Why I think the world as we know it is ending

Here we are just past 11/11/11 and not much has changed as far as the superficial goes. I want you all to know and understand why I even began writing this blog. I didn’t want to be too egoistic and write my story so I focused on all of the things that I thought would serve the rest of you. However we all need things to change in order to find true justice and safety from the powers that be. I have been hunted for the last 3 ½ years. It started in Mexico when I was staying there with my wife and kids. They tried kidnapping us. As a result I learned that the Zetas are a death squad placed by an American based group or corporation used to kill key targets while using extortion to disguise intentions. I was working remotely for an American company named Event 360 Inc. that was more than eager to hire me. Now that so much has happened since then and now I know that the company I was working for was actually the ones hunting me. They had me buy all of the equipment to help them spy on me while I thought I was getting an awesome headset system.

They used non-profit organizations that appear to fight disease, but instead of using that money for research, it went to either political campaigns, construction of DUMB’s, a covert space program and possibly even to create new diseases. Regardless the money was not going where the donors believed it was going. This wasn’t just one non-profit by the way. There are hundreds of them and all the donors have no idea that they are actually paying for their own demise. It’s possible that some of the donors were fully aware and the donation channel became a money laundering machine for them. Granted there are very real non-profit organizations that do truly combat disease and social ills. All I know is that once I got started with that company they suck their dogs on me. We realized how screwed we were in Mexico and decided to come back to the states. We had it pretty good living in Mexico earning US income, but it was too dangerous and besides all of my desires to be with people that weren’t racist and hateful to the core, we had to leave. I originally went to Mexico because I am Latino (Guatemalan) and my wife is Mexican, but mainly because I became aware of how dirty and bloody America’s hands were. I didn’t want to be in the country when justice had its way with America. I sensed a certain doom and to top it off Simi Valley was so polluted with racist people. It really sucks because if I went back to the ghetto you have all kinds of problems with my own people and if you go to a nice place a majority of the whites and Indian people treat you like crap and will oppress you every chance they get.

My career as an application developer gave me plenty of options, but I lost my last application development position when Applied Telcomm (Ventura Ca) went out of business. While in Mexico I was working for them remotely until they went Chapter 11 and a month later found another remote position working for this company I am reluctant to name (I will refer to them as The Worm). After we moved back I began my usual hanging out with my old friends. One of my friends named Ken began hanging out with people from the porn industry. I loved Ken like a brother and even saved his life once and much of his success in life came from a job that I got him. We were friends since High School, but things were so different with him especially ever since he started being roommates with a guy named Hector (also a Guatemalan). My wife and I had some adventurous relations with some of these people, but Hector became obsessed with my wife. What I didn’t know is that the porn industry is made up of killers. The hit men get their star status from doing hits or whatever is asked of them. Granted there must be some legit actors that don’t engage in criminal activity to perform. They are most likely the exception and not the rule. Long story short these hit men work for what some refer to as the Illuminati and are a global network. Many talk show hosts and whatever shore actors are part of their strong arm that are given star studded access to everything in this world in return for their dirty work. Do you really think Connan Obrien’s bizarre gestures have no meaning? Even the contexts of the conversations are code for someone or some group based on current events. I know this because several shows were about me and the messages were directed to me. Not saying that the talk show hosts or anchor people are even aware of what they are conveying, but they serve another purpose then simple late night entertainment or mainstream media news.

I know this because I made my doubts about The Worm I worked for public and a week later the Wiki Leaks scandal broke because of the way I spilled the beans it became an unstoppable leak. What I am trying to tell you people is that I am the real Julian Assange (Julian Assange is not my actual name) and that guy is just an actor and character based on me. Also keep in mind that WikiLeaks is a stop leak and designed to catch leaks. Now what most of you don’t know is that any of you can become part of the Illuminati. All you have to do is perform some hideous crime on tape so they own your soul and body until the day you die. If you are willing to perform wickedness upon your fellow man they will give you the keys to the kingdom. As a matter of fact the more cruel and cold you are willing to be the more access you will be granted. If you even think of ratting the evidence they have on you will be used against you and will serve mainly as a means to discredit you and ensure your demise. I know this because my friend Ken became a member of the Southern California branch. Since they owned his ass he was unable to warn me that Hector was looking to not just kill me but send me to hell in a prolonged process that would lead to my death.

The crazy thing about all of this is that since I left Mexico and was out of the Zetas range they gave their SoCal affiliates a call. Now it was perfect because they could spy on me via my phone equipment and they had a new agent (Ken) that I trusted. While in Mexico I began meditating since I had so much extra time to work on my spirituality. I realized some things and came to know more truths, truths that I still can’t reveal because I don’t want to rob any of you of the amazing truth about the Creator, our past, Satan, reality and all that stuff. I will put it to you this way, we live in opposite world. Interestingly enough this is also the time I began seeing 11:11 very often. Anyway I believe I was awoken by a truly powerful and benevolent being that used the creation to speak to me about everything. If I desired the knowledge I would receive it and coincidence ceased to have meaning for me, it’s like a dream. This is how I found out about being stalked for a kidnapping in Mexico. This being/presence follows me everywhere I go, protecting me and teaching me things. The can be very disturbing, but if you don’t accept it you will suffer more. I will refer to this being as the Great Spirit (for lack of a better term).

