A Warning to the Spiritually Ascended

You can never be too careful out there and for that reason I want to warn all of you who have sensed the Creator. By sense the Creator I mean have senses beyond the standard 5 senses that are acceptable in a court of law and to mainstream science. If you have spiritually ascended then you will promptly sense the amazing power of reception that comes with the bestowal of the higher spirit. That’s fine to be excited and feel joy over it as you should, but remain silent about it at all costs. Learn from the Creator and use concealment. Spiritual ascension is way more dangerous then you think it is. You will have to use your light to overcome the darkness. You have no idea how many agents are among you and how quickly new recruits will be promptly created by TPTB. They will hunt you and if they can’t kill you they will perform an elaborate character assassination campaign. Their lies will eventually be proven false, but only after everyone else wakes up and realizes how hard they have been played. Until then you will suffer loss of every kind imaginable.

All those douchebag psychics on TV are just actors and none of them are real and if they are then they are working for the dark side. Do you think this illusion can tolerate the truth being spread like a kinky rumor would in High School? Conspiracies and secret power structures that are based on every level of corruption would never be safe with psychics running around telling the truth. The minute they realize you have some extraordinary perceptive ability they will sick their dogs on you. The dogs often include an elite and covert group of law enforcement agents that have no issue with taking a life. I personally think this breed enjoys murdering the innocent. Maybe they just feel better when they know that a threat to their evil arrangement has been eliminated. Don’t get me wrong there are many law enforcement agents that are not evil nor are corrupt. Unfortunately for the good ones; they have been tainted by the acts of the violence loving demons that they share title with. Don’t even be foolish enough to think that a good cop will turn in a bad cop purely in the name of justice. I haven’t met any that are brave enough to stand up for justice with such blind conviction. They define justice as they see it and are as proud as God casting judgment as they see fit to whomever without any concern for what they are sowing.

The dogs can also be your neighbor or your boss. Anybody and everybody that is still hardwired into their fear/greed network can be an agent. I cannot stress the importance of this warning to you. Unfortunately for some of you who experience spiritual ascension you will prove you have abilities by surviving attempts against your life. If you are endowed with special knowledge that allows you to survive a plot then you will have to seriously withdraw yourself from social settings immediately because they will know about your ability. The agents are looking for the spiritually ascended and know the symptoms well. You will no longer have the luxury of being predictable in your movement and you will no longer be able to trust anybody unless they are your parents that are willing to die or lose everything for you. Once they know you have special abilities, it’s on. That simple they will not stop until they kill you. They are tenacious because as long as you are alive they live with a constant threat of exposure.

The spiritually ascended represent the neo human and the next step of evolution for consciousness. The whole world that you have come to live in and know was devised to prevent spiritual ascension from ever happening. It is likely that you are altruistic and loving which is how the abilities were bestowed upon you. Because you have properties that are similar to the Creator which is what the nation of Israel is. Those that strive to become like the Creator are known as Israel. Israel will be protected by the Creator. The real key to not falling victim is your emotional state. Your emotional state in any given situation has more to do with the outcome of that situation then physical the conditions do. Basically don’t let fear have power over you because that is the only power a situation has over you. Be righteous because as you spiritually ascend you will be held to higher standards then the rest. You will have to be as wise as a cobra and gentle as a dove. Do not kill or you will be killed. Loving your enemy and praying for the wicked will be like dumping hot coals on their head. Obviously you don’t pray for them to suffer. You ask for their correction and the Creator will take it from there and you won’t have to lift a finger against your enemy. If they have an ounce of wisdom or humility they will realize the lessons the creation is teaching them and yield to correction or else they will encounter suffering.

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