What was Hitler really up to?

Just as we have been lied to about our beginnings and the long forgotten past we have also been lied to about our more recent history. World War II happened and nobody can deny that and in some countries if you even deny that the Holocaust occurred you can be jailed. This post is not going to deny that the Holocaust took place, but it is going to give an alternative motive for it. This is the truth they never ever wanted anybody to know about. So let’s start with Hitler. It is said that he had Jewish parents and there is no way to prove that no matter what any channel or “Historian” tells us. We only know that many Jewish victims were enslaved and killed in the camps set up by the Nazi regime. The interesting part about that is the type of Jews that were sent to concentration camps. By type I mean that the majority spoke Yiddish and it is believed that the Yiddish speaking people were the Khazars. The Khazars where a semi-nomadic people that came from what is now Northern East Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the north most tip of Iran and the little bit of Russia that touches those parts. That piece of the world has been carved into so many political pieces. The interesting thing about Khazaria is that rumor has it that the royalty and noble elites converted to Judaism around the 8th or 9th century. They are known as the Ashkenazi Jews and are believed to be the descendants of non-Semitic people by racial theorist. However there are others that claim that they (the Khazars) are the real descendants of biblical Judaism. I am unable to confirm or deny any of these claims, but when you look at where they were on the map it looks suspect.

If Noah was selected to survive because of his genetic origins and then finally settled on Mount Arrarat, it would make sense that Noah’s descendants spread from what is now known as Armenia. So if the Armenian’s were the descendants of Noah then it would make sense that the original Jewish blood line came from Armenia. Now all of a sudden the Armenian genocides start to make some sick kind of sense and why around that time the Turks were so determined to kill them off. Could the concentration camps have been an effort to gather all the true descendants of the original Hebrews and kill them off? If the Khazars were not the original Jewish people that were lost in history then one could argue that the concentration camps were made to purify the Jewish race by eliminating the non genetic Jewish population. I find it interesting that Yiddish has been rejected as one of the official languages of Israel when the creation of Israel is said to have been because of what happened to them. I don’t have enough evidence to make a strong argument in either direction. I am just presenting you what I know and am extremely conflicted about. Many of you may not be aware that all of the global events have not been random acts that culminate into the world we live in today. Each major conflict and even release of technology which enabled key scenarios are part of a much larger and elaborate plan that is much older than you can possibly imagine. Follow the roots on up the trunk, through the branches and you will arrive at the leaf you are standing on.

The establishment of Israel was the next step in the game but let’s not forget the other things WWII accomplished. The way I see it there were four major goals of WWII. Goal 1, resolve the race problem between real Jewish or fake Jewish peoples, but that also includes the Germanic people. Many of the German people fought in the battles and as a result many German people were killed off. I am reluctant to use the term Aryan because my understanding of the Aryan race were a race of people that came from the Middle East. The Ar in Aryan comes from the Arra star. Western culture refers to the Arra star as the Pentagram, a five pointed star that exhibits the classic golden means in dimensions which are 1 by 1.618. What I’m saying is that you will be able to identify an Aryan by their physiology as it will exhibit these golden ratios. Despite popular belief racial purity is not perfection and leads to more defection in any living species. Compare a mut to a full breed dog and you will see that the mut is often smarter, more resistant to illness and lives longer. Basically any breed of K9 is lacking some genetic part that would have made them complete in other words a wolf. The Aryan is to other humans what a wolf is to dogs. In the K9 world the Wolf would be an Aryan while a Golden retriever would be a Caucasian. The Wolf has far more ability to survive the wild while any one of our domesticated pets has been bred to be captive and is dependent on us for survival. Funny how everybody is convinced keeping the race pure is superior while the complete opposite is probably closer to the truth. More genetic information makes a superior being while less will pronounce defects and strengths, so the key is to balance traits for specific environments. Nature automatically does this without any political or cultural input.

The second goal of WWII was to modernize the world by putting industrialization into overdrive, establish the nuclear age, the technological age and to produce what we refer to as UFO’s. That’s right people, the Nazi’s built UFO’s and how ironic is it that right after WWII people began to report UFO’s all over the world. Many argue that our use of Nuclear weapons attracted alien visitation, but I believe that our ability to create fissile materials is what allowed for these craft to exist. Basically the understanding of how to create such vehicles has been here ever since the beginning. The marooned beings lacked the material and technical manpower to create the vehicles. In order to build devices that traveled like a tea tray in the sky not only did they need technical manpower, but they also needed to keep it a secret. I believe this is how they killed two birds with one stone if you can pardon the expression, by using the Jewish workforce to handle and collect the very hazardous fissile material, build the crafts and then dispose of the workers. I wouldn’t be surprised if they used bodies from the war and the concentration camps to collect Uranium, Gold and other rare metals. It would technically be easier to extract the metals from bodies than it would be to extract it from the ground. The UFO’s would be used to ensure they are the dominant force on Earth and more importantly have some ability to combat the creator beings that will return for us.

