OWS sites are a great place to release a Zombie Virus

Think about how perfect the conditions are for a Zombie virus outbreak at any given occupy protest site. Especially if it was released on Holloween because everybody would be like “cool costume” and then get bitten. It would be an absolutely perfect scenario that would lead to a situation that would be nearly impossible to contain. I have been having dreams of Zombies lately and I never take my dreams to be a literal interpretation of the present or future. Dreams make sense to me when I view them as an allegory or metaphor for my present or future emotional state. Some type of worldly context needs to be applied to the feeling of the dream in order for you to perceive it in any way that can make sense. Regardless of what my dreams represent I keep noticing more Zombie action this Halloween. Then I begin to ponder the reality of an event such as a Zombie apocalypse. The part about all of this that kind makes the hair on my back rise is that I was watching the History Channel (not that I believe everything they say about history) and they went into the history of Zombies. It would make sense that we in our modern age would have conceived of or imagined this ferocious creature which is more of a perversion of the Haitian style Caribbean puffer fish induced Zombie. The freaky part is that one of our oldest works of literature contains reference to Zombies.

I’m talking about the Epic of Gilgamesh which is a super interesting read for all you apocryphal book readers out there. It’s a story about a guy that is part human and part God (whatever that is referring to) that is the first non full blooded God to rule over humanity. In the story he comes off as a cruel ruler over humanity and is obsessed with immortality. Long story short he gets into a tiff with Ishtar and she’s not the goddess to mess with as she is able to inflict humanity with pestilence, drought and whatever else is required to destroy civilization. Ishtar is quoted as saying:

“I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld,

I will smash the door posts, and leave the doors flat down,

and will let the dead go up to eat the living!

And the dead will outnumber the living”

(www.aina.org/books/eog/eog.htm available online).

I believe they named their Zombies Ghouls and the very fact that they had a name for these creatures is what’s kind of creepy. How ironic that the beginning of civilization would have so much in common with its end. It leads me to think that Zombie outbreak is another form of destructive cleansing the PTB use to clean house when sensitive information has been leaked and its spread becomes unstoppable. In the context of the story Ishtar is angry because Gilgamesh has spoken of Ishtar’s abominable acts which obviously put her in a very bad situation. It’s an elegant solution for such a dilemma because it keeps much of the infrastructure intact and only takes about a year or so to recover from once the containment areas have been defined. Could this disease already exist and has existed all this time sitting in their back pocket just waiting for the right moment to be unleashed? If we are interpreting the Epic of Gilgamesh correctly and the story is true then the only conclusion left is that this is a real scenario that has plagued the world at least one time before.

Couple all this information with the CDC’s post earlier this year about how everyone should be prepared for Zombie attack. Then I was watching a show (can’t remember the name) the other day that literally, I shit you not was teaching real application martial art techniques for combating Zombies. They went through Zombie capabilities, best practices and weapons training with common household items that can be used to counter a Zombie attack. It made me wonder who would invest in the production of such a show. I have to admit I can’t wait until the next episode because it was pretty interesting and fun to watch. Am I saying that we are headed for Zombie doom? No, but I am suggesting that it may be a very real tool in their arsenal to control a very angry and awoken population. Control in the sense that it would be ok to put a round in their heads without hesitation or consequence. Everybody has their eyes on the sky for some doom asteroid or comet, but what if it ends up coming from 6 feet under.

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