer will be removed before death occurs in order to save the remaining whole. We can cure cancer just by recognizing it, stop it when encountered and develop effective preventative measures. The body of God will evolve to beat cancer.

It’s interesting because this song was posted by someone named FueledByCancer. It is more than appropriate given the subject matter.

I’m a huge Donnie Darko fan, but I’m an even bigger Tears for Fears fan. Yeah, we’re doing an 80’s thing this time.

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