Imagine that higher consciousness contact has been achieved, but it isn’t what you have been, I guess conditioned to think or believe it would be. Maybe contact is not meeting some strange extraterrestrial being, but becoming aware that the universe is also a being of sorts. An entity much wiser than all of our meager knowledge accumulated throughout all the civilizations of our human species. It communicates in a bizarre fashion in the beginning, but it starts making sense and then it starts becoming normal. Eventually you begin to realize that you have always been in the presence of some one. That one is you, the universe and a reflection of yourself from another world and another time. The universe manifest as you, and when you meet you, that’s contact. Above you is another layer of consciousness that is even more bizarre to communicate with then the other you. I guess that would be what some call the father using silent lucidity to guide the two of you from different worlds to meet at a particular space and time. That’s when the magic and the wows begin to happen.

Others may be thinking of Jody Foster’s consciousness travelling through space and literally talking to her-self on the way there. Eventually she meets her father and returns without any other human being able to confirm the experience and in fact have evidence otherwise. They only saw her fall through unabated and undisturbed all the way to the net. It’s all a really great metaphor of my and other contact experiences. Others may associate CONTACT with what you do when you have visual of enemy and wish to inform the accompanying party that you not only have visual on enemy but also intend on firing upon them with lethal force and extreme prejudice with the added intention of inviting said accompanying party to also join in and “get some”. Regardless of how you understand it, contact is going to occur.

Think of movies like Youth Without Youth, Zathura and Another Earth. They meet or communicate with another them and that other them helps them. You can talk all the crap you want about Hollywood, but starting from the movie Taxi Driver I could walk you through an extremely elaborate pattern attempting to reveal the truths of our existence and experiences. There is more to holy wood than you can possibly imagine. You can believe that Hollywood is a dark evil world filled with superficial people and fabricated realities with the intent of spreading propaganda and you would be right. You can also see the other side and see that they have been teaching us spiritual truths through these movies. You can think of some films as a translation of the path of light. If you don’t see it it’s because you are not of the spiritual state to receive those messages. All things have dark and light properties. Can you see that?

Whatever you get from this post just keep in mind that everything that is happening is happing because contact is happening. I talk about why I think it is possible that the middle east conflict, the whole thing since more than 60 years ago was to assemble an armada to prepare for something around Egypt. It’s happening, they are finding and more likely fabricating reasons to assemble troops in the area that I mention in this past blog post The Conspiracy Behind Every Conspiracy, check it out when you have a chance. Kind of reminds me of transformers 2. You ever notice how the Decepticons fly like birds and the Autobots roll on their bellies like a snake made of cars?

The movie Evolutions rocked so this music video from THROOPALOOP was perfect. I don’t know who this person is, I just used their video. You may notice a familiar creature that appears to be a kind of primate that also happens to have a pigmentation that reflects frequencies of light with wavelengths in the range of 490 to 445 nano meters.

Godsmack – Sick of Life :

Sia’s voice is absolutely amazing along with so much of what Zero 7 did, but this song spoke to me in a big way. Not much of a video for this one, but the song and lyrics definitely make up for it.

I personally believe this video is about how Hitler didn’t die, but that is open to interpretation. The song is about contact.

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