The Times of Revelation

I honestly believe that war with Syria could potentially be the key to destroying the world. It also seems that there is some kind of intent by some group to get us all to destroy each other. It’s as if they themselves don’t have the authority to destroy all of humanity and need to fool us into doing it ourselves. It totally appears that Government, News & Entertainment Media, Corporations and law enforcement are all in on it. I almost believe the people that run all of this aren’t even human and if they are they are evil (egoistic) to the point that they kill for gain or comfort. Those of us that shrug our shoulders and go along with the corruption and abuse are bought. Selling your soul to the Devil does not require a contract with authentic signatures. You have two choices you can make in this mad world. You can go along with the lies, abuse, racism, usury and corruption and even profit from it. The other option is to talk about it, point it all out and make a conscious effort to not support the systems that feed the Beast. You will be attacked and falsely accused or even attempts on your life will be made for being a bad little monkey. You saw, heard and said too much. For the sell outs, I.D. and permission to work in a country is your Beast mark. And as for the servants of the father, these witnesses go into poverty and their every spoken truth muffled by false accusations, obscene intrusions of privacy and severe misunderstandings.

Speak out against this corrupt global mafia and the world will become your enemy. All of a sudden you begin to understand that Revelations was a plan that is being used by the Anti-Christ’s that run this world. It quickly becomes obvious that all of the very successful and especially famous are agents of this global crime syndicate. I always wondered what the days of the Mark of the Beast would be like, but now I know. What I’m saying is that the writers of Revelations bare the mark and serve the Beast. All of it is hidden by manipulating readers’ interpretation of the texts. The Christian follower often interprets it as an epic battle that will be obvious where good will be easily distinguished from wicked. This wicked organization uses a cloak of righteousness to engage the public and its victims. Anybody that attacks them will be the villain, considered bad and all that support them will be praised and regarded as good. Do you honestly believe that the docile church going patriotic subservient sheep is going to be persecuted? To serve my master you must be willing to give up yourself and lose it all, especially face.

You know how Jews use their entertainment media power house to hammer in the idea that they were persecuted. The purpose being they control everything so want to appear lowly and meek allowing them to persecute everyone else. Again not all Jewish people are part of this plot, just the ones that intend on using unknowing and unsuspecting Jewish tribes to pay for their crimes. If this knowledge becomes widespread I want people to be mindful that not all Jewish people are bad and should not be persecuted for what the imposters have done. I honestly believe the false Jews aren’t even human. They’re like aliens using human avatars in order to take over this world and get us to destroy ourselves. For this very reason should never resort to persecution or extermination as a means for justice or correction. Just know that the good will find what is good and bad will find what is bad. Frequency resonance will begin to play its part and differences will become obvious. They will no longer be able to hide as imposters staining the people they resemble.

I was reading CNN today and I copy & paste “Nawaf al-Fares, the country’s highest-ranking diplomatic defector, says he supports military intervention “because I know the nature of this regime”. I honestly have no idea who this guy is or what his true story is, but I have serious doubts about the intention of this kind of “News”. It just seems like blatant propaganda to me. This is no different than women being abused by the Taliban in Afghanistan or gang rapping mobs of military men in Libya. Apparently this doesn’t matter in Darfur because they lack the natural resource or location for commercial interests to capitalize on. The funny thing is that it’s most likely the U.N. being the aggressor and CNN reporting that the Syrian government is attacking its own people. We think what an asshole that Assad is for being cruel and attacking his own people. The whole Arab Spring thing has been manipulated and used as a way to destabilize governments and force in U.N. “Peace Keepers”. The same forces that created and support the U.N. are actually in fact the War Starters. They are trying to shape a world based on false justice and severe manipulation of the truth.

I hope you realize that this has all been more than a test, but an experience that hopefully has made you regret, love, laugh, fear, fight, feel wrong and right. You had to find you and nobody, not even your creator could have done that for you. Imagine how one would go about creating a paradise of beautiful intelligent and egoistic creatures. It makes sense to me that you would need a proving ground and this proving ground will be made of actors that will each be given an opportunity. The planner of this simulation has put in controls to ensure we each learn to balance our egoistic and altruistic properties. This is what I mean when I say the PTB are doing exactly what they were meant to do. It could be that once the game is over stations and titles will be issued to those worthy. Some did not care for their brothers and sisters so used them as if they were play things. Others did care for their siblings and even suffered for them as if they were their own children. The Father commanded that brother is not to be killer of brother, but brother is to be keeper of brother.

I’ll tell you my secret to spiritual ascension and even having amazing abilities that go beyond what is considered to be human. It’s the easiest, but can also be one of the hardest things to do. Become like the Father or the Mother and care for the children. That’s it! As your desires begin to focus on the well being of others, your senses will begin to gain sensitivity or entirely new senses activate. You know how a mother or father knows when their child is in danger? The more your heart and mind become altruistic and concern for others the more your abilities will be attuned. This is why Jedi’s are encouraged to love. Love is more than a conscious connection as it is an emotional or spiritual one as well. People have asked me how I do it. “How do you know” they ask me. Some have even tried testing my abilities by risking my life. I honestly don’t know how I do it. The knowledge is there like memory, it’s just there. All I know is where my focus was and what my intentions were and the rest just very intuitive. It’s as if I had a guide explaining me the features and abilities while using real life and real enemies to demonstrate these superior capabilities. It’s bizarre, but also the most natural thing.

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