Is El Hierro really erupting?

I subscribe to the notion that everything you see is an illusion, but more specifically the things you see on your monitor. I know this whole idea sounds crazy to anybody that has been watching any of the home based reporting services such as MaryGreeley on YouTube and then there’s the Isamu and Paul Show firstfridaysrevival also on YouTube. I just get the feeling their pushing this whole Canary islands eruption thing. I cannot confirm if the eruptions are fake or real because I’m not Johnny Quest and don’t have the luxury of jumping into my private adventure jet to go confirm it for myself. Even if anybody could get there, no reporters or camera crews are allowed in the area above or below the water. All I see is a bunch coloring of the water and big bubbles, that’s it. I saw a video that was showing some kind of gassing stone and claimed that it was some kind of projectile that ejected as a result of the eruption. The video shows a tiny bit of steam coming off a single floating stone. Even the magma flows shown in reports are not from El Hierro or from anything that is currently taking place there. The point is that I haven’t been shown enough evidence of the site to make me believe there is an actual submarine eruption taking place there. I see what appear to be evacuations and reports of earthquakes, but again these are only images and text that my monitor is projecting.

So why would they be lying to us about a fake eruption on El Hierro? Good question and one I don’t have the answer to, but I’m searching. Maybe El Hierro is the location of an elite submarine base and they are clearing it out. It wouldn’t make sense to draw so much attention to themselves during the process of evacuating the base. Maybe the base is on the other side of the island so while all eyes are on the fake eruption (bubbles and colored water), they are shipping off on the other side. Again that is just some crazy guess that I wanted to share with you all. Whatever they are doing it’s working because I seem to be the only person questioning it. I frequently visit to check on world earthquakes (who knows how much of the data is real) and while YouTube and other apocalypse sites were reporting record quakes in the Canary’s this site reported none. How strange that in the last two weeks they began reporting earthquakes in the Canary’s? So I’m gonna go ahead and call bullshit. That doesn’t mean an eruption won’t happen because I’m sure they wouldn’t just leave an entire submarine base intact for some lucky explorer to chance upon. Once their done they’ll blow it up and the volcanic destruction will ensure that no residual presence remains. Same thing with Colorado and the underground cities that were destroyed and said to have killed 60 thousand elites or reptilians; no. They were done using it and didn’t want anybody to find it and so they blew it up. Kind of like what the military does to downed vehicles in enemy territory, they destroy it so it can’t be used against them. On the mainstream media it was an earthquake and on all the “independant” conspiracy sites it was a private war against the elites and the reptilian aliens. If you read my newly published book To Conquer Creatures available @ Amazon kindle you would know that it’s far easier to fool a prideful winner then it is to fool a sore loser.

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