UN Palestinian state vote will be used to validate fabrications

This September 23rd a vote to establish a permanent state for Palestine will most likely pass and the process of defining the lands that will become Palestine will begin. I predict that shortly after this successful vote is made some large natural catastrophe will happen. What exactly? It may have something to do with Elenin aligning with Earth on September 26th 27thish. Regardless of what happens the power elite that have used religion, fear and war to keep the world under their control will also use natural events to validate fabrications. They will tell you that God has punished the world for treading upon the land of Isreal. This is all consistent with my theory of how to conquer creatures which is directly addressed in the chapter Fabricate. Obviously this will be a lie used to manipulate our consciousness to keep their key deception piece in place. We all know that the vote for a Palestinian state has been planned and placed just prior to this natural event that they are well aware of. Some will believe that God is punishing the world for even trying to move against Isreal, but the simple fact is that the Palestinians are the largest refugee population in the world. The Palestinians have been refugees for as long as Israel has been a country. Regardless of what you believe the Palestinians just as you and I deserve a place to live a secure and prosperous life. My arguments are not against the Jews or the people that live within Israel. These lands must be shared and used effectively to provide a safe and prosperous home for both Hebrew and Palestinian. No race on earth deserves to be held above or below another just because a book or religious interpretation claims they should. Didn’t Hitler try doing that? Another key issue to consider is that Israel is a spiritual state according to the Zohar and not a physical one. The righteous ascend to the spiritual state of Israel given the proper desires and properties of the individual. The Nation of Israel is referring to the group of individuals that have ascended spiritually to the state of Israel. The power elite see the Nation of Israel as dangerous because their collective desires are similar making them function as one. Those that are of the spiritual state of Israel have an enhanced ability to manifest desires and doom those that dare attempt to thwart the original intention of creation. Now when you read the Bible and hear the news reports the Israel allegory takes on new meaning as the self delusional power elites attempt to use these terms and the desires of the masses to manipulate the creation to serve them.

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