The third goal of WWII was to draw new geopolitical lines throughout the world using a cold war that would evolve into a war on terror and create the UN to “police” the world. The UN would become the key tool used by appearing to be the humanitarian authority of the world and be able to mislead the world with false intentions. The establishment of Israel and the whole East West Germany fiasco that ensued afterward are the best examples. Obviously a certain interpretation of the Bible becomes a key piece in the plan as it allowed for a Jewish army to invade Palestine unhindered and create a huge refugee population. I’m not saying Jewish people shouldn’t live in what is now called Israel; I’m just saying there’s a nice way to do that. Germany post WWII was ripe with people that had seen lots of strange things and could expose the whole charade. Hitler didn’t kill himself; he went to Argentina where the tipitty top of the elites went to spend their days after the war. They needed a scenario where nobody could trust anybody and they could still control the population on both sides of the German country. As planned the Eastern side had more secrets to hide so naturally the soviets took control of it. The Western side was flooded with CIA agents that cleaned up what made it across or didn’t end up on the Eastern side.

MacArthur had the right idea, but that didn’t fit into their plans at all. This is why MacArthur was forced to withdraw his forces to the 38th parallel because they had it planed down to the last square meter. They needed North Korea for today. This theory does require that you accept that Russia, North Korea and so many other countries that were on the Communist Soviet cold war side were all just playing their part in the biggest joke ever played on the human race. Israel looked like a cause for justice after what had been done to the Jewish population, but that was a Bible piece of the puzzle planned as you know long ago. With Israel they would ensure a terrorist scenario allowing them to create a hyper security lock down on civilians, which we are seeing happen right now. All they would have to do is create some fake terrorist attacks and hand a script over to the anchor man and the rest as they say is history. The terrorist threat and reactions to it would be used to kill off the elect or the Sons of Adam that slipped through the many wars, that would at some point turn into something more than human.

Now the fourth major and key purpose of WWII was to create a New World Order. I want you all to realize that if the world was under one government war would become obsolete and that would be a very good thing. The thing you need to realize is that PTB want a NWO but that doesn’t mean they want a one world government. By the way there are no countries their just a series of farms and the livestock of each is told what they need to be told in order to control each. They want things just the way they are. They want inconsistent civil rights, races hating each other, religions attacking one another and humanity never coming together like how we were in Babylon; one. It’s almost as if the stories of Babylon, Noah and even Atlantis have actually been playing out throughout thousands of years and are coming to conclusion. It’s a plan written by kings for kings. Is it playing out or is history repeating itself? They want us disconnected and foreign to each other in every way possible. Now if the world does come under one government they do want it to be under their control and so that is most likely their goal if the illusion of disconnection fails. They realize that eventually the human race will come to the conclusion that we would each all have more if we worked together and that if every human being had the rights that Americans believe they have then they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of certain populations.

I can think of many other goals of WWII and to be honest my mind runs wild with ideas. I had this crazy idea that the Nazi’s bombing campaign of England would be great way to disguise a material transport project for the construction of a Lunar base. How crazy would that be if the Nazi’s were on the Moon long before the Apollo missions? Nobody would be able to confirm or deny this project as the U.S. was not even in the game of countering intercontinental missiles. Those German rocket scientists sure did help us with our space missions, but who know what they had already accomplished in Nazi Germany. If they could build a Lunar base then why stop there. I could imagine a Lunar base simply being a launchpad of much larger plans. One in particular would be to use regular orbiting asteroids in our solar system as a type of transport system to get to other destinations in our solar system. Think about it. You have a huge rock that could provide protection from radiation, is in some set orbit or could be made to have a desirable orbit and does not need fuel because it will already be travelling at tremendous speeds. If you pay attention to the orbits of asteroids that come by the Earth and moon you might notice that some get to Mars in as little as 3 months after passing us. These are the kind of ambitious ideas Nazi’s think of. Ultimately the main goal of WWII was to eliminate the Son’s of God or Adam before they changed into something they would not be able to stop and end up in a very powerful position to run the world as a result.

I just want to let you all know that there is a Creator that is in control of everything and that this must also be the Creator’s plan. Maybe we are all being tested to see who will stand up for humanity. Who will stand up and do what’s right in a world that’s so wrong. Who would persecute their brothers and sisters and who would feed them and clothe them? Who would risk their lives to save Jewish people in a world that told them to enslave them? Who would treat other people as if they were inferior because FOX 11 or Glenn Beck told them is was the right thing to do. This Creation challenges us to rise above the fear and hate that is professed. Even if the elite have written the Bible as a plan and as a coded spiritual ascension tool for the elite, nobody is beyond the intentions of the Creator, nobody. Certain minds out there have the ability to perceive the alternate message of any text regardless of the intentions of the author. Everything ever said, done or desired comes from the Creator. It’s as if darkness was drawn into each of our destiny’s to see who would succumb to it and who would surprise the Creator and overcome the darkness. Maybe none of this is real and one day we will all awaken to be judged and it turns out the darkness was the only way to see who was wicked and who was righteous because if you knew the Creator was watching you would be as fake as a TV actor.

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