Boots on the ground in Libya for Egypt

My evil eye sees a completely different intention for getting troops into Libya. I doubt we are truly concerned about gang raping military mobs. Look at Darfur; like they give a damn. The fact that Libya is among the few countries that has no debt with the IMF makes more sense, but I see something else. I believe the timing has been established for September on up to November of 2011 for UN troops to be within Libya not for the two before mentioned reasons, but for another. That other reason is Egypt and what is going to take place there. This is highly speculative at the moment, but I believe that an unprecedented event such as a resurrection is going to take place in Egypt. The global powers want to be on site in order to counter any rising Phoenix that may emerge from this location. As usual they have to hide intention and create other acceptable reasons for military presence. Look what is kicking off in Israel along with the uprisings in the middle east. Could it be that these uprisings have been orchestrated by the elite in order to create a situation that could justify a strong military presence? Something big is coming and it’s going to change everything. Good luck and stay strong my fellow creatures.
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