The Blue Creatures

Blue creatures are an interesting phenomenon that is not entirely contemporary. For example The Blue Man Group is supposedly not new. I have read (internet) tale of this Blue Man Group originating around the European renaissance and remerging around the turn of the century before last and then falling silent again. The Blue Man Group that you and I know today is the latest manifestation. Many of Van Gogh’s characters interestingly wore blue clothing making consistent reference to blue garments. As you see in this sites header there is an assembly of blue characters from Hollywood and TV. Except for the dark monkey figure on the left surrounded by an aqua haze and bluish and purple background. I use this symbol as my internet avatar. My Mayan birth totem (I am of Mayan lineage) is the Blue Spectral Monkey and my birth name is Jaguar Paw (Ix Pax). So I use the monkey as a loose reference to my Mayan birth totem. I use a purple background because I am an extremely passionate being. Passion is not cheap so at times I feel blue. I have also read that Marduk used a color of blueish purple for his garments. Vishnu is another ancient not exactly fictional entity that is legendary to civilizations for using blue avatars in order to manifest on Earth.

Each character shown in the header of has a unique story and for some, their stories speak to us in unimaginably coincidental and ironic ways. Coincidence ceased to exist for me a long time ago. Notice the parallels and synonymous metaphor of the blue creatures as they overcome adversities on screen. When you start looking at the similarities and consistencies a super context begins to emerge. Some blue characters are missing because I ran out of space. I’m still trying to figure out how to get the blue ferry from AI and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch in there. We see these flicks and think that capital was the intention for their production while others believe that a secret society produce and control each movie as a form of coded communication. I believe the receiver determines the purpose of any message. Some people see a deeper more benevolent intention behind these creations that transcends capital, entertainment or clandestine PTB communications. It could be that the intention behind blue creature films along with many others was to inspire or draw out a real blue creature. Kind of like a mating call a hunter would use to lure prey into shooting range. What if TPTB had inside knowledge or prophesy of a blue persona that would come to destroy them and kick off an era of enlightenment and virtue? Yeah, that would mean it’s a trap, but if one is cautious about the situation and of good intention, it can also be used to charge the spirit and ones sense of destiny. If ego inflation was the receivers’ goal then they would fall for the trap. If things are done with the wrong intention then the events that result will seem like punishments, but with the right intentions the things that happen will seem like rewards.

How I receive is based on things like where I came from, what I know, where I am, not only in space, but also mentally and emotionally. I understand the Kabbalist teach that your spiritual degree will determine your reception and that is basically what I am also trying to convey. Art and entertainment are conveyed in many mediums and each is another channel of reception. There are many other channels. Possibly an uncountable many. As you change and view, read or see anthing that you already have seen or read, it will seem different to you, because you changed, not it. You will notice things that you did not before and that will continue to happen with anything so long as your knowledge, experience and emotions continue to change. All of a sudden an old movie or even just a scene takes on a whole new meaning for you. I think Roage described it best by explaining that the universe likes to indulge your beliefs. It seems the universe and consciousness are more than reflective as the simple act of perception of one alters the other. I could go into a thousand stories about how many movies, not only blue creature films go beyond talking to me and strangely coincide somehow with my life. Some movies are so blatant as to say my name and almost all of us know of stories that have a main or lead character that you share names with. My issue is that my name isn’t even a character in the story and my name still comes up. It’s straight up creepy. You try to convince yourself that everyone has a song or movie that speaks to them in some way or another. It’s just a coincidence I think to myself and then my subconscious cuts in and reminds me that there is no such thing as coincidence. It all has a reason.

As an example of what I’m describing I was watching K-PAX which was on TV, I didn’t put it on. It was a sad day as a couple days before my grandmother had passed away. It was about a year ago July 29 and I was watching Jeff Bridges struggling to understand his patient (Prot). Mark (Jeff Bridges) has a revelation and stands up in his office and loudly declares “something traumatic happened to him on July 27th”. In the story that is also the date that Prot was planning on returning to his home planet, also the anniversary of the day his family was killed. My grandmother who acted as my mother for most of my life died on the 27th of that July, just 2 days prior. I thought it was strange and I pretty much tried ignoring that “coincidence”. Next movie that was on that same channel was AI and I just absolutely love that movie because I strongly identify with the child robot. I know his pains very well only as a human. Towards the end David is put into a dreamlike reality where he encounters the blue ferry. He awakens in his home as if all was right and begins running up the stairs searching for his mom. Just at that moment my wife presented me with a framed picture of my grandmother she had just put it together and as she does David begins calling out for his mom, “mommy mommy mommy”. We all have our name for our grandmother and mommy was the name for mine. It brought me to tears as I could no longer ignore what something was trying to tell me. I know it was my perspective that was the bridge to all the pieces, but still felt like a specific message for me. It’s as if something or someone knew that moment would take place well in advance.

