The Extract

I have learned so much in the last 4 years and I keep learning more every day. I want to explain something to the readers. I don’t think you all understand what is exactly taking place and I promise you that I don’t. I have an idea, but no real hard proof or solid evidence. It has been mainly instinct and heart. There is something I think you all should know. The powers that be (PTB) are not what you think they are. They have worked very hard to stick to a script and all the while hiding that script right before your eyes. Believe it or not this world that we live in and all its horrors are the result of good intentions. The worst things imaginable happen with the best of intentions and trust me I know this more than most people could possible imagine. You must be scratching your head thinking “how is that possible” or “what good intention could possible come from this”. I know it’s confusing, but I will attempt to explain to you what I believe is going on. I will try to keep it simple, but it is very complicated.

I’m just going to go out and say it. The powers that be are tricking us into evolving, but not all of us will unfortunately. It’s based on the Extract principle. The idea is that you create darkness (suffering, slavery, illness, death, destruction and war) to force the creature to either adapt or die. When you are extracting precious metals from the Earth you will have to process many tons of material to extract and filter out micrograms or if you’re lucky grams of the target material. Consider the periodic table of elements where elements are going from left to right, changing, becoming heavier. Eventually an element graduates to a more valuable element. Without anybody consciously working towards this result, in time, it will be achieved. There are ways to speed these natural processes up and there are even ways to synthesize an element. Think of our world in its present state as a way to speed up an elements progress to a heavier more valuable element. We are these elements that a grand alchemist is processing into gold.

Evolving is never a comfortable process, but it is paramount. You may also be asking yourself “why would they be doing that.” The answer to that question is so insane, but also makes perfect sense. Earth was the closest and most stable planet for a colonization program. They (what we would truly consider aliens) were in danger at home as their planet was dying. They tried to fix their planet, but at last it was no use and its death proved to be in process and inevitable. For them and their bodies, Earth was not suitable. Earth’s gas mixture and lighting arrangement didn’t work for the bodies they had evolved on their home planet. So they began a huge project to save not their species, but their consciousness. They needed to create an Adam that would be a vessel for their souls. The Adam had to be able to live and thrive on Earth. This project would also require that the Adam go through all of the spiritual or emotional experience that their original species encountered, but here on Earth. For this project to succeed and they would need to post watchers to ensure that the Adam progressed as planned.

Not only did they create a creature AKA Adam as a vessel, but they also created a path for us to experience and evolve while on Earth. They created a path for each and every single one of us (the created), except the synthesized (the uncreated). This plan was brilliant, but it had a flaw; the Watchers. Essentially the king was handing over the keys to the kingdom to the Watchers. The king himself would also have to transfuse his soul into this new Adam in order to become a member of this Earthly evolved and experienced species. What the Watchers didn’t know was that the King was counting on them to try and steal the kingdom. Forcing a species to evolve is even more uncomfortable than evolving. So the plan isn’t as flawed as it may appear to be. Keep in mind that it’s very possible not all of the Watchers were on board with this attempt to steal the kingdom. Their first act of rebellion was when they landed on Earth and impregnated women born of the Adam. These actions bore abominations that later became the many kings and queens of our past and even present.

The fathers of these abominations are not human, but the reason they were even able to reproduce with humans is because the Adam was made in their image and likeness. I’m sure originally the offspring was infertile so they must have found a way around that. They also recruit humans to do their dirty work as well. Their race is very particular about who their lineage is carried by. I think there was to be a royal family that would oversee our evolution on Earth and my guess would be the original Pharaohs. Taking the kingdom was the easy part now keeping it is the real challenge. This huge colonization plan had a timeframe for our progress to conclude. The Watchers have been planning for this event ever since the beginning. The only reason I’m even telling you this now is because it is about to conclude and I just figured it out.

I have my doubts because you see people like Bush partying or having ceremonies in the pyramids on the new years eve of 2000. Plus you have that whole eye of Sargon thing going on with the eye being at the top of the pyramid. Pretty disturbing really, but hear me out before you jump to conclusions. If the pyramids are meant to help the goal then it would make sense the rebellious and currently in control Watchers would want to destroy the pyramids. From the looks of it, that has been attempted at some point in history. What if the rebellious Watchers are trying to get us to destroy the pyramids? By making us believe that the pyramids are a source of their power. That would be one hell of a September 11th event if they attacked the temple, I mean pyramid. If that were to happen, if it was possible and I guess it might be then doom will come to us all. The three days of darkness. And they will be rebuilt swiftly as a mountain is moved by faith.

It is also possible that none of the Watchers have rebelled and are just following a script. You might wonder why the script allows for so many abuses to humanity. If the Watchers have rebelled then greed has become a very powerful and reliable ally towards the goal. Regardless of their intentions humanity is being pressed and tested by a powerful enemy that is more prepared, informed and focused then we are. Why would this be happening or allowed to be happening? I think they needed to find out who would care and would fight, even die for humanity and who would take advantage of it. The only way to make the righteous stand out was to create intense contrast using darkness. If you put a person in the depths of hell and still they remain righteous, then truly they are righteous. This is the Extract that I speak of. There is also another target identity to be extracted and that is the once and future king. He is among you and he knows who he is. This is why the most important thing in the world that anybody could ever realize is to know thyself and know who you are, because one of us is that once and future king.

It is likely that there are factions among the Watchers where some are in rebellion while others are doing the best they can to stick to the plan. When you begin to think of parables from the Bible and apply this explanation you will see how well it fits. We have been well programmed to expect some doom on December 21, 2012. To me a more obvious date would be September 11, 2012; eleven years after the 2001 event. Eleven keeps coming up when you start analyzing the 911 events. What if it’s not doom, but revelation that is to occur on that date? I have no idea how this revelation will occur or if it even will, but I’m betting something will happen to further awaken us towards the original goal. The goal is to get us back to the state we were in when we left home. This post reminds me of the story of Robin Hood or even better yet Pandorum, Shrek the 3rd, Pan’s Labyrinth, the Book of Enoch and the Bible. You get the idea.

Radiohead: Pyramid Song

Easy Star All-Stars : Subteranean Homesick Alien – A wonderful cover of this song.

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