The Sun, Moon and Stars, but no Clouds

Have any of you been noticing what has been going on lately? I started noticing that the outline of the dark side of the Moon was visible shortly (a day) after the new Moon on this current lunar cycle. It was strange because I read about it in a blog and am usually turned off by bloggers reporting bizarre heavenly phenomenon as it is usually misinformation or a cry wolf campaign. To my surprise I was able to see it with my own eyes 2 days into the Waxing Moon. When you see the crescent of the Moon that is lit you normally wouldn’t see any of the dark of the Moon, but I could see it clearly. There wasn’t light upon the dark side, but you could see the outline of the dark side and that is not supposed to happen. Keep in mind that as the Moon becomes full the dark outline became harder to see as the bright side of the Moon ruins the contrast perspective. This effect is only visible when the Moon is in the West and shortly after (4/5 days) or before the New Moon.

I began coming up with theories of what it could be that was causing this effect. At first I thought it could be some dwarf brown star that is shedding its dim light upon the dark of the Moon. Then I ran into problems because if there was a light source it would have to be in the East or South East, which would also mean we should see the effect when the crescent Moon is directly above and not only when it is setting in the West. That theory didn’t pan out. I kept looking around and also notice that Venus is so very bright lately along with all the other stars mind you. Another interesting thing I have notice is that there are no more natural clouds in the sky. The only clouds I have been seeing are coming from planes that create trails of them in the sky. Then I saw the full Moon last night and let me tell you that was the brightest full Moon I have ever seen in my entire life. I watch the Moon like a hawk and have become well versed in its phases and effects as a result. My observations have lead me to a new conclusion of what is taking place.

My newest theory is as follows. The Sun is getting brighter. Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and as a result we are bleeding atmosphere causing the huge temperature and weather fluctuations along with increased levels of solar radiation reaching the surface of Earth. The loss of atmosphere due to solar radiation must have severely affected the evaporation condensation cycle of earth that makes clouds and rain which is why the only ones you see are manmade. Because the atmosphere is thinner the heavens look amazing at night. Since the Sun is getting brighter Venus looks brighter and because of the increased light from the Sun the Moon has more zodiacal light around it which pronounces a contrast with the dark of the Moon causing us to see its dark outline. If it isn’t zodiacal light then it means Earth is reflecting more light causing us to see the dark of the moon. I was right in thinking there was more light in our solar system, but I was wrong by thinking that it was being caused by a new source of light. It’s the Sun, it’s getting brighter which also explains the super bright full Moon we experienced that moon cycle. The next should be even more impressive.

By all means I would love to be wrong about this so poke holes as you see fit. These could very well be the last days of our civilization as we know it. It is very likely that the build up to war with Iran which looks so premeditated and rehearsed by both sides is the signal for the elites to wrap it up and get underground. Maybe they will nuke everybody so we don’t have to suffer a horribly slow and agonizing death caused by radiation and atmosphere depletion. Regardless it is becoming very clear that large changes are indeed taking place and as above so below.

Good luck to all of you and I hope you realize that all of this is happening because there is a schedule for our spiritual ascension. As we resist spiritual attainments our discomfort will grow or we will die and the process starts again in some new manifestation of consciousness. Our spiritual attainments should get us to a point of altruism and realization that we need to help one another and take care of each other. Current forms of Capitalism and Socialism are doomed to be destroyed because of this very basic law of spiritual ascension. Many of you believe that something will happen or a date will pass and you will become super beings, but the truth is that a change without starts from a change within. If you don’t change within then this creation and everything in it will begin to increase its challenges and dangers until a change within is attained. In a way our super spoiled self centered egotistical lives are huge obstacles to spiritual attainments and in effect will cause more calamity in the creation, because there is a schedule that was made by the Creator of all and with each and every one of you in mind.

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