I’m still not sure what the message was exactly, but I felt comforted, by all of it. As if the universe, the creation, the Creator or something was telling me that it knew my pain and that I wasn’t alone and everything would be ok. She died while very dark forces of this world worked against me and under questionable circumstances. I was truly alone in those days. It was the first time I felt love from a moment and not a person or animal. The Universe was caressing my aching heart. It was absolutely beautiful, magical and totally awe inspiring. I was shocked and comforted by the magic I had just experienced. The timing was impossible to calculate if someone was trying to play me. I think this is the first time that I explained it in that kind of detail to anyone. That was just the beginning of many bizarre coincidences that began to unfold in my life reflected in songs, literature and movies. I’m not just talking about new books, songs and movies, old ones to. So when I try to explain to you that everything is what some would refer to as God; I am also trying to tell you that your consciousness is also part of God and the creative productions that result from it are as well. Maybe there is some all knowing mind that planned everything to perfection and we are all actors in the theater of life. Once one of us breaks character the whole show begins to take a dive. Like in the movie Hugo the world no, the universe is a machine and to quote Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style “for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts”.

The Blue Creatures are characters that I share a common trait with and that I also identify with. Many of the Blue Creatures have things in common. For example the main characters in Apocalypto and Avatar are chased by a dark predatory creature or people and run into or from a tree to hide and then later jump into the river and in both stories the dark predator that was originally trying to kill them ends up serving them. There are many contextual connections made by following any blue creature character in the movies and art. As an example the Blue Bird of happiness (so many references to the Blue Bird in movies) is a key character that develops the plot in K-PAX. I’m the blue monkey so I use Blue Creatures to put all of us under an umbrella. There are other common links that are represented in other stories having nothing to do with a blue creature. That becomes very obvious after reading the Zohar. Only I notice it because I am the receiver and in my own way I firmly believe that the moments, messages and methods were meant specifically for me. It is comforting to know that the universe felt it was important to give me signs and used everybody else’s desires regardless of their actual intention to accomplish it. This for me is profound as I had lost my religion years before.

Raised Catholic and eventually I learned many things that made me question my faith. I became depressed as the realization that there was no God settled in. I was praying to thin air. I decided that I would renounce all religion, but if there was no God then it was even more crucial to be good to my fellow man. If there was no God to make life right then it was up to us. However I switched from prayer to meditation and tried harder to be my brother’s keeper. Not long after my conversion did many dangers enter my life and when the dangers came I was protected from them in equally bizarre ways. Then I had the biggest epiphany of my life when The Creator was revealed to me. I could try and point the way to the Creator, but it wouldn’t do you any good. The path I took won’t work for you or anybody else, only me. Plus you have to keep in mind that the Creator doesn’t want to be discovered or proven by anything or body. The Creator chooses to use levels of concealment and when you are ready a level will be revealed to you. You’ll see it when you understand and when you see it then you’ll understand.

From all of this I have reached a bizarre and very unsettling conclusion, which if true has the most profound consequences for all humanity. I have questioned much of what I have perceived with a grain of salt. I say to myself that if you look for something in anything you will find it. However what I’m talking about is different in many respects. Along with all of this reception came abilities that I won’t even go into, but the synchronicities in my life of stories both ancient and modern has made me question many things about my purpose here on earth. Beyond all of the allegory, metaphor and parallels is a goal of something desperate to make contact with one of us. Almost like a father king that sent wise men to tell stories to everyone knowing that his son will also get the message. Almost as if the real purpose of these stories was to let one of us know who we are. It is said that the most important thing anybody can come to know in life is who they are. Know thyself; to know who you are and therefore your purpose in the machine.

So I ask myself the hardest question that anybody could ever ask themselves and that nobody on earth could actually answer for me, but me. Am I the Creator’s son? Technically we all are the Creator’s children aren’t we? I say yes, I am, but not just because we are all created by the Creator, but because I recognize the Creator as my true father and I believe the messages and events that I have received have been to get me to recognize who my father is. My belief does not preclude brothers and sisters that are also fully aware and awake to their father’s majesty. Regardless of how unique and special I feel about all that has taken place, there must be others experiencing the same thing. I can’t prove that or have any evidence that anybody else is experiencing what I am. I feel like I have been chosen for something by someone of supreme authority. It got so dark in the beginning, but it was the darkness that allowed me to see the light. It was the lies that allowed me to see the truth. It was my abandonment of a false religion that I was shown the truth. When I stopped searching, the Creator found me. When I believed that God was nothing, I was shown that God is everything. The ironic story of an orphan who never had a father finally realizes that he does have a father and always did. Just like a Slumdog Millionaire, all of the bad was for good.

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