It is said that one’s destiny is not written upon a sacred scroll; destiny, is written in the stars. You have a destiny. What that means is that there is something you have to do or experience in this life. Something you will accomplish and or learn. Now how that actually gets done, what happens to make it happen has a lot to do with who you are, your desires. It also depends on things like where you came from, your upbringing, belief system, what you are or what you define yourself as, or what society defines you and if you even care about any of that. All of those things help shape our desires. It’s hard to understand your desires or to even know where they come from. Some desires may not align or completely contradict your core beliefs and upbringing. Some of us pursue our desires kind of like a rabbit chases a carrot suspended in front of a treadmill. It’s a situation where whoever put the rabbit there is somehow deriving energy from the creature. Either it is exhausting it or it is literally becoming empowered by the rabbit’s actions of futility. Regardless of the purpose, weather it be for production or amusement, the creature is being fooled into chasing the unattainable. Just as a scientist might put a an animal on a treadmill to understand the creature better; the Creator puts you on a treadmill so you can understand the Creation better.

Try to imagine that just like the rabbit on the treadmill you are being lead through your destiny, by your desires. You are also being lead through your destiny by emotions that are connected to things like prejudices, what you think is normal, love, pride, class and sometimes even religion. Some desires are there in you the moment you are born, some develop and others are prescribed. Both natural and prescribed desires may stay your whole life while others will fade out. To get a human through this life to their destiny takes more than a carrot. Human beings are a little more aware than a rabbit might be about a situation where someone was, leading them on. The human treadmill is a billion objects, information, context, moments, feelings, etc all placed into a chronological order we call life. Everything and everyone is working in concert and unwittingly conspiring to navigate you through and to yours and everyone elses destiny. Whatever put this all together is absolutely brilliant and definitely has the ability to factor placement and timing of multiple choices, objects and feelings for everything for any given moment. It’s as if this super universal conscious creator entity can see the beginning to the end of time, all in one moment. I believe that this creation watches out for the rightheous. It takes care of them and protects them. God is great and God loves his children. I guess what I’m trying to say is that some things are just meant to happen, while others are not.

I believe that all the major religious systems are either partly true, entirely false or a very clever guise in disguise of some other more important information or as important information. The point is that when they hand water out on the streets, you have to question what’s in that water. Whydo they give it so freely, with so much conviction? “Oh but we fear for your thirst” they say not only to make you believe they actually give a shit about you, but also to give you fear of what not consuming the water will cause. If they tell you that you cannot question and have to believe that their water is the good and pure water, then there’s something wrong. I don’t want to point out any religions, but I will admit, that situation sounds pretty familiar. What I really believe is that everybody, everything, every time is the Creator or a result of it and transmuting to a form of it. It’s all one. There is a type of a super consciousness that is divided among billions of entities, objects and moments that is aware of everything at all times. It’s completely encompassing and always present. It’s kind of like what we were raised to believe what God is, but without all the worship, shame and guilt. It’s weird, it’s beautiful and you start sensing it more once you become aware of it or maybe you start looking for it and possibly find it. Apparently this consciousness has designed a destiny and carved out a path for each and every single one of us. This super conscious entity isn’t the ultimate evil, but it isn’t the ultimate good either. It’s the ultimate both.

I believe that this consciousness is trying to get us to an attainable goal that both the creature and creator benefit from. Every conscious thing, which is everything is transforming to that state of higher consciousness. There are a lot of small moves that need to be made in order to progress everything to a higher state of consciousness. The things you go through in life are part of what it takes to cause the transformation from creature to Creator. It’s a big elaborate plan requiring many small moves and your destiny is one of them. Some people compare it to being a pawn in a game of Chess, but I think it’s to get us all back together. All back on the other side of the board looking at where we came from, from the other side. Life is the process of getting across that board and it maybe that each square is a lifetime, a destiny. Looking at a chess board, this analogy makes it obvious that destiny’s are linked and dependent upon another. That’s an analogy of it but it’s so important for all of us that each of us fulfill our destiny. The reality is that there’s nothing I, you or anybody else can say, think, believe or do that can stop you from executing your destiny. Trying to prevent it will cause it. Those that dare may not be able to stop you, but they can delay you. Time is the only real component of destiny that can be consciously altered. Although the timing of destiny is fluid, there is a time limit for all destinies to complete. There is a schedule to be kept. That’s why the white rabbit was in such a hurry. A kind of Time Wave Zero on our destinies where more and more happens in less amount of time.

Our destinies are intertwined so some of us are waiting for others to fulfill theirs so we can fulfill ours. Time is of no matter, everybody does what there suppose to and everything that is supposed to happen, does. This super conscious thing somehow wove our amazing highly complex story designed to get each of us to a higher state of consciousness. Everybody and thing is headed to this state that you can kind of delay, but ultimately not prevent. It’s a super conscious entity that loves you. Loves you in the sense that it created you, it will also kill or transform you. It also designed a destiny for you with the intention of showing you its wisdom through experience and allowance. The universe wants you to be like it. I think many people have a hard time excepting that sentient beings learn best by being allowed to experience. This is mainly because some religions are so strictly opposed to particular behavior or social arrangements. One can also blame social pressures and cultural values. Sometimes holding people back from experiences is delaying their progression to a higher conscious state. There are so many beliefs, fabrications and virtual realities blocking our path to a higher conscious state, which is everything’s destiny.

It’s funny how I used to believe that it’s what you don’t know that would kill you. I’ve come to realize that in fact the opposite is also true. Turns out, it’s what you know that can also get you killed. As your consciousness expands you will be able to know what you need to know in order to fulfill your destiny. You will desire it and it will manifest, but it’s more about your point of view and or context then the manifestation of any new objects or information, but that also happens. As we rise through the states of consciousness we become more and more aware of the path through our destiny. As if our consciousness could move ahead of the body in time and space, subconsciously. And as we rise up to a higher conscious state we are able to realize and execute our destiny with less suffering and more understanding. Regardless of any attempts to prevent it, eventually the process begins an exponential momentum gain towards the ultimate goal of creation. Life always finds a way. The harder their measures to prevent it, the stronger life’s counter to the measure will be. There’s no way to plug all the leaks of this God dam. It will bust open and the flood waters of life will burst through. It’s not a question of if, but a matter of when. I cannot say to you that what I write about is the absolute truth. Currently this is my truth or understanding. I am purely trying to explain something that I am trying to understand. The experiences, feelings, dreams and emotions that got me here were a series of intense peaks with many valleys.

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