The Great Spirit told me that my good friend Ken was working with Hector to have me killed. It also let me know that Ken had killed for them and was now working for the dark side. One evening shortly after returning from Mexico I went to Ken’s home to smoke some pot and hang out. As I was leaving the Great Spirit told me I was being followed by two cars and I made some turns to confirm it and sure enough I was being followed. I eventually lost the tail and made my way back home. I still wasn’t sure about Ken since I didn’t sense animosity, but I knew Hector had it out for me. I decided to write a letter to Hector via Facebook letting him know that I knew and that I would defend myself. I also told him that I did call the police with the intention of getting him to just back off and avoid any heat. Turns out my letter served more as motivation than as a deterrent. Ken called me up the next day with intense concern about me talking to the police. He was insistent on knowing if I talked to the police or not and this all made me more suspicious since I didn’t call the police I realized well maybe I should and so I did. Apparently if you are not part of this secret society or white in Simi Valley and you call the police to let them know that you have been followed by someone you suspect is trying to kill you, you end up being followed and persecuted by the police. All of a sudden police surveillance is being put up in the trees around my Wood Ranch town home and not for protection. I can only assume that Ken and Hector started telling people things about me that weren’t true and pretty much got everyone I knew to either stop talking to me or to outright dislike me. I could sense it all and then people started luring me to places and I wouldn’t go and that made them more eager to try for some reason. Cannabis clubs started giving poisoned Marijuana and I was poisoned several times with Lead and Mercury shavings in my pot. I can only assume that a complete character assassination was performed or there was a very high bounty on my head. This was such a difficult time in my life and suicide seemed like such a wonderful option. I was infected with fear and loathing from all the betrayal and high power figures working towards my demise. I still hadn’t figured out that the source of all this animosity was from The Worm that I was still working for.

It turns out a local Chief of Police was a good friend of Ken’s who I assume also had it out for me. So when the police have you watched they want their efforts to yield an arrest in order keep face about their whole persecution of you. They start using anybody and everybody that has or will commit a crime and leverage them with that. They tell them “you can do the time or you can help us set up this person”. Luckily I have the Great Spirit to consult me and it only tells me what I need to know, because if I knew everything I would have just freaked out and popped with anxiety. All of their attempts failed, but eventually my good friend that was set up wore a wire to one of their discussions which got Ken, Hector and I believe the Chief of police arrested for conspiracy to commit murder on me. I can’t prove any of this stuff I can only tell you that this is what my gutt tells me based on what has taken place. Unfortunately my good friend still did time for drug sales, but the bad guys got caught. Again instead of dissuading people from oppressing me it just motivated them further. Eventually my neighbors were called to task and help destroy me, but again The Great Spirit protected me. As I left my home I was told to go back and get your gun ready, very clearly it told me. I parked away and stood behind a pillar with my shotgun ready to put some holes in some motherfuckers. Turns out my neighbor was informing them of my comings and goings. A Prime Time van pulled up to my home filled with hoods and bald heads. The door on the van cracked (the driver didn’t open the door or get out of the car) and I peaked my head and they saw me. They took off and I didn’t leave my home that night. I was still scared for my family and myself, but realized that I could just call a higher authority and that should solve this.

I called the FBI and told them about everything and even offered to show them all the evidence of the gang stalking that I had collected for the past year. They couldn’t care less and I’m sure probably prefer that I be killed. Then I began to realize how vast and connected this crime syndicate really is. The police, entertainers, news anchors, Cannabis clubs, the post office, the fucking FBI are all in on it. The crazy part is that I haven’t done anything wrong, but I get the feeling that my attempt to acquire justice has turned into a huge shit storm. Remember I told you about how to get into these secret societies you have to commit a horrible crime on tape? Well soft living makes soft men and soft men aren’t used to prison life, so they rat to reduce time and begin the chain reaction all the way to the top. That is the only reason I can assume that so many people here in Simi Valley are so mad at me and so willing to try and kill me. It’s funny because they would prefer that a murderer walk free than an innocent man. I can’t get a job because business men are easily bought and so to save my life I have had to destroy it. They must be telling everyone that I’m a drug dealer, a pedophile or that I ran to Mexico to escape justice in order to get them on board against me. Some just have to see that I am Latino and their all over it. This is a test you fool’s for the heaven that comes. The Great Spirit needed to see who would do what. Why did I expose The Worm? They were going to try and kill me anyways. That’s what the Great Spirit wanted me to do. They made me do it!

My message to the reader is to be more suspicious of local people in power. The President is obvious, but I’m talking about School Principles, DA’s, priests, Deacon’s, HOA board members, Store Owners, Police, Chiefs of Police and anybody that seems to always be prospering in a dark and hard world. I’m not saying they are all guilty, but you should be cautious because they will do anything without thinking twice about right or wrong and abuse the power they have. They are soulless. These are the people that have oppressed me with impunity. America is being overrun by this secret society that is hunting the honest and innocent. These people are supposed to be upholding the law and creating civil society. They sit there talking crap about illegal immigrants and even legal minorities when they are the real threat and destruction of American and the values I was taught to be American. I am a citizen of this country, but that does not guarantee justice by any means. To find justice you must light your soul on fire and let it find the wretched souls of earth. It also helps to have the Great Spirit on your side. Again the Nation of Israel is not a physical state, but a spiritual one and even though all of the enemies have compassed her they will be vanquished by the Creator and will suffer horribly for treading upon her. This has been the most challenging test of my life and has weighed on all of me heavily, but I have always found justice regardless of my means and this will be no exception. I just hope they don’t blow the whole thing up because they are gonna go down.

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