Occupy Wall street and become a puppet of the mainstream media!

I have doubts whenever the mainstream or youtube media gorilla market anything. I immediately find it suspect because I know how they work. My key reasons for not trusting the call to occupy Wall street is the idea that they can’t make any restrictive laws unless there is a clear and present reason to do so. In effect they are attempting to foment revolution, not to kill or harm, but for the approval to execute stricter controls upon a population that at this point is dangerous to them. It’s like a school yard fight where both are scared to throw the first punch. This is how they got us to throw the first punch even if it wasn’t physically offensive in nature the mob momentum is easily enough to manipulate the situation in that way. This move to occupy is not a terrible idea, but the timing is. If it had happened 4 maybe 6 years ago and it was truly some peoples movement then I would be on board. Right now you have a congress that is running from a financial meltdown and corporate America being attacked from all directions. Let’s not forget to mention that there are reports of El Hierro volcano about to go boom and potentially create a devastating tsunami. New York already has traffic problems, but add on the protester congestion and you have the makings of a perfect catastrophe. The most intelligent mass murder plot ever conceived by the American mass media.

So why would they want a bunch of jobless, outspoken, persistent and Democracy practicing American’s to cluster fuck themselves into a death trap? Are they trying to kill this wonderfully proud group of people that would be willing to sacrifice the comfort of home and go down town to a city full of rich assholes and yell at them while holding a sign? I think the power elite would be happy with either all of them dead or rounded up and put into camps. They make more money off of prisoners since taxpayers pay for that so it’s all profit to them. If a tsunami does hit then they’ll be tickled pink by how easily they silenced the ones that dared to voice their oppinion. Of course it would be a national tragedy requiring a large contingency to come in and create controls and would inevitably lead to some form of stricter population controls. Even if fomenting revolution fails then they can always pop the volcano and eliminate the less desirable populace, but still put a strict lock down on most if not all of America. At best they may be trying to create a false sense of social justice that will be appeased with some minor insignificant change that will have little or no effect in ending corporate greed or irriesponsible financial products.

Why would they do all of this? Are they running from the truth? All things that ever began will also end, and there are key moments of discernment regarding what will come and what has passed. The beginning should give you a vision an idea of what will come, but the end will be a perfectly clear view of what has taken place. Who is guilty? Who is innocent? I can assure you that they never want you to know the answers to those questions. They are closing up shop and tossing out the tools; us. Their done folks and now they have to clean up the mess they made. Get ready to be mass murdered by the country you grew up loving, respecting and admiring. It was owned by people that are so void of emotion that they deserve to be called machines with their cold calculating strategies. This is probably the only time that I will object to protesting, but It’s because I know that there are bad intentions behind the marketing of this movement, but not the movement itself. It’s a trap, go home, keep meditating, keep praying. If you are going to protest then don’t do it in one place and become a fixed target. Move around and keep the movement planning offline where it can’t be so easily monitored and sabatoged. Read http://toconquercreatures.wordpress.com/resistance/ (this is how they think) to help you understand.

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