Is The United States of America Atlantis?

I’m not asking if you think Atlantis was somewhere in North or South America. I’m asking you if our today and present America is Atlantis. What if the future was hidden in a fake history that we’ve all been taught? The fabled tale of Atlantis shares so many parallels with the modern America, more specifically the United States of America. Even when you look at the geographical features and locations they both have many similarities. How brilliant would that be to hide a well planned future by teaching it to all as a legend of the past. I’m sure many of you are feeling like that eager child in class to raise their hand and counter with some recent discovery that has been proven to be Atlantis. I’m not just talking about the place but also time. Atlantis is a metaphor for the cyclical upheaval that an emerging civilization will experience as it progresses through time. They will never end with discoveries of ancient advanced civilizations that fit the Atlantis story. A testament to the many eons our race has been rising and falling upon every habitable zone of the Earth. None are Atlantis; all are Atlantis. Time is a cycle and some themes tend to stick, like Atlantis. Atlantis is timeless in the sense that at any time one can say it happened, but that same person can also say, it will happen.

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One Response to Is The United States of America Atlantis?

  1. Mark says:

    Let’s see “The Lost Continent of Atlantis” Were there any continents that might have been lost at the time of Plato? At one time America was one with Europe and Africa. When they split apart America was lost. It became a lost continent at that time. The only problem with this though is that America is thought to have separated from Africa at a time before Humans existed. However in the Bible it says “He was named Peleg for In his time the earth was divided.” God confused the languages because he wanted mankind to fill the earth. What better way to keep people in other parts of the world than to divide it up by separating the continents. What if the continents separated in Historical times rather than prehistorical times. In a time before Plato but after mankind was around to remember it?

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