What I think it means to be spiritually awake?

To be awoken is to become more aware, a sort of expansion of the consciousness. Just as a child grows and slowly becomes more and more aware of the world that it lives in, you as an adult continue to go through stages of awareness. Similar to growing up, waking up is not totally a positive experience. It can be very dangerous. We’ll get into that later. Remember as a child how you may have experienced fear while alone in a dark room. Your imagination would run wild with illusions of creepy creatures that could harm or just scare the crap out of you. Imagine that you were in a dark room and were truly surrounded by wicked creatures desperate to kill or harm you. Now imagine if for some reason the lights were turned on and you were able to see the murderous monsters roaming about the room. Would you have preferred to stay in the dark or would you prefer to see exactly what you will be confronting?

Perceptions or perceiving messages from everything and anything that somehow serves you in that moment. More than just gut feeling that you get when you feel a certain way and see a certain thing. Somehow in those magical moments, shocked by the revelation you realize, God just spoke to me. It is so hard to explain how an experience, knowledge, timming, context and emotions can mix to yield an omen of sorts. You have to realize that the monsters know this happens and have planted plenty of negative context to try and jam this all encompassing super improbable communication channel. Everything talks to you, but the thing you have to pay most attention to is your heart. Learn to lighten your heart and then learn to listen to it. Your heart chackra is where you sense the strongest of emotional energy. Learn to make your heart sensitive and you will begin to sense a new dimension that is not bound by time or any physical limitations. If you navigate this waking world by your heart you will not be lost in the dream world.

How you perceive things and how you interpret the information you receive depends on how you’ve been conditioned to percieve things. Your imagination and emotional state can cause a dried up tree branch to appear like some creatures arm ready to grab you through the window. It’s just a leafless tree branch, but your emotional state of fear causes you to perceive it as something else. Your emotional state has more to do with the outcome of a situation then any physical force at play. Your emotional state can cause a manipulated view of the scenario. A kind of emotional reality experience. Just as a virtual CGI reality experience can be completely fabricated and believable, your emotions can manipulate your perceptions regardless how far from true to become a solid self supporting reality in your mind. Have you ever noticed that the only thing you really feel in a dream is how it made you feel? You can get hurt in the dream, but you feel emotions and not the actual pain you would feel in the waking reality. One of the hidden realities or dimensions of reality is an emotional landscape that you will have to learn how to navigate.

Let’s talk about consciousness a bit. This is an important part of the awakening process that few are able to fully grasp. What consciousness is; how it works and its developmental stages are the key to understanding what it means to be awoken. You may have heard how modern physics has learned that observing a particle affects the particle. Many physicists struggle with the concept and have created twin particles and concepts of a holographic universe to explain this bizarre phenomenon. My take on it is this. Let’s say a particle or say a molecule is a little bit of consciousness. It has Protons, Neutrons, electrons and a balanced system complete with orbiting bodies. All molecules are changing into something else and also go through a type of transformation that will lead it into a new state of existence or consciousness. Here’s the question that should be obvious, but it isn’t because we can’t prove it. If a particle has some conscious state and even that small conscious state is able to react simply by being observed, then what are the heights or limits of a conscious human being?

I think the secret to awakening to the next level of consciousness has to do with a persons ego. A particle is bound by its properties and each property has attributes that dictate its abilities or even possibilities. As far as I know molecules do not have an ego or desires, but we know that they have some form of interactive consciousness like abilities. It seems that the particle just does what it does, serving whatever purpose it originally had in the creation, but as soon as a higher form of consciousness becomes aware of the particle, it seems to somehow react. It may be the lack of ego or a will beyond its nature which allows the particle to demonstrate strange interactive behavior. Could it be a battle of wills between the paritcle and the observer?

The texts that I have studied tend to suggest that spiritual ascension or awakening revolves around not necessarily a void of ego, but the correction of it. I think the first step is to eliminate all ideas about your person. I mean get rid of what people regardless of who they are or claim to be, tell you about you. I can assure you they don’t know enough about you to properly judge or label you in any valid way. Once you have removed the prescribed you, you can then begin to eliminate the self prescribed you. This is a tricky step, but probably the most important. Many of us grow up and for whatever reason develop a false self image. Some people have a way too high opinion of themselves while others have a way too low opinion of themselves. Most of what you believe is based on your comparison with what you desire, believe, see and know. Your self image or reflection is dependent on so many things like culture, sex, age, financial status, education etc. What if you could remove the slavery of establishing or even maintaining your ego?

Most people don’t even know who they are. People base so much of whom and what they are on what others will say or do if they don’t play the part. Observing the human affects the human. The human reacts or somehow alters its behavior simply by being observed. If you are not being real to yourself you will never see reality for what it truly is. If you are not real, then you as a person are an illusion and therefore all interactions and interpretations made by you, will also be illusions. This is what they mean when they say that reality is an illusion. The outside world has more to do with what’s in your minds and hearts then you have been lead to believe. Let’s go back into that dark room filled with all the monsters. The only reason you were not harmed by the invisible monsters that could have so easily taken advantage of you in the dark is because you were not aware of them. Once the light turned on for you and you see them and they see that you see them, it gets hairball. Observing the monsters affects the monsters. Because the monsters know that they are no good for you and they are stained with guilt, they tend to react with aggression. Keep in mind that your emotional state has more to do with the outcome of a situation than any of the physical parameters involved do.

To awaken, try and find a way to remove yourself from the equation in a personal way. Work on not taking things so personal. I know it’s hard, but you have to try and learn how to realize that each situation is a lesson. I have made so many mistakes that have caused great harm on others. I didn’t know enough about the situation. I said the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. Things turned into a disaster. They reward my love with spiteful hatred. I did no evil by loving my enemies and speaking the truth. I am truly sorry for the way things turned out. I didn’t manipulate anything or anybody to execute my will. There are other forces at work that some people for whatever reason can’t sense. There is another reality to awaken to in your dream world, but also the waking world. Think of this waking world as a context for a limitless reality of dreams, creations. It’s in here, that’s where it is. I was a child until I gazed upon world through awoken eyes. You have no idea. I believe that being awoken is to know that everything, even the smallest particle is conscious in some way. To be awoken is to be awake with everything else. To know that everything is alive and it’s all a plan with consequences and coincidences that all happen for a reason. The creation and all its forces, even time itself are the Creator. It’s kind of like saying everything takes part in judging and sentencing you. To be part of a larger force that is part of everything, everybody and nobody. Try and keep a sense of humor like this guy. Evil Dead 2 – Ash goes crazy and stuff

This was also cool. They used Evil Dead 2 as the video for the song:

Katy Perry: I’m Wide Awake – I don’t know what to think of Katy. I don’t know if she is fake and trying to appear as if she is singing to people that are having spiritual experiences or if she is truly being authentic. There is tons of bad press and opinions of her, which I don’t share, but what if that is all to make people believe she is real. Whatever, I love her music and even if she doesn’t have the greatest voice she does what she does well. I know all media is an act, but with all my heart, I hope she’s real, because I really like her. Regardless, this song, the video, her hair, all came out great.

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