9/11 events have a purpose beyond war, oil & greed

There have been many conspiracy theories about 9/11 and many draw attention to the fact that there is a definite pattern to the dates and numbers involved in all the 9/11 events. I say events as in plural because other “terrorist” attacks have been shown to have synchronicities in the timing of each event. I’m not going to go into all of the details, but they all seem to point towards a pattern. The theory is that global elites time the attacks and coordinate or falsely report casualties so that the rest of the elites can properly identify and avoid the events as to not become victims of their own plan. It also turns out that military industrialist, contract services and financial services bank on the aftermath of such events. The obvious thought pattern is to follow the money and greed, but I get the feeling that the profits/proceeds are not to make a single person rich, but to serve a larger goal. As if they are preparing for a future event that will take place on 9/2011 or even 11/2011. I could not say what exactly it is that they are preparing for or how they intend to use these funds, but there are definitely hidden intentions beyond the obvious.

It’s as if they are scared of something to be able to so diligently exact each event and their outcome. Nobody knows exactly what the future event is and I doubt any conspiracy site out there has the whole picture including this site. You have to assume that these global elites have funded many sites tasked with providing disinformation to steer fellow conspiracy theorists in the opposite direction of the true intentions behind past and future events. Count on betrayal and you will be able to interpret the lies and disinformation being propagated. You also have to imagine that if some large potentially devastating or even liberating global event is to occur then you can bet that the most pushed story is not the truth. So many sites and YouTube videos that appear to be grass roots efforts are to be looked at with intrepid skepticism provided the resources and ingenuity of these multi nationally coordinated Decepticons. You also want to be very skeptical of the most established and widely available services out there as they are used to establish legitimacy to scams and lies with the intention of throwing you off and far away from any facts that could expose their efforts.

What I’m saying is that Elenin is most likely not what it is widely being reported as and its arrival time is more than likely not what NASA is reporting (Elenin Tracker). You can pretty much assume the same about any government sponsored disaster reporting services. You will be told everything, but the actual truth and that is the only thing you can be sure of. It might even be that fake earthquakes are being reported in order to create momentum in our thought patterns, again to disguise intentions. Things like the earthquakes and volcanoes in the Pacific ring of fire can easily be faked, under or over reported without the majority of readers being able to confirm any of what has been reported. Chile’s Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanic eruption seems like a natural event provided the recently reported geologic activity, but could be a human caused event used to cover up noticeable anomalies like an inbound dwarf star only viewable from a southern axis. Think dark, very dark and then you will begin to understand this world and the methods used by the ones that strive to control it.

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