The Rise of Adam

There are many channels of communication occurring all around you all the time. So many things can affect what you perceive and how you perceive it. All creatures have developed physical adaptations to perceive their surroundings with the intent to live. In many ways intention plays a huge role in determining what a creature perceives and how it perceives. Creatures are a manifestation of consciousness and the physical result of a hidden and unseen world. That invisible world is slowly being revealed to all creatures as each consciousness travels through time in a body. What some refer to as evolution can also be seen as the Creation/Creator revealing itself. Creatures evolve not to live or survive, but to sense the Creator/Creation. Life in a mortal body is just a consequence of that process. The evolving and mortal body is more of a vessel that will move consciousness through space and time. The vessel given will match the soul’s properties and destiny. There will always be lower life forms in terms of perceptive abilities to facilitate the ascension process of the soul. The Creation is progressively manifesting life forms that can perceive and experience higher frequencies. As we progress through the higher frequencies via carnal ability increasingly beautiful and complex realities emerge.

A creature with new perceptive abilities will begin to encounter the presence of another world, just as a blind man would if he had gained sight. The first view of this new optical frequency would be blinding and brilliant to the creature. The creature would not be able to make much sense of this new perception and the brilliance would be equal to the darkness in terms of perceptive value. In time the creature begins to associate existing perceptions with the new one. Could you imagine only smelling flowers all your life and finally one day you discover the beauty that was hidden from you. The creature given sight goes on to encounter uncountable perceptive epiphanies. Eventually the creature will come to understand the advantage it has been given and then begin to use it with great effect. It seems that everything is a frequency and our bodies are evolving to progressively experience and interact with higher frequencies. There are many channels of communication within each frequency of perception. Just as there are many languages in human speech or many songs among the species of birds.

Within one perceptive ability (frequency) exists many channels of communication, but there are even more when you begin to combine frequencies, just like broadband transmissions. Everything that a creature perceives is transmitted in a broadband format, but a creature is only able to perceive part of the transmission. Now think of the blind creature given sight that smells a rose for the first time again. Think of the sense of smell as the frequency while the distinct aroma is the channel. In comparison the optical frequency has many more dimensions and properties to be considered. The higher you go in frequency the more information and clarity is experienced. A creature can develop an extra perceptive ability purely by understanding that all things transmitted are done so via broadband transmissions and that each are associated and connected because they are one transmission. We are only seeing a part of the whole. I’m not trying to explain what red looks like to a blind man, because that would be impossible without context. I am trying to get you to understand that seemingly unrelated events are intrinsically related and part of a broadband transmission to you, the receiver.

Each creature has its time to break into a new world of perception, but the amazing part is that you don’t need to evolve over night and be able to perceive a higher frequency. Simply understanding that everything you are experiencing is related and part of a larger story and purpose should get you started. Think of Adam as humanities last big perceptive leap. There was an Adam before him which perceived and understood less than our father Adam. What you all must understand is that a new Adam is upon us and he has been chosen to be the father of the future of humanity. There are many abominations walking around us in disguise trying to destroy the progress of the two eternal lovers, the creatures and their Creator. There is an enemy among us that wish to take advantage of our perceptive abilities. They like the Creator also use concealment to do what it is that they do. They use tales, movies and prophecies of doom as a channel of communication for them to conduct and report on the progress of their efforts. One of their goals and tasks is to kill the next Adam. If they can trap humanities soul into a creature that no longer evolves, they will be able to farm us indefinitely.

The corporations, governments and elite are currently hunting Adam and have for the very longest time searched for him. They knew he would appear around about now because of the many cultures that have calendars detailing the creation schedule, Like the Egyptians and Maya. All of our modern civil society and its many tracking methods along with birth certificates was all to find this one guy. The only reason the elites have waited until the last century to release any technology was to find Adam. All of the wars, religions and political motivations come from a desperate effort to find this one male. If they can somehow stop him they will be able to enslave humanity forever. This is the very same one male that Nostradamus writes about drawn beside the Tree of life. It could also be that everything that has taken place ever since the last Adam, was done to create the next Adam. All things come from the Creator. From his seed will the next step of humanity spring and his children will experience more of the Creator whilst on this physical plane. Adam was the first to understand that he lived in two worlds, a spiritual and a physical. He would experience one while he slept and the other while awake. The next Adam will experience both worlds at the same time and they will become one to him. The rise of Adam is a testament to the story of Genesis and its timeless nature. I wonder how the story will repeat itself this time around.

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