The Conspiracy Behind Every Conspiracy

If you did not read my original post regarding What was Hitler really up to?, you should read it to fully understand and follow the ideas behind this post.

I mentioned that there were some major goals to Nazi Germany and WWll, but those were just the beginning. The truth is that if Hitler was Jewish then he was most likely a member of a particular tribe. Jewish people have fought other Jewish tribes and I was alluding to the idea that Nazi Germany could have been created with the purpose of eliminating the true Jewish people while Hitler being of a fake Jewish tribe. I’m talking about a Jewish tribe that is in power today and control all the major industries and most definitely the US government. Could it be that when Jesus called the Pharisees imposters, this is what he meant? You know the ones that were in cahoots with the Roman Empire that was also in the process of killing off the Germanic people? Interesting how so many Germanic people were seduced, lied to and killed in battle fighting in WWll. The point being that WWll instead of purifying an Aryan race actually purified the imposter Jewish tribe by killing off the real Jews.

This is a plan that was executed not just for 1945, the establishment of the state of Israel and the UN, but primarily in preparation for today. It would also mean that Catholic Church, the British and U.S. governments were also in cahoots with the Nazi’s. Most of us know that Prescott Bush was fined something like $200,000.00 for selling arms to the Nazi’s. Interesting when you look at how strongly the US and British governments back the state of Israel. Then if you take into account that the Bush family and the British royal family are related it all starts to take a bizarre, but telegraphed turn. You must be asking yourself why. Why would they go to such great lengths to do all of this? What will they gain by executing this plan that by my account is coming to its final stages of execution? They slave labored, ripped off and slaughtered millions of real Jews and reminded every generation via Hollywood of these events to embed these events into the minds of post WWll generations.

I believe it was not just to capitalize on the sympathy the world felt for the Nazi’s victims, but also to create a type of post traumatic scenario that African Americans currently experience. Many Nazi officials were surely duped into believing Hitler’s teachings, not being members of this imposter Jewish tribe and by their own convinced will came to hate and persecute Jews. How horrible is it that these imposter Jews that are currently in power are benefiting from the sympathy the world feels towards the victims they created? If you follow current world events you will see that it is leading up to another WW. A war with Iran that our Media claims is just as determined as the Nazi’s to kill off the Jews. We have been shown a hundred holocaust films ensuring that history would not repeat itself because it is fresh in the consciousness of our generation. Like if they wanted to make sure nobody went Hitler on them now. Iran having a nuclear reactor is no accident. As a matter of fact the United States created their original nuclear facilities and also gave them the technical knowledge to continue doing so.

Could all this mean that the president of Iran is also part of this elaborate long drawn out plan to act as the aggressor that would usher in Armageddon? When you start looking at that possibility it becomes obvious that the global Islam based terror scare is also a branch of this conspiracy in an effort to apply global security measures of control. What is the purpose of all these security controls if all of the terrorism is staged? Obviously tons of profit has been generated by all of these wars and anti terrorism reactions. Anybody can become a terrorist just by being accused and if you are then all of your rights are waved. You begin to see that a very convenient excuse exists for any powers that be to slander, arrest or detain anybody on the grounds that they are a suspected terrorist. It’s brilliant when you take into account how well established the religious culture of Christianity, Judaism and Islam is and how the world’s major belief systems tie into these agendas. When you think about that it makes one question how old this plan really is. The very important question of why has been haunting me ever since I began asking these questions and I believe I have some answers that I am willing to share with the reader.

Everything from this point on is theory and speculation at best. I will put them in order of what I believe to be most probable to least, but you can be the judge on that.

  1. Human beings will know everything that any human knows at some very soon point in the future. Consciousness becomes a hive mind type of deal that no longer allows for deceit and conspiratorial functions as we become one. If this is true then it would mean they know everybody is going to find out and they need to apply a lockdown just prior to it happening and then it won’t matter who knows what. At that point we will be locked up in FEMA camps and our testimony of the truth will mean squat and none of them have to stand accountable for their many trespasses against humanity.
  2. Our creators or stewards are going to return in a very near future date and they need an excuse to assemble an armada made up of many nations that intend to stand and fight them. The current Iran standoff and build up of battle ships and military in an around the Middle East is where they will land. If this is true the Giza plateau becomes an interesting sight when you consider its proximity to Israel and the preparedness taking place there. This would also mean they have known this was going to happen just like the Mayans did so they want to be ready for it and the Iran Israel standoff is the perfect excuse. This also leaves them the hostage option and that is to hold the human race hostage and if our creators or stewards show up the powers that be will just kick off nuclear war. The powers that be will be safe in their bunkers while humans will execute their own demise believing they are killing the enemy (Iran) or stopping a hostile alien invasion. All the Earthly pawns play their part and the fruit of labor (us) is lost. It also might be that they just want to nuke the world regardless and have the treacherous inherit the Earth.
  3. A resurrection is going to occur on the Giza plateau. Specifically a being currently protected preserved and entombed in the Sphinx. This being is going to be someone that is going to make things right and bring true justice and order to Earth. Obviously this would be a huge threat to the power that be, as this would leave no room for them to continue a healthy or pleasurable existence on Earth. Maybe they have a plan B on this and if they fail at stopping his or her resurrection, he or she will be labeled the Anti Christ. Another possibility is that humanity will acquire some abilities that are unworldly and that ability is somehow attributed to the Giza plateau. It could mean that some individuals are already feeling the heat for no apparent reason from their governments.
  4. All or a combination of the above